Pitt Football 2019 – Fall Camp Practice 12

Pitt Football 2019 – Fall Camp Practice 12

Practice interviews are up.  Enjoy.


Head Coach Pat Narduzzi

Some good commentary on Kenny Pickett and the O Line here.  Yes it’s typical positivity from the ‘Duzz but for some reason this year I believe him.  Okay well actually I believe him every year, but I believe him more this year.

Offensive Line Coach Dave Borbely

Still one of the best interviews on the staff.  Very good and what I believe to be true information on the state of the offensive line.  Form your own conclusions though.  Here is Borbley after practice 18 last fall.  His second sentence is “We still have along way to go.”  I’m not hearing that this year.  Also noteworthy at about 4:30, he goes through all the young backups (who are now potential starters).

Quarterback Kenny Pickett

Man is he good at saying stuff without staying stuff.  Clearly he’s got more confidence.  Clearly he’s focused on the season.  Gosh I hope his maturity shows through on the field.

Offensive Lineman Carter Warren & Gabe Houy

Carter has some swag.  Houy is just a humble dude.  They are both who they are, which is what you want.

Linebacker Leslie Smith

Honey Badger 2.  I’m just going to start calling him that right now.  If course if the hype isn’t real this name won’t stick… Continue reading “Pitt Football 2019 – Fall Camp Practice 12”