Pitt Media Recap Day 7

Panthers are scrimmaging today.  Here is the official media recap from yesterday.  More from Narduzzi and Bates on Weaver.  Also interviews with Patrick Jones and Deslin Alexandre.

Pitt Football Camp – Media Recap, Day 7

Video Interviews and Quotes from Pittsburgh



Head Coach Pat Narduzzi

Defensive Coordinator Randy Bates

Defensive Linemen Patrick Jones II & Deslin Alexandre

Offensive Lineman Jimmy Morrissey


PITTSBURGH—The Pitt football program held the seventh practice of its 2019 training camp on Friday morning at the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex on the South Side of Pittsburgh.

Head coach Pat Narduzzi met with reporters prior to the session, while defensive coordinator Randy Bates and players fielded questions at the conclusion of the workout.


Head Coach Pat Narduzzi Transcript


Opening Statement:

“I’ve got some sad, unfortunate news… This is one of those ones that makes you sick to your stomach as a coach. We suffered a casualty yesterday unfortunately with Rashad Weaver with a knee injury, something that will have to be surgically repaired. He’ll be out for the season. It makes me sick. It’s something you never want to see happen, but we all know it is a part of the game. It’s not what you want to see.”


On who is capable of stepping up in Weaver’s place:

“We have a lot of guys who have to step up. It puts more pressure on those guys to fill Rashad’s shoes. Rashad is strong as heck. He is going to coach. You will see him on the sideline with headphones on. That guy should be a coach someday. He’ll coach. He walked out for practice today, and he has a schedule in his hands. He’s ready to go. Deslin [Alexandre] has to step up. Kaymar [Mimes] has to step up. Habakkuk Baldonado, too. A lot of guys have to step up. Those guys are always one snap away from being that next man in. We will miss Rashad dearly, and I feel bad for him. It’s not easy to sit with the doctor and hear that news come out. I had to break the news to him. That it’s one of the ugliest things you can have.”


On how the players are handling Weaver’s injury:

“It is all a part of the game. I hate using the term next man up, but it really is next man up. Guys are texting me saying, ‘Coach, we’re going to play our tail off for Rashad.’ Guys use this a little bit as motivation. This just keeps the guys going. Each day is there for you, but it is not a given. You step out there, you might have one play and it might be your last.”


On how Weaver’s injury happened:

“It was an inside drill, the very last play. It was a pass. It was a play-action pass on the inside drill, coming off the block. The tight end is trying to run a route; it was a block then go. As the tight end runs the route, he kind of threw him. As [Weaver] came off it, he planted his foot. So technically, it was non-contact. It’s not like somebody rolled into him. It was a thud period.”


On what the exact injury was:

“Yes, it was an ACL. Right.”


On how the team is progressing:

“I feel good. I think the guys have gotten better every day. It’s amazing, the day Rashad gets hurt, Habakkuk, who is coming back from a similar injury, fell to his knees and got back up and said, ‘hey, I’m okay.’ But then all the sudden you saw him take a step forward like, ‘Haba is starting to come around again.’ But after six days and seven today, we’re out in shells with a scrimmage tomorrow. I feel really good about where we are. Obviously, I wish we were one person stronger. But we have a strong football team that will continue to fight and move forward. Rashad will be better for what it is. We’ll fight to get another year back. But we’ll move on.”


On positional battles he wants to see in the scrimmage:

“Every one of them. There are battles at one and two, and two and three. They’re all interesting. There are battles at every position.”