Fall Camp 2019 – Day 1

Fall Camp 2019 – Day 1

The readers of this blog have done a tremendous job commenting on fall camp since I posted last week.  I thought I’d feature some of their posts.


First this post from “Dallas Mike”.  My comments are in italics

On the eve of fall camp, here are 15 predictions that I am counting on…

1) Optimism abound;  Already true
2) Narduzzi mentioning the Coastal Championship several dozen times, but silence on the UNC Tar Heels;  Well he was asked about it in a question and played it off.  But start your counters ladies and gentlemen.  

3) Narduzzi needling Jerry DiPaola and media puff pieces loaded in the hard drive as no beat writer really has any access or information unless it is strategically leaked;  Completely true.  Duzz needled Jerry at least three times in just his first interview.
4) The obligatory references to silly motivational team slogans…”Lock the Gates,” “Turn Out the Lights,” “Flip the Switch,” “Take It,” “The Pursuit,” “Win a Bowl Game” maybe I added one in there;  Not yet but a near certainty
5) A robotic mantra of, “taking things 1 game at a time, especially in preparation for the conference opener with UVA”;  Ding Ding we have a winner.  
6) Insert name here _________ of junior or senior that….”is going to have a breakout year”;  Said he was “excited about our offensive line”  Also said “Patrick Jones has broken just about every weight room record we have”
7) People on this blog overreacting and expecting a “breakout season next year,” when Narduzzi purposefully mentions a young backup by name to push a veteran with no threat of losing his job;  Will probably happen around day 3 of pads.
8) Reports that, “Kenny Pickett and the offense are ready to take a step forward this season under Coach Whipple”;  These reports have already started and won’t end anytime soon.  And by God I hope they are true.
9) When Kenny Pickett has a bad day, reports that “Nick Patti was hitting his targets out there” or Jeff George (not the #96 version) was “throwing with some great touch on the deep ball.”  Dave Wannstedt’s best line ever:  “The backup quarterback is always the most popular guy in town”
10) Narduzzi shocking everyone with the annual attempt to motivate an under the radar player through the media. For example, “Mychale Salahuddin may be the most talented RB I’ve coached in 30 years,” which will ultimately lead to absurd expectations and a feeling of unfulfilled promise when he graduates;  Also day 3 of pads.
11) Reports that Borberly and Bates are “optimistic in their 2nd year as players have had a year of experience learning their systems.”  Box checked.
12) Heaping praise on the strength and conditioning program;  Box also checked.
13) References to camaraderie, brotherhood, and chemistry among this year’s group AND “embracing the role of the underdog”;  Box checked yet again.
14) Gushing over new uniforms and logos; and  And as good fans we all should be gushing…
15) Narduzzi’s defense, “finally has the personnel in place to make some noise in the ACC.”   You heard it here first.

“Formerly WWB” summed up the key takeaways from Narduzzi’s presser nicely

1) V-Lique moved to wideout. (not a shock to me)  Hope he’s been spending a lot of time with the JUGS machine
2) Balance on offense desired (not a shock)  The last time we had a 50/50 run-pass ratio Walt Harris was OC.  (Sarcasm here… I actually don’t know when the last time was)
3) OL more athletic this year Pure propaganda (until confirmed by an independent third party)
4) AJ Davis and Sibley from spring camp, and Salahuddin is now healthy but will be brought in slowly Great news about Salahuddin…if it’s true
5) 6 LBs vying for starters – wide open  Sure they are
6) Jake Scarton (holder and back-up kicker) moved on ”’ kicker Alex Kessman will pick the holder from a handful of candidates  Well I can probably tell you who it won’t be
7) TE Will Gragg is about 250 lb, up from 220 when he came here.  “O'”fries will do that to you… 
8) players do scan the internet to see what’s being written about them … Chris Peak referenced  I am incensed by this blatant Pitt POV snub.  

“TX Panther” Posted a link to media day interviews


That’s all for now.  Will try to get some more stuff based on player and asst coach interviews posted tomorrow.


Hail to Pitt

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