POV Sunday Podcast; This & That

Below is a copy of the Golf Outing flyer I sent out via email email yesterday.  The POCs are Rick Caldwell and myself.  For the actual Golf outing issues; reserving spots, sponsorship, “will attend”, etc.  please either call Rick at 717-838-4855, x246 or email him at rcaldwell@whiteoakdisplay.com.  

Please make any check payments out to either Reed Kohberger or The PITT POV.


For other stuff you can call me at 410-997-0388 (H) , 410-782-9981 (C) or email me at rkohberger@gmail.com.

We really hope to see you all there  and have the gifts, prizes, food and drink ready for you.  BTW – we need suggestions for the name of the trophies.



12 thoughts on “POV Sunday Podcast; This & That

  1. I have to say the Sunday morning podcasts have quickly become one of my favorite ways to spend an hour of the earlier part of my Sunday’s. Really enjoyable podcast Reed.

    First off: The absolutely fantastic job Rick and Reed have done with this golf outing is impressive. Sounds like a first class event without ever meeting up to plan it. I probably won’t be there and I feel bad and jealous at the same time. Still hoping for the game though. When I see things like this golf outing coming to fruition it does make me proud that I’m a small part of the POV. Thanks guys.

    Crazy Paco? This guy is a encyclopedia of Oakland and all things PITT. Great contributor all the way around

    Conjunto, another great poster that sometimes likes to play the fool on the ITH. He’s no fool though. I get it that ITH has become crap and it’s more of a joke island. Welcome TCP. and chime in more often.

    Narduzzi did get one transfer and he was from MSU. The DT named Dantino or something? He didn’t jump straight into the starting line-up though. He did add some depth though.

    The POV tailgates? Another great idea. Can you imagine? I don’t have a gold pass at the moment but I will check into this.

    Round-table discussions? Sure hope some people step up and join Reed. It’s lots of fun and easy as heck. You can click on the bluejeans link Reed provides and try it out on a test run. Then that night you can just listen in if that’s what suits you and then join in anytime. Reed, maybe time to set a day and time???


  2. The X-ray is backwards and the liver is too cephalad.
    Why can’t we have sugar-baby ads? Is that too much to ask?
    Or ads for Ukrainian brides?


  3. Gas – I’m marryong an Estonian one but not off an Advertisement. LOL.

    Leaving Savannah flying back to the Big D! Upitt and Doctor Tom had a great dinner last night and my bet has been paid from the Boyd draft bet. We even had a nice Cigar with my buddy and watch the Cargo ships and woman walk by. Haha


  4. BigB – You were takked about. Haha.

    Doc and I were entirely to civil. Haha. We both agree Barnes can go get fucked.

    Is Stallings still the coach or was he replaced with a cadaver?


  5. Thomas Starzl MD, pioneer of liver transplant surgery in the USA at our great University, died today… he saved thousand of lives…


  6. BigB, Thomas Starzl MD. May he rest in peace knowing the great deeds he accomplished in saving lives.


  7. Worked for Starzl as an undergrad, and did a few of his cases as a resident.
    Class act. Treated low-life’s like me the same as he treated visiting professors.
    Never understood why he didn’t win the Noble Prize.


  8. Troy Simmons, JC player from the hill district committed to PITT BB. 6’1″ shooting guard. Held a offer from Temple as high school football player.


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