The Pitt news published the results of their Athletics Fan Survey about a month ago, and I caught wind of it earlier in June.  Because I had nothing better to do, and because I suspected the POV readership differed significantly in both age and outlook, I posted my own survey last week.  Here are the results, compared against the results of the Pitt news survey.  With a little commentary thrown in just for fun.

Question 1:  How long have you been a Pitt fan.

The Pitt News:

PN Survey 1 - How Long

Pitt POV:

Survey 1 - How long have you been a pitt fan

Well that about wraps that up.  Unsurprisingly 59% of Pitt News respondents were students.  Equally unsurprisingly, 77% off Pitt POV respondents were crotchety old men (with the exception of one A. Best who is neither crotchety, nor old, nor a man).

Question 2:  How Many Pitt sporting events do you attend per year?

The Pitt News:

PN Survey 2 - How Many

Pitt POV:

Survey 2 - How many pitt sporting events do you attend per year

Interestingly the average Pitt News respondent (i.e. student) is also more engaged in the fan experience than the average Pitt POV respondent.  A full 80% off Pitt News respondents get to 3+events per year.  The total for POV respondents?  Just 46%.  There could be multiple reasons for this but I suspect that the top two are Geography, and Ennui (a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement.)  If you’ve been a Pitt fan over thirty years, you’ve seen it all. Those youngsters just have no idea…

Question 3:  Which Pitt athletics program will be the next to win a national championship?

The Pitt News:

PN Survey 3 - Which will win Natty

Pitt POV:

Survey 3 - National Championships

I contemplated not even including this question, if only because it’s dripping with the optimism of youth.  But instead of omitting it, I simply added the obligatory “get off my lawn” option at the end.  I see that 23% of you took the bait.  Well done, realists.

Question 4:  What is the best venue to watch a sporting event?

The Pitt News:

PN Survey - What is the best venue to watch a sporting event

Pitt POV:

Survey 4 - Which Venue

Well these kids never had Pitt Stadium, and they never had a football team that won ten games…so yes, 25% of us are still holding on.  And while I’m not as old as the average POV reader (I’ve only been a Pitt fan for 23 years…), I will say that there is something about the total package of the night air, the experience of a football game, and spilling out into Oakland afterwards that can never quite be replicated by the Pete (because no open air & no football)… nor that stadium on the North Shore (because duh).  Would epicureans pay for feelings?  I think so.

Question 5:  Are you pleased with what Heather Lyke has done so far as Athletic Director?

The Pitt News:

PN survey 5 - Pleased with heather

Pitt POV:

Survey 5 - Are you pleased with what Heather has Done.

Well well well, what have we here?  Some rare agreement between the Boomers and Zoomers?  94% of Pitt News respondents are pleased with Heather.  A full 89% of Pitt POV respondents are as well.  Yes there are a vocal minority who post on this blog that do not favor Ms. Lyke.  No wonder the administration never pays any attention to them.

Question 6:  Do you trust Pat Narduzzi to turn Pitt into a National Title contender?

The Pitt News:

PN Survey 6 - Are you pleased with Pat

Pitt POV:

Survey 6 - Do you Trust Pat

WOW.  Almost 100% agreement here.  Turns out that losing to a 5-6 Boston College squad at home, and almost losing to Eastern Michigan in Detroit will raise doubts no matter how old you are.  And yet, 90% of the very same respondents are pleased with the job Heather is doing.  So that leaves me to conclude that maybe, just maybe most fans don’t expect Pitt to be a national contender in football.  Again, I would posit that a vocal minority on this blog disagree.

Question 6:  Do you trust Jeff Capel to turn Pitt Men’s Basketball into a national title contender?

The Pitt News:

PN survey 7 - Do you trust Jeff

The Pitt News:

Survey 7 - Do you Trust Jeff

At this point I’m just starting to wonder if the students just all got together on TikTok and decided to hijack my poll…  I’m kidding of course.  That would be a gross misuse of social media resources, and I’m 99% sure most Zoomers don’t even know what the POV is, other than maybe “that website my dad reads”.  What’s important here is that 92% of Pitt fans of all ages believe in Jeff Capel.

Question 8:  Do you think an on-campus stadium is necessary for Pitt football to be a national contender?

The Pitt News:

PN Survey 8 - OCS neccessary for Natty

The Pitt POV:

Survey 8 - Do you think OCS neccessary for Natty

So there is a lot to unpack here…Does a state of the art 45,000 seat OCS nestled snugly in the heart of Oakland help Pitt lure the players it needs to challenge for a Natty?  A whopping 40% of you said yes.  Me?  I’d rather invest half a million a year in some legit bag men, and get a hell of a lot more result for just a fraction of the cash.  (Hey Heather you want to convert that other 11% of POV readers?)   But maybe that’s just because I’m so damn practical.

Bonus POV Question:  How many more football games per year would you attend if Pitt had an on-campus stadium (assume there is no pandemic)

I added this question because I wanted to get a sense for whether investing half a billion on an OCS would pay off.  Now I’m not about to do the math at 11 p.m on a Sunday night, but maybe one of you will.  Lets see 30% of 35,000 people at 1.5 games per year x $40 per ticket… x 7 years.  Well, you get the idea.

Survey 9 - How many more games if OCS

Question 10:  Do you think there will there be a college football season in 2020 – 2021

The Pitt News:

PN Survey 10 - will there be a season

The Pitt POV

Survey 10 - Do you think there will be a football season

It turns out that young people are about 10% more optimistic than old people.  I’d have thought more.  Keep a good thought fellas (and lady).  We need this season to go on.

Hail to Pitt, and stay young at heart

Michaelangelo Monteleone

PS – Here are the full Pitt News results.  You can click on the section of the pie chart to get %’s.


135 thoughts on “Survey Results: Pitt POV vs The Pitt News

  1. If I finished last among my peers and ran a multi million dollar deficit, I’d be fired at most places. But not Pitt. We heap praise on people like that. Might as well call ourselves Rutgers since the bar is so low.

    Tex who has higher expectations


  2. Fun stuff Mike. Interesting how many Pitt students think an OCS is necessary to contend. Since they have never experienced one, I find that surprising.

    Interested in how people define a “National Contender” ? May have an impact on the answers.

    With the current knowledge of what happens when you relax Covid behavior, I wonder what the current opinion on whether football will happen has evolved?


    1. Interesting point on the ocs, that is certainly one way to look at it. I guess that billboard paid off…


    2. There is absolutely no reason why pitt football can’t achieve final top 25 rankings every year. We haven’t done that for more than five times in over 30 years. That’s inexcusable and speaks to the utter incompetence of pitt leadership.

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      1. Now I’m in total agreement with your comment here Tex (top 25) but I’ll add…. that you can’t turn around a football program in 6 years that the administration took 40 years to drive it into the ground. If I didn’t see a football program pointed in an upwards direction right now, I would be in complete agreement with you but that is not how I see it. All is in place and on the same page for once. I wouldn’t mess with it. The bad news is…. covid looks like the winner this year. That sucks!


        1. I usually think Ike drinks a bit too much kool aid and Tex is a little too negative, but right now I am agreeing with Ike. You can’t rebuild 40 years of neglect (made worse they the horrid chain of events post-wanny) in a day. Paul ziesie who I think is a pretty objective dude when it comes to Pitt sports and has some insider knowledge due to his former role as a beat writer and his son on the team is on record saying it’s a ten year rebuild I believe. So here we are in year six the defense is together. The offensive will probably take 2-3 more. So that’s 8-9 years. Right on schedule.

          Now that’s not going to stop me from expressing my feelings when they … oh inexplicably lose to a 5-6 team with no passing game because of 5 turnovers… but overall I think there is still some upside to be had.


          1. There have been programs in far worse shape, see temple, that make the right hires and win ten games in under five years. Cincy also comes to mind.

            There is nothing that leads me to believe any program needs an entire decade to win ten or get a season ranked in the top 20.

            Narduzzi inherited a stable program under Chryst. Now the budget is top third spend in the ACC. Enough of the excuses and long timelines.

            And I’m not confident Narduzzi will ever win more than nine games and heather will never finish top half of the ACC in directors cup.

            You guys treat Pitt with kid gloves when they deserve an old fashioned spanking with a belt.

            Tex whose been spanked


            1. Both teams do NOT play in the ACC and play an OOC schedule as tough as PITT does. There… very easy reasoning.


        2. Ike- you have to beat who you play

          Temple and Cincy do

          They beat ooc teams
          They beat division teams
          They win their bowl games

          Pitt does not do all three in any given year

          That is why they fail

          Matters not on the ‘toughness’

          I can say that pitt plays in the weakest P5 division yet still finds a way to crap the bed. See last year for example.


          1. PITT’s record has been good not terrible. You’re first in line to suggest that PITT’s OOC schedule is not fair. Who does Temple and Cinsy play out of conference that isn’t easier than their conference schedule? PITT could easily win 11 games with their schedules.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. No they could not. False equivalency. If they played in the aac the recruiting and budget would be on par with those schools. Apples and oranges Ike.

              And despite all of Pitts advantages, do you really think pitt could beat those two schools today. I’d bet against pitt on any neutral field.

              Pitt needs to beat who they play period. Yet they can’t even beat BC at home when it matters.

              And there’s no debate that pitt plays in the weakest P5 division. Despite that, only one coastal participation trophy in their 8 years of ACC membership.

              Tex whose tired of saying ‘thank you please, may I have another’

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          2. I live in Cincy, even did Grad school there but the heart and soul are pure H2P.

            The last experiences here in Cincy were NOT favorable, but the script Pitt flies.

            Even watched MacVittie as the HS QB loose to a guy going to Fa… PSU (Sean Clifford, St.X)…. sad part was Sean was the better QB.

            Please come back and stomp a bearcat.


    1. Impossible to tell but if you are voting multiple times on a non profit football blog in order to skew the data the you have bigger issues

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  3. Maybe a pertinent bonus question is ‘how many less games would you attend if Pitt had an OCS?’ I realize I’m speaking only for myself, but my answer would be 1-2

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Another good counterpoint. Say what you want about playing at Heinz, it’s pretty darn easy to get to, and get away from when the game is over.

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  4. Maestro, good stuff and interesting results…one thing I do know from meeting many POVerts is that many of the crotchety old men are indeed young at heart. (Queue Sinatra)

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  5. Best venue for watching sports. All the options listed beat Pitt Stadium, LOL. The ONLY thing it had going for it was the location. It is an embarrassment near the end. All the seats were equivalent to the upper deck at Heinz because they started 25 yards from the field with the track. No good food, even worse bathrooms.
    Yes, Pitt made a mistake not renovating it, but it was a crap hole.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Old Pitt Stadium was a dump. But it was our dump. They should have created a MPC on that site with hindsight.

      The move to Heinz did not help recruiting. It did not improve Pitts brand and marketability. It did not produce a favorable environment for winning. It isn’t considered home. It didn’t improve real attendance. It didn’t help reduce the athletic subsidy.

      Everything that nerdball said would happen with the move has been proven to be a lie.

      A on campus MPC will do five primary things

      1). Be a revenue engine

      2). Provide homes for multiple programs in need

      3). Help connect fans and students to the university

      4). Be a source and symbol of school spirit and pride

      5). Allow Pitt to better control its future

      I speak nothing of improved attendance although I think the overall experience will be better. I say nothing about how it might attract elite recruits because the venue is more right sized. I say nothing about more wins although a smaller and more noisy venue could create a competitive advantage for the home team.


      Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t think we can assume a MPC would improve anything except a better connection to the program for current and future students. It may actually hurt basketball attendance if it is like the Carrier Dome.
        That being said, I am all for it,


        1. Don’t think carrier dome. Think Stade Pierre mauroy. The dome is a dump that should be torn down.

          Better connection yes. Which should translate into higher revenues driven by higher gifting rates

          And don’t forget new homes for multiple programs in need. And future home for hockey.


  6. Mike – I have to disagree with your comments on the 2nd Question #6, above. I think most Zoomers would think the POV is a blog read by their GRANDfathers!

    Otherwise, great idea on a POV poll. Enjoyed your comments!

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  7. Nice work, MM.

    Heather’s major coaching hires (men’s and women’s basketball) have been excellent, IMHO. I suppose that’s the reason she is viewed favorably by most…

    Go Pitt.


    1. Maybe.

      But a director does more than hire. We complain about the football ooc schedule on here. That should disqualify her from any excellent performance rating.

      And then there is that national embarrassment when she bribed fans to stay with Fantas.

      And then there is just a clear lack of honesty and transparencies with her town halls and other communications like attendance figures.

      Finally, say what you want about compliance but the probation happened under her watch.

      And I’m not even scraping the surface on a misguided and scaled back victory Heights, lack of a MPC feasibility study, the elimination of tennis, running one of the highest subsidized budgets in all P5, having one of the lowest revenues in P5, having the lowest donation rate in the ACC, yellow seat issue, and last in directors cup.

      But of course she is outstanding and has performed well enough to be on the short list for ACC commissioner.

      What am I missing?


  8. Still enjoying the choice of photo.My favorite quote from that film:

    Punk: “What you lookin’ at, old man?”

    Walt Kowalski: Ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while you shouldn’t have f%cked with? That’s me.”

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  9. Obviously Tex and Upitt played fair and only voted once or the numbers would be much different.

    Great quote JoeL

    Mike your quote “No wonder the administration never pays any attention to them.” cracked me up. Thanks for all you do!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. They don’t pay attention Ike at their peril. Pitt is fine with mediocrity as long as the program is clean and they honor the mission statement. Most Pitt fans and students agree. Until the BoT thinks differently, SOP will rule the day.

      Tex who’s crying in his coffee right now


      1. Jus joking Tex and pointing out that you are banging your head against the wall but if it makes your day I stand right beside you… 6′ away while not in agreement but defending your rights to your opinion.


  10. this is for my fellow geezers, especially those who remember Eastwood as Rowdy Yates on the TV show “Rawhide’

    I saw a comedian on TV last year talking about Eastwood’s recent movie ‘The Mule’ where he ends up being a 90 year old drug runner … who also engages in a threesome with 2 younger girls. The comedian explains that he is 36 years old but has never participated in a threesome … but takes heart in the fact that apparently he still has a 54 year window to do so.

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  11. is there any data available as to make up of the Pitt crowds? I would love to know the percentage non-alums that attend and, if possible, what that percentage was at Pitt Stadium?


    1. Somewhere I am sure this data exists. Is it public? Probably not? Is Pitt looking at it? I would hope so.

      The question is what you would do with said data if you had it?


  12. But we also have to consider present day (non-pandemic) conditions versus yesteryear. We now all have large 55″ HD screens which allow us not to battle traffic, exorbitant parkin fees and concession costs, and bad weather.


    1. Yet we still design single purpose stadiums like Heinz.

      Outdoors in hot sun, cold rain
      Cramped and stiff seating
      Bad video and acoustics.

      How about creating a new multi purpose venue that is virus certified and call it the Johnny Majors Center. The JMC for short.


    2. You’re forgetting about the famous Fran and Friends tailgate. << That means the world to me! Seeing my good friends is worth every moment of going to a PITT game.


  13. I voted with the majority on all the questions. I am quite content with Heinz Field. If I lived closer, I would get season tickets. Heather is doing a good job in my opinion. Jeff Capel being interested in the Pitt job was part of the reason for her approval rating being so high. If Duke comes after Capel after Coach K retires, her approval will go down a lot as she will be blamed for not retaining him. The jury is still out on the softball hire she made, which was her sport in college. As for the OCS Pitt could do a lot more in Oakland with 1/2 billion dollars than spend it on that. There is a lot of opposition to an OCS among the voters in the Oakland area due to the traffic problems it would create. Pitt has wanted to close the street between the Student Union and the Cathedral for some time. Pitt only now are taking a small step in that direction by getting the street down to one lane from two.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Traffic appears to be the biggest issue but did people complain this much when pitt stadium was there. For over 70 years.

      There are things these days known as Uber and Lyft. There are remote parking solutions and shuttles. There’s a train line that runs through panther hollow that can be used. Future flying vehicles?

      Parking and egress is far more difficult in 80 percent of college stadiums on campus. Have any of you visited other schools on gameday? Morganhole and Creepy Valley are horrible traffic jams. Pittsburghers are just spoiled little brats. Thank you Cornhole and Rooney.

      Tex – if you want progress or the covid, move to Texas.

      PS. I spank brats


      1. Don’t forget Forbes Field was in the heart of Oakland as well and played a World Series there. I guess it’s manageable?


  14. The fat pig down at Pittsburgh City Hall who is on the PITT BOT and a psu sucks grad could have got this done years ago. Bigelow should be a designated green space. He’s disgusting with that G** beard and now he’s being sued. Good!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah BL, I thought I would be nice and dance around the rosebush on that one. No one wants to know how I really feel.


  15. OT, but still sports. In MLB, on this night 30 years ago there were TWO complete nine-inning no hitters thrown, one in each league. Bonus points: who threw them?


  16. Pitt better start bringing in more younger fans or it’s curtains for P5 sports. Pitt can no longer hang onto the tails of the Dorsett, Marino, Ditka eras. They are now tapping into their endowment big time to navigate through the virus fallout, so I suspect there will be no new major capital projects announced for the next year or two. Heather should be the ACC Commissioner by then… But there is a pretty good vote of confidence in the poll that Capel will return the basketball program to glory.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tv contracts expiring beginning 2025 will force realignment for money reasons. Texas and Notre Dame are the wild cards.

      But I figure we’re on the path towards a semi pro league with 30 schools.


    1. Totally outrageous and playing with fire is too weak. Death is one thing, but we really don’t know what long term damage this potentially does to lungs, hearts and other organs including brains. Is Dr. Mengela their Dr.? Did the players volunteer? Did they sign waivers? If they are minors did their parents agree?

      Data is still not clear on immunity, can you get the disease twice, how long does immunity last etc.?

      What if some of these future pros has diminished lung capacity? Law suits anyone?

      It will be interesting to see what happens next?


      1. gc, note that this is just a theory suggested by Esiason and a few others, and it is based on the fact (I guess) that the big powers (Clemson, LSU, Bama) seem to be leading the NCAA in positive tests.

        I’m sure the schools wouldn’t admit to it …. heck if they did, Fresno St might get suspended


        1. Understood that Esiason has no proof or inside info and probably just looking for “hits”
          Many of us joked about it, but it is suspicious enough to be looked at. Plenty of other schools in hot spots that don’t have or aren’t reporting Covid cases.

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  17. Pitt tickets sold at the walk up counters could not be easily tagged with demographic data. It would be hard to estimate the number of Pitt fanz


    1. I’m sure Pitt has stats on fans and has broken them down into various categories from hard core to casual to new fan to long time to in town versus out of town to alum and non alum to young and old.

      Each segment may have a different strategy and each will have different tactics.

      But is pitt collecting the data. And then how are they using it.

      You can develop some sophisticated marketing approaches by mining and analyzing and modeling the data. But it takes someone with experience, often a third party who has access to Pitts information in a relational database.

      So in my case I would be segmented in the alum/out of town/longtime fan group. It might comprise 10 percent of all fans. The strategy for me might be to focus on donations with a secondary goal of having me attend homecoming. Tactics might include a personalized letter from Jerry O or Louis riddick, and then discounts on plane fare and hotel. With free pass to the pitt alumni tent.

      Tex who knows this stuff


  18. Pitt fans that fall into various demographic categories. Not sure how Heather would use the data even if she had it.


    1. Nard dog likes “the sound of silence”….maybe his “lock the gates” philosophy can repel the virus (use hand sanitizer if you touch the gate)….

      As for me and the Wuhan virus, I am looking at deaths vs hospitalizations more than number of new cases…I plan on being there in the Burgh for a few games. Need a Red 5A tailgate fix !!! I spent 4 days with Fran, JoeL and Richman so I have already been exposed to “whatever” they had and I FEEL GREAT- jus’ like Tony the Tiger…..

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      1. You can say one thing about Narduzzi, he’s consistent in his policies but this is more entire PITT athletic policy. I could play a Simon/Garfunkel song but I wouldn’t want anyone to painfully sift through another music video. OUCH!


          1. I see what you’re doing there Mark, you wise young musical man… 🙂 I would post another song but I already have put up one or two videos today and would hate to see a fellow poster suffer through another one in one day.


      1. You’re assuming there will be a basketball season

        Indoors during peak flu season with second wave of covid

        Not gonna happen


        1. Indoor sports are the most likely activities to be played without fans….so far the virus is not virulent to younger folks…keep the old folks like me away and let the kids “have at it.!!!”


          1. Well kids can still pass the virus to coaches, professors, referees, maintenance and facility guys, parents, older and more susceptible people. It really needs to be contained at the youth level first. Having them catch it, recover and play is a recipe for pandemic. These young kids will kill us all. If it were up to me, I’d send everyone between 18 and 30 to antarctica for 3 months. They can research penguins until we have declining cases and a vaccine.


        2. Not assuming anything Tex, I don’t think there will be basketball this year if we don’t get a vaccine or a super treatment. But these players should all be here next year. This thing has to end sometime. The shame is it didn’t have to be this way.


      2. gc…how’s that new knee working out for you ??? Hoping you are 100% ! Question:Think we get an get a small golf outing like we had last year at your old country club or any place who would allow our group???? Could be our FRANKCAN tourney????


        1. Absolutely up for golf. How about we talk off-line with Fran. Need to chose some good dates and survey the guys.

          Knee is good except, painful going down stairs and some stiffness at times, but no problems biking and hiking or golfing.


  19. Clemson and others can play herd immunity all they want (if that’s their plan) but at the end of day, who are they going to play? This season is destined to be bogus any which way you cut it. It’s a sad sad sad state of affair we are all in.. Comes at a very bad time for me and others. Hoping for the best and expecting the worst. 😦


  20. They are closing the bars for a reason. Had a great bike round around Pittsburgh yesterday and finished on the patio at the Hofbrahaus, plenty of room and felt very safe. Many restaurants missing the boat on outdoor dining right now.


  21. Play the games!

    The ONLY reason anything should be shut down now is if there is a threat to overrun the hospitals in a specific area. There is no reason to shut down anything if there is not a huge spike. Shutting down is just delaying the inevitable.

    I am not against the bars being open or the protests or football games. If you want to take the risk you go to those places/events. If you don’t want to take the risk, don’t go. Give people the facts and let them decide their own fate.

    By the way, the American Academy of Pediatrics strongly recommends any plans for the upcoming school year include kids being physically at school.

    If it is okay for grade school and teens, it is okay for college age. 🙂


    1. People have the facts and don’t act responsibly.

      And we all want kids back at school but not if their health and more importantly the health of teachers and their families can’t be guaranteed.

      You don’t want to be like Texas.


  22. Another PAT SIGNAL posted. Here’s hoping it’s not another 2 star. A Donald or Brown commit might allow the Pitt Kool Aid crowd to to set off some early fire works.


    1. Well brown officially announces at 5:30 tomorrow so it’s either that or something to take the sting out of him saying NO


  23. Peak says its neither Brown or Donald. Hoping he is wrong and we end up getting both. I’m ready for a second Pat Signal.


    1. Sadly Peak usually pretty on top of these types of things. Get ready for another 5.5! I will say this though if it’s a 5.5 Tight End I’ll take it


  24. Low 3 star with offers from Elon and Holy Cross. But high character and good grades. Last time I checked Pitt wasn’t Ivey league or a military academy.


      1. Not everyone is a Pat or Rashard. A blind squirrel can get lucky. A broken clock is right twice. No way to recruit.


  25. Recruiting Patrick Jones the II and Rashard Weaver is EXACTLY how PITT needs to recruit. So now HCPN is a blind squirrel and/or broken clock. You won’t give this guy credit for anything? Even though his D-Line is rated the BEST in the ACC!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Coming off a Mormon mission, father played in NFL, good size. Film looks good, in the mold of Holtz & Orndorff. Schedule to enroll in Jan. Looks like a step in the right direction, finally!

        Liked by 1 person

  26. Nice to get a mature kid with four years to play. Have to like what Narduzzi is building and the BoT and Patrick “I signed off on hiring Stallings” have to see this out for several more years. The firing and subsequent hiring of coordinators on the cheap clearly is not a good formula for Pitt.


  27. Tar Heels getting it done on the recruiting trail- (1) 5 star, (10) 4 stars, (6) 3 stars !!! ole 68 year old Mack is turning it on in Chapel Hill…


      1. Yep we have won 3 times against them in my lifetime, last years game , the Meinke Bowl game and a 7-6 win at Three Rivers with Foge and Marino….first time I remember losing to them was during Dorset’s 1st or 2nd year and the Heels had a RB named James “Boom Boom” Betterson….


  28. Mack II, like Wannstedt, may be able to recruit. Hopefully Mack II will also be more like Wannstedt and Majors II in his game day coaching. I was not at the Cincinnati boondoggle but was at the NC State loss when Wilson beat us. I think we will beat UNC this year down there. If there is a season and there is a vaccine out by then, I plan to go to that game!

    For what its worth, I do not see there being a college football season due to the continuing spike in virus cases. It looks pretty out of control to me. Tex needs stay safe where he is at as do most of us down here. Heather will miss his missives to her if he moves on!

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Proof cheating pays off if in fact the Heels are under Mack.

    Carolina’s Mission Statement won’t be affected. Even with fake classes the school ranks higher than Pitt.


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