Pat Narduzzi:

“Tight End, Tight End!  My kingdom for a Tight End!”

Tim Salem:

Withdraw, my lord; I’ll recruit you a Tight End.

Pat Narduzzi:

Knave! I have set my life upon a West Coast Offense,
And I will stand the hazard of the pass.
I think there be six Recruits left in the field;
Five have I Missed this year instead of him.
Tight End! Tight End! My kingdom for a Tight End!

Well King Pat (and unlike my predecessor, I’m using that strictly in a literary sense) got his Tight End today, and it’s the first real freshman tight end he’s gotten in a long long time.

Case in point:

Tight Ends Over Time
Note that Narduzzi’s 2019 signee was actually an Offensive Tackle.  So really his total should be three.  Also note none of the three he signed in 2017 are actually playing Tight End at Pitt today.

As luck would have it, not only has Narduzzi been terrible at recruiting high schoolers to man the Tight End position, he’s also been terrible at retaining them.  At least part of the blame needs to be placed at the feet of Matt Canada, who wouldn’t know loyalty if it smacked him in the face, and by extension LSU Head Coach Ed Oregon, who nearly tripled Canada’s salary to lure him out of Pittsburgh for an ill-fated one year stint in Baton Rouge.  Sadly, the LSU players were literally too dumb to master Canada’s complex, motion-heavy offense and Canada was cut loose after one season.  Still, it seems that smarts would not be the end-all-be-all in college football, as LSU wound up winning the national title just a year after Canada was kicked to the curb.  The downstream effect for Pitt of course was that Narduzzi made the safest and most loyal hire he could make to replace Canada, bringing in a burnt-out Shawn Watson, who wouldn’t know a passing game if it smacked him in the face.  This of course caused all but one tight end on the roster to leave for (ostensibly) greener pastures.  The one tight end who stayed (Grant Carrigan) of course switched his position to Offensive Tackle just this past off-season, leaving Pitt with a grand total of Zero tight ends on the roster who were actually recruited out of high school as tight ends.  And before you say “but what about Ky Wright and Jason Collier!” I will add that Ky Wright (who is currently listed as a tight end) was recruited as a linebacker, and Jason Collier who was recruited as a tight end is now an offensive lineman.  Is your head spinning yet?

Maybe this will help:

Tight ends recruited as freshman

So the windup is that Pitt has relied extensively on grad transfers for the last three years and basically has no depth at the position.  You would think this would present itself as a prime recruiting opportunity for Pitt, right?


Looking at Rivals offer data, Pitt has offered 26 Tight Ends this year.  If you take out the four-stars (lets be realistic here…), they have offered 21.  Of those 21 three-stars that were offered, 16 have already committed to another school.  That’s a 76% miss rate folks, on three-star prospects, by a school that can offer more playing time than just about anybody.  And it’s not like we were getting beat out by Notre Dame and Ohio State.  Here’s a list of comparable-or-lesser schools that have beaten Pitt for three star tight ends so far this year:

  • Texas Tech
  • Northwestern
  • Georgia Tech
  • Texas A&M (Maybe a cut above Pitt in the prestige department, but they still play some damn mediocre football)
  • Maryland
  • Wisconsin (Also probably a cut above in prestige, and to Paul Chryst’s credit…the man can recruit the hell out of some tight ends.)
  • Tennessee (Are they a cut above Pitt in prestige?)
  • Georgia Tech (They got TWO)
  • UCF
  • Maryland (They ALSO got two)
  • West Virginia

That’s 10 teams folks.  10 mediocre teams with deeper depth charts than Pitt, who beat Pitt out for middle-of-the-road tight end recruits.

Until tonight that is.  Because Pitt signed one.  So take that Mountain West, because we got him all the way from Utah.  But let me tell you it was flukey.  Sooo flukey…

Normal recruiting process:

  1. Assistant coach gets lead – ostensibly from recruiting coordinator
  2. Assistant coach visits high school.
  3. Assistant coach builds relationship with recruit
  4. Assistant coach offers scholarship
  5. Recruit evaluates school, possibly visits
  6. Recruit commits

Pitt Tight End Commit Recruiting Process:

  1. Prior to recruit being born, recruit’s dad plays NFL ball for Kansas City
  2. After many years, recruit’s dad decides to get back into coaching
  3. Recruit’s dad goes to coaching convention
  4. Recruit’s dad meets assistant coach through mutual acquaintance
  5. Conversation is struck up.  Information is shared.
  6. Assistant coach “runs across” recruit’s dad later at convention, finds out he has to sell recruit’s mom on recruit playing football halfway across the country.
  7. Recruit meets head coach at Nike Coach of the Year Clinic in Las Vegas
  8. Assistant coach communicates with recruit through is parents using Facebook and 1x per week phone calls.  (I’m paraphrasing here…)
  9. Assistant coach offers scholarship
  10. Recruit evaluates school, possibly visits
  11. Recruit commits

So literally if any one of steps one through seven didn’t happen, our new Tight End Recruit (Whose name is Trey AndersEn, by the way – different from former Pitt QB Trey AndersOn.) probably doesn’t sign with Pitt.

But we’ve got him now, so we can all breathe a sigh of relief.  At least until we have to try to get a second Tight End in this class.  I can only imagine the hoops that will have been jumped through to get that guy.

Hail to Pitt

Michaelangelo Monteleone

PS – Once you get past the absurdity of Pitt’s tight end recruiting, Andersen doesn’t look half bad.  He’s currently finishing up his Mormon Mission and he had committed to BYU.  Because he’s a little older, he’ll be more physically and mentally advanced than most freshman, and I read that he’ll be an early enrollee.  Welcome to Pitt, Trey.  May you be the first of many successful pass-catching tight ends recruited in roaring ’20’s. 

Rivals Profile

2018 Highlight Reel:




154 thoughts on “Tight End! Tight End! My Kingdom for a Tight End!

  1. No idea if good or not but I’d bet my 401k he transfers before he is a Sophomore as he will
    Miss Utah, Mountains and Mormons. Probably transfers to AZ State or UA as heavy Mormon population there. Trust me I have experience in this department.


    1. I don’t doubt that, Mark. I wouldn’t be surprised either – its a big move from the west coast to east and vice versa. Have faced that decision myself and passed on it twice due to distance.

      That said, as a coach’s son he’s been well advised and has moved around in his youth.

      Don’t bet the 401k. But if he does transfer back as you indicated,I’ll buy you the cocktail of your choicebefore or after a game at a North Shore establishment. Not because I disagree, but just to reward your prediction prowess. 😉

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  2. And in Reed’s honor Andersen is a 2 star recruit at 6’6 on Rivals. If you are 6’6 and only have 2 stars there are problems.


  3. Odd that Trey Andersen, from Utah, had committed to BYU, and BYU reportedly continued to recruit him, but he commits to Pitt… Puzzling to me — our strange TE recruiting continues…

    Nice job, MM.

    Go Pitt.


  4. last thing, his offer sheet makes Elon look positive. Narduzzi’s recruiting is honestly a D+ on a good day.


  5. The graphs illustrating Pitt’s recruiting of tight ends over the past 10 years looks like the EKG (ECG) of a patient who is going to need to be defibrillated.

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  6. UConn is now officially a member of the Big East (again). It’s FB team is now an independent. All because Jim Calhoun made a snide remark about BC several years ago

    It’s right where it belongs. The BE includes Villanova, Creighton, Butler, Seton Hall, Georgetown, Marquette, Xavier. Providence and St Johns …. which is an impressive list.

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  7. To change the recruiting focus for a moment to another recruit, wasn’t Naquan Brown supposed to announce his commitment yesterday too?


    1. The articles source is a computer science professor. That is comical. If CBS wants to fear monger properly, they should quote an actual medical professional.

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        1. Computer Science? really?

          Also, health officials believe the lack of COVID spread amongst protestors is because they were from mostly a younger demographic thus, if infected, will only experience mild symptoms and not even go to a doctor.


          1. He served on the “National Academy of Medicine’s Standing Committee for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Division of Strategic National Stockpile (2015-2017).”

            Who are those unnamed health officials? Maybe it was because they were outdoors, wearing masks and distancing when possible. Just maybe it will take a while till their parents and grandparents are effected.

            The US has 5% of world population and 25% of the deaths so far. The flattened curve of cases is now going straight up in the South and SouthWest. Deaths will certainly follow, probably a lower percentage because of youth and improved treatment regimens.

            Europe and Asia have it much better controlled, why do you think that is?


            1. They have better leadership and more responsible citizens. I know this truth may sting some people.

              But Europe has banned Americans from traveling for good reason. Our numbers suck and are getting worse.

              Opened too soon and too fast. And many still deny and place the blame elsewhere.

              Tex who respects science


  8. The four states with the most college football recruits are blowing up with Covid cases. I wonder what Boomer Esiason has to say about that?


  9. There have already been a handful of NBA and MLB players who said they will not participate in the upcoming games scheduled to start near the end of July.

    and get this … the 2 hub cities for the resumption of the NHL schedule was going to be Vegas and Toronto … until the large spike in Vegas. Now it appears to be Edmonton and Toronto


  10. I think sports like the NBA and NHL may succeed …. however, I am not so sure about football and MLB which will include travel


  11. Re-interating, cause you know I like to repeat myself, when I’m right. Narduzzi’s lack of recruiting prowess has netted him the best defensive line in the ACC in some circles that include 2 lousy 2‘s and 2 mediocre 3‘s. Yeah stars do matter… sometimes but in PITT’s case. Narduzzi does more with less.

    Upitt is right about these Mormons but they are used to being away from home. I think this may be an attempt to escape.

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    1. The proper word is LDS and not Mormons these days. But I do hear that Utah has allowed men to have multiple wives again. 🤠

      That kid won’t last a full year in Pittsburgh. It’s culture shock for him. Catholicism, bars and bowling alleys, people of color, peorogis, yinzer accents, crappy weather, dirty smelly Oakland, iron city beer and boilermakers, old people who drive cars.

      Tex who misses Pittsburgh


      1. His dad was a football coach and moved around the country. He will be fine as long as he can run a good route, catch a football and block. That and be nice to people like a true Pittsburgh-er. I think that will come easy to him.

        ike who’s enjoying a whole week of high temps and no rain in da burgh. < area… Got me some fresh cut filets and a rack of St Louis ribs coming. I be a grillen and a chillen with my music a blasting!

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      2. So you’re saying Mormons are up in arms crying racist now?

        I had a carport built a few years ago by an Amish contractor a few years ago. The one young Amish man with his dungarees and goofy haircut noticed a welcome to Eicher’s house sign and noted that he knew families of Amish people with the same name. So I’m Amish? Who knew? I was always told I was Dutch. Pennsylvania Dutch. That’s just a mispronunciation of the word deutsch. Which means German.

        ike who’s for lilly white people’s lives matter.

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  12. Narduzzi does more with less?

    Is that why it’s taken five years to develop a solid D?

    For every two star and kid with an Elon offer that you point to as a starter in King Pats D, I can point to five others that were busts.

    I think part of the problem is that many recruits perceive Pitt to be a cross between an Ivey and military academy. Heathers constant harping of grad rates and gpa’s. And narduzzis talk about character and saving kittens from tall trees, ends up driving a lot of talent away.

    Good luck recruiting a guy like Tony Siracusa. All he wanted was to kill people on the football field. He wasn’t interested in class and sure the heck didn’t want to save kittens or walk old ladies across Fifth Ave

    Tex who knew the Goose


  13. Tex, a D coordinator was hired following that Pederman- Wanny cluster-F#!!…. the pace of improvement has been slow and the HCPN has contributed to that slow development particularly on the O side, losing bowl games he should have won… but the D is in excellent shape and the O is experienced but coming off a lack- luster if not impotent 2019 season…. he better win 10 games this year….they have to be able to put- score their opponents…. last year our foes held the edge in total points scored


    1. Success depends on the O this year. I agree.

      If there is a season.

      If schools open up, it’s no different than the bars and restaurants. There will be a surge unless you don’t allow students off campus.

      It’s mandatory masks in most counties now to go into a business in Texas. We’ll see if that helps. And the strip club I pass has closed down. That definitely helps. 🤠


  14. as I have been saying for some time …. Thus far, Narduzzi is the anti-Chryst …. he gets quality defensive players or defensive players with potential and coaches them up, He gets some quality offensive players but not enough. Just the opposite of HCPN when he was here


  15. The attitude is that I’m young and healthy so I’ll be fine. Or I just want to get it and be over it. But this kind of thinking misses the point. You know about what we can do as responsible citizens to slow the spread and protect our more susceptible neighbors.

    Tex who favors shipping all young people to Antarctica for 3 months

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  16. Back to the point of discussion. I like this recruit (I know I say that about most recruits) great size and looks good on film (who doesn’t). He’s a 2* because….. Listen…. HE’S FROM UTAH!

    Emel…. call home, by that I mean the POV
    Dark Knight same thing.
    Huff the Third.. I’ve cut back on music videos for the sake of your sanity, you’re welcome.
    Jay from which tower I forget, check in. It’s all good.
    C’mon Benny let’s go home. There’s nothing we can do.


    1. Dark Knight has been in a quarantine for 12 months now. He saw the Pandemic coming before any of us and is now hiding in his mothers basement without WiFi. But as in the movie, the Dark Knight shall rise one day.


      1. Am I sensing something here?

        It took PN 5 years to build a good defense for two reasons
        )1 He’s coaching for PITT
        )2 Lumpy skipped town leaving a bare cabinet for talent on defense. Chaney/Narduzzi bailed PITT out getting Peterman to come on board.


          1. Or is it the pending reappearance of the “THE Dark Knight”? Or hopefully it’s not gas, one never knows or takes chances. 🙂


  17. Some thoughts on a nice summer morning: The tough Pitt defense should make more stops and give Pitt at least two additional possessions per game over last year. If they get even a field goal out of one of them it should add 3 pts per game alone to the scoring average.

    Also, it seems to me that Narduzzi has recruited quite a few DEs and DLs over the past 3 years, so if there are proportionately more of them on scholarship it makes sense that the DL should be a strong point, even with 2 and 3 stars being recruited.

    Lastly, this new TE recruit is coming off a one year mission, which tells me he is mature and perhaps more worldly than many other recruits. He has plans to do early admission as well, so if he can run at all (no word on this so far) he should be mature and could do well at Pitt.

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  18. Wow, reading this kid will already transfer one day after committing. No good offers yet he was a BYU verbal, a school that has run its football program 1,000 times smarter than Pitt’s administration has since 1982, but good for Pitt as it can throw Salk back in the Mormons’ faces. That really matters now.

    This kid has good size and will be a tackle when all is said and done.


  19. Granted, I know nothing about how to recruit, but i have never thought the star system is the be-all-end-all in judging success (or lack thereof) in college athletics. Here’s why:

    The star(s) are merely a “photograph” of how good the kid is in his Jr year of HS – as a 16-17 year old. What we need is a motion picture of said kid’s ability to progress from years 17 – 22/23.

    That’s where the “art” of recruiting comes in. Recruiters (must) have what I would think are subtle “prediction parameters” AND be able to recognize those parameters in a HS Jr. As I said, an “art”, not a science.

    I would hazard a guess that what recruiters look for – among other things – could be: speed and “hands”, obviously; body structure (ability to add muscle/lbs); quick twitch musculature; 1st step; flexibility; intelligence/savvy, and, I’m sure, a myriad of other parameters – tangible and intangible – that a recruiter uses.

    No doubt, 4 and 5 stars have a lot of these properties as HS Jr’s. But how deeply can the star raters look when they are rating 1000s of HS Jr’s each year – especially once they have burned thru the top 150 or so?

    I just don’t think star rating can accurately predict athletic progression over the next 6 years of participation (that’s over 1/3 of a 17 year old’s lifetime!)

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    1. In aggregate, the stars do in fact scientifically predict. Much higher percentages of 4 stars become all Americans or get drafted than the two and three stars.

      And it is also an art. Every individual is different. Much depends on attitude, mental toughness, health, right system fit, ability to learn and improve, etc

      But the rival stars are meant to forecast future college impact. And they do a very good job at that.

      I always look at stars and the offers.

      Any two or low rated three star where half their offers are from non P5 schools like Elon and Tennessee State, should be avoided. But Pitt recruits these kids and has a mediocre record to show for it.

      Pitt is adversely selecting themselves with high character smart kids. They often don’t make the best football players. Dentists and engineers possibly but not gridiron athletes.



    2. Personally, I have be near a couple of 5 star HS FB players in my day- Curt Enis who was a Kiski when my son was there and another young man from Elizabeth City named Anthony Smith who went to Alabama then transferred to Arizona, played for the Oakland Raiders (now serving life sentence)…These 2 dudes were “men playingn amongst boys.” They were physically mature far beyond their age… would be nice to get (2-4) 4 starsa year but face it…our program has been in a holding pattern playing .500 football for years…Hey, it could be worse !!! so that’s where we are heading into the great unknown (2020 season)

      Time for Duzz and Co to up their game…10 win season and especially performing well on TV-it’s time to dominate weaker opponents-a$$ kick’n victories and win some big games (OL can you hear me?)….they need to play like they are supposed to more just squeaking by…

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      1. It would be nice to see a few lopsided victories. They have been extremely rare for a very long time.


      2. Curtis Enis: One in a long line of Nitter Running Backs who were huge NFL disappointments.


    3. Good points BL, another underlying factor is family genetics that are never talked about. << This is where you get the diamonds in the rough. << This is how Narduzzi recruits.


  20. here is the listing of college football national champs through the years, with the most recent at the top

    Now what you see that except for Ohio St in 2014 is that every NCAA champ is from the Southeast dating back to 2005. Then before that, you see champs from a myriad of places ….. Mideast, Midwest, Southwest, West, South and East … then all the way back to 2016,where before it’s all from the East or Michigan.

    Now in the last 15 years, not only were the champs from the Southeast, there were a host of other schools from that area in the Top 10 …. and the reason is easy to understand ….. THAT’S WHERE MOST OF THE FREAKING TOP RECRUITS ARE FROM


    1. They also are programs with the highest revenues. Money that buys the best coaches and facilities. Recruits look at that.

      Nobody is expecting top ten rankings from pitt. Top 25 consistently is very reasonable. Plenty of solid recruits within 500 miles to do that.


  21. BTW, I got myself another gun today. Wait and hold on a second, this one takes my temperature, it’s pretty cool. Hope it’s the only gun I hold to my head in the future as it’s been a family problem in the past. I’m running at 97.7 😉

    ike…………… who runs cool but can get hot in a nano second.

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  22. Good use of tarps and crowd noise in the arsenal game live on TV now. But is Pitt watching?

    Tex the Man U fan


  23. I disagree that Pitt FB should be in the Top 25 … whether recruiting rankings or BCS

    — it is not in the Top 25 schools for revenue
    — it is not in the Top 25 schools for attendance
    — it is not in the Top 25 schools for recent on-the-field success
    — it is not in the Top 25 schools for national exposure (and doesn’t even get much local exposure)
    — it is not in the Top 25 schools for high school recruiting locale (and this 500 mile radius makes no sense whatsoever)
    but it is in the Top10 in empty seats.
    Lastly, the only time in the last 30 years that Pitt was ranked in the Top 25 in recruiting was in 2006, and that was with 27 commits


    1. 500 miles is a 8 hour drive for parents. Makes perfect sense.

      Plenty of schools not in top 25 of your metrics but achieve top 25 finishes. TCU comes to mind. Cincy. Memphis. UCF. Iowa. Houston. Stanford. There are others who break into the top 25 far more often than Pitt. Many with far more constraints than Pitt.

      If revenues matter, which it does, why doesn’t Pitt do anything about it? Because? It’s content with mediocrity. The annual crap bowl. The clean program. The gpa’s and grad rates. Saving kittens from tall trees on the Cathedral lawn.

      It’s because they chose not to have a consistently ranked team. It’s not because it can’t happen.


  24. I’m taking Tex side here. I do think PITT could and should be a top 25 team year in and year out. You make a good case Bill but the PITT football program has a certain persona, swagger and history on their side that allows for a little bit more of expectations. I to am sick of 8-5 seasons although at the same time realize that’s not necessarily a bad season but I yearn for more. In fact they are a big step up from what we have had the past 35 years.. at the same time, if PITT can somehow quit tripping over their own feet and get their act together and stay consistent with continuity, there is light at the end of the tunnel.


  25. Nard is getting in good with the Anderson family. Trey may not be the diamond… It may be one of his many brothers… I don’t care how you bring ’em, just brig ’em young…

    Rocky – who only wants one wife.

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  26. When we played BYU long ago, I thought that they had an advantage in that their players were a year or two older because of going on their missions…

    This Andersen kid seems similar to maybe Nate Byham or Scott Orndoff. But Byham ran a 5 second 40. This kid is not a blazer, but he’s faster than that. Orndoff ran a 4.8 and a 4.72 for his Pro day… This kid supposedly runs in the 4.8 range.

    Trey Andersen is also a long-snapper. That could be his ticket to the NFL if the TE thingie doesn’t work out…

    Go Pitt.

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      1. Yep , lost that one with Foge at the helm…Little did we know at that time we were going to enter the desert and wander for 40 years


        1. Don’t forget the 1987 opener at BYU when Pitt recorded 12 sacks and started Spindler, Grossman and Siragusa on the D-line. In typical Pitt fashion the Goose would hurt his knee the next week and that trio wouldn’t play a whole lot together in college when it had two full years to do so.

          Also in Pitt fashion, Major Harris should have been starting his first game as a Panther that night but Gottfried screwed that up, which was a kick in the nuts.

          No Harris from1987-89 plus the school then killing football to start the 90s and that is how you wander for decades.


  27. Apparently Utah State also offered this TE. So he could stay local and in the Mormon community. Anyway you look at it, if this kid can play it’s a good pick up.

    ike, I thought I heard that you run hot with the women! 🙂

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    1. Just one woman VoR. I’m the most honest man you will ever meet. Maybe a man-flaw in my character I guess? << Thank goodness that gene passed me by.

      Hey Fran and all friends. I sure hope we all cross paths this coming year. I can be cool and I can get be hot.. I do prefer to defer.

      Still think PITT doesn’t lose a game this year????


  28. With Whipple’s success with U of Mass TE Adam Breneman it’s hard for me to believe Pitt would have any difficulty in recruiting the same position. If your talented at any WR position Whipple will get the ball in your hands. Now all we have to do is find a Breneman carbon copy to commit to Pitt.

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  29. MM – sorry. Can’t happen with TA. Haven’t you heard – he’s only a 2 star. Coal, not a diamond.

    Although, I recall as a youngster, Superman used to squeeze coal into diamonds with pressure and heat from bare his hands. I’m hoping ol’ Gorilla Arms has similar capabilities!

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  30. Nothing much to add here but I ask: Which is the more unfortunate name for a football position, tight end or wide receiver?

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  31. a lesson that should have been learned by now. When Pitt is in the Final 5 or 6, don’t hold your breath …. especially when other schools include Clemson, Oh St, LSU, etc. But wake me up if Pitt makes sthe Final 2.


  32. Thanks, Tex for you 1:41 response to my “Stars War” post. It made me do something I almost NEVER have time to do – research! You are very possibly correct when you say a much higher percentage of 4- and 5- star HS players make it to the NFL. the numbers (not necessarily talent) dictate that.

    SBNation, 1/30/19, Alex Kirschner, ” How rare is it to be a 5-Star …. college football recruit”:
    2017-2018 there were approx 300,000 HS football players. 30 5-star; 380 4-star; 1328 3-star; 1852 2-star. A total of 40,733 college football players in FBS, FCS, Div I, and Div II.

    Then in 2015, Christopher Smith wrote, in “Saturday Down South”, an article entitled ,”How many 5-Star Players Panned Out in the Past Decade.” This would be 2005 – 2015. He said there were 287 5-stars rated for that decade (less than 30 per year). Per his evaluation (subjective though it must have been), only 97 (33.8% of that decade’s 5-stars) had the expected impact on their respective college teams.

    I’m not writing this to argue with you (I certainly don’t want to incur the wrath of your 2nd Dad!); only to bolster my point.

    I also came across an interesting article that summed up the careers of the #1 rated college QB since 2000.

    Maestro- if you are still reading – several days ago, you asked for ideas of topics we think would be good for you to present on POV. I think An article on the art/results of recruiting would be fun. There certainly is a plethora of information for which you and Pitt-Cocks can present!

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    1. I agree completely, Savannah. Someone convince me how some number of people all over the country assign a completely subjective number to high school football players in their area and then rank them against similarly subjectively assessed player in other parts of the country. In other words, how do you assign numbers to a linebacker playing in a highest classification powerhouse in California and compare him to a linebacker of the same height, weight, speed, jump, etc., of a small classification school in Pennsylvania. Also, the number of times a player’s numbers and stars get bumped up because they signed with an elite team puts the lie to any credibility the system has in my opinion.

      Once players have their numbers and stars, writers and others can make all kinds of scientific analyses regarding team recruiting rankings and crunch numbers to prove whatever point they are trying to make. But those player rankings and stars are more hocus pocus than anything objective. I think a discussion of how those numbers are assigned in the first place would be a fun topic.

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      1. You guys are getting bogged down into the details. Use the law of large numbers. In aggregate, the star system is scientific. It is a very good predictor of all Americans and getting drafted. A much higher percentage of 4 and 5 stars become all Americans or get drafted than 2 or 3 stars. That’s not debateable.

        Schools that consistently reach the BCS have at least 70 percent of their recruiting classes rated 5.7 stars and above. So stars do matter. Rivals isn’t a multi million dollar business for nothing. They are good at their evaluations and many willingly pay them good coin for it.

        Now at the individual level the star assignment can miss. That’s where you guys get lost in the weeds. Of course there are 5 stars that never pan out and there are 2 stars that play like 4 stars. But they are the exceptions and not the rule. Far easier to cherry pick a two star outperforming and comparing to a four star underperforming because there are literally thousands to pick through compared to fewer than 400 4’s.

        Again, I go back to looking at the players offers. You want to see real P5 offers. You don’t want to be recruiting players targeted by Elon. Those are red flags. If P5 schools are showing interest, the player is solid. Then look at his rivals star and adjust up or down based on your evaluation.

        And finally compare your schools recruits against other division schools. Pitt needs to outrecruit other coastal teams. Not penn state.

        Tex who isn’t a paid endorser of Rivals


    2. Bruce – Good idea on topic but I suggest you write it, I can help with providing data if needed & if I have or readily can find data. It can take time but doesn’t have to be rushed like a term paper due tomorrow.

      You alone know where you want the article to go. If I can pen an article with my stilted writing style, you can too. Besides you get the satisfaction of seeing your work in print & get to read the adoration of your labor by a very astute & knowledge crowd.


    3. I’ll tuck it away in the ideas file…

      Chris peak just did a nice series on Pitt’s top classes of the 2000’s. More subjective than anything but a good read. They are free articles


  33. Trey welcome aboard, it is nice to have TE recruit instead of senior transfers. Idaho has the highest population of Mormons; way more than Utah. Trey and iek there is an excellent genealogy center in Greentree run by the Mormons. Ignore the hair in scrapple iek.
    Brother Ike dont worry about Huff and your music, he just gets upset that any time he has to listen to other music it is less time for his Osmond music collection, speaking of Mormons.
    Russ who can barely handle one wife. (hey thats fun Tex)


  34. GC – that means we may be playing FSU (beating them twice) for the ACC championship!


  35. Pretty Funny Savannah.

    We are going to need a sense of humor as it looks like exponential growth of Covid in the South and Southwest with no real plan to stop it.


  36. So weather prediction for Pittsburgh, nine straight days above 90 with no rain, looks like a drought. What’s next locusts?


      1. Well it is nice to play golf on a dry course, the ball is rolling forever. Just hope the courses don’t run out of water.


      2. I had to get used to the sunny days when I first moved down. Got used to the cloudy days in buffalo and Pittsburgh…depressing as hell. Although I do long for cloudy days sometimes just so I can slow down and relax. Sunny days can overly stimulate you. Too much can be a bad thing.

        And don’t get us Texans started on the heat. Your 90 degree days are unseasonably cool. I’d kill for those temps.


        1. I remember tiding the Mon incline in August about 15 years ago with a couple from Dallas who told me that the city just had its 60th straight day of 100 degree weather


          1. That summer was real bad. Everything dried up and died. My pond went dry. Lost several small trees and bushes. My pool was even too hot to swim.

            But we’ve had some real wet springs recently. There was one spring that I actually had perch swimming in my lawn after 12 inches over two days. I have no idea where they came from.


            1. Disappointing spring for rain in Austin. The past few summers have been good for rainfall.

              My back yard burns and turns to dirt every summer. Pavers covering half the yard is high on my list.


  37. What are the chances that Allegheny County gets moved back to the yellow or red phase while Centre County stays green; Penn State plays football while Pitt sits? Or has my cynicism run amok?


    1. Don’t be surprised that state colleges numbers get fabricated. That town will economically die if fans aren’t allowed to attend and tailgate. Money will influence what they report.

      Tex whose been to more than one rodeo


  38. Then Beaver Stadium would be like the Broad Street Pump that infected many with cholera in 1850 England…

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  39. This is all pretty depressing. We need to start having sports again. I haven’t heard when the NHL and NBA are starting up again. Apparently, the number of NHL players testing positive is pretty high now. College sports are still a big question mark.


    1. I’ve been watching premier league soccer every afternoon. You should check it out. Great use of tarping. Great use of fan noise that caters to the specific action on the field. Quality of play is superb. Live streaming of fans watching from home.

      Now granted these players have access to the very best medical. Get tested regularly. And are far more responsible than college kids. No outbreaks yet among teams. Soccer is a contact sport. Again watch to see how real football does it. The US can learn if it opens their eyes and ears.


  40. I’m hitting the pause button on the depression and getting down to my game plan for the Fourth. For a few days it’s all about how you guys and gals smoke your ribs, the rest will figure itself out.

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    1. 3-2-1 method Ike

      That’s the only way to go

      Three hours low to medium heat in the oven braised. Special recipe for braising liquid. But nothing complicated.

      Two hours in the smoker. I use a combo of apple and hickory. Sometimes pecan. Never mesquite.

      Last hour in the oven

      My ribs turn out perfect each time almost falling off the bone. If they fall off you’ve overcooked.

      I make my own secret dry rub with spices and herbs. All of which can be obtained at your regular grocer.

      I use good store bought Texas barbecue sauce. Sauce always on the side. The sugars can burn.

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      1. That’s how I normally roll but sometimes the 4-1-1. I like my ribs with a slight tug and not completely falling of the bone.


        1. My three hours is at a higher temp

          I like the two hours in the smoker since I use delicate woods mixed with the bolder ones

          All depends on your temp settings and if you like a smokier rib.

          And my dry rub is applied the night before

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          1. I’m a dry rub guy as well and you do have to let them sit for a few hours or over night. I’m still fiddling with my time and temp. If you don’t have a pellet grill…….. get one……. you’ll thank me later.


        1. The only pellets I use are for my .22

          My smoker is a converted oil drum.

          But I know the power of pellets. Seen it in action. Good stuff

          I’m just more old fashioned and red neck.

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          1. I don’t do any smoking but are those pellets 100% wood? Seems like they’d have some kind of additives or something.


            1. 100% compressed wood Mike. No additives. Now some pellets do contain extra junk for pellet furnace heating but not the kind for cooking.

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  41. The Morman Church has roots in Susquehanna County Pennsylvania where Joseph Smith reportedly brought the golden plates and transcribed them into the Book of Morman. The Church of LDS has a visitor center there. My HS history teacher, who was immersed in local history, said the plates were buried in the hills in the area. So, there is that connection.

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    1. I think Joseph was from New York and discovered the plates on a hill in New York (if you are a believer). Didn’t realize he transcribed them in PA. He allegedly used special glasses/goggles to aid in the interpretation and transcription.

      Interesting that he wasn’t fond of African Americans so didn’t allow them in his church. This practice continued for quite a while. During the civil right era, the governing body of the Mormon church (Quorum of Twelve, I think they are called) changed this practice, if I’m remembering correctly. Once changed, BYU was allowed to be a part of NCAA sports.

      Rocky – who lived in Salt Lake City for two years.


      1. My sister in law lived north of salt lake for five. Visited on several occasions. Was surprised I could find beer. And some good ones. Liked the area. They now live south of Denver. Been there as well. I like it better.


        1. Tex – I really enjoyed our time in SLC. Have lived west of Denver for many years. I like the south metro area a lot (nice homes, developments etc.) but live west for easier access to the mountains.

          I remember there being good beer in SLC, but the membership thing was a hassle.

          Rocky – who has seen it raining fire in the sky.


  42. VoR, as of now, the NBA, NHL and MLB are planning to start up towards the end of the month

    NBA will play all games in Orlando, NHL will play in Edmonton and Toronto The schedule for both will mostly be a modified playoff arrangement since most of their seasons were already played

    MLB will travel but it supposed to keep it at a minimum. There will be a 60 game schedule before a modified playoff. MLB will try new rules such as a DH for all teams and a reliever must face a minimum of 3 batters.

    The champions for all 3 leagues would be crowned before the end of October

    Now this is my understanding …. does anyone have and corrections or additions?

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  43. Grand kid bought a gaming computer so we will probably never see him again. However he loves grilled food so maybe he will be here Saturday. Such is life.

    I wonder if college FB and BB kids can refuse to play during a virus pandemic?

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    1. You’re damn right they can refuse. And the university should still honor their scholarship.

      I don’t see how schools can open this Fall given college densities in the student body population from housing, bathrooms, busses, elevators, to cafeterias to classrooms.


  44. USC is recommending students take online classes and live at home

    How can any sports be played then. Double standard?

    Money over players health?


  45. Tucker Carlson did a short piece last night on the current state of college finances. Most are really hurting for money, and doing all they can to get students’ $$ this fall. Tucker said he’s found several cases of students sending an email in asking for a break in costs, and receiving (in many cases) very generous discounts. It is a buyer’s market.

    Of course, he didn’t say what the going cost is to justify a case of Covid


    1. Schools have to discount online learning. I think Texas said free tuition if campus life can’t return. Online learning is on them. Now I might be wrong but I recall the wife saying something about not paying for my sons freshmen year given covid.

      Small towns are hurt the most. Places like Tuscaloosa and state college. They need football for survival. And they are lobbying the state hard. I wouldn’t doubt if figures are under reported in towns dependent on a football season with fans in attendance.

      But if it’s not safe for students to return, why is it safe for athletes to play games and house, eat and practice together?

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      1. This semester’s cost for the Pitt Osher courses I am currently taking via Zoom is 50% of the normal semester cost. We’ve been notified that the fall’s semester cost will be the regular rate, but all the Osher courses will still be via Zoom. I’m thinking that is not going to go over well for a lot of folks, but then the Osher folks are pretty generous givers at Pitt.

        BTW, Zoom is opening an office in the ‘burgh. Here’s part of the May announcement:

        “Zoom announced that it will open a new research and development center in Pittsburgh as well as one in Phoenix.

        The video-first unified communications platform provides video meetings, voice, webinars and chat across all devices and has been extremely popular since the pandemic hit.

        Zoom will immediately begin recruiting software engineering talent in these two cities, according to their press release. “Employees will work from home until the offices are built and COVID-19-related isolation has abated, expected for fall 2020. While the company has not finalized the office locations, Zoom is looking for space near Arizona State University and Carnegie Mellon University, both of which have exceptional engineering programs. These two centers will add to Zoom’s existing R&D and support Zoom’s engineering leadership, which is based at its San Jose, California headquarters.”

        “Both Phoenix and Pittsburgh have incredibly well-educated, skilled and diverse talent pools that are well-positioned to help support Zoom’s ongoing growth and continued success,” said Eric S. Yuan, CEO of Zoom. “We plan to hire up to 500 software engineers between these two cities in the next few years, drawing largely on recent graduates of the many local universities.”


  46. My University President sent a letter to ban the name of the BU mascot.
    Rhett the Terrier.
    I did not know until last night that Rhett was named in 1922 after Rhett Butler in Gone With the Wind.
    These colleges have gone crazy.
    To me it borders on mind control.
    KMAN .

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    1. I hear Roc was named after the rocks that little kids in Oakland threw at the kids from the Hill.

      Seriously this stuff has gone overboard.

      But any racist, traitor loser statue (see confederate generals and leaders) belongs in a museum and not in public. And no military base should have confederate names. Do the Germans have any military installations named after natzis?

      I didn’t think so.

      Pitt just names buildings after people who give them money or left a lasting mark at Pitt. Not sure how well they vett the names. But I think Pitt is safe. I mean some buildings don’t have a name unless you think Cathy is a name.


  47. And right now no data supports catching the covid provides you with immunity.

    Nobody knows the degree of immunity yet. Mild cases may offer limited to no immunity. Severe cases may result in immunity for sometime but with health repercussions. Nobody is safe until a vaccine that is effective and widely available.

    If, when and how schools open is the game changer. This opening impacts far more of the population than a Texas Roadhouse restaurant at 75 percent capacity.

    Tex who likes any place where you can throw empty peanut shells on the floor


  48. You’re always welcome at my house Tex, one caveat…… I’ll also supply you with a garbage can and a vacuum sweeper before you go. Maybe even a dust rag? 🙂

    ike who would never discard residue on the floor.


  49. Did anyone hear that a 21 year old penn state student died of the virus ? That could put a damper on thins


      1. That article on the PSU students death from covid should be plastered all over the country where many young people gather to socialize. Not sure it would do much good but it may save a few from the same faith of this young man.


  50. We are not going to control this coronavirus because Americans lack the discipline to do what is necessary. I just read an article that said students that had already tested positive in the South were going to parties while infected. And a recent visit to a restaurant for take out was shocking in the fact that they were packing them in around the bar with no masks. It may already be too late to contain this beast.

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    1. If we can’t contain this beast, and it looks like that’s the case in this country, need to prepare for the long haul.
      Only two things to do:
      1. Leave the house — masks and gloves — only for the essentials: food & booze.
      2. Wait for an effective vaccine. “Effective” as in: close to 100%, not the “at least 50%” the HHS is peddling.

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      1. Vices before any basic necessities although one could argue my vices are essential.

        Things that go bang

        Throw in pizza and golf and I’d think I was in heaven

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  51. Peds claimed none of their players was positive. HAhAhA God they lie about everything.

    Covid story from Allegheny County Courthouse. plexiglass etc done to each courtroom to protect people, limits on people in court, social distance, must wear masks etc. Judge Evashivick DiLucentie told people in her courtroom she didn’t need them to wear masks – you see Judges think they are Gods. A court reporter tests positive for covid after being in the room for several days. My buddy was in there and exposed, he comes in Monday and said he has a cold but no temperature. I checked and told him only 85% get a fever and talked him into getting a covid test. Took him all day to find a med express where they told him he would have to wait 3 to 5 days for a result (guess only politicians and athletes get the 15 minute variety. ) Today two days after seeing friend in office I ache and don’t feel well. I just got email that said my friend test was postitive for exposure to covid. I was scheduled to do my radiation for cancer next week, have waited 2 months after thyroidectomy – probably had cancer 1 -2 years; nodes on lungs and pulmonary artery (gosh eik getting old aint for sissies). If that gets posponed i am going nuclear on Judge Evashavick – letter to editor to old grad school mate who is editor in chief at post gazette, judicial review board. lawsuits. etc etc. Ike my friend you know how judges can be. I really don’t think there will be football this fall even without crowds and if there is with BBall and FB there will be canceled games everywhere. You suck Judge Evashavick (and those of you who vote for the bozos in pa). Frick, Frick Fricketty, Frick Frick (cleaned for eminem)
    Thanks for putting up with my rant my friends.

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    1. You stay strong Russ, better days are coming for you. Sending out prayers your way. Perseverance is all your head! If you think you can…. you can… That’s what keeps me going everyday, even though it feels like I have a brick lodged in my abdomen. Two steps forward my friend and a fourth of July toast to you.

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    2. I am hoping you just have a cold Russ. F that judge and anyone that isn’t following guidelines.


    3. RKB:
      If you start to get worse I would contact Dr. Smith in New York. I think you could find him by searching Laura Ingraham guest.
      He has treated successfully hundreds of patients. I would contact him if I got bad symptoms.

      The key is to start treatment early.
      Good Luck


  52. Judge should be disbarred for poor judgement.

    The Pedos will never report true cases just like they didn’t report child rape. It’s all a coverup in Creepy Valley to protect the brand and keep the gravy train with biscuit wheels going.


  53. Where are you guys seeing this TE is a 2* recruit on Rivals – he’s a no star and Pitt’s ranking dropped 2 spots from 21 to 23 when Trey gave his verbal commitment.

    Am I missing something?

    EE – hoping Trey is the next Ditka


    1. He’s a dull black lump of coal that Narduzzi will make into a shiny clear diamond.

      I almost spit out my bourbon typing that.


  54. RKB we are all hoping you get the treatment you need and bounce back better than ever! The Nitters will always get special handling in this state, we should use it as motivation to try harder.


  55. Will be praying for your recovery Russ…hang in there.
    Makes me sick about that judge.
    psuX will ALWAYS suck.


  56. RKB – My wife and I will pray for your protection and ultimate healing in this tough situation.

    I’ve had similar experiences and so far two of three close calls turned out to be “no Coronavirus” with the test results.

    The third is an employee who claims his girlfriend he is living with tested positive and we quarantined him immediately. I’m hoping he wanted a paid two week vacation for free and he’s actually lying to us and non of our employees have been exposed. Put that one in your economic pipe and smoke it. He’s a UNC fan by the way, so lying & cheating is a strong possibility.

    Our employees are begging to get rid of the masks – 90 degree, muggy heat in a wood manufacturing shop can be tough without a mask – with a mask on it is very hard to breath in that shop environment.

    This is a tough debate – every person has their own unique circumstance – RKB’s is real and unfortunately extremely life sensitive. For me, I have to Be very careful with who I come in contact with because of Mrs. Erie’s fragile health.

    Many PSUx fans that I know in Central PA are doing away with their masks and are arrogant about it. For that I proudly wear my Pitt script laced mask with a smile they cannot see.

    Be safe and protect those you love!



  57. Will be praying for you, RKB. With all the reporting on COVID, what gets ignored is the high recovery rate, even among higher risk patients. If you feel up to it, please keep us informed on your progress. I’m a relative newcomer to this forum but more and more it feels like family. Dysfunctional maybe, but aren’t they all?


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