Topics to Talk About

The basketball thread was getting full, so I’m starting a new one.

The latest topic of interest is Chris Peak’s latets 3-2-1 article.  It’s free.

Give it a read and comment away

Link to Pantherlair 3-2-1 article 

Also…this guy just hit the xFer portal.  Maybe Pitt can lure him in?

Lastly, Damar Hamlin sends his love:

As does the rest of the Pitt Football team

Hamlin’s Valentine is the most popular getting nearly 61% of the vote.

Cam Bright got 7.3% (Dude is criminally underrated, even in this …)

The always popular Roc the Panther stole 23% of the vote

and Taysir Mack’s love note to opposing defenses caught 8.5%

Hail to Pitt


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