Topics to Talk About

The basketball thread was getting full, so I’m starting a new one.

The latest topic of interest is Chris Peak’s latets 3-2-1 article.  It’s free.

Give it a read and comment away

Link to Pantherlair 3-2-1 article 

Also…this guy just hit the xFer portal.  Maybe Pitt can lure him in?

Lastly, Damar Hamlin sends his love:

As does the rest of the Pitt Football team

Hamlin’s Valentine is the most popular getting nearly 61% of the vote.

Cam Bright got 7.3% (Dude is criminally underrated, even in this …)

The always popular Roc the Panther stole 23% of the vote

and Taysir Mack’s love note to opposing defenses caught 8.5%

Hail to Pitt


Ps – adding this. Don’t forget to add a “Hail to Pitt” if you donate

63 thoughts on “Topics to Talk About

    1. Jeff Capel seems like a thoughtful guy. He’s from a basketball family. He has been at the side of one of the best ever coaches in the game for many years.

      I know the odds are slim, but perhaps just maybe, Jeff Capel, who just turned 44, will grow and get better at his job as he gains experience.

      I know that’s a radical idea…

      Go Pitt.

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  1. Having a teacher requesting donations to pay for copy paper in a school breaks my heart. We should all be thankful for what we have, and share what we can if we are able.

    Yay Pitt Baseball!! Woo hoo, way to start the season!!

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  2. I am a year and a half retired from a job where I was responsible for submitting capital equipment / bids. And in this era of email / CDs / online vendor portals / jpegs, etc., there was still an occasional requirement for large paper bids. (usually from city or county govt sources). And we would scoff at having to answer questions about our company’s efforts for being ‘green’, yet would have to submit 3 or 4 copies of large bids to be in compliance.

    Things have certainly improved in this area but it gets me sick of the amount of paper that is still used and wasted by companies …. especially when I see where some schools that don’t have any.

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  3. maybe I should tread lightly but the paper plea is sad juxtaposed with the Baltimore City school super getting a $325K per annum contract


  4. Pitt baseball takes the double-header today by beating St. Joe’s in the second game.

    The game went something like 14 innings after Pitt lost a lead in the 8th and then tied it in the ninth…

    The trouble is that with the extra innings, Pitt’s pitching staff is now shot for tomorrow’s game… Puts pressure on tomorrow’s starter…

    Go Pitt.

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  5. I was curious, so I looked it up…

    For a good while now, many of us have been disappointed in the OLine recruiting. We seem to bring in lots more Dlinemen than Olinemen. Course sometimes they switch sides, like Hargrove did.

    Now we hear rumors that TE Collier (6-5, 285) and DLineman Nelms (6-5, 260), have switched to the Oline.

    If true, we now stand at 15 scholarship Olinemen on the roster, counting the two incoming recruits. We also have 3 walk-ons (assuming Rainey is still a walk-on), for a total of 18.

    Kradel RSoph
    Houy RJr
    Van Lynn RJr
    Drexel RJr
    Morrissey RSr
    Zubovic RSoph
    Hargrove RSr
    Dick RFr
    Drake RJr
    Concalves RFr
    Warren RJr
    Collier RFr
    Nelms RFr
    Rainey RJr
    Stratham Fr
    Taylor Fr

    By my count, 6 of these guys have played — Kradel, Morrissey, Hargrove, Houy, Warren, and Van Lynn.

    We need the red-shirt Juniors to take a giant leap forward this spring…

    Go Pitt.

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    1. The gap class between Chryst and Duzz hurt the program. No OL in that class left the team devoid of seniors and upper class-men the last few years.


  6. Well Major the fact that Pitt badly wanted Hamilton and Bleich tells me that they are not too comfortable with the group they have in house currently. Let’s just hope I’m wrong on that assessment and we have some converts turn into carbon copies of O’Neil.


  7. Here is something strange. Last night I dreamt I was having a conversation about Pat Narduzzi and Pitt recruiting with Chilly Billy Cardille, may he Rest in Peace. I was going to insert a picture of him with this but am sadly too techno challenged to make that happen.

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    1. Mark — Chilly Billy did Chiller Theater on Channel 11, right? So, I have interpreted your dream and it can only mean one thing.

      Your dream indicates that the Panthers are going to scare their opponents next season and win 11 games! 😊

      Go Pitt.

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  8. Yes, that’s right John. I like your dream analysis. He also hosted Studio Wrestling so perhaps that means the Panthers will Pin their opponents deep in their side of field often this year.

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    1. Two of the S&C coaches were former O-lineman.

      That should bode well, you would think, right?

      Anyone with details on how good TB’s O-line was while Stack was an assistant there?



  9. I read somewhere where Mich State may be paying Tucker as much as 6 million a year. They were paying Dantonio in the low 4 millions.

    I know they can easily afford it, but doesn’t this reek of desperation on the part of Mich State?

    Talk about “Sparty On!”…

    Go Pitt.


  10. I should have done this in post above, but here’s the OL by class. All are red-shirts years.

    Morrissey, Hargrove

    Houy, Van Lynn, Drexel, Drake, Warren, Rainey

    Kradel, Zubovic

    Concalves, Dick, Collier, Nelms

    True Freshmen:
    Stratham, Taylor

    Better bring in at least 4 in the next class — plus keep working the portal…

    Go Pitt.

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    1. Give us your starting five –

      Mine starts with Morrissey at C and Hargrove at one G spot (ikr).

      Kradel or Zubovic (if ready) at the other G spot.

      I’m not seeing any Tackles, though a ton of TFL.



      1. Kradel will start at the other guard. Obviously Warren at one tackle spot, Whipple expects him to be much improved. I THINK Drake may be ready but I sure wish he would have got in some playing time. Van Lynn and Houy could fill a spot or at least add a little depth. I know PITT likes Liam Dick a lot. But you’re right EE, some questions in there. I believe knowing Whipples offense better will help everyone’s game to be elevated or gosh, I sure hope so.


        1. My guess is that the two tackles, unless we pick up a transfer, will come from the trio of Van Lynn, Houy, and Concalves.

          Warren just doesn’t seem agile enough to me. Maybe if he drops some weight, I don’t know, but he seems too easy to get around…

          I thought Van Lynn looked promising in his lateral movement — especially if he gets stronger. And I remember one of the coaches praising Concalves last season for his work on the scout team.

          Go Pitt.


  11. Pitt basketball and football are on the upside.

    Basketball is showing improvement and this season Narduzzi has the football program poised to win more than 8. We will see how things play out but there is optimism but as we know our optimism can be crushed.


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      1. Anything less than 10/2 is going to be a disappointment.

        The D is loaded and all the offense has to do is take care of the ball better.


    1. I am looking forward to next season for both teams and the next season after that for the BB team. The dynamic trio will be seniors and Champ a junior. Hopefully that 5* PG signs too. Good times ahead….


  12. Bernie – you look good in vertical stripes! Tell Jeannie B I LOVE her white boots!!

    Gc – post as many pics of PGA West as you can – or send to Mike, and he can!

    Ike – Ginme Gimme Good Lovin’ – excellent Valentine Post!! Well done!

    As to our OL situation: it appears to me that the D was HCPN’s 1st priority, hence the O is behind. Hoping they get the run game back this year to go with a “lethal pass game. If these 15 OL guys can improve, maybe we will have a good Red Zone O, and gas in the tank in Q4.

    My dream is we pick up ALL our 3rd & 1s, and 4th & 1s! Goal line, or not

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    1. I have this recurring dream of 4th and goal at the one yard line against Penn State. And Narduzzi always opts for the field goal And the kick is always missed.

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  13. I met Chilly Billy one time and he was super nice and as we talked he asked me, “aren’t you gonna say hello to my buddy?” I looked over his shoulder and there was Bruno. I said hey Bruno and he gave me the ole head nod. Not much of a talker that day. So I body slammed him! << NO! I made that part up, they were both very nice. 🙂

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  14. The premium paid for Tucker tells me that there are serious problems at MSU. Maybe probation and/or lost scholarships type problems. No currently successful coach is going to walk into that type of problem, even for the money.

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  15. Savannah — I was perplexed a couple years ago when we kept adding DEs to the recruiting class, seemingly to me, at the expense of the OL.

    Well, I guess that worked out pretty well with guys like Baldonado and Alexandre.

    Maybe it’s a matter of value. Say both a DE and a OLineman want to come to Pitt. The staff thinks the DE has a high upside and thinks the OLineman can, at best, be average. They take the DE…

    Just guessing — but we know that very good DEs have had a big impact on this defense…

    Go Pitt.


  16. Pitt wrestling moves to 0-4 vs top 10 teams this season. Moving up to #9 at the start of this week, Pitt lost to #8 UNC.

    North Carolina (12-2; 3-1 ACC) won six matches on the night, while Pitt (9-4; 2-2 ACC) won four. After Micky Phillippi’s win in the 133-pound class, UNC won five straight bouts.

    In those five straight matches which Pitt managed to lose, four were coin flips as far as which wrestler was the favored –




  17. This years PITT wrestling is a couple bricks shy of a load but I understand there is help on the way via some really good read-shirts? Being ranked in the top ten is a nice accomplishment though.

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  18. I hope Zubovic makes some strides this year and starts to see some playing time. He is from my high school and I have heard that he was discouraged last fall.


    1. Ike, I am familiar with the Guerra family. I think they used to have a Roller Rink on the main drag of Belle Vernon (Broad Avenue).


  19. Damn I guess this place is still big on censoring facts it’s owner disagrees with

    Meet the new boss

    Same as the old boss


    1. ^^ That’s not fair Mr Head. We all stand behind Michaelangelo Monteleone as we did Reed. But you are right, pretty much meet the new boss same as the old boss and that’s a great thing!

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      1. It’s actually totally fair

        The guy is on here begging for more money for a school that already spends $24k per student per year in taxpayer dollars… and deletes any mention of that fact. It’s not “politics“ it’s just a fact.

        Too bad “hoss” here can’t understand it


        1. Well Mr Head, I wanted to get the facts myself, so I went back and looked at your original post. Had the word “dem” in it. I read it fast yesterday and thought you meant “Democrat” but at second read you meant “them”

          So I’m not too proud to owe you an apology.

          I am sorry if deleting your post. And for calling you “hoss”

          With that being said the spirit of the rules around here are that we talk about sports and generally avoid commenting on topics that can lead down a slippery slope. Since you don’t post very much maybe you didn’t realize this. So that’s me explaining it in civil terms, moderated to poster.

          Thanks for participating. Hope to see you weighing in on some sports topics soon



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