64 thoughts on “What play would you call?

  1. I was ok with the first play call if it was RPO with KP. KP made the wrong choice or maybe it wasn’t really RPO.

    Third down could/should have resulted in a TD. One of KP’s few inaccurate passes but of course was under pressure quickly(which he almost escaped). Both receivers were open to catch or drop the ball if he got it close.

    Am I remembering them correctly?

    My call would have been first a QB sneak, then maybe a true RPO if Morrisey couldn’t move the nose guard.
    I would never have thrown the play they did to Ffrenchy like they did on the other endzone. He has a tendency not to fall forward and in fact stutter steps and reverse cuts first in most situations then gets thrown like a rag doll.


    1. And we had Ollison and Hall vs Stanford – something is wrong when you can’t draw up a play to score from the 1.

      Yesterday, KP mishandled one snap – kept the ball on another when he (KP) pulled the ball from AJ Davis’ belly – AJ would have walked into the end zone for a TD.

      Only one play was made by psuX to stop Pitt on 4 attempts. The Panthers shot themselves in the foot on 3 of 4 plays – go back and watch the video.

      Oy vey!


    1. Exactly. Could have barreled ahead on one. Kept over Center on second, etc. on the leap, on the ball has to get over – touchdown.

      On First and Goal they had a jumbo package in with a fullback. If they had only filled him with the tailback – TD.

      Even a pitch to the left side to the tailback would have resulted in a TD.

      Maybe even a bootleg. Any of these would in a series of 3 or 4 called plays would have resulted in a TD. But not with this coaching staff. This loss is squarely on them. Players played their hearts out. H2P for all of the student athletes!


  2. QB Sneak on first down, second down, something different on third, sneak on fourth depending where you are at that point -2 yards.


  3. I look at it like if you run the QB, then it’s like you have an extra blocker. On second down we had two RBs in the game, but neither really blocked.

    I’d like to see an Olineman in the backfield and run the QB…

    Go Pitt.

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  4. We were at the 2 foot line. Your best offensive lineman allegedly is a walk-on center. You qb sneak 4 times. If you can’t get 6 inches after 4 snaps, there is a problem with your oline. We have zero fullbacks and before anyone starts yelling about george aston….we have been on 1st and goal from the 2 foot line against virginny tech, just to blow it as well.

    Trying to kick a field goal when you still needed a touchdown, was just stupid. The question to me was that if we scored a TD, would he have gone for two or kicked the extra pointer.

    Dairy High defense is not that good. They will pad their stats because they play an easy schedule. You can only judge a big 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 defense when they play osu, michigan and michigan state. Everything else is just propaganda. Don’t believe it.

    It’s like alabama’s defense playing against mercyhurst A, I and E Tech for three games. It all comes out in the wash. Dairy Highs offense is terrible too.

    Heather extends Narduzzi after he explains new math to her and she buys it. Narduzzi, with more money and guarantees in his pocket, rushes into Gallagher’s office and pleads for a Heather extension and he gets it for her. On his way out he sees his shadow. Six more years of bad football.

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  5. Toilet Paper should have ran up the White Flag. Because his play calls surrendered the Line of Scrimmage to the Pedos. What a disappointment this clown is.


  6. The obvious play call with a strong running QB, and problems with Pedo State d-line penetration, would be the QB sneak. Where there is no chance of losing yardage. 4 times a QB sneak if need be.

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  7. Gloom, despair, yoi and double yoi on me – deep, dark depression, excessive misery – if weren’t for losing teams I’d have no teams at all – gloom, despair, yoi and double yoi on me. Perfect weekend of losing teams. Friday night, Freedom HS, Bethlehem, Pa. – lost. Saturday afternoon, Pitt – lost. Sunday afternoon, Stillers – lost. Sorry for the whine, but I think you guys understand. Gloom, despair, yoi and double yoi on me. – Hobie

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  8. OK, I will play. But I am going to assess the entire 4 down series from the 1.

    On first down, I favored a one-back, spread formation, vs pro-set, I formation.
    Gotta get the LBs out of the box or isolate receivers.

    Was OK with the sneak call on 2nd down, but might’ve call that option with the RB on the outside.

    Hard to criticize the play call on third; gotta pick up that block!

    Everyone – and I mean everyone – with an ounce of situational awareness goes for it on 4th. Duzz was flat out wrong. Its those kinds of calls that reminds us all why its better to have an offensive guy in the HC position. I think Wannstedt makes the same stupid decision. Not saying we would have won, but give the kids a chance, coach.

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  9. QB under center on first and second down. Straight QB sneak on 1st and “delay QB sneak” on 2nd. Rollout on 3rd with your best blocking back on the field and then, assuming you were still only a yard away, another QB sneak on 4th. The three sneaks would all show different formations—-various wideout patterns, etc.

    But lord save us, NO FG!!

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  10. I would have went right back to the pass play that was broke up by the blitzing safety. Only this time Sibley or another back picks up the blitzer. That was a TD if he’s blocked the first time.

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    1. If he had Weaver and Camp next to him he would be even better. They are a huge loss.

      Not many close to Donald in the entire nation. That comparison is silly.

      He has made some nice plays.


  11. Saw a few plays of the UCF-Stanford game. Damn, UCF is fast!

    And their QB throws darts.

    Our defense will be gasping for air — when UCF speeds it up, I can’t remember seeing any team get up to the line for the next play faster than they do…

    Go Pitt.


  12. The Play I can’t get out of my head is the third-down play. it was a perfect call and he was wide open for a touchdown but we didn’t block a guy and pickett hurried the throw to avoid a sack.
    I agree he should’ve gone for it on fourth and one. But there were so many other plays we left on the field yesterday that I am not that out raged like everyone else. And to be honest I did not think we were going to get it on fourth and goal anyway.

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    1. Everyone assumes Pitt would have scored. That is a huge assumption.
      He should have went for it but he didn’t. We will never know. Can’t dwell on could’ve would’ve should’ve.

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    1. Tracey Hueston is a 6-2 forward. Hoopsgurlz has her ranked as the 78th best 2020 recruit – for whatever that’s worth. From VA. Was considering VT and WVU.

      Excellent job by Coach White and staff! They are really upgrading the talent level – though Coach Suzie’s recruiting was just dreadful…

      Go Pitt.

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  13. The play I would have run 4 times at the goal line with Pitt’s heavy package would have been a half back hand-off on an off tackle play behind the full back. If we do not score doing this, so be it. We would deserve to lose. You only have to get 1/4 of a yard each play.


  14. The only pass I would have thrown would be a high toss to Mathews if he had a short safety covering him.
    Otherwise, qb sneak or something behind Wheeler.


  15. How can Duzz not have someone on the team that’s a fullback ??? You could probably pick one up on any Frat teAm. Former HS fullback.

    You have two lightweights on the team as RBs and you didn’t think that will be a problem ??? Idiot!


    1. For some reason I think we have an injured FB, is it Wheeler? On Saturday, I think I saw Sibley lined up at FB at least one time (though I might not have seen that right, or maybe he shifted out of he backfield after initially lining up there).

      What was the TD play that worked from the 3 yard line earlier in the game? It was some type of handoff to Vincent Davis, he went off tackle even though it might have been designed to go somewhere else. We could’ve tried that play again. He’s a guy that has shown that if he has a defender with just a little bit of open space, he can outrun or at least knife past the person for a couple yards like he did on the TD. Problem is you gotta get him into space which isn’t easy for us.


      1. Thinking this through, a solid play choice might be lining up with tight bunched formation and Pickett under center (which I’m pretty sure was our formation on 1st down) and run a toss to Vincent Davis and see if he can outrun the defense to the pylon.


  16. My range of emotions following the game …

    😬😮😕🙁😢😭😐😣😖😤😡🤬🤭🤮 … 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

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  17. No less than 40 markets in USA trashing Narduzzi like he’s from ISIS. That’s what you get when you treat sportswriters like pond scum.
    Duzz arrogance knows no bounds.


  18. HCPN closed practices to plan for this game but I did not detect any special wild plays during the game. We could have used one at the goal line.


  19. Coach Duzz’s gaffes during the game really overshadowed some excellent performances and good coaching/preparation by Pitt’s staff.

    I was impressed by how well the offense handled the noise. Can’t remember a false-start penalty. And our blitz packages gave PSU problems.

    If we don’t miss a tackle near the line of scrimmage on the 80+ yard run, it’s a different game.

    While I was crushed by the defeat, I was also encouraged by how the team has improved. And I was really happy for Christodolou, KP, and the defense turning around their performances from last season’s game. Enjoying watching the speed of this defense.

    Course now — oh crap — here comes the 10th ranked team in the country… Sheesh!!

    Go Pitt.

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  20. The 3 plays called from the 1 yard line looked like they all should have worked IF everyone done their job…

    Why don’t they try to get Tipton open in the middle of the field or try a long ball to him…. getting fairly predictable…looking like a west coast offense using short passed instead of running( we can’t run!)

    Someone should should check the fat % one our OLineman.. most of them are just plane fat… peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at 3am do not create a better lineman… what to Army, Navy and Air Force have in common- they all run the ball well and can do it vs D1 opponents… fat is useless dead weight that is unhealthy…..

    Toughest game is next week after that we will have a chance each and every week..oops forgot about the high Heels and ole Mack coming to town!

    Wonder if we would have been ranked if we beat the Nots….

    Impressed with PSUs speed with LB and DBs

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    1. Micah Parsons was the top LB recruit in the country a couple of years ago, and their two DE ends were also up there. At least Parsons is from Harrisburg …. but how in the hell does Franklin pull in a 5-star RB out of Baton Rouge??


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