Ohio at Pitt Prediction Thread

Ohio at Pitt Prediction Thread

I am starting out this post with a feel-good public service announcement. Pitt women’s volleyball is #10 in the country.  They are playing Ohio State tonight at PPG arena at 8 pm.  You could do a lot worse on a Friday night than to go out and support these talented young women.


…and now on to our regularly scheduled Football content.

Hard to believe that gameday is almost here.  You’ve got to love a short week.

There has been much weeping and gnashing of teeth over Pitt’s performance last week, and in typical Pitt fashion, much of it is probably overreaction.  Did Pitt’s offense play extremely poorly against the Hoos?  Yes, yes they did.  Is Kenny Pickett ever going to get it together and turn into a competent passer?  Well, we still aren’t sure.  With that being said, Chris Peak’s podcast offers some sage advice on the topic, and it also points out that we Pitt fans have been down this road before.  Many times…

I’d encourage you to give it a listen.

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