Hello Pitt POV’ers,

After much behind-the-scenes discussion the 2019 golf outing has started to take shape.

Tentative details are as follows:
Location:  Meadia Heights Golf Club, Lancaster, PA (where Jim Furyk played his junior golf.)
Date:  Friday, May 31, 2019
Time:  Noon tee time (club open for lunch)
Format: 4 team scramble golf tournament (18 holes)
Cost: Approx. $85 per individual (includes golf and dinner afterwards)
Lodging: Double Tree within a few miles and numerous other hotel options in Amish Country, USA
Past events have been a huge success and, this one this will be played at Erie Express’ (Rick Caldwell’s) home course.  Of course he has a big hand in organizing this one so hats off to Rick!

What we need now is a rough count of attendees.  Please enter your name and email below, and also make sure you check the little box and click “submit” if you plan on attending.  Deadline is Feb 23rd by midnight!


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226 thoughts on “Pitt POV 2019 Golf Outing!

  1. My golfing days were short but pretty sweet. Never really any good but always enjoyed being on the course.

    I really hope there is a great response to this event because I know the hard work Rick puts into this event each year along with others that help out. I’m 100% sure this will be another class act golf outing. Thank you so much Rick and Mrs Rick. Plus I love the stories and pictures. … and you never know? If Mrs Rick could talk Mrs ike into driving down rt 30???


    1. I’ll work on that Ike, Iek, Ikester, Mr. Ike. You would enjoy the course even if you did not play golf. The two Mrs.’s would have plenty to do as well.

      I promise all golfers considering making the trip, I will not load up my team with club members, just a few Pitt fans, lol.


  2. Very challanging course as I’ve played it thanks to the kindness of Erie several times. Now that I’m finally healthy ( wrist, shoulder and elbow surgery) I’m looking forward to playing it again. At 68, don’t know how many golf years I have left but I’ll be there.


  3. I see the outing is not yet listed on the course calendar …. but the day after (June 1) looks to be very busy

    President’s Cup Round 2 Begins
    Memorial Day Cook Out
    Senior Club Championship Qualifying Begins
    WGA Meadia Cup Round 1 Begins
    WGA Old Pal Round 1 Begins

    So please replace all of your divots fellas and keep the carts on the paths


    1. wwb – the club pro won’t add us to the calendar until we commit with a count of golfers. I’m working on my 4 person team – plan to invite Pat Bostic who is from Lancaster and Mark Stepnoski who is from Erie. What are the chances? If you don’t ask, they won’t attend anyways…


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  4. Erie has don’t a great job of organizing the past two years; and Fran is always Fran. This course looks like you better be straight off the tee or you’ll be in a heap of trouble. I’m thinking Phil Mickelson would be in trouble plenty on this course. 🙂

    I really enjoyed the first two POV golf outings, but I regret that I will have to pass on this year’s event. Things going on that I can’t control the timing or outcome of…

    I highly recommend the POV golf outing to anyone who can make it.

    Go Pitt.


  5. I live in Lebanon which is not far away. I cannot make the noon tee time but will there be drinks afterwards around 4 or 5? Would love to meet some fellow Pitt fans.


  6. I’l keep my comments over here so the golf outing is the last comment.

    Kind of disappointed that there were no verbals after the big weekend visits. I thought PITT showed plenty of reason to commit to PITT and be a part of a burgeoning basketball program. PITT really needs that big guy Diallo, even though he may be a little raw right now. That DJ Gordon young man would be a nice pick-up as well. but, it’s not a race but a marathon.

    If you want to meet the best of the best… sign up for the golf outing. .. …ike


  7. I’m hearing the twins with the sparkling wine name are in the PITT bag. C’mon Diallo, let’s get with it. He’s going to be visiting LSU and Ohio State though so it doesn’t look good for him.


  8. BigB wants to participate and will mark it on the calendar..lot’s of family health issues (not mine) so my life is uo in the air..want to bring a couple of guys with me and working on that now….FRANKCAN Cup has been engraved with last years hombres.
    Had a great time with Reed at the bar and packing goodie bags at the inaugural tournament.

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  9. ++++++++++++++++++++++++ Where are all the others +++++++++++++++

    I know I know it’s the off season but I was talking to a few buddies and we were all in agreement, we miss some of the POVers and mostly REED! that have decided to quit posting here for the time being. Before I go any further I have to say, NO, I don’t feel presumptuous enough to speak for everyone on the POV and then I asked myself before I even thought of writing such an comment, why? Why am I compelled to reach out and wonder and ask, where did some of you go? Do I somehow feel responsible for some of the departures? Truthfully, I do a little bit with my abrasive personality but then I think, how in the hell and why would I think I have those kind of powers. Which I know I don’t have. So I thought I would jot a few thoughts down and hopefully create some conversation.

    Any conversation concerning the POV starts and ends with our founding father and genius….. REED. I know most of you feel the same family atmosphere that Reed has created here at the POV that many of us do, which is nothing short of amazing. I have met and befriended at least a couple dozen POVers which Reed is solely responsible for. So thanks for that Reed.

    I also understand the extra hard work it takes to run a blog like this with little help. Reed was a machine who was bound and determined to have the best PITT sports venue to talk PITT football. Mission accomplished Commander. For me and others, you have given us a second home, an escape and a place we could be ourselves. Which leads me to this.

    Where else have any of us visited a blog or message board and read bios, watched a round-table, gathered at tailgates and participated together at golf outings? Don’t bother answering that, as it was a lawyers question (apologies fellow Latrobean) we all know the answer. I got that from a friend at work who told me, I act like a lawyer because I never ask a question I already didn’t have the answer to. Back to Reed though. While my family is still going through some really bad yet weird circumstances I have a short story. Reed called me with his wife in the car and talked me through a tough day, finishing it up by saying, I’m only a short drive from you so just let me know if you need me to come up and help in any way I can. That’s the kind of guy Reed is. All the while his wife, in the background, was offering encouraging words as well. You never forget a day like that and Reed I will never forget that phone call. Thanks.

    Changing gears for a second and considering the POV itself. I never got the sense that it got all that hostile. I’m a message board veteran and the POV never ever reached the BS that emanates from those boards, not even close. As far as myself goes, I talk to POVers exactly like I talk to my lifelong closest friends. Never a hard feeling at all, I’m often told that I don’t know my ass from my elbow but hey, my friend Drew might just be right I figure? It’s the way I roll for better or worse.

    Have to mention Michelangelo here. What a great job you have done picking up the where a legend left off. You and Reed have brought similar styles at times but different at other times. Which is good. Here’s wishfully thinking a Michelangelo and Reed collaboration at some point could come about. I know Reeds name is still on the blog somewhere. BTW, hope little Raphy is coming along Micheal and keep up the great work. Word from the not so wise, don’t be overly prolific and burn yourself out. Another reason for this poor attempt at an article, to help you out in dry times. << I decided to just make this a comment.

    Upitt, Jay, JoeK, Barvo, Tommy, Dark Knight and so many others have dropped off the POV. Sorry I can’t think of some big names but my ADD is kicking in. Hope you all can find the time to make your way back to the POV at some point. and then there is Emel. Where did you go, you have many people worried brother, please call home and we all pray for the best.

    Here’s hoping all the POV brothers and sisters can reunite at some point in time. ike

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    1. Very nice sentiment Ike. At the risk of at least spraying a fine mist of cool water on it though, I will offer and remind that the site was shut down a few times because the tone of the dialogue was not what it could be, to be polite. Some guys had their posts deleted on multiple occasions. And if someone attempted to interject some objectivity into the discussion, we’d often read a response where someone chimes in with some remark about rainbows and unicorns. Others would only post when things weren’t going so well for our Panthers and invisible after a nice win.

      There is a much more civil tone on the site these days and those that offer critical views have been providing lucid, reasoned arguments instead of witty, over the top digs (e.g. Heather on vacation, Paulie Potatohead crap). Just my own opinion, but I think the site is better for it at this time.

      Would love to see some of the guys you noted return to contributing insights and I know many of them are able to make some solid comments. The question is whether some of them can comport themselves in collegial manner…this is a college related site after all.

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      1. JoeL, I’m going to reply up here which I don’t like to do but to keep it close to your comment. I confess to agreeing with you 110%. The tone has changed and changed for the better imo. You and I have talked at Frans tailgates a few times and while many get me, you really get me. I’m not the PITT cheerleader boy that some think I am. I try and make that very clear but say something not negative seems to come off to some as being too positive. but….

        To your point, I still have the same respect for the few who decided to take a break in commenting as I do for you and boy do I have much respect for you. At the same time, there’s no skin off my ass one way or another if anyone posts or not. I have friends like you, Fran, BiggieB, Mark and I can’t even begin to name all the other great people I’ve come in contact courtesy of the POV. BTW friend, hope to see you real soon but probably not at the golf outing. Keep in touch JoeL, I enjoy talking with you very much.. .. … ike


        1. BTW Joe, I certainly didn’t mean to imply you don’t have the same respect. Sometimes my mind gets jumbled. Especially when I’m being badgered here at the house. Drama in Latrobe abounds.


    2. Thank for the shoutout Ike – Sorry to have been away so long…spent 3 weeks in Chile in January, then have been a bit under the weather lately and not inclined to post.

      Not going anywhere long term – just took a mini break from the hoopla. Been to the last 2 BBall home games, and watched the BC debacle on TV. I am a bit disappointed Capel’s men don’t have another 2 or 3 victories – they had some winnable games but the length of the season is really affecting the freshmen, and the generally borderline ACC talent is showing through. Hats off to an outstanding effort so far.

      The young hoopsters are showing that they have no quit overall (BC game was a typical mid season letdown in a lot of ways, understandable but still hard to watch. They are improving and even with their glaring deficiencies are extremely fun to watch. Leaving The Pete after the VA Tech loss it was amazing to hear the positive conversations going on in the stairwells and on the sidewalk heading back tot he parking garage…even during Dixon’s last few years the negativity after games was palpable…I did not hear any garbage talk from the fans last week – I’d say 90% understand it’s a rebuilding year. Very positive sign for the future – Capel will have the time and support of the fanbase as long as he keeps instilling hope even after all the frustrating losses this winter.

      I still think Pitt has the talent a few more games before the tourney – they just need to dig deep, fight through the exhaustion and get their second wind, and keep hustling. I would not want to play this team in the first round of the ACC tourney – they are dangerous when they are hitting on all cylinders.


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  10. going back to the Blather … there was Matt from Shaler, isnore, Tony C, Justinian (who wrote some blogs), Omar, alcofan, steelfan, Keith, and Dan, who used to double space everything … and it just dawned on me that gc may now be Gordon Conn


  11. Okay, since things are a bit slow on the POV, time for some trivia. What do Paul McCartney, Robert De Niro, Leonardo Da Vinci, basketball recruit Karim Coulibaly and MajorMajors have in common?

    Well, that’s not too tough — we’re all lefthanded. And you can add in Michaelangelo. No, the other Michaelangelo, that painter-sculptor-inventor guy from way back when.

    Here’s why I bring it up. Lefties tend to be more ambidextrous than righties. Some would say more “amphibious.” Anyway, I can tell you from personal experience that lefties pretty much have to be more ambidextrous because, with lefties making up about 10% of the population, tools and machines are largely designed by righties for righties. When I used to dabble at tennis, I actually served left-handed and then switched the racket to my right hand. Had more power lefty, but more control righty. And for some reason, I would kick a football with my right foot. Weird, but true. I’m getting to my point…

    My point is that since Karim Coulibaly is a lefty, he may share this skill of being more ambidextrous, which is a pretty excellent skill for a big man working around the hoop. Anyway, just wanted to throw that out there. 😉

    Go Pitt.

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    1. my dad and sister were/are lefties but can do many things righthanded, In fact, my dad was taught to write righthanded because that was the was it was back in the 20s.

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    1. I wish, ike, but no where close…

      And most people know this but Phil Mickelson is actually right-handed. Supposedly he learned to swing a golf club by mirroring what his right-handed father was doing. Pretty amazing.

      Go Pitt.


  12. With Joe D, it actually goes back beyond the Blather to the Post Gazette blog headed up by Paul Zeise.

    It was there that he pulled off one of the “All-Time Classics.”

    As some here such as Reed might remember, there was a regular Poster who called themselves “GrahamFan.” They were WAY over the top in support of Graham constantly making OUTLANDISH predictions as to the points by which Pitt was certain to upset upcoming Opponents.

    Joe D kept INSISTING that the Poster going by the name GrahamFan was no other than Graham’s wife Penni.

    Personally, I didn’t buy it. Seemed a little too PETTY to think that the new “First Lady” of Pitt Football would allow herself to STOOP to such a level.

    Turns out that Joe D’s hunch looks to have been RIGHT on the money.

    During their time on Zeise’s blog, GrahamFan never once denied the claim that they were in fact the Coach’s wife. And just as her husband DISAPPEARED in the night on a plane headed to Arizona, the GrahamFan too VANISHED forever from the Pitt Football blogging scene.

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    1. if memory serves, a large handful became ex-Graham fans on that fateful occasion … however, they didn’t just disappear like GrahamFan but instead immediately became Graham haters


  13. Ike, quit beating yourself up. We all know you are just a cuddly teddy bear! 😊 the contributions you make to the POV cannot be overstated. Looking forward to many future comments by you for both FB and BB!

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  14. FormerlyWWB, Yepper olde isnore is sill around, however, these are not happy days in my family. My wife of 51 years who as been in the early stages of Alzheimer’s suffered a major injury on Super Bowl Sunday when she fell down a flight of stairs and is still in the hospital. We believe that her physical injuries will eventually heal, however her cognitive abilities are probably not going to return to their former state.

    I read POV almost every day and I follow our Panthers as closely as I can. FWIW I echo the thoughts of most of us in the sense that our football fortunes will probably be very muddy because of our lack of
    quality recruiting. Basketball is another story and I firmly believe that despite our dismal record this year we will see a major turnaround next season (Coach C is the real deal).

    Last but not least I live in York and have retired my golf clubs, however, I know that a great golf course has been picked for the outing and those who can attend will have a BLAST!!

                                                         H2P!! isnore Class of '63

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  15. Mr Isnore, my prayers are also with you. Not much else to say but keep your chin up and enjoy the time you both have together each and every minute. Which I know you will.


  16. Checking in late on a Monday night.

    First off, thoughts and prayers are with Isnore and his wife.

    Second, great to see Fran and Joe L briefly at the Va. Tech pregame. I was running ragged before the game, and regrettably couldn’t spend more time with them.

    Third, I had some communication with UPitt this weekend. He was ripping into Heather for some of her hires in the non revenue sports, and was happy to remind me how much he can’t stand HCPN. It was great to have him engaged in a discussion about Pitt sports.

    Count me in for the POV golf outing!

    Finally, I spent the 4 day weekend in Pittsburgh as my daughter visited the school and Pitt Engineering for their accepted students day. Pitt does an exceptional job selling prospective students (and parents) on the merits of a Pitt education. She has narrowed it down to Pitt and Clemson. Glad she’s not a football player.

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  17. Prayers for Isnore and family from me also.—danh72, should Pitt really be giving out two scholarships just to secure both the twins commitment?


  18. Dr Tom …. that is someone we haven’t heard from in a while. Hope he is well. Looks like getting some of these former posters back is like pulling teeth


  19. How’s the golf outing shaping up boys?

    Again, that thumping sound you heard yesterday was me banging my head against the wall after PITT didn’t receive any verbals over the weekend. YUK! Then again. it’s a slow process… Slowly I turn… inch by inch … etc.. etc ….etc.


    1. Ike – the numbers are light, but we have four full days to fill out the rosters.

      There are a few prominate Pitt fans and celebs who are considering joining us for golf, dinner, fun & fellowship.



  20. Maybe I’m just not up to date on BB info, but I wondered why VT’s Blackshear kept his left heel off the floor all the time. Obviously the problem didn’t keep him from having a dominant game against Pitt. but doing a quick search I found a reference to him having had foot surgery. But also note, in the quote below, his struggles from the foul line and 3-point line as a frosh.

    Don’t give up on our guys – it’s tough being a freshman…

    “The 6’10”, 240 pound Orlando, FL native averaged 6.2 points and 4.5 rebounds in just 19.2 minutes per game during his freshman campaign. He shot 55 percent from the floor, but struggled beyond the three point arc (24 percent) and from the free throw strike (56 percent).

    Blackshear was a four-star recruit out of Maynard Evans High School back in 2015, as he chose the Hokies over a plethora of other high major offers.

    As evident by his stats and his recruiting pedigree, Blackshear has the potential to be one of the top players in Virginia Tech’s front court over the next three seasons. He was the team’s seventh leading scorer in 2015-16 despite dealing with a foot issue (which eventually required surgery) for the majority of the season.”

    Go Pitt!


  21. Meadia Heights looks like a nice course but from the aerial views it looks like I’ll be hitting a 3 wood off the tee a lot. Maybe I’ll leave my driver at home and take an extra putter to lend to Scooter if he breaks his.


    1. Remember, Scooter is a lefty!

      Speaking of lefties, I remember reading somewhere that one theory about why lefthanders are lefthanders was that they had suffered brain damage at birth.

      I chose long ago to reject this theory, but as I get older I’m wondering if there may be something to it…😊

      Go Pitt.


      1. ok, here goes. Back in the day, all games were played in the daytime so the fields were built to lessen the glare of the sun in the batter’s eyes. Thus the home plate was situated in the western end of the field … meaning that the pitcher’s left hand was on the south

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  22. That’s my understanding.

    The only thing is that I think it might have been based on the way things were set up at a couple of the BIG name Ballparks?

    Not sure. I also didn’t Google.

    Maybe one of the Lefties have a little more insight.


  23. I was joking but Lytle wasn’t all that bad. I was thinking POD was going back away’s with an obscure QB. Rutherford and Palko were way better than ML.


  24. to my recollection, in this millennium, Pitt has played at Toledo, Ohio, Buffalo (twice), FIU, Akron and UCF … and lost 3 of those. They play at Marshall in 2020 and now at WMU in 2023


  25. POD.. my guess on “ southpaw” might come from how old ball parks were oriented… would be interesting To know the pitchers mound- home plate direction and if it was consistent in the league or baseball in general…. kinda like cemetaries would bury a person with their feet pointing to the east


    1. You gave me an idea Bernie, I just might request to be buried in the opposite direction of everyone else in the cemetery. You know, like how I like to sit in the corner to keep an eye on everyone. I try and always keep my back against the wall. or just be cremated and get it over with.

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  26. Pitching mound – home plate on an east west orientation would have the pitchers left arm ( standing position) facing south…

    We need some grant money to study this……


  27. I think the H/A with Western Michigan is not a bad scheduling move. WMU still has some cred with their 13-1 season including a New Year 6 game close loss to Wisconsin in 2016.

    I broke one of my retirement promises when I had excel/word installed on my laptop late last year. Since then I have scheduled out 3 different projects. One of them is future P5 OOC scheduling.

    It is my belief that you can not have a discussion unless you have all the data available. Antidotal evidence does not tell the true picture. It may take some time to gather but I enjoy the work. Now my problem is how to disseminate the data.

    I am not a computer expert but I believe you can put excel in the cloud. (I am amazed at how excel has changed in the 12 years since I retied.) That data can then be shared but not changed. Not sure how that works. Does anyone know? Maybe Michaelangelo can link it on the POV.

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    1. you can protect columns or entire Excel sheets but it is something I never mastered …. and for that matter, not mastered by a lot of people. In my last job, we used to get RFPs (bid requests) with allegedly protected columns where bidders were only to input pricing (and sometimes there was a Comments column), but so many times these didn’t work as intended … and revised Excel sheets had to be re-sent. Protecting data usually requires a password


    2. I am using Excel in the cloud – and frequently eschew it for the good ole desktop version. Its good for sharing docs, but lacks some features of the regular.

      You could use Google Docs for free and it comes with a spreadsheet app.


  28. Hey guys… hope this makes your day.. I don’t know what the hell you are even talking about. Now that should make you both feel good coming from a guy who spends quite a few hours at his computer each day.. 🙂

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  29. Back to “southpaw.” And old-time athletic director who came in for our fitness center told me the southpaw threw from the southern quadrant of the baseball diamond… All about orientation!


    1. Sounds good, possibly the next KO returner …. after Quadree Henderson who was state champ for 100M and Maurice Fr who was 4A title holder for 100 and 200M


    2. The other point about Woods winning is the fact that it was the 55 yard dash which makes it more germane to football and the position he plays CB


  30. I have added my information to the excel spreadsheet for the outing as has Wolfe…cant tell if anyone else that signed up is bringing guests.
    JoeL, Matt in L’Ville, Missing Wlat, let me know and I can add numbers to the spreadsheet if you cant get in.
    Its all saved in Drive.


  31. Anyone interested in viewing the article and some pictures of last years golf outing can look under June 2018 in “Archives” left of the initial comments in this article…scroll down until you get to June 12. enjoy.

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  32. Addendum: There are 2 articles. The second is dated June 9: “Live from the Bar at Champion Lakes”
    shows lots of the giveaways and Reeds inside take.


  33. Sorry Dan. I assumed when anyone submitted above they would then view the spreadsheet. Maybe Michaelangelo is manually doing that himself.
    Sounds like you’re good though.


  34. Does anyone have the contact information for last years winners of the golf outing?
    Bob and Chris Liptak or Tom and Brad Emsurak?
    Haven’t heard from them yet to play this year to defend the title.


  35. Can someone please explain to me why it is fun to take a small white ball and hit it with a stick onto a grass field or perhaps a wooded or sand filled area? I mean 2 out of 3 of these areas are bad. If lucky, after walking 4-500 yards you get to hit the little ball into a small hole. I can think of a similar experience that is much more fun..


    1. Its a game that requires discipline, mental toughness, physical coordination and a love of the outdoors. Its best played by people who embrace the values of honor, integrity and sportsmanship.

      I learn something every time I play and enjoy the fellowship of playing with old and new friends.
      And lets not forget the cocktail or two afterwards….

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    2. I used to play but didn’t take up till my 50’s. I enjoyed the cigars and only played courses where they had hot cart girls.


  36. Who has renewed their football tickets?

    Considering whether I want to waste the money or not. Someone talk me backoff the edge!

    Without comparing to last years prices seems tickets are a lot cheaper (guess its the PU factor)?


  37. I don’t have the numbers backing this up but I believe that PITT was one of the better free throw shooting teams in the ACC going into last nites game? Well at least I don’t think that was PITT Achilles heel before the that poor poor performance.

    McGowens has lost his way for the time being, if he can’t drive he’s not much help right now. I’ll say again. Parker Stewert could have helped this team at times.


  38. Ooh….hey, I lurk a lot more than I actually comment or post, but Lancaster is like an hour away from me, so I’m in. I’ll be the stranger who just shows up, sucks at golf, swears a lot, then goes home.

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  39. JoeL posted this comment about golfing and I quote.

    “Its a game that requires discipline, mental toughness, physical coordination and a love of the outdoors. Its best played by people who embrace the values of honor, integrity and sportsmanship.”

    …… and some of you wonder why I won’t be golfing this year.. …. 🙂

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  40. Jeff – we are glad you signed up for the golf outing. We will connect you with a group if you do not find others to play.

    Former Pitt grad assistant Ben Cotton (3 year starting TE at Nebraska) landed at ND. Do you think the Irish TE’s were mostly pass catchers and not very good at run blocking? Just a hunch…

    This may be old news to some, but I missed it this week – from FootballScoop.com –

    Youngstown State (FCS – OH): Sources tell FootballScoop (that) Bo Pelini is hiring former Pitt offensive line coach John Peterson as his new offensive line coach. Coach Pete, who played at Ohio State, coached at Akron, UAB and Ohio State before becoming Pat Narduzzi’s offensive line coach at Pitt in 2015. Peterson steps in for Carmen Bricillo who last week accepted a position with the New England Patriots.


    1. Peterson coached the Pitt OL to lone the best offensive seasons ever in 2016. This is a glass half full perspective, and shows you just how perspectives can differ


  41. The same week that Pitt signed a Home and Home with Western Michigan, WVU just agreed to a Hone and Home with Alabama beginning 2026. Pitt and WVU have a 4-game home from 2022-2025. Pitt and Wisc have a 2 game Home and Home in 2026-27.

    Note that WVU has Pitt and PSU on its schedule for 2023-24. So maybe Pitt and WVU will also do a Home and Home in 2026-27.

    FWIW, I am not necessarily against a tough OOC, but I am very much against bitching and moaning about the W/L record without taking the difficulty of schedule in account.


  42. Smack posted at the end of the GT thread a rumor that Capel changed the locks on the players lockers…that their play was not worthy of representing the team. Made them practice in their own clothing…anyone else hear that?


    1. No, but I have heard that coach K has done that in the past and so if true, I would not be surprised.

      IMO, there is nothing wrong with that approach. If the coach thinks players are not worthy of wearing the uniform, he has every right to keep them from that privilege. It is a great attention getter and hopefully a motivator.

      Now, “snowflakes” may think differently…


      1. What he should do when they play like the GT game is take out the starters and put in the bench practice players with about 15 minutes left in the game and leave them in.


    1. If coach K did it, it’s not a gimmick. Coach Capel, I’ll definitely give you that POV.

      But let’s remember, there is no proof that it did happen at Pitt. Yet…


  43. I have not seen anything to confirm or deny this. But with an entire week before the next game (Wed to Wed), this would be the best time to do it, I guess. Nonetheless, in his interviews, Capel seems to fully appreciate the circumstance he has acquired and seems to be protective of his players, especially the young ones.

    In other words, I don’t have a clue

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  44. ^^ At first glance I didn’t believe this story to be true but if coach K used this tactic in the past then it probably is. My problem is that I haven’t notice a lack of effort on the players part, missing free throws is not from the lack of effort but it could be from trying too hard. You can’t tell me the X isn’t giving it 100% every night.

    Remember, PITT had Wake Forest beat when they threw up a last second desperation air ball that fell into a Wake players hands for an easy layup. If that ball glances off the rim just a little, PITT wins the game. Lady Luck has not been on PITT’s side this year.


    1. Missing free throws happened throughout the last game and appeared to be from lack of focus. That is a big problem and is unacceptable when these guys are getting a “full ride” and that needs fixed.

      That can also be tied directly to coaching, no doubt…


  45. In softball news, Pitt lost two more games yesterday to non-P5 teams to fall to 1-10.

    The first loss yesterday was to Coastal Carolina 0-5 and the second was to USF 1-9 in 5 innings.

    The Panthers play each of these two teams one more time this weekend.

    Both non-P5 teams are southern, warm weather teams that probably have talent that easily rivals Pitt due to weather alone.

    The theme I’m seeing is that Pitt is not very competitive with very little roster turnover.


          1. It probably doesn’t help that the new HC is a former MAC coach with a slightly better than .500 career record. A few top recruits bailed on Pitt when the new hire was made…one was a very good pitcher from the mid-west.


  46. Pitt wrestling finished the season 13-3. The ACC championships are at VT on Sat,March 9.

    But get this …. the NCAA wrestling championships are at PPG Paints Arena on March 21 – 23. Note these are both individual and team championships


    1. too bad its not at the Pete
      but these championships draw 20k and the Pete is too small

      otherwise it would have been a great opportunity to showcase the campus


  47. BTW, in the latest national wrestling ratings, Pitt is 15th. NC St is 10th, UNC is 13th and VT is 14th. (Spoiler alert: the Dairy School is #1)

    Pitt did upset NC State a couple of weeks ago but VT won handily vs Pitt. Pitt also lost by 3 to UNC (sound familiar?)

    Liked by 1 person

  48. I guess the reason I ask is that the season is over after just 16 matches. Seems like a low number of matches with some games occurring against 2 opponents at the same time.


    1. Pitt has a chance to be really good in the coming years – HC Gavin seems Lyke a good hire and Pittsburgh/PA is a hot recruiting area, unlyke football.

      Currently ranked 15th out of 70 + teams is pretty good for a 2nd year coach.



  49. EE..” lack focus”… add to that crappy mechanics… would love to go to an ESPN Zone and WUP’em on the free throw game… it’s all about “touch” and mechanics plus a little relaxation.. right, Coach dan72. ?


  50. PA is only slightly better than CT and DC
    But still talent in OH, VA, NJ and MD
    And of course Florida

    I wonder if PA will ever come back. Ohio still seems to be doing well though.
    But, yes, just like baseball, the talent is in the south
    Unless of course you’re a wrasler and then PA is the Beast.

    Tough for any Northern school to compete in outdoor sports
    It was 73 degrees in North Texas today. Trees are budding and fruit trees in bloom

    Better weather means more practice time
    And the HS coaches are better down here as well (kids are better prepared for the college leap)
    Texas pays big bucks for coaches
    Our property taxes are also much higher

    So Pitt would be smart to pick and chose its sports
    Not sure why Pitt has a baseball team
    Lacrosse is a no brainer (both ladies and men…work on that Heather)
    Hockey anyone? (The Pete could easily convert to hockey…Wisconsin and other schools do it)
    The ACC is the best soccer conference in college and its one outdoor sport where weather isnt a big factor in success
    Track and Field? Pitt has been without a track for 18 years now. Pitt is not serious about the sport and again tough to practice when its not half decent weather outside.
    Rowing? Pitt has 3 freakin rivers. Why not.


    1. The weather isn’t quite the factor you make it to be for track. Pitt has had some very good track athletes. The high jumper just won the ACC championship this weekend with a jump of 7’ 2-1/2”


      1. I’m talkin about a sustainable competitiveness
        when was the last time a Pitt track team placed…never is the answer (even with Roger)
        from time to time they may have a few individual stars but thats few and far between
        stop down and see a track meet at TCU…there is no comparison
        I dont think many Pitt athletes would have been given scholies at TCU

        Pitt should not be involved in this sport
        It is embarrassing
        And Pitt doesnt have a track…hasnt since Pitt stadium was razed
        How can you seriously take the program seriously

        Pitt’s tennis program was cut recently (only school in the ACC without tennis now)
        Didnt have tennis courts

        Pitt needs to put money towards sports where weather is not a disadvantage. Where the recruiting grounds are fertile. Where there is fan support. Where there is growth in youth leagues.

        Rowing (skulls)
        Other…fill it in Heather thats your job

        Pitt loses millions with their track and field program and now they want to spend more millions to support it with an indoor track and outdoor track? Seriously?

        Makes no sense unless Pitt is serious about making track seriously competitive and then hosting regional and national track events to make money.

        I dont think Pitt thinks this way. Thats a problem. They do things half arse with the brain power of a hamster wheel.

        Also, check out other ACC facilities for soccer, baseball and softball. Pitt’s fields are crap. Just do a google search. I’ve personally seen Louisvilles. Pitt is embarrassing again. There are HS fields in Texas that are better.

        Pitt will finish near bottom of the Directors Cup standings for yet another year. Surprised anyone. Or does anyone really care?

        Volleyball and wrestling will only take a school so far.
        And if that participation trophy for the Coastal is in any case at Pitt, Heather should be dressed down and the trophy thrown in the dumpster at the Dirty O.


  51. This may not be very popular but in my opinion, soccer in WPA, has had a negative impact on youth football and baseball. Keeping in mind I was evolved with little league baseball for years and watched the decline in participation first hand. My boys also played midget football and realized one of two teams dry up as well. Having said that, soccer is a good sport for the youth. .. …… … ike


  52. both baseball and football participation have been on a declining trend for the past decade and more.

    soccer is climbing

    but pro football is still very popular

    actually college and pro get good TV ratings. Actual attendance is flat to down though.

    college basketball is the best come March Madness but thats just 1 month

    looking forward to the ACC network to watch some sports like volleyball, baseball, softball, wrestling and soccer.


    1. future homes for volleyball, wrestling, gymnastics and track (inside and out)
      demo of the 70 year old Fitzgerald
      reno for half of Trees
      development on the OC Lot/Cost Center footprint

      probably a min $50M project
      silent phase now gauging booster reception/support
      announced last Fall

      its Pitt thinking small


  53. Tx… Your relentless advocacy for an On Campus Stadium is to be applauded.

    A SMALLER, intimate New Pitt Stadium on campus combined with the use of Heinz for BIG Games only makes TOO much sense!


  54. Pitt has this one opportunity for an OCS and they will blow it. The land on campus is there. Plenty of room for a 45k venue. OC Lot and Cost Center footprint.

    Pitt will have a difficult time raising funds for Victory Heights if football isnt the focal point. I doubt the silent phase is going well right now.

    Big needs to think big and outside the box.

    Think about how football will be viewed and interacted by the audience in the future. Find ways to engage and make the experience better than the one at home.

    I’m sure that Pitt engineers could design and build a configurable venue for several sports programs. Raise and lower the playing surface. Moveable seating.




    1. I must disagree. Moving the ND, PSU and WVU home games to Heinz would definitely be the right call collecting the extra dollars the larger venue would bring.


      1. true
        flip side – you can play in front of a larger crowd for certain B-ball games instead of PPG

        multi-purpose, configurable venues, would work well for football, volleyball, wrestling, gymnastics, lacrosse and hockey. All ‘rectangle’ sports.

        a retractable roof and plenty of surrounding glass for natural lighting

        technology to do all this is over 20 years old

        in urban areas, it reduces the footprint needed to host events and support programs


  55. Well the golf signup deadline has came and went so I have to ask and sure hope Rick and Fran have filled out the roster needed to get their spot at the golf course. Also, I would love to see the lineups if they have been determined. The course looks tight, tough but beautiful in every way. Sure wish I could still golf but a round of mini golf would probably lay me up for a couple days. 🙂


    1. Ike – we have meet the minimum and the course time is secure.

      Fran, MM and will put some of the details together for future communication. The line-ups will be finalized sometime in May.

      Time to “Lock the Gates” on the POV golf outing for now…

      GC and Kman – we kept a few spots open for you both in case you can make it work.

      Liked by 1 person

  56. Great news Rick, keeping my fingers and toes crossed for really great weather for this prestigious event. The POV continues to be a very special place for serious PITT football fans.. Great job…. ike

    Liked by 1 person

  57. You know we’re in the doldrums of winter (and athletic hopelessness) when we’re arguing over whether big games should be played at Heinz or a stadium that will never be built.
    And as for Pitt thinking small…that started with letting Jackie walk when he had a national championship caliber team.


    1. ask any Pitt fan – would they rather raise $30M for womens volleyball, wrestling, womens gymnastics and track and field or $300M for all those programs plus lacrosse, hockey and football. Including an opportunity to host March Madness, concerts, Mens National Soccer exhibitions/WC qualifiers, and other national events on campus.

      Victory Heights will never come to fruition without football and thinking bigger.


    1. “Whipple Effect” … I like it

      Whipple effect — Immediately after the Whipple procedure, serious complications can affect many patients. One of the most common of these include the development of false channels (fistulas) and leakage from the site of the bowel reconnection. Other possible surgical complications include: Infections.

      No matter what, we POVers will undoubtedly have our share of pains (in our guts) throughout this coming season


  58. Here’s a 6′ 11″ 245 lbs juco center who has PITT on his list of possible schools he may transfer to. Do you think he could help Capel and PITT?


    1. I think he definitely can help … but wouldn’t count on it. If you read the PSN story towards the bottom, he states that he is considering a Pitt visit. While he would be a big get, we get way too excited every time really good prospects make visits, but are let down. Heck, we all thought we would be popping champagne corks just a week ago


  59. I came out very critical of Pitt’s Tight Ends last year after noticing their OBVIOUS lack of talent at the Spring Game.

    While a better Blocker than Receiver… Nakia Griffin is definitely a STEP UP!


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