Happy Birthday & The Power of Pitt POV

Happy Birthday & The Power of Pitt POV

I have written on here before how the Pitt POV has grown in leaps and bounds since it’s start on June 16th, 2016…exactly two years ago tomorrow… so happy birthday to all of us POVers involved with it.

That means me as the owner and writer (on most articles anyway), but more importantly a great dose of thanks and appreciation go to you regular readers and especially you commenters who make this blog the best and most popular non-profit site there is on Pitt football.  Hell, we even beat a lot of those for-profit sites also.

So anticipating this two-year birthday I have been wondering if I should do something special with the POV… and then I received an email two days ago from BigB (Bernie B.) about a conversation he had with Pitt’s Executive Associate Athletic Director, Media Relations E.J. Borghetti.  I don’t think Bernie will mind if I share this bit of his email to me with you all:

One other thought is I just made my contribution to the Pitt club… Have you ever thought about doing a fundraiser for Pitt sports through the POV… You know the volume of numbers of readers in true Pitt fans… Wonder if we could make an impact… The shakers and movers…Money talks… Just a thought that I wanted to run by you… 

So that is exactly what we are going to do on the POV to celebrate our two-year anniversary – we’ll do a fundraiser to get money to donate to perhaps the Pitt Championship Fund or possibly another Pitt-affiliated entity where our donations will make the best impact. I would like your thoughts on all of that please.

fearless-fundraising-coverWell, my friends, as you know I have stopped accepting donations to The Pitt POV itself this last year for a few personal reasons.  However, when this fundraiser gets off the ground I will ask that you send any monies that you might have donated to the POV blog and to please divert it towards the fundraiser we’ll run through this site.

I see it being a “matching” format where we get some readers with the financial ability to match donations up to a certain amount.  That way our general donations double automatically.  I’d also like to host a nice Pitt POV Dinner Event in the Pittsburgh area in conjunction with this and maybe we can auction off some nice Pitt memorabilia or some such items or services… we’ll see.

We aren’t starting this right now – I want to discuss specifics with the Associate Athletic Director for Major Gifts Pat Bostick Jr and with E.J. so we can do this in the best and most efficient way to move forward.  I am also asking any of you readers that if you are experienced in this, or any,  sort of fundraising to email me or call me – that info is on the front page of this blog so that we do this the best way possible.Image result for pitt football team photos

I think we POVers can make a real difference and maybe bring some strong attention to issues we have been discussing on here and also help Pitt football at the same time. I’ll try to target July to do this.

P/S:  If you want to be a “Matching Donor” up to an dollar amount your are comfortable with then please do let me know via email also.  I know you are out there….