Live From Champion Lakes Golf Course (Bar)!

Just rolled into the Championship Lakes Golf clubhouse – BTW Route 30 West is a beautiful drive – and the POVs guys are coming in from the front nine to grab a drink and some conversation.  Saw Rick (Erie Express) , Fran (Lastrow), UPitt (brought his own beer and cigars), Jay91 (who brought some just awesome Pitt memorabilia), Rand ( JoeKnew), John (MajorMajors) and a bunch of their friends… and I apologize if I skipped someone.

Funny that  most of the friends read the Pitt Blather but just like at the Pitt alumni meet and greet I went to on Thursday they didn’t know about the Pitt POV.

Speaking of which I was just outside having a smoke with UPitt and we were talking about the Blather as opposed to the POV and Mark(UPitt) said “Well, the POV is real life.” and you know what? I think it is.

We care about each other on here; we go out of our way not to offend others with our comments even if they get heated sometimes and we all want the same thing to happen – to see Pitt represented well both on the football field of play and in general.

That is the beauty of The Pitt POV – I truly consider the blog belongs to all of you and it is not just mine. I go onto the message boards sometimes and when The POV is mentioned there is almost always a negative discussion of it to follow.  I understand that part of that is how I personally view Pitt football and those principals involved in it – but I see that there are really huge misconceptions about what we do on here.

One commenter on a pay board said, in response to a post about the POV, “That’s why nobody goes over there.”  Which cracked me up a bit so I rebutted with the statistics of the POV and pretty much shut him up.  I don’t write that in bragging but that there is, among those who haven’t read us on here, a wrong impression of the give and take we have.

In nine days the POV will be two years old. Just to throw some numbers out…

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