POV: What Could Have Been

Here is a quick hitter from a reader and commenter,”PittinClearwater” who submitted a piece to get some conversational juices flowing.

 What would have happened if Pitt had joined Penn State in the late 80’s to form the Eastern Eight? It is a good question to ponder in the down-time prior to the Pitt-Northwestern bowl game.

Here is a bit from a older article in the Allentown Morning Call paper that lays out some background to this question:

Thirty years are but a blink to the landmass we live on, but in the timeline of college football they encompass ages and epochs.

Consider this: In 1981, Penn State coach Joe Paterno very nearly brokered a deal with several East Coast universities to create an all-sports conference. It was his dream to live and play in a world of newly negotiable television contracts and traditional, regional rivalries.

But then the details got in the way, and the disagreements became spats. Today, the negotiators differ on the terms of their parted ways, though they agree on one theme: College football’s road to today began partly with Paterno, the Big East and the never-was, but still lamented, Eastern Conference.

The obituary of Paterno’s proposal was dredged this past weekend, when the Atlantic Coast Conference welcomed the University of Pittsburgh and Syracuse as its 13th and 14th members. Fed up with the Big East’s increasing football irrelevancy, proactive Pitt and Syracuse found an equally proactive partner in the ACC, which seeks to remain afloat in the relevant waters of college football.

The head-spinning conference makeovers likely won’t end until four superpowers remain. Which begs the question: Would Paterno’s Eastern Conference have been one of them?

Here are the schools which were under consideration for the new Eastern Conference in the early 1980s:


Penn State

West Virginia


Boston College



Virginia Tech  (or would it have been University of Cincinnati or the University of Miami?)

PSU would have been the driving force and with seven required conference games per year it would have allowed PSU to schedule four other games (at that time the NCAA limited football schedules to 11 games in a regular season), so a larger conference would not have worked for them nor, I believe, have made all these ex-independents happy.

Some traditional rivalries would have been kept but the rest of the college football world would have moved on as we know it.  In 1991, the South West Conference started to fall apart and thus a new round of realignment began.

In looking at the final AP standings from the 1985 season to the 1995 season Penn State would have been the big dog among the group.  If Miami had been the 8th member, they most probably would have given Penn State the best competition PSU faced in those days. Remember that was when Miami was “Thug U’ and winning lots of games.

However, I believe the Eastern Eight schools listed above would still have had the same problem the Big East ended up with in having Miami being out there as an non-conference Independent school.  Miami would have  been targeted by the Atlantic Coast Conference to persuade them to join up with them….  and we saw that exact thing happen in 2005.

So fellow Pitt fans, what do you think would happen when the early years of the 21st Century rolled around?  The South Eastern Conference (SEC) would still expand and The Big 12 would become the Big 12 (now with only 10 schools actually).

And we well know what transpired with the Big Ten; they expanded eastward for the money that would be generated by TV and cable viewership in those big-city markets and thus sacrificed athletic and academic quality in their members to do so.

So then, here is what I think would have happened.

Let’s assume Virginia Tech and not Miami is in the new Eastern Eight. All the other moves would remain the same. The Big Ten offers Penn State, Syracuse and BC membership in 2011 to become the 14 member conference they are now.

The ACC accepts Miami and VT and Maryland would have remain a member.  For Pitt’s athletics we would end up with WVU, Louisville and Cincinnati in the new Big 12 and TCU then is the odd man out and is the big loser.

How do you guys see things panning out had that proposed conference become a reality…?

Note: Here is a NY Times article that helps explain how the Big East came to be back in the day…

Edit by Reed: Here is how one media outlet envisioned a future B12 (14) as recently as 2012:

Image result for conference expansion


230 thoughts on “POV: What Could Have Been

  1. The SEC certainly pays more but along with that is cutthroat expectations. I saw recently that Lane Kiffin was considering HC at Florida Atlantic. Whaa? USC, Tennessee, pros, Alabama …Florida Atlantic?

    Clearwater, nice article but the old Allentown propaganda ignores history and per ABe Lincoln we cannot ignore history. Penn State quit the Atlantic 10 twice, once by slipping a note under the door at conference meetings. Further, even when discussing the All Eastern football conference Paterno wanted it his way – he wanted Penn State to keep most of the bowl revenue ( not a split like all conferences did); he wanted scholies to benefit PSU, grade averages, he wanted 2 to 1 home games and on and on and on. This was never going to happen. He was a liar (shocking allegation) who always had to have it his way, Penn State was always number one – his talk of Eastern football was just that, talk. The second reason for its failure was the basketball only schools having one vote equal to football and basketball schools didn’t allow for the football league to expand as the basketball only schools had no financial incentive in so doing. No Eastern Football – just look to the cow pasture and Parterno’s horse manure. Now without Paterno at Ped States helm…hmmm…
    Great article and in retrospect its how it should have been. Perhaps some day Pitt and WVU will be back in the same conference – Big Joke, not really interested.


  2. Reed – except for the travel, I could live with the B12 if we were treated right, not feeling it yet with ACC. Gotta run or I’ll be posting more than DK on Red Bull. 🙂


  3. Although we lost our traditional rivals, things seem to have worked out very well for all three schools.The only way Paterno’s idea would have worked was if ND and MD would have joined and every one received equal treatment. Rivalries change, we don’t play Fordham, Carnegie Tech or W&J anymore either.

    All three seem to be in conferences where they belong.

    The biggest problem for Pitt is recruiting and the last 30 years of History. Also the history of coaching changes and administrative committment.


  4. Called LSU 4 weeks ago for Canada. They can pay him more than we pay Narduzzi if they wanted to do so.

    Problem for Canada is he has only one really good year as an OC. LSU won’t take a chance on unproven. But LSU loves to run and Canada fits better than Sark and Helfrich.

    Kiffin will wait for a HC role.


  5. While it would be more than frustrating if Canada chooses to leave, it is totally understandable.

    He is the current flavor of the month . This may be his only big opportunity to grab the brass ring.

    Next year a new QB and no Conner, a much tougher challenge.

    If he does go let’s hope Narduzzi has someone in mind.

    My biggest concern right now is recruiting. Narduzzi having trouble sealing the deal.

    Tom Bradley at UCLA recruiting Wade. Wade to make a decision on Saturday.


  6. Bring Back Outhouse. No spine or balls if Narzuuzi keeps Conklin. Disgusting defensive Football. Next year Offense will be a 1/3 as good.


  7. @gc Big changes on left side of OL too next year. Could be interesting with a right handed, potentially untested QB coming in…

    @EE Perhaps true over the long haul but under Narduzzi Pitt has played Conner, Whitehead and Ffrench on both sides of the ball. I suspect that will continue if they see opportunities to employ skills.

    Hmm, seems like if Wade chooses to go to UCLA he must have really wanted to attend school out of the area and isn’t concerned with fan engagement issues (similar to Pitt). I add that Mora and Jones (and staffs) are likely on hot seats. Holgorsen probably saved his job this year and rumored to be looking around. Franklin probably saved his job this year. His final 5 are really an odd mix in regard to locations, coaching situations, fan engagement, and conferences.


  8. A couple of questions:

    Will and can Pitt match an offer to 🇨🇦 to keep him in the fold if he is offered a OC position somewhere else?

    That’s assuming that money is the driving issue.

    If 🇨🇦 does leave who replaces him?


  9. Very nice article Mr Clearwater. This was one of the first manipulative schemes paterno tried hatching. He was thinking he would be king or emperor joe.

    About Canada, it needs to be understood that he’s taking a career risk by leaving for LSU. The SEC is a different animal down there and there is no way of telling if his style of offense will be successful down there? Lot’s of poster right here at The Pitt POV thought his offense was gimmicky during the first part of the year. Think on that one. I think it’s also understood that LSU is not going to waste a lot of time if MC doesn’t come through right away for them. Patience is not a virtue down in Baton Rouge. Lastly if he fails right off it may set his head coaching aspirations back for many many years. The reason for pointing out all the bad possibilities is that Matt Canada just doesn’t have a tremendous amount of experience at offense coordinator. He would be taking a big risk along with that big raise.

    Lastly the guy does like Narduzzi and he doesn’t have the heavy hand looking over his shoulder.

    PITT gives him a bump and he stays at PITT for a little longer…….imo…….ike



  10. Canada IMO will take the OC job at LSU. PSN is reporting that Canada made around 500K at Pitt last year. And LSU reportedly paid their Defensive Coordinator 1.5 million this past season. If Canada is offered anything close to the figure given their DC, I can’t see Pitt coming even close to matching that number. Also, if Canada leaves Pitt will have a difficult time in recruiting any graduate QB for the season.

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  11. The only job security in the SEC is at Bama or teams that can Beat Bama which is the goal of the wanna 🐝… lots of coaching turnover down South… as long as Saban stays they will come and go….


  12. We wouldn’t pay 800K.

    LSU offered Kiffin 1.8M per some sources as it was to be higher than Aranda makes.

    Kiffin made 1.4M at Bama as OC.


  13. If they offer him a million, he is gone. Too bad because he could do great things here at Pitt.

    LSU will want immediate results, tough to get in that conference. If he wants to be a head coach, better off staying put.

    The bigger mystery is why Kiffen took a non-P-5 job.

    Pitt never can catch a break, at least for very long.

    Certainly caught one when Chryst left, and again when Chaney left.

    As I have been saying, a bigger concern is Narduzzi’s inability to close on the elite players he has been recruiting. Lots of offers few takers. Canada leaving is another bump in a pretty bumpy road.


  14. Call me crazy but I think he stays. Narduzzi is far more stable in year three then Ogeron will be in year one, plus I can see LSU going 8-4 next year and hiring a big name thus wiping out the staff anyhow.


  15. Canada’s résumé is a little lite for a big time program like LSU.

    Like I said above. Canada would be taking just a big of a risk as LSU. At this point, the shoe does not fit either party. MC stays.


  16. Salaries in college coaching are outrageous…needs to be a rule limiting $$$$$…but free market prevails unless you are a player…Hope MC stays and offensive player should want to play for him..he has shown what he can do with talent !!!


  17. There is nothing light about the MC resume. Anyone who can come to Pitt and have this offense put up the offensive numbers they have this year doesn’t need much more to add to their resume. Now the biggest question mark on MC might be on how his evaluated by LSU on his ability to recruit the 4 and 5 stars they are looking for in the SEC.


  18. So, is tomorrow’s blog story line going to be “Goodbye Matt…..we hardly knew ye”?

    Or, why does every college in the country, BB or FB always poach our coaches no matter our success?


  19. 9 chances out of 10 that Canada leaves and our offensive recruiting, including the Browne deal, are in the toilet and SOP rises from the grave. Does anyone see how our defensive recruiting should improve after this year? I sure don’t….

    Do we have an offensive assistant who knows and can instill Canada’s offensive when he leaves?


  20. Yeah….why would we need another midget CB anyway? The guy’s like 5’7″ in heels….I heard he’s real good in single A HS though….

    We’ll stick to the tall guys we have coming in. Anyway, he announces on Saturday if anyone is interested.

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  21. Paterno is in the grave. Personally, that’s where I want to leave him. In my opinion this sad excuse of a person/coach is not worth digging up at this point.
    Now keeping O Canada at Pitt is worthy news. FLASH: Pay the man the money he needs to keep him at Pitt (for a change).


  22. I have no idea where Wade will go, but wherever he lands may have some issues with his entourage. Huge talent, bigger ego, and those around him are causing problem to get bigger. Just sayin.


  23. Just watching espn dvr not live.
    Why can’t we get a normal panther back along with Pitt script.
    ESPN still uses Dinocat. I hate it Heinze field and the program killing former AD.


  24. DK’s therapist? Check a creek up near state college for his laptop smash into pieces.

    joe’s grave isn’t deep enough for my liking.

    Wade’s cousin/uncle/brother is again in trouble for losing composure at the end of the Clairton game. Back to proper sportsman school Coach Wade.

    The ACC is a fine conference sports wise but they schitt on PITT.

    “the steve” brokered a deal that will keep the dinocat on ESPN until the year 3000

    Nebraska finally got fed up with “the steve” when he tried to change their name to The University of Nebraska Fighting Pederson’s. Then had a promotion giving away his picture.


  25. One outlet has OC staying – inside source of course. Another has him ironing out the details – close to sources of course.

    If we lose OC it’s the curse of the SOP.


  26. Upitt, I’ll be part of your posse. During the last couple you have grown on me. You’re a good guy with a good heart.

    ACC is the best deal we could have gotten. I wouldn’t want part of the Big 12 for academic reasons alone. Forget the distance.

    Truth be told, ACC is still a bunch of “good old boys” and not sure what to make of their new Yankee brethern. A bunch of the schools have some class; Va., Wake, GT, UNC, BC, and Duke. Miami, Syracuse, Pitt, and Clemson aren’t too bad either. ND is only a part timer.


  27. pittinclearwater, Sarasota was my winter home for 19yrs. Played too much golf.

    One thing is clear, Big Ten would have never taken PITT. They want big state universities.

    Nebraska is the only school not on the same academic level with the rest of the league. Plus why that location??

    Certainly Rutgers and Maryland fit in. Look at the market share they got plus loosing Maryland hurt. It was a coup for the Big Ten.


  28. Watching the Patriots and Ravens. Chris Hogan is a Wyckoff, NJ kid that caught that pass. Only played one yr of college football as a 5th yr. student at Mammoth College. Before that he played four yrs of lacrosse for Penn State. My grandson who played lacrosse at the same high school says he is a nice kid.


  29. pittinclearwater, answering your question whether the proposed East Coast Conference would have survived. Maybe with a combination of some of the (old/newer) ACC schools; such as Maryland, FSU, Duke, Wake. Of Course, we needed Penn State and ND. Our TV market was/is our strength. Remember Rutgers was in the deal of the original East Coast.


  30. I like the idea of interviewing Ciarracco, Atlanta . I’d hate to see another mail it in, hiring from within job searCh. If the best man available is within, great, but see who else is interested too AND DON’T GO CHEAP !


  31. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Canada as of this morning has not accepted the LSU OC job. Right?

    This seems pretty straightforward to me. Time for Pitt administration to pull up their big boy pants & just pay Canada what he asks for to remain happy with staying at Pitt. He’ll be gone in another year or two anyhow when somebody offers him a HC position.


  32. So I’ve been told countless times that Pitt is different now under the leadership of Gallagher and Barnes.

    That are we striving to get back to where we once were many many moons ago, when I was chasing girls around North Oakland. And causing a giant raucous on Bayard Street.

    Ok well let’s see how different Pitt Football is under on this new leadership. Time to ante up !


  33. Pitt won’t match the $1.5 million dollar salary that the last Louisiana State University coordinator was being paid, we just wont.

    Right now Canada’s probably making around $400 to 500K at Pitt and Narduzzi’s making about $2.0 – $2.2 million and there’s no way that they’re going to pay that much more money ($1.5M) and put Canada up close to the head coaching salary without raising PN’s and Pitt won’t do that now either.

    Not with the extension we gave Narduzzi late last year already.

    This myth that Pitt has barrels full of money to use is just that. It isn’t the AD or even Gallagher who approves multi-million deals… Salaries that big has BoT approvals tied in.

    I’ll have an article up about this situation this afternoon. Either way it’s the wrong coordinator for us to lose.


  34. Reed – Done Deal. Canada is there man. He wowed them and they were mostly all set on Fish till he interviewed. Don’t have details but he verbally accepted last night. Source in Dept.


  35. Welp, Pitt has a chance to send a message and they will do that either way. We will either tell all of college football that we are back or we will tell all of college football that we kind of want to be back but are afraid. This is a Gallagher decision. If Gallagher wants to play in the big leagues athletically, he recommends to BOT that they pay him and shows them how (from which bucket) he will get paid. It’s a simple equation. Your administration will be forced to show their hand.
    So how does this work? Canada is a very short term fix ( 1 to 2 years. It is not a huge investment. If you can’t find and additional 1.8million over a two year period, you just aren’t in the big time. Do it already!! Just sayin.


  36. Nard didn’t bring assistants with him, except Harley. They should look for the best up and coming coordinator or someone with Pitt ties eg Van Pelt. Yeah right. This is why SOP is not dead.
    Better yet Emel and Upitt form a two man executive committee.


  37. I said four weeks ago they should be proactive and give him a 30 to 50% raise. If he agreed to this and took the money odds are he wouldn’t have pursued LSU in the first place. This is on Barnes and Gallagher not being proactive with the top coach in the country. He is more important to pit than Narduzzi in my eyes.


  38. Upitt, come on! The guy was fired by NC St last year. I want him to stay too and if he leaves it does hurt the direction of the program probably more on the recruiting side right now. But that doesn’t mean that the next guy might not be just as good. Canada walked into a gold mine with all the talent we had. Maybe he’s afraid he’ll never maintain the expectations he’s created here. Who knows. But Pitt football isn’t dead if he leaves.


  39. Agree with Huff here. Gallagher had the eye of the tiger when he was first hired or was it the eye of a pussy-cat? Perfect time to show your cards and throw all your chips in. Now is the time you tell the world that you want the PITT football program back on track. I’ll be very disappointed if they don’t at least show a concerted effort with a counter offer.


  40. JJ – I was critical
    Of him as well. But, he had a top ranked offense. Narduzzi a defensive wiz ( Supposedly) had a defense Allerdice would hang 30 points on.

    Plus we need offensive recruits and there is no sexiness to Narduzzi if he is recruiting offensive players. Plus you can smell another lets go cheap hire coming.


  41. It’s amazing the differential in payrolls between the “Big Time” players and the rest of the field..they have lower standards for academic admissions of athletes but high standards to pay for the best..phucking depressing-the state of NCAA Div1 athletics..and the perpetual change at our beloved university…can’t fault Matt if he leaves..it’s all about money..all the time ..everywhere with just about every organization…


  42. Still can’t understand why Kiffin takes a second rate school in FL.

    Hate to see the guy go, but it is no surprise.

    Just part of being a Pitt Fan, constantly dealing with kicks in the groin.

    More worried about this year’s recruiting and this certainly doesn’t help.

    Will see what Narduzzi is made of soon.

    Is Canada really a genius or did having exceptional personnel make him one?


  43. I wonder what it feels like to be a Wisconsin fan…Knowing you will have a stable coaching staff year after year with a competitive winning team???? That feeling would probably comparable to great SEX!! How many of you POVers need antidepressants from years and years of this mental abuse ??


  44. It is impossible to compete with the big state money football schools. The big school presidents look at FB as a cash cow and that will only change as less people show up at games and as ESPN viewership fades. College FB needs reform that will never come unless the money starts to dry up.


  45. Also agree with you UPitt, I’ll be totally pissed and may go to an Operation Shut Down if Canada leaves. It will leave me with the a feeling of hopelessness.

    How long does anyone think Narduzzi will stick around if he knows he can’t keep assistant coaches around if they perform well? PITT belongs in the MAC with their pitiful budget.


  46. Wisconsin will have their old OC and DC at LSU.

    Kiffin doesnt need the money. Born into money and probably had 15M in bank after giving wife half.


  47. Can’t we offer LSU a two for one OC?DC deal? 😦 Speaking of people out there included in rumors – why would anyone be interested in druken, lawsuit prone disaster that is Steve Sarkesian? His name always pops up – must have great agent.


  48. I’m certain that the offense that Canada ran at Pitt this year will not work well against the better SEC teams. Too much speed down there. Canada would also have had to prove himself as a great recruiter. Has he done that yet at either NCST or Pitt? I don’t see LSU as a great fit, but what do I know. I wouldn’t think that LSU would be desperate. Ogerin (sp?) must have lots of connections, given his travels as a coach.

    Even with Canada as Pitt’s OC, next year’s offense will look different based on what the next QB is able to do. I predict we see a couple of different QBs running our O in 2017. Time will tell though. Sure hope we don’t have to break in a new OC and offensive scheme…


  49. Guys, keep in mind that I wrote in the pre-season that if we win nine games Narduzzi might go.

    At Pitt nine wins is a big deal and that opens other programs eyes and checkbooks.

    The sooner one accepts that Pitt is in the middle third of 128 D1 programs and with accompanying salaries the saner you’ll stay.

    Now, saying that, Canada isn’t gone until he’s gone and Pitt may surprise but I doubt it.


  50. C’mon Reed, accepting something like an offensive coordinator staying at PITT for more than one year considering the fact Canada was fired just last year should not be consider a pipe dream. If I give up on PITT ever being able to retain a single coach after one or two years of prosperity then I have nothing left to do but just walk away. I’m not willing to do that so I hope and hope and hope……. and who wants to be sane anyways? ……ike/waltspappy



  51. Well Boys, my guy is very high up in the program there and they say it is a done deal. Again, Jedd Fish as of Tuesday morning was the #1 after Kiffin. Canada supposedly blew their socks off. Just passing info.


  52. So I guess we can say that the traveling circus of coaches last week for Pitt did very little good for getting named 4 star and up recruits to commit to Pitt. Canada had a chance to bring in a few decent high stars based on this years offensive performance. Conklin had NO CHANCE to help bring in any high stars based on his defensive performance.—Talk about a double shot to the gut if we lose both Canada and Conner before the bowl game.


  53. Cam Cameron made $1.2 million as the LSU o-coordinator under Les Miles. There is no way the Pitt brass will pay 7 figures for a coordinator. That is the price of doing business in big time college football. Pitt doesn’t want to spend with the big boys so Pitt will never retain guys once they achieve major success. If you are Matt Canada, you don’t stay at Pitt when a program like LSU comes calling. You get out while the market is hot. Matt Canada has no ties to Pitt, and every one of us would do the same. Not bad to make 7 figures for your family AND get to design plays for Derrius Guice. Dream job for an OC with the talent that comes through the door in Baton Rouge.


  54. Like usual Mike knows his shit. By the way I’m coming for you this bowl season for all the marbles.

    Don’t worry Pumpkin Head Barnes will call his search firm buddy who will hire an offense Coordinator that is on the cusp of being fired a.k.a. Stallings.


  55. While it would probably be seen as going on the cheap – if Canada does leave, I bet Salem gets first crack at it, assuming he agrees to keep the same offense, and they hire a dedicated QB coach.


  56. Narduzzi as a head coach will ,move quickly on hiring a coach. he will probably have Salem run the offense for the bowl game. Narduzii lucked into a fired OC last year. Canada is a loss as to continuity. But no question Pitt is not in the category of paying 1 million plus or OC. These guys come and go. ND is losing coaches left and right…so what. Pitt will be fine and any fall out will be dealt with after the black out period.


  57. I love how this school won’t be proactive and pay to keep successful people and fans like Reed say accept Pitt’s place in college athletics, all the while the school fires a guy like Wannstedt and his cheap cabinet of assistants because they didn’t win big.

    What a joke. I hope Narduzzi sticks around long term and can find another quality OC. This means no Browne or Zaire and Pickett will look around. For those who say this is the way of the world in college athletics, don’t bitch when Pitt’s QB situation looks like 2007 all over again if MacVettie gets injured. What was Bo Schneider thinking when he left? He must be softer than tissue paper.

    Austin – if you truly believe that DW was fired because he “didn’t win big” then you haven’t been reading what I have written about that situation for five years now. Both DW and Walt Harris were let go for off the field issues – it isn’t debatable and which is Pitt’s prerogative.

    It is the fans who are fooling themselves that Pitt wants to truly get to “The Next level” whatever that is and will pay big money to do. We never have – even back in the day our successful HCs went to other places for more money.

    It is the fans who blow all this out of proportion – Pitt is just doing what it always has done.


  58. @Dallas Mike
    Can’t agree with you on that one. “Chasing the money” has more often than not proven to be a long term bad decision for so many people. Money doesn’t equate to success and/or happiness. This could be the decision that is the downfall to his career. Might not be too.



    “Canada walked into a gold mine with all the talent we had.”

    —- BOOM …. Period . James Conner back with a Vengeance. RS Senior Bisnowatty, Senior Dorian Johnson, Alex Officer, 6’6”, 300 pound Tight- end lookin’ Alex Bookser and freakin’ Brian O’Niell All Year starting healthy on the O-Line

    Nathan Peterman steppin’ up like crazy —– Canada got FIRED last year and no one at NC State blinked an eye — urgh no need to KNEE JERK cus Chancellor Gallagher won’t pay Matt Canada 1.5 million when he know he’s gonna have to pay Pat Narduzzi 4+ Million a year after next season .

    Why do I always gotta come in here and LAY IT DOWN??? lol lol


  60. NCAA executive director Mark Emmert was former chancellor of LSU … I remember him speaking of PSUs culture of football that was placed on the highest pedestool at that university … same thing can be said for your former school Mr Emmert.. like the pot callin the kettle black…how much does Todd Haley make??? Emmert needs to rein in these few programs the operate like the NY Yankees… I am just venting….


  61. With this Insane Pitt O-Line Staying Healthy Together ALL YEAR Joe Rudolph AND freakin’ Jim Chaney would have been Broyle’s Award Nominees this year — who knows maybe with a Steady-Pounding of Straight-Up Rushing with this Line vs. this total-misdirection, WR and Flanker-Sweep sytle (Totally common style since….forever! btw), James Conner woulda become a Heisman Award Finalist and Quadree Ollison is a 1,000 yard rusher with another O-Coordinator???

    so many are flustered by penn state’s success lol — they went 6-7 last year, and this year have the same running back, a super-weak o-line, and a 5’10”, 185 pound, low 3-star first year starter at QB named Trace McSorley — and a FIRST YEAR OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR FROM FORDHAM (NY City FCS!) and they did a-okay .

    lol “Upitt / emel / emel1981” — enough!!! haha


  62. ^^ Last Year Pitt’s Offensive Line wasn’t NEAR what they became this year — yet Quadree Ollison was a dominant 1,000 yard rusher, and first EVER-TIME STARTER Nathan Peterman was protected all year and got stats under Jim Chaney for an 8-4 recordWho knows maybe with Jim Chaney this year, Pitt goes 9-3 or 10-2, James Conner gets 300+ carries for 1400 yards and 30 catches for 500 yards, and #2 Quadree Ollison gets 220+ carries for 1100 yards rushing and 8 TD’s???Pitt’s O-line was INSANE this year.


  63. I still don’t see any news other than Upitt’s “Source” that Canada has accepted the LSU Job. Narduzzi will counter. Or at least ask Canada for the opportunity to. He won’t be able to come up with $1.4 M, but maybe he comes up with $1M…and there are a lot of benefits to MC staying at Pitt.


  64. Canada did an outstanding job. Those of you who think he stepped into a gold mine must have been watching another Pitt team in 2015. We started the 2016 season with almost no passing game when Boyd left early for the NFL. Canada’s early use of the jet sweeps opened up a passing game for us that hardly existed for the first couple of games. The loss of Canada is a major blow without a doubt especially on the recruiting front for the next two months. Pitt may also lose out on some already verbally committed offensive players when his LSU deal is finalized.—-The only good news that I can see is that he gave the next coordinator a clear road map to the possibilities of a wide open Pitt offense. Let’s hope the next OC uses some of what Canada proved can be accomplished at Pitt.


  65. QO has used his redshirt. He was a rsFR in 2014 when he rushed for over 1,100 yards and won the ACC rookie of the year award.

    This year as a rsSO he was passed over by lesser talent (IMO). He should have been 2nd on the depth chart behind James Conner. We may never know why he was dropped to 4th, but the other 2 who were pushed ahead of QO did not impress me with their body of work. I would have rather J.Whitehead received their carries and redshirted both Moss and Hall. But that’s me…

    If QO transfers out, it would need to be somewhere like Youngstown State, Delaware or N.Dakota State where he could play his final 2 years and be on the NFL’s radar. If he transfers to a D1 school, he has to sit a year UNLESS he graduates early, ala NP at Tennessee.

    I’m rooting for QO and I hope he stays. Maybe even gets out of the Canadian Doghouse…


  66. Can you imagine, for a moment, the scene in Baton Rouge if LSU whiffs on Herman and Jimbo, gets snubbed by Kiffin, and then can’t hire the OC away from measly little Pitt…


  67. This years offense was probably the best, most well rounded and powerful offense I have seen since the Dorsett/Marino years – and it was as good as those years too!
    Watching it was like watching and listening to the grand opera for an opera lover (which I am not). It was beautiful and in full harmony, WE ARE GOING TO MISS IT – if O Canada leaves.
    What a shame, what a kick in the teeth, what a pain in………………….etc., etc., etc.


  68. Henderson made out offense go and he is still here. Hopefully we can replace our lost O line guys. Our RBs are very good. For QBs we will see.


  69. By far the biggest injury we may occur if Canada leaves is the distinct possibility of losing transfer Max Browne at QB also. He’s as important as the next OC in the scheme of things how they sit now. If he wants Pitt because of Canada’s offense…

    If we lose Canada and have to wade into 2018 with MacVitte at the QB helm we may well have a tanked season… mainly because I don’t see our defense getting good enough to carry a poor scoring team.

    We’d have to go from giving up 35 ppg to giving up 20-21 ppg and there is no way in hell we do that.


  70. I have to laugh at the talk here that Narduzzi will just re-load at OC and then we’ll…..H-E-L-L-O! He’s next out the door when any one of fifty dream jobs open up that he can’t refuse either…..like ND. any SEC team, half the B1G teams, one of the next top 8 B12 teams, etc.

    This is the SOP that will truly never die….Pitt refuses to act like a Div. I school, let alone a Power 5 school so why even bother? I’ll follow Pitt FB until Narduzzi is gone on 1-2 years just for laughs then I’m done…..and I don’t care who the next rent-a-coach is….


  71. The LSU fans on their blog Tiger Droppings are mixed as to whether they want Canada or not – about 50/50 for vs against.

    I pulled this one for yinz –
    As a Tiger fan that lives in Raleigh, NC and watched Canada’s offenses at NC State for years (all the way up until this last year), NO THANKS. Dude just caught lightening in a bottle at Pitt. I want a guy who has a proven track record of a top offense over the course of a few years.”

    Some are even saying if LSU doesn’t take a step towards the NC then they will “Blame Canada” – referring to a South Park line…


  72. Salem is the primary recruiter for Picket and initiated contact with Browne. Regardless, Narduzzi is the key figure in keeping both of them in the fold.


  73. We have some pretty good back up offensive linemen coming back. I’m not so much worried about the line as much as I’m concerned about the next QB to take the snap. Henderson as effective as he was on the jet sweeps was not very effective as a outside WR. Maybe using him in the slot is an option for the next season before he declares for the NFL.—-By the way, what coach is going to want to replace Canada here next year? Can you imagine how he’ll be compared in every game if he doesn’t continue with offensive numbers close to what Canada produced here. Being the Pitt OC next year can make or destroy a career.


  74. Matt Canada has not accepted any jobs yet… I continue to hold out hope.


  75. Upitt if you are wrong then I am going to hold this over your head every.single.time.you.say.something.stupid.or.negative. (which is a lot) 😉


  76. Hey EE, sounds a lot like what I’ve been saying all day long. Canada is in line to make a lot of money…. BUT….This move could possibly set him back from what he just gained last year. Most really good coaches will take fame over fortune most of the time. Both is what they really want.

    He was fired just last year and many on this very site considered his offense gimmicky during this past year. He might be best served taking off the purple and yellow glasses and look at this for what it is. A big potential and an even bigger risk.


  77. Just think if LSU succeeded in getting MacVittie to come there too with their late offer. LOL….it’s almost laughable…

    BTW, death to LSU sports….


  78. Sure he’s coming back to Pittsburgh. He’s owes it to Narduzzi and Barnes to tell them both he’s leaving in person not on the telephone.


  79. Again they wanted Jedd fish as of Tuesday morning and gave Canada an interview and he knocked it out of the park case closed. Ugh


  80. Found this on SECcountry.com

    Pay day: Canada is believed to be making less than $1 million annually with the Panthers. After Aranda received a hefty raise and extension from the team earlier this month, it would likely be the same fate for Canada. Don’t expect Canada’s raise to rival Aranda’s — as it might have been for Kiffin — but he would probably see his salary balloon to the $1 million mark or close to it if the Tigers hire him.


  81. Pitt can afford $1mil

    Here is an easy formula – can Conklin and throw his salary at Canada. Figure out who stays and who goes with the rest of the D staff and fill in with Pitt guys.


  82. Here is an idea. Fire Conklin because he sucks. Make Narduzzi actually coach some on Defense. If they dont get better send Barduzzi back to the Steel Mill in Youngstown because he is about to go 6-6 with his defense and no qb and weak offense next year.


  83. Maybe we should hire Emily for OC. She has some good movement on offense and the players will follow her to score often………………..just say’n


  84. jrn – What coach wouldn’t come back and meet face to face with the team? haha
    Has anyone ever seen UPitt and DK in the same room at the same time? Just sayin


  85. Jesus – If you are implying I’m Dark Knight I find offense to that. First I am not a resident of Western Pysch and I said Bertke sucked and mcVittie will suck as well. I still think Weah isnt consistent and don’t have man crushing on ex USC qbs. Haha.


  86. I wonder if Orgeron at LSU uses closed practices like Narduzzi. Anyone (other than Reed, because we already know his opinion on the subject) think that the closed practices had something to do with Canada’s success this past season?

    All joking aside, stories like these lend credence to what Narduzzi is doing:


    it’s not necessarily the exact same situation, but still, it shows it’s hard to trust anyone nowadays.


  87. The difference between now and BigEast days and before that Independent Football days is:

    Pitt does have the money now, without dipping into other funds.

    Pitt is getting Approx. $20 million per year from the ACC now.

    Pony up some money, we have it.


  88. Hope Canada stays, but no love-fest for a one year OC previously fired.
    And while the circus offense was fun to watch, given adequate preparation, defenses will learn schemes to shut it down. See wildcat, run-n-shoot, etc.
    Bigger concern is failing to bring in transfer QB now that Bo-knows is heading to his ninth or tenth college.


  89. Upitt just kidding – opposites no doubt. Prefer to think you are his Dr.. Then again Sybil didn’t know of her other 13 personalities. Haha


  90. I like EE’s idea @ 5:10 pm. Can Conklin, add his salary to Canada’s and then throw in a couple hundred thousand more. Nard Dog can handle the defense himself. It stunk anyway so losing Conklin is akin to losing nothing.

    Pitt has never had an offense so exciting and entertaining to watch as this years was in my lifetime. And that includes the Marino and Dorsett years.

    The muckety mucks at Pitt they want to compete for ACC championships. Well to do that, we’re going to have to beat Clemson or Florida State. We beat Clemson this year, breaking a 56 game winning streak Clemson had at home against unranked opponents.

    Clemson and FSU would never let their OC walk without a comparable offer of $$$.


  91. You are not chasing money here. Look, let’s say he was making 600k at Pitt and lsu offers 1.4M. Pitt should be able to find 800k for two years and by then, he is ready to be a head coach if he performs close to where he is now. It is not a huge investment fellas. If we can’t find that money in the athletic department, we have a bigger problem.

    Gallagher can make a huge statement to all of college football. The question is whether he will or not. Selling beer will cover the additional funds. I also like the Associate head coach title.

    Going to get me some. See you all in 7 minutes. .


  92. He was OC at Wisconsin, the coach left for Arkansas ans didn’t take him with him. te new coach didn;t want him. He goes to NC ST. He does a good job by most accounts. Nothing special but solid. He is fired for looking at other options after signing a 3 year deal for 560K a year. Narduzzi brings him in and he comes into a great OL, RB’s, very good TE. speed with Henderson, and a veteran QB. He puts the pieces together to his credit and now is in demand and has LSU throwing money at him. Pitt will hire a good OC. No reason to ever overpay for a coach unless it is a head coach. .


  93. So a few of us are on board here. Think outside the box and throw together a good package that makes MC feel wanted and secure despite leaving some money on the table. PITT needs continuity more than ever right now…..and it wouldn’t be all that bad for Canada either.


  94. Fire No Defensive Narduzzi. Promote Canada to HC and Narduzzi can go to FIU or wherever DC go to star or be retired. His Defense stinks and mostly always has.

    How is that for proactive!!


  95. Terrible putting Emily R pics here!
    Isn’t this a non-political site? Reed?
    Two weeks ago she put topless pics on line in an effort to expose women’s rights to a wholesome body.
    I was so disgusted I had to glare at every single one of them.
    So please, from now on please lament the loss of a journeyman offensive coordinator instead of a voluptuous hottie who only cares about self expression.


  96. @Emel. Thanks for my new “wake up” video. And totally agree with you on pay up or shut up…if you want to be a player you got to be a payer. Like the Danny Glover character in Lethal Weapon said: I’m too old for this shit.


  97. Regarding Canada’s salary if he goes. He’s not making even close to $1M here at Pitt – mainly because we hired him when he was already out of a job after being fired. That is the key – he was fired and unemployed.

    However that isn’t his situation today. Now he’s a hot commodity looking to turn a great season of work into a big payday.

    1st instance employee has hat in hand. 2nd instance employer is the one begging.

    Now – the departing LSU OC made $1.5 M:

    “Coach School/Main Title Salary
    1. Will Muschamp Auburn defensive coordinator $1.6 million
    T2. Kirby Smart Alabama defensive coordinator $1.5 million
    T2. John Chavis Texas A&M defensive coordinator $1.5 million
    T2. Cam Cameron LSU offensive coordinator $1.5 million
    5. Todd Grantham Louisville defensive coordinator $1.4 million
    6. Brent Venables Clemson defensive coordinator $1.35 million
    7. Jeremy Pruitt Georgia defensive coordinator $1.3 million
    8. Kevin Steele LSU defensive coordinator $1 million
    9. Brian Schottenheimer Georgia offensive coordinator $950,000
    T10. Bud Foster Virginia Tech defensive coordinator $900,000
    T10. Mike Norvell Arizona State offensive coordinator $900,000

    I don’t think Canada will get that $1.5 right away but you can be sure he’s going to be at or over the $8K mark – which in essence doubles his salary. He may even get more – but the fact that this negotiation has gone over 36 hours tells me that he’s asking for a lot of money.

    But I also don’t think Pitt is going to double a staff coach’s salary only to see him leave in the next year or so anyway- if they did that they would be setting a higher benchmark the next OC would target for a salary in the opening meeting.

    Another thing to consider is that if we have even a close repeat defensively in 2017 Pitt will have to open up the purse a little wider for a new DC – this one isn’t worth what they are paying him now.

    Liked by 1 person

  98. Pulled this from a Fox News article from this morning that did NOT confirm the LSU hire –

    “Canada has had much success with the Panthers, leading the team to this year’s New Era Pinstripe Bowl. He was also the only OC to become a finalist for the Broyles Award, which honors the country’s best assistant assistant coach.

    The Panthers’ offense averaged 42.3 points per game (the 10th best in the FBS), beating their own record of 40.7 points per contest in 1904. Pitt also improved upon their own scoring output, averaging 14 more points per game than last season. Under the guidance of Canada, the Panthers have become the only Power-5 team to rack up a minimum of 28 points per matchup.

    The team also led the nation in red-zone touchdown percentage at 82.7 percent. He has also been extremely involved in the development of current Panthers quarterback Nathan Peterman, who boasted the highest QB rating in the ACC, even surpassing Heisman winner Lamar Jackson.”

    That in and of itself deserves a Pitt counter offer – otherwise, some season ticket holders will counter by not renewing for 2017.

    At least fight for the guy and show the fans you want to win.

    Come on Barney…


  99. Since this is basically professional ball minus no money 💰 for the players start upping salaries to compete with the biggies if not play Edinboro and Clarion…


  100. Continuity in the current offensive system is worth the money to keep Canada, even if it’s only for another year or two. But we don’t have to break the piggy bank to do it. Canada has a known situation here at Pitt with reasonable expectations from our fan base. This will not be the case at LSU.

    Consider the fact that last year Les Miles brought home a 9-3 regular season record to a restless fanbase that wasn’t satisfied with such results. If Canada wants to step up to the plate in such a pressure cooker, that’s fine. He better produce though or else he’ll be looking for another job soon enough.

    By contrast, he could probably get Pitt to ante up big time to keep him here and juice his pay up by 50%, all the while coming off as a loyal team member to Narduzzi, keeping everybody happy on Pitt’s recruiting front and he doesn’t have to move his family again. I’m not saying that is going to happen but there are other factors that Canada is considering other than JUST the ultimate payday.


  101. I certainly hope some of the ACC money is being put aside to invest in football, such as keeping good coaches. Filtering all the money elsewhere would be just plain stupid, but this is Pitt we’re talking about. Need I remind everyone this school had a great thing going heading into the nineties and still hasn’t fully recovered from it. Pitt has only stacked more mistakes on top of more mistakes.


  102. Somebody said its not the X’s and O’s but the Jimmies and Joes.

    When it comes to Coach Canada, which is it?

    If we figure that out we will know if Canada is worth a bidding war to keep.


  103. If reports are accurate, around a million a year for Canada at LSU, then that figure seems like it could have been matched by Pitt. Tough break for Pitt fans, a great day for the Holier-Than-Thou fans who think money should be spend on academics instead.

    I vote for Kevin Wilson as Canada’s replacement. Narduzzi knows his offenses and should put aside the reasons for his dismissal at Indiana.


  104. Dandy Don – Haha.

    Unless Matt has a clone he will be at LSU today at his press conf. Ha. Embarrassing how cheap these Pitt Fucks are. I will get his salary but I bet 1.2M


  105. Agree Dr. Tom…MC could get a nice raise and get himself to a steady $700-$800K /year with increases.(that’s more than a private practicing surgeon makes-and how many people make that kinda dough) He has a boss he likes and a great situation in Pittsburgh that is not like the pressure cooker at LSU.(if you can’t beat BAMA you won’t be there long) but none of us know his personnel financial situation and his needs..In running my business and being the boss of 50 people I have seen many folks screw up their lives financially with a divorce and bad investment..just saying..maybe he needs the $$$$$$


  106. Variety is the spice of like but continuity is the glue that holds that life together.

    Meanwhile…….press conference at 2:30…………………..and so on


  107. Just read Canada is leaving…Right on UPitt….
    Feel like we have been in a waiting room waiting for word of the patient’s death…now let’s have our post-mortem and funeral…then get excited about the next OC..we know the drill……and lte’s win the bowl game

    Don-‘t see McVittie leaving as LSU has 2 freshmen coming in


  108. CardiacHill reminds us this morning –

    “It’s been one year to the day that Jim Chaney left for Georgia, by the way.”

    I’m trusting that HCPN has things covered and he already has a few candidates lined up. My guess is win #9 this season will be tough to get. What should have been a blow-out with Canada, will be a tight game that depends on the Conklin D to make a stop…

    The “new” #Pursuit needs to be matching up with LSU next year in the CFB playoffs.



  109. Time to move on and get a new OC. HCPN is the one person we do not want to lose. Other coaches should know what to do and maybe one of them will prove to be better than Canada.


  110. Grizz. Yep or some old fart.

    Sad truth is these are the reasons overtime we will lose Narduzzi who I’m not in love with either way. Just sad our AD is so disconnected from the real world.

    Baenes and Narduzzi said they were in the process of a. Ew deal. Fuck your in process. Kick him a bonus of 500k to stay and give him 40% increase right away. Again laughing stock and comedy hour. Gallagher also was a lot of talk.


  111. Yeah UPitt this is on Gallagher not so much Narduzzi or even Barney. and I don’t want to hear about the money this was more about a statement. I feel like I’m being beat over the head with a bad case of The Nuttings.


  112. Same crap every year.
    I buy season tickets because I always read hey what did you do to help. So here we are again where the university just rolls over and lets talent walk.
    They must understand that continuity works!
    I did not even go to Pitt! ha ha


  113. Not a good statement for HCPN’s ability to keep good coaches – maybe the friendship between Canada and Duzz was strained when the chain of command played out.


  114. Pretty comical the big talk we all heard from Gallagher and Barnes and so far they failed to deliver on a hoops coach and let a talented OC walk. Barnes being this big hoops guy first and foremost then he ends up hiring a retread is pathetic and laughable to non-Pitt fans. I guess 13 NCAAs in 15 years did nothing for the perception of Pitt’s basketball job. That’s right, Pitt is the only job that has no local recruiting base, so Stallings was the best coach who could be hired.


  115. Get real folks, Pitt does not have the money to compete with the big schools the that sell out almost every game before their season even begins. It’s like the Pirates having to compete with the Yankees and Dodgers for every free agent player available. There is no salary cap for football coaches in Division 1 NCAA that I know of.


  116. Yeah, it was mostly about money, but timing is everything. Canada knew he no longer had Conner, Peterman, Bisno, Johnson and Orndoff. His offense next year could have been good but certainly not great. Maybe not even good if we don’t get decent QB play. This was a one time deal for Canada.
    A chance to step into the big time, which may never happen again.


  117. The bigger problem for Narduzzi is recruiting, the WPIAL kids turned their backs on him this year, most are going to Notre Dame, a team that stunk this year. No big time D-ends coming which is what he needs for his D to work. Only two four star guys so far.


  118. I’ll have an article up today. This isn’t surprising but I will say I though if we lost a coordinator it would have be Conklin by HCPN’s choosing. If he stays we may be in a world of hurt in 2017.

    Pitt Coach Pat Narduzzi Announces Departure of Matt Canada

    The Panthers’ offensive coordinator will depart for LSU following the bowl game.
    PITTSBURGH—Pitt head coach Pat Narduzzi announced this morning that Matt Canada, the Panthers’ offensive coordinator, has accepted the same job at LSU. Canada will remain on the Pitt staff through the Dec. 28 New Era Pinstripe Bowl against Northwestern before departing for Baton Rouge.

     “On behalf of our entire program, I want to thank Matt for his many important contributions, on and off the field, this past year,” Narduzzi said. “It was important that Matt remain with our team through the bowl game and he had no hesitation about that. He wants to send this team, and especially our seniors, out the right way. Our search for a new offensive coordinator will fully begin after the bowl. Our primary focus is on a successful completion to the 2016 season.
     "When you hire great people and have success, your staff will always be in demand. I'm confident we will find another outstanding person and professional to continue our momentum."


  119. The reasons teams sell out and have money is because the college connects with the alumni. You walk the campus and you go to old bars and you eat at old places. Nostalgia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pitt Game vs. 99% of other colleges. You play at a cold and ugly NFL stadium you rent miles from campus. You don’t spend your money or even visit Oakland. There is no Nostalgia. There is no memories People pay and donate to go back to a place in their youth they loved. Not sit in an empty lot and go to commercial run bars set up for Steeler Fans.

    So we will NEVER get there unless a committment is made to put a stadium within 1-3 miles of campus. The land near Hot Metal Bridge.. Tear those garbage D2 facilities they just built down. That is the problem..


  120. Narduzzi knew he had multiple offers and was heading out for greener pastures. Pitt did offer a great package but Canada thinks LSU is a better profile and launch point to be a P5 head coach. HCPN will hire a very good OC and has some bucks to work with. Pitt also gets a check from LSU as per a buyout clause to add to the new hire. Canada was a hot commodity and that’s college football.


  121. Chet – You have more confidence than 90% of us.

    I smell a MAC up and comer on the cheap a Ted Marchibroda if he is still alive kind of hire.

    It just looks gross the amount of turnover this program has.


  122. ^^^psu hired the head coach from FCS Fordham and their fans were like….waaaaa??? — and now they’re like: Sweeeet haha

    Those ragging-on Gallagher and Barnes for not just throwing 1+ Mil / year at Canada are being incredibly short sighted and not seeing the big picture. Pat Narduzzi — if he wins another 8-9 regular season games next year AND beats psu — is going to be the Hottest Head Coaching Commodity (College AND NFL most especially) in the country. — Pitt WILL pay Pat Narduzzi 4+ million a season and make sure to help pay his assistants High-End pay with a great season next year.

    Matt Canada is the back-up who played one great season and knew he had to go get that pay-day. Pat Narduzzi is #1, #2, and #3 Priority Here.

    #Don’tLoseTheLead 🙂


  123. ~ Darkie, you have no idea if Pitt will come up with that type of money. The odds, the history of Pitt and the last 2 case histories of hiring Stallings and now this laydown, without even putting up a good fight to keep Canada, suggests otherwise.


  124. Dark Knight – List me 3 reasons Narduzzi is so important?

    Did he coach offense?

    Does he recruit good?

    Was his (Defense) Top in the country?

    Oh that’s right he uses twitter and talks a lot.

    The offense will suck a goats dick next year. Little Talent, No QB, Defense will still suck. Beat PSU? I’m concerned about beating UVA.


  125. Pittsburgh, PA.


    Charlie Weiss Reportedly in Pittsburgh interviewing for the OC Position.

    Pitt AD Barnes was quoted as “this is an possibly a great hire for the Panthers. We want our Front Porch to be athletics and the cost savings alone make Charlie a must get. I mean he can wear Chaney’s old gear. That saves us a money and what he did at Kansas was short of amazing. Pittsburgh is committed to being the best.”

    No shit I could see him saying this BS.


  126. While this is disappointing, it certainly should not surprise anyone. Pitt is what it is, what it has been, what it always will be. Pitt will never pay for the flavor of the month. Everyone knew Canada was gone after we beat Clemson. Look at the lists of schools that pay those big numbers. We have never been on that list and never will be on that list.

    Face it, if Narduzzi becomes flavor of the month, he will be gone too.


  127. Well I won’t put it exactly like UPitt just did but pointing out what Narduzzi may or may not do next year to become such a hot commodity seems to go hand in hand with keeping asst coaches around that help him be a “Hot Commodity”

    I wouldn’t worry so much about Narduzzi getting deluged with tons of offers then him just being fed up with talk/bullschitt and flapping gums. He will see rather soon he can’t fulfill his own expectations without the administration getting behind PITT football full throttle. and they can get the money so stop that. (not saying millions) just a stronger effort


  128. No guts, no glory. If PITT spends more money then they may want to, the bigger donors, boosters and alum may be willing to throw in a few extra nickels to show their appreciation.


  129. Hey some good news. I assumed since Canada is in LSU togs already and changed his twitter backdrop to LSU he wasn’t coaching in the Turdstripe Bowl.

    “But there’s a twist this year: Pitt coach Pat Narduzzi said Canada, unlike Chaney, will coach the offense in the Pinstripe Bowl against Northwestern on Dec. 28. ”

    From the Trib.


  130. ^^^ Upitt????

    7-5 in Awful Big East — loss at uconn so 8-4 Huskies go play in the BCS game — we commence in the Birmingham, AL NIGHTMARE lol

    6-6 (6-7 hammered by garbage SMU)

    6-6 (6-7 hammered by…..garbage SMU)

    6-6 (7-6, YAY!!!! Pitt beats top SEC team…..err…. Bowling Green in $5 to go Pizza Bowl haha)

    6-6 (6-7 ….Soul Crushing loss to 7-5 Houston who was again, garbage that season)

    Last Year — exciting and competitive 8-4 This year — beat two top 5 teams for 8-4, with a REAL SOLID chance to go 9-4 and finish top-20 to grow this Porgram.

    Honestly I don’t think you will see reason so dunno what else to say!!! lol…….next season, when one of the 5+ NFL teams looking for their new Head Coach offer Pat Narduzzi 5+ million a year and he says Yes (NY Jets, Cincinnati Bengals, 49er’s, Chargers….(you gotta know how the NFL big money $$$ musical chairs for HC’s works) — then you can just say how Stupid those Idiot NFL Owners are lol because Pat Narduzzi is ‘not even a good coach’.


  131. Emel – Will he wear his LSU gear?

    Narduzzi must really want #9 win so he can head out as well after the shit show Barnes showed.

    No way in the world a HC lets a OC coach after a one year unless he has plans to jetty in another year or so. All these decisions lead to HC’s saying F it.


  132. Narduzzi a Defensive guru gave up 61 Points to Syracuse and a back up qb.

    Now the NFL will want this genius Defensive mind?

    His Defense is almost last in D1


  133. ^^^ LOL *that’s not a logical argument because Narduzzi has brought-in balanced classes but you just don’t know with RS Freshman and Sophomores will be stars yet


    https://pittsburgh.rivals.com/commitments/football/2016 —> Pat Narduzzi’s TRUE first recruiting class — 24 Players, many of which have shown flashes of potential.

    https://pittsburgh.rivals.com/commitments/football/2017 — This year’s class so far.

    Plus Narduzzi spear-headed bringing in Nate Peterman, and brought in Chris Clark — and may get Max Browne to transfer in at QB so that argument makes zero sense lol

    —- And If posters are going to (???) yell about, “Where Pitt’s Big Money Boosters are at???” and for the to step-up……lol…are they not matching the $500,000 check you cut to the “Keep Canada fund”??? That is such a weird thing to say — lol for the Big Money Boosters actually giving their Earned-Money to Pitt unless one is their accountant or Chancellor Gallagher / Scott Barnes no one has any idea what they’re giving to Pitt.


  134. Clark’s 3rd program. Has he played yet?

    Browne isn’t coming especially now.

    Clemson’s DC makes 1.35 a year. They are in the ACC. Pitt must step up.


  135. ^^^ “They are in the ACC. Pitt must step up.”

    I agree. 100%https://www.seccountry.com/lsu/contract-details-released-new-lsu-oc-matt-canada

    But only Alabama, and LSU (Football is their EVERYTHING and so many Non-Alums / School Attendees throw SO MUCH MONEY at these programs) are going to pay an offensive coordinator Well over 1 Million a year after one great season.

    As another poster said —- This is just LSU being the Yankees with zero Salary Cap and it’s kinda Bull$hit but the NCAA has zero system for capping how coaches are paid.


  136. Pat Narduzzi — after beating penn state AGAIN next season at Beaver and finishing the regular season 9-3 and ranked top 15 overall — is gonna get $$$$$ Paid by his Respected, Esteemed Colleague fellow-Pat Chancellor Gallagher putting him right-there with James Franklin.That’s how this Schindig is gonna go 🙂 🙂


  137. Darkie – Merry Christmas to you and all the POV’ers. Sounds dirty like we are on a porn site. haha.

    We want to send a honey baked ham there but the Orderly said you are only able to have plastic utensils. Please advise.


  138. ^^^ they don’t let me use utensils at all anymore after the last “accident” but it’s all good

    My buddy wanted his cigarettes ‘gotta help a brutha out’!

    —- Hey p.s. –> The Defense is gonna be Much, MUCYH Better next year 😉 — “Borderline Ferocious” — so that’s a huge plus.


  139. I’m hearing PITT had already begun renegotiating an extension for Canada before LSU’s offer and they stepped up and threw money at him the past few days. If this is true then I’m at peace with him leaving and at peace with PITT. Moving forward…


  140. I wonder how high PITT went went. $800,000, maybe? I don’t fault him for leaving, more money and exposure. If he’s successful he’s a head coach in a year or two.


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