E.J., Just Write Some Damn Thing Up…I’ll Sign It…

There are a bunch of things I could write to start this column off but I’ll hold back and just ask the same question I seem to ask a few times each year when discussing Pitt football…

Is anyone at all surprised by this?

In case a reader has just tuned into Pitt football news after an absence of a few days here is the gist of today’s topic:

PITTSBURGH—Pitt head coach Pat Narduzzi announced this morning that Matt Canada, the Panthers’ offensive coordinator, has accepted the same job at LSU. Canada will remain on the Pitt staff through the Dec. 28 New Era Pinstripe Bowl against Northwestern before departing for Baton Rouge.

“On behalf of our entire program, I want to thank Matt for his many important contributions, on and off the field, this past year,” Narduzzi said. “It was important that Matt remain with our team through the bowl game and he had no hesitation about that. He wants to send this team, and especially our seniors, out the right way. Our search for a new offensive coordinator will fully begin after the bowl. Our primary focus is on a successful completion to the 2016 season.

“When you hire great people and have success, your staff will always be in demand. I’m confident we will find another outstanding person and professional to continue our momentum.”

Which churns up another question.  Just why the f*ck is Pitt waiting until Dec 29th to search for a new Offensive Coordinator?  That is so Steve Pedersonish it has to be taken as a cruel joke at us Pitt fans’ expense. It’s like “Oh, everyone wants to come to Pitt – we have lots of time to hire an OC before LOI Day.

Let’s parse this press release just for fun, breaking it down to what was said and what Narduzzi really meant.

Pitt head coach Pat Narduzzi announced this morning that Matt Canada, the Panthers’ offensive coordinator, has accepted the same job at LSU.”  

It with a saddened heart that someone who I pulled off the trash heap after being fired by NC state turned around and poked us in the eye with the shitty end of the stick as soon as possible. That’s some gratitude for you.  NC State was 7-6 and only 57th in offense so Matt had no other job offers yet we took a chance on him because I knew him from years ago – and this is how he says thanks!”

Canada will remain on the Pitt staff through the Dec. 28 New Era Pinstripe Bowl against Northwestern before departing for Baton Rouge.”

Just wait, this SOB is going to charge us Per Diem for these extra two weeks he’s hanging around.  I think he actually believes that Pitt will pay that $46 per day for meals.  Since Pitt won’t do, cheap bastards, I’ll probably have to suck it up. 

Hell, that’s small price to play for not getting blown out of Yankee Stadium by a crappy Big Ten team – that wouldn’t look so good on my own resume (that I’m updating as we speak).

“On behalf of our entire program, I want to thank Matt for his many important contributions, on and off the field, this past year,” Narduzzi said.”

Piss-ant Canada should fly up to Madison, WI, drop down on those skinny-ass knees he has and kiss Paul Chryst’s rotund ass for all the talent he had on offense this season.  Any moron other than Jim Chaney could have gotten 35+ ppg out of those kids. Who the hell does he think he is?

“It was important that Matt remain with our team through the bowl game and he had no hesitation about that. He wants to send this team, and especially our seniors, out the right way.”

God – who wrote this crap piece o’ crap press release?  “...send this team out the right way..  WTF?  All Matt Canada  wants to do is kick back and hang out in Pittsburgh with no real concerns if we win or lose because he already has another job.  If he left now he’d have to do a ton of traveling around down south recruiting for LSU and that’s damn hard work. I know it is because I did some of that for MSU a few years ago.

Instead Matt will be hitting every New York City titty bar and fake Irish watering hole from Times Square to Yankee Stadium and be getting paid $46 bucks a day out of my cash to do so. Goddamn him!!!

“Our search for a new offensive coordinator will fully begin after the bowl. Our primary focus is on a successful completion to the 2016 season.”

Hah!  Nobody in the Pitt athletic department is really into this so called  ‘search’ right now because 1) that’s extra work and not fun and 2) half the staff wants out of here ASAP also. 

Shit, all that bald headed midget idiot “OC” had to do was call running plays to Conner, some passing plays to Henderson and Weah and slip in a tricky shovel pass here and there… Shit, anyone else could have score a butt load of points doing that also.

Bottom line here?  Take it from me, King Pat – this so-called ‘friend’ had nothing whatsoever to do with our fantastic offensive line that made everything happen anyway, even if he keeps telling LSU and everyone who will listen he did.  Again Matt,  plant another wet one on Coach Chryst’s ass for that gift he left you, you punk ass disloyal Canuk piece of crap!!

You’re really pissing me off now!!

“When you hire great people and have success, your staff will always be in demand. I’m confident we will find another outstanding person and professional to continue our momentum.”

Oh man!  It really should be Scott Barnes saying that about me after the bowl game when I leave Pitt rather than me having to pretend to say it about Canada now.  Well, Scotty (I call him Scotty)  will have a chance to use it when God sends me a new contract from some actual football school that believes money is supposed to be spent if you want to win games.

All those phone calls I’ve been making to the Big Ten schools I pretend to not care about but really are crazy jealous of and love so much?  Do you really think I’m dialing them up and just saying Merry Christmas? No siree – that will be a $4+M per in the NarDog LLC  bank account toot suite… unless Pitt wakes up and pays out some real jack. 

Ha, ha.  Seriously fans, that last part was a joke.  Lighten up will ya…

But I’ll walk, honest to God I will, and I mean it this time. If the shitbird who looks like he has bad-breath Matt Canada can get six figures for only one year at Pitt than I’m good for a ton of cash.  Can’t wait!!

Oh Matt, why are you doing this?  I thought we were friends man.  We had something real and tight and true and I could feel it in my gut.  What’s that again… I couldn’t hear you?  They have an on-Campus stadium…? 

Well then , now it all makes sense. 

Good luck and I really do wish it was that other coordinator who’s name is not to be mentioned by any other staff and not you.

Sincerely, Pat

243 thoughts on “E.J., Just Write Some Damn Thing Up…I’ll Sign It…

  1. Reed funny piece. SOP. I really don’t think Pat will wait to look for OCs, just didn’t want Salem calling the shots again.
    ps The IRS has called me to inquire about your per diem expenses. All these Hooter’s receipts are hard to explain as “research”. Please take Emel and Upitt out with you to the titty bars in NY – the expense will look realistic. – Your accountant Dark Knight


  2. Reed – My opinion your best piece yet and all true. Probably spot on as well with the Per Diem. If cheap ass Herman even pays them.


  3. UPitt..havent been to one in Wilmington but me and my posse know our way aroud the various Myrtle Beach Ballets !!!
    To the point and very funny..and I also think Duzz bolts if he continues to build the program and gets a better offer in the BIG. Too many missing parts at our alma mater..money, fans in seats, OCS..


  4. Did Narduzzi not coach the the last bowl game for MSU even after he accepted the Pitt job? Actually Canada is taking quite a chance in agreeing to coach Pitt in the Pinstripe bowl. If Pitt loses(and with our D we are always very close to losing any game) the LSU alums will be up in arms on the MC hiring. I know he signed that LSU contract. But starting off your employ with a loss at your last job is never a good idea.


  5. Funny to think Tom Herman was there as well. Boy has Herman and Narduzzi’s popularity gone in different directions since that day. Herman gets 7M and Narduzzi 2M.


  6. UPitt ,,,we put our money on Pitt and I was pouring me celebratory drinks in the beginning of the 4th quarter….money in the bank _HA Ha HA…it was like Pitt never heard of the onside kick….


  7. Eddie O. might be a short-termer at LSU and MC will be interviewing again and most likely taking a pay-cut…

    I know some ole Miss fans who talk about LSU and their fan-base like we talk about WVU


  8. @Savannah Panther

    Chaney might be needing a job if UGa flops offensively in their bowl game, he is under a lot of pressure and not performing as planned.


  9. This is so much Chryst like when he promoted House to DC. Reed, mark this down! Salem will be our next OC. HCPN loves Salem and believes he is doing a great job. He even praised Salem after last year’s awful bowl game. PN is looking for stability and loyalty and will not go out and get a name guy fearing this will happen again. Why else would he wait so long with recruiting winding down.


  10. It would be so disappointing that HCPN would wait until after the bowl game to start looking..
    There is no way HCPN will wait until after the bowl game to start looking.
    Chaney’s dilemma in Georgia could be Canada’s problem next year’s end.
    I suspect some hopefuls will be proactive in calling Pat.
    Next years PITT OC will have a tough act to follow.
    Plenty of talent on the 2017 PITT football team.
    Hope PITT can still land Browne
    Keep the faith…..we need it!


  11. I agree with you Ike; I hope we can still land Mad Max. Salem’s got a lot of OC experience. I don’t know how sucessful his offenses were, but he won’t be new to the job if he gets it. I don’t remember a ton of excitement when Canada was hired, I think another coach can step in and so a good job. Hopefully, our defense will be better next year so the offense won’t have to be so dynamic. There is ebb and flow every year in the character and makeup of most teams. I trust Narduzzi with this decision.


  12. Narduzzi has names in mind and won’t name the new coordinator until after the bowl game. He knows he has two quarterbacks who might look elsewhere if no coordinator is named fairly quickly, i.e, before the new year.

    Our Holier Than Thou fan base must be thrilled with today’s turn of events. Pitt still won’t pony up for assistants, and in the short term can think of how many Pitt guys are out there to fill Canada’s position.

    Heck, there is always time for a player to get into an off-the-field incident and some fans can say Narduzzi must go since he’s lost control of the program.


  13. I know some don’t want to hear it but this from Dokish is rather telling.

    Only 12 coordinators made at least a million last year and only LSU and Alabama had both coordinators make a million.

    Take out LSU and Alabama and that leaves 8 other coordinators across the P5 that made 1 mil+. Pitt just isn’t going to be in that group. From what I read, Pitt was willing to pay enough to make Canada the highest paid OC in the ACC. All the angst is a bit overboard in my opinion. I agree it screws with the continuity but all will be fine. A lot of the people saying we should have paid whatever to keep him were the same people three months ago saying he sucked and we should never have hired him.


  14. Thank You Special K, Nice to know at least one person reads my posts…

    Sometimes I feel like it’s a big club….and I ain’t in it…

    paraphrase of a George Carlin skit…..ike/waltspappy


    You are a Founding Father of the club Ike…


  15. Salem had three years to recruit offense at UCF and all he could muster was seven lousy points versus Pitt in 2006? I mean, Pitt was so poorly coached by that Wannstedt guy, who Pitt gave a blank check to hire a top-notch staff, right? NOT!

    Let’s pass on Tim as OC.


  16. Just re-read the Salem bio on pittpanther.com If Duzz goes with Salem it is a total “meh” safe hire. Bio clearly reads Salem is an adequate position coach but clearly lacking the mustard as the OC. Just, IMO, would be a huge downgrade and much worse than Barnes’ “safe” choice of Stallings (the plumber to UPitt!)


  17. JJ – He did suck 3 months ago. Lots changed in 3 months.

    He made 500k at Pitt. It isn’t like he was making 800k.

    Dokish is a homer in every sense of the word.


  18. Canada was definitely leaving, three other P-5 schools were interested and at least one lesser school as a head coach. He hit a goal mine with Chryst’s recruits plus Peterman. A once in a lifetime. LSU’s coach was spurned by Kiffen, he wasn’t going to miss again. Canada just joined the big leagues.

    Face it, no way we compete with the big boys money, just a fact of life. Nothing is going to change that fact.

    Glad he is staying for the bowl game. Will be interesting to see what type of results he gets at LSU, where they fire coaches in the middle of a season.

    Narduzzi found him, maybe he finds another gem.

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  19. Foul, Foul on UPitt, obviously a racist remark referring to the bald head on top of Kevin Stallings body.

    Now if you could see the crack of KS’s ass, then he would be referred to as “The Plumber”


  20. Hermans Head – forget Cignetti, he called Pitt recruits with Wanny and told them not to come to Pitt when Wanny canned.
    Big B – good point about how LSU perceived, at VT game a VT fan was wearing an LSU shirt – spoke to him, fit the mold of a Hoopie moron.
    ike -Groucho – I would never join a club that allowed me to be in it.
    If Salem were the new OC I would burn myself at the stake.


  21. Ike – I have a little more hair than Stallings. Not much.

    Our luck LSU beats Bama and Saban next year and Canada goes on to big things. All while Narduzzi fizzles out and coaches the Penguins in Youngstown.


  22. @PittPT–am officially on the Bowl bus trip! Thanks for the info and am looking forward to taking my dad to our first bowl game(we have been trying to go for several years to Fla bowls had Pitt been invited, somehow Birmingham wasn’t what we were looking for).
    As for Canada, it stinks but I do not blame him. Everyone on this blog would have done the same thing. I am glad he is staying for Bowl. As for a replacement, what about Salem’s brother from MSU?


  23. Just because I’m a dentist, I was astute enough to comprehend that this was written tongue in cheek.

    That’s all I got to add, otherwise you said it all.


  24. Reed – that was a funny article to read while sitting on a sunny beach in mid-December for a guy from PA.

    I pulled this well written blurb from an ESPN staff writer –

    “Pittsburgh coach Pat Narduzzi must now look for his third offensive coordinator in as many years after Matt Canada decided to leave for the same job at LSU. Pitt has lost both its coordinators to SEC schools (Jim Chaney to Georgia after the 2015 season). Canada’s rise has been stunning. Just one year ago he was fired at NC State. Now he’s got one of the most high-profile and high pressure jobs in the country.”

    To O’Canada – enjoy the hot seat you and your new boss HC O will be sitting on from day one together. I wish you well until you play Pitt.

    Keep yur eye out fur them gators – and leave our recruits alone, if you truly are a friend of Duzz.


  25. It is disappointing Canada is leaving for LSU but not unexpected. He is apparently is a hurry to make some big bucks which is why he was fired at NC State. He was continually interviewing and Doeren had enough. Narduzzi took a chance and it worked out for one year, but not so good for the long term.

    Pitt is never going to be able to compete with the LSUs, Penn States, or even Clemsons of this world. First our ticket sales stink. Second those schools I mentioned make more money on parking in a season than we do in ticket sales for the season. An on-campus stadium is not the answer to either of these problems as real estate in Oakland is way too expensive to keep it vacant for 7 football games a year. As the ACC money keeps flowing in we will be able to better pay our coaches over time but until there is a real “Panther Nation” we will always be a lower paying school compared to the top twenty programs.

    It will be interesting to see what happens next year when Narduzzi no longer has Canada’s offensive scoring machine covering up the deficiencies of his “great” defense. If we had Matt House’s defense, we would have had a better record than the defensive brain trust of Narduzzi and Conklin.


  26. Canada is maximizing his rep at this point. He is a good OC but LSU will be a challenge. He has to coach a QB who can run a physical and mental option QB system that LSU has not had in years. He also will work with an offense that is not very good by SEC standards. It may take time to integrate things at LSU/ But LSU does have a very good RB returning and always has elite talent at WR so he has talent to work with.


  27. @John , glad you’re On the Pinstripe bus. Looking forward to meeting you ! Any other POVers on the One Day Pinstripe Bowl bus out of Pittsburgh ? My early candidates for OC are Rod Carey, Kirk Ciarracco, or Dan Enos.


  28. Herman’s Head @ 1:20. I have several UGa friends here, and they say the fans in Athens aren’t wowed by Cheney. Would not be a surprise if he’s unemployed shortly.

    No – he’s not on HCPN’s short list. I’m sure PN has a list, and is checking it twice! Gonna find out who’s naughty or nice. He won’t leave us with a lump of coal in our stockings.

    WLAT – nice find on PN’s potential OC list. I see 13 names, not counting Dasher, Dancer, Prancer….

    I don’t know that there’s another Maple Leaf out there, but his successor has seen what’s possible with this offense, so hopefully, there’ll be a little continuity next year.


  29. Some honesty here.

    I really can understand Canada jumping at the bigger money and the résumé builder. Looking out for family will always #1 in my book.

    Yes I was upset losing MC but now I hear PITT did indeed step-up so I’m satisfied.

    Here is the honest part and I’m sorry but unless I have a change of heart? I’ll be rooting for Canada to not do so well. I’m petty like that, my competitor bone runs deep.

    IKE – Matt Canada’s single and could live on Arby’s sandwiches and beer and still be happy. He got out of Pitt as soon as he could – that’s why all the job searching he was doing.


  30. An OC is as good as the players he has. We had very good offensive players this year. We will next year also.

    As far as Canada, good luck to him where LSU rarely has a QB of NFL quality. The SEC has better defenders than the ACC as evidenced by the NFL draft.

    HCPN probably already has an OC list and maybe even a DC list. Who knows.


  31. Jack again – Dokish write one article every two weeks or so , says what has already been talked about in the media than takes credit for being original. He should stick to his strength which is recruiting – and he’s the best at that IMO.

    New York – guess you didn’t realize that was an attempt at humor with some truths thrown in. I thought it was pretty funny myself.

    But here’s news for you – if anyone thinks Pat Narduzzi smiled and patted Matt Canada on the back and told him good luck as he walked out the door knows nothing about the guy.

    You can rest assured HCPN used every curse word he ever heard when hearing Canada was flying south to interview. That guys starts and hold grudges with the best of them.

    And just how do you think Narduzzi feels about the Pitt administration right now? He just lost the only good thing he had going for him this season over what probably was about $400K Pitt that was too cheap to spend.

    How do you think Narduzzi going to feel when the real offers of big money come to him… he knows Pitt isn’t going to pay the going rate to get on top so he’ll bug at the first nice pay raise offered to him.

    He’s on the top now – one more season without a great offense and the sewer-hole that our defense is and Narduzzi’s stock might just drop like a cold rock.

    I wrote earlier that if he wins 9 games against this tough schedule he’ll be as marketable as he ever will be at Pitt and will have $3.5M-$4.5M offers from better programs than Pitt. As we see and have always seen Pitt spends just what it takes to maintain D1 then FBS and now Power 5 D status… no more and no less.

    Look – Matt Canada staying at Pitt for 2-3 more years would have been a real bolster for the furure in recruiting especially but also for transfer players. That is gone now and all because Narduzzi and Pitt didn’t have the chops to fire Conklin’s ass first and use part of his salary to keep Canada.

    You could pay any college DC base money to come to Pitt and they would have a better defense than we saw this year. We could have had tons of dough to keep Canada and then some maybe.


  32. Here is the money Pitt has for Athletic endowments per a Virginia Tech 2015 appeal. http://hokieclub.com/ways-to-give/scholarship-endowments/ Apparently Clemson and most of the ACC is on a “pay-as-you-go” basis. This further supports that Pitt does not have money coming out of its ears for sports. The ACC money can be better spent on facilities and more scholarships for non-football sports than on a very expensive offensive coordinator. Time to move on and let the next guy have a chance.


  33. Regarding the blog post, well done Reed. Very funny. Entertaining. However, I must disagree with a few points you made in the comments. If Coach Narduzzi was spitting nickels because he felt Canada was being disloyal, he would not have let him coach in the bowl game. And while I agree that we have a history of being cheap, LSU nearly tripled his salary. Can’t fault him for going. Can’t fault Pitt for waving goodbye. When we draw more than 30,000 fans for Senior Day, maybe we can pay 1 million or more to a coordinator. And maybe it wasn’t directly about money. Canada has a much better opportunity to land a power 5 HC job from LSU than he did from Pitt. Just a reality. Plus he was as hot as he was ever going to be. No question that our offense was going to regress next year, and Canada knew it. He struck while the iron was red hot. As for our pathetic defense, I cannot agree with you more, Reed.


  34. Reed: What say you now that Pitt has stated they offered a cool million a year for two years to Canada and he still left? Maybe we should have fired Narduzzi and hired Canada as the Head Coach! I respect your opinion most of the time but this time your rants are off-base in my humble opinion.


  35. What has Narduzzi done POV’ers????

    His Defense is atrocious

    His Recruiting is Average

    He loses Coaches

    His success was with chrysts offense

    Help me here bc I see Canada more valuable than him at this stage in the game.

    Face it. A Defesnive Guru who has a terrible defense. I have no worries about Narduzzi going anywhere. Who would want that defemse to follow.


  36. Reid I gotta say again that was one hilarious piece. I was upset until I read enough here and elsewhere that Canada was a serial job jumper. I don’t wish him ill but I hope that 3 year contract is guaranteed because the SEC fans are intolerant and impatient. Chubbs finding that out. Maybe we can make Conklin OC, heck he runs up points like there is no tomorrow. Then we could hire a DC who will insist that Nard scrap his system or radically alter it.
    It is ironic that Narduzzi was hailed for being loyal to Dantonio. The Beatles were right, Can’t Buy Me Love.

    WLAT thanks for the list but it makes me shudder. For the reason I listed above scratch the Hoopie Cignetti, anyone who does what he did in calling recruits and telling them not to come to Pitt (not matter how tempting that must have been after being fired by Cornhole) is simply a traitor to Pitt. He and Wanny two thumbs down for that – though I understand their hate for Cornhole, The rest are mostly MAC coaches and I am solidly behind UPitt on that. At this point Van Pelt interests me, I want to learn more of him as a coach – 11 thousand yards still boogles my mind. He would be here when Nard jumps to the Big to coach Butgers. (Doc as a dentist there is a lot of tongue in cheek here as well).

    Speaking of Doc, Erie and other eternal optimists God bless you. Dark is finishing his electro shock treatments for the day and will be up and posting shortly. Bless you Dark – a manic, paranoid, schizo optimist – one of a kind. Thanks Reed for this internet family where i can suffer in company. 🙂


  37. I agree with John the Listener. Looks like Pitt Ponied up this time. Continue saying nay, ye nay-sayers. Things are different under this regime. In this case we just had the bad luck of falling for the hot girl with the wandering eye…


  38. The Football Gods have decided Pitt isn’t allowed to have an exciting unconventional offense, where you had 15 different players from various positions rushing the ball.

    Nope that is not allowed, Pitt is going to have to go back to the i formation 2 back, 2 WR pro set and be one of the more boring offenses in college football.

    And then all the long time Pittsburgh stereotypical images of Steel mills and crucibles can continued to be shown by ESPN during the game. Like it was still 1972.


  39. So now Narduzzi losing asst coaches is a black mark against him? Whaaaaat?

    Some of you guys are easy to figure out. PITT offered around $1,000,000 to keep Canada here and he still left, now it’s HCPN’s fault…..and who wanted Chaney to stay on last year? Nobody! Also, Many of you want him to fire Conklin. He can’t win for losing

    Why can’t you just say it out loud. You don’t like Narduzzi.

    I know why… He’s doing so dam well…


  40. Bring in Wanny as AD. Never did like Barnes after that Stallings fiasco. And Barnes dissin my OCS idea. And really has Barnes gotten fans, alumni and boosters engaged? Has he raised vast sums of money? Has he made good coaching hires? NO, NO and NOOOOO!


  41. Ike – 100%. I hire non stop. There are easy quick fix hires that I know chase money and are short term fixes. Narduzzi’s lack of HC Accumen killing him. Yes you can see Canada and his history as a hopper. He makes 2M a year and should be better.

    Barnes leaving another stupid fucking hire. Pay up boys. I gave him less than 2 years and now he is going back west. Gallagher is clueless. Hire an east coast guy. What goobers in leadership at Pitt.

    Steve Pederson 3.0 coming soon ! LMAO


  42. Ike – you also be proactive with top talent. Not when you have to counter. You become proactive and give him the deal so he doesnt have to look.


  43. Wow, Christmas comes early for UPitt. This is simply amazing. Is it all going to hell or is this like Barry taking PC off our hands? Well, what say you UPitt? I for one have no idea what’s going on.


  44. Salem had his OC test drive last year with Navy and he wrapped the car around a tree.

    Perfectly put, Reed: Canada shit-canned last year, gets half a million from Nardo and Pitt, uses Potato Paul’s recruits, and then jumps the bed faster than a hooker on crack when a higher-paying John comes a callin.

    And I don’t know if Herman is sniffing around Oregon State, but I will volunteer a letter on his behalf.

    And while Nardo has yet to ask my opinion, the guy at Western Michigan looks appealing.


  45. Holy crap, not a Barnes lover, but when it rains it pours. Wonder how engaged in Canada’s negotiation with nearly 2 feet out the door …you can’t make this stuff up !


  46. I say hire EJ.
    Doubt he,,or anyone else, could screw the pooch worse than the last two yutz’s.
    And at least he would be loyal, as opposed to the self-serving, grandiose, dim-wits who previously occupied the office.


  47. Pitt paid nothing for Canada this year. Plus LSU has to send Pitt a check for his buyout.. Canada dod a really good job and parlayed that into a sweet gig. He hopes to use that to be a head coach. Correct, he was always ;looking to jump as is his history. Narduzzi will hire a OC that fits his checklist. Barnes heading out means nothing. But Stallings is losing his AD and a new AD may want to see a little more buzz regarding the BB program.


  48. Here is the scenario. Narduzzi goes to Barnes and says we need to pay Canada $1.1M. Barnes says no way. Narduzzi talks to Gallagher. Gallagher says Hail 2 Pitt yes, pay him! Barnes gets put in his place. Barnes realizes he has no power at Pitt. Barnes floats OSU job out there and Gallagher doesn’t blink.

    Barnes tries to leverage OSU opportunity for more money because he knows Gallagher will spend because of Canada. Gallagher declines. Barnes is 50-50 to OSU. He is in a corner.

    @Reed – I kind of agree that Narduzzi is stubbornly angry at this development and he should be. He also holds grudges. Unfortunately, one of those holds is with Reed. Sorry dude.

    Anyway, we will be fine and yes, I would be angry at Canada if I was Narduzzi, especially if we got in the $1.1M range. Pitt looks good in all of this. We will not be held for ransom. Narduzzi should be happy with Gallagher for stepping up. Go recruit …..on the phone guys and get all the youngsters some much needed practice.


  49. Believe Nardo is torqued about plucking Canada from the unemployment line only to watch him skip town fifty or so weeks later. But Nardo wants the win in the Bronx, so he tells Canada to stay for a few weeks or u will wake up with Chaney’s head in your bed.

    As for Herman, the Stallings intro presser told me all I needed to know: he had the intelligence of a ball of yarn. And all those hires he made: Vp of assigned seats, vp of overseas merchandising, vp of the pre-game moonwalk…Gallagher should have jettisoned that moron long ago.
    No faith in his leadership whatsoever!


  50. LOL emel – Only Pitt Panthers lose more people than the fucking Verizon call center in Mumbai.

    What a joke. OC’s. AD’s. You guys give me shit and sometimes is warranted but the fucking Big Pumpkin Head Barbes hired made sense no where in the world.


  51. Surely with all the great people who graduated from Pitt in the last 40 years, there is a Pitt Man we can hire.

    This hiring mercenaries is getting quite tiring. Besides it make the University look like freakin Carnival.


  52. Wow. I can’t decide if Upitt is our modern day Nostradamus or he just picked bad things to happen to Pitt and the football gods obliged. Smh


  53. Although Barnes leaving isn’t that bad, the bad thing was that they hired a west coast guy with no east coast connections in the first place. And the bad thing is we’re into another AD search.
    And they let this guy with no Pitt connections, conduct the BBall HC search with his former boss’s search firm. And we’re stuck with him for however long he and barnes conned Pitt into giving him a contract.

    BBall program, attendance wise in nearly in shambles. Lost to woeful Duquesne and have no one on the present team who will be here next year, an ACC level player.


  54. Emel a very good point, maybe he didn’t like living east or maybe his wife wanted to go back west. Otherwise no great loss.


  55. I love Pitt this time of year. Always interesting. Barnes is no great loss and I dont think Canada is either given his track record. Pitt will be better off. Build for the future. Gallagher is committed to athletic excellence. Thats all that matters.


  56. I don’t care if either of these guys leave, it’s the perception of Pitt athletics that I can’t stand. We do nothing to change this.

    At least Barnes brought back the script.


  57. Gas LMAO

    Nostradamis – LOL

    Breaking News – Stallings just accepted The Manager of the Suit Department at Hess’s.

    In other news EJ is a puppet. That is like taking a bee bee gun into a machine gun battle and Bostick is a homer. There are Pitt men that are legit out there.


  58. EMel…great post with Munsters car!
    Spit out half my scotch!

    Barnes addition by attrition! I will help him pack his oversized hats!

    Jesus couldn’t get LSU offense moving. Canada will be worshipped if he can.

    Agreed w whoever said that Pitt’s image is taking a huge hit with all the changes… recruiting especially.

    A good leader, Narduzzi, learns to roll with punches and turn lemons into lemonade! He’ll have s lot of brewing to do. SOP returns with a flourish.


  59. By the way whompicks the suits Stallings wears and someone tell
    Him to shave the sides. He looks like Elmer Fudd in a Mob Bosses Suit.


  60. BTW, my tweet post had nothing to do with Dokish….it was a PG tweet that he re-tweeted and I…(never mind…just shoot me….)

    At least we have some temporary excitement getting to see who they hire for AD and who Duzzi hires after the bowl game. And just think guys, we can do this all over again when Narduzzi moves to his dream job next December!


  61. LOL Emel

    Now Pitt is saying Herman and his Pumpkin Head are staying. I hope one of his wives name is Peggy and they are on a plane taking pics in Orange and Black outfits.


  62. Stop with EJ or Bostic or Yuwcic from Lewwyville. The job is too big for two of them and I don’t want to turn into the scum that is Louisville. Wanny as a figurehead, fundraiser and parttime recruiter, great! I don’t mind what he did on the way out. Wanny knew that Pederson was terrible but couldn’t convince the right people of that. It is forgiven in my book.

    Narduzzi gave us momentum. Suzie McConnell is top notch. Our Volleyball squad performed very well this year.

    As far as OC’s, I would go after the Dairy College OC yesterday. He is a burgher, right? Also, this would open the checkbook for Narduzzi to get a top notch OC.

    Will have some good AD candidates tomorrow. Will call a few of my big10 AD’s. I hope the rumors are true!


  63. Canada leaving not so good.

    If Barnes doesn’t leave on his own he should be kicked out the door. I liked the hire but I was wrong. He’s a dead beat who’s get up and go has got up and left.

    Gallagher is running the show and the fact that Barnes is being encouraged to leave shows me a big difference form the last regime. Now that it’s been proven that PITT will do what it can to turn you sour SOPFans frowns upside down to smiles.

    I think if Barnes leaves it makes up totally for losing Canada!!


  64. Emel working his A game tonight.

    And Pitt saying Herman is staying put?
    They should nudge him out the door like he did Jamie.
    Or maybe this is a show-up-at-Fraud’s-door-just-as-the-moving-truck-arrived deal.


  65. Agreed Ike, +1.

    ^5 upitt. I pay attention to womens bball because I was a 3 sporter. Womens hoops is more pure basketball. I don’t like how the men’s game went away from fundamentals. Athletes and coaches have lost the concept of time, place and circumstance during contests.

    Beach volleyball for sure!!


  66. On a more serious note, let me throw my hat into the AD ring. You all add it up.
    * I’m a Pitt Man
    * East coast ties
    * Promise an OCS
    * Totally available until January 2nd every year (basketball season is an autopilot thing)
    * Access to the best possible advisors (Emel, Erie, Upitt, ike etc. etc.
    * I’ll work for half Hermans salary and do twice as much
    * I’ll totally investigate the dairy college .. forever
    * Plus they will play us every year (in Heinz) and pay for our recruiting
    * I’ll make nice with Reed but keep him honest
    * I’ll be able to support my unemployed son living in my basement
    * And a partridge in a pear tree.

    Oh yea, and most of all, I will take no shit from the good ole boy club in the ACC.


  67. You’re hired 9-2!! Count me in your corner!

    PittPT – I hope Herman reads the comments that no one gives a fiddlers asshole he was leaving.


  68. Upitt breaks the Herman Muenster Head story – a regular Edgar R. Murrow – and he’s outs. Well at least till that Model he posted yesterday shows up. When I just heard the story on TV I had to get here and check the rumors.
    UPitt I am concerned about your self description earlier – balding, no mustache – dear God sounds like Stallings. Man you are my vicarious booty king. Please tell me you don’t wear KMart suits and sell vacuum cleaners. 🙂 Just kidding Barnes rumor has me giddy as Doc in a laughing gas factory. 🙂


  69. Pedo-Gazette running with it, as of 10:30 pm.


    Fed raises key interest rate and foresees 3 hikes in 2017 8 m

    Penguins beat Bruins in overtime, 4-3, on goal by Rust 57 m

    Pitt insiders say ‘strong possibility’ athletic director Scott Barnes leaving for Oregon State 1 hr

    And my connections on the Ohio Turnpike confirmed the MunsterMobile seen headed west on the
    Ohio Turnpike


  70. Anonymous,


    Haha. Post more. You are good!

    Emel – Pitt could be such a good reality show I swear. Never a dull moment.

    This Dokish cat is honestly either Cyanide Steve or Barnes Brother. He thinks we are Bama in Football and Kentucky in basketball and tweets like he is God’s gift to us peasants. Goober Homer is pitting it nicely.


  71. Canada – Had a great year, but even with the same talent people were going to figure out what he was doing. No way we come close to having the offense we had this year. Again, great job by Canada but…

    1) If he did tell Narduzzi he would give him two years after Narduzzi found him on the unemployment line and offered to double his salary and he still bolted I can’t respect that. That said, I would have honoured my word…which explains why I am and never will be a big wheel.

    2) He was a horrible recruiter. I don’t recall anybody mentioning Canada as the reason they came to PITT and although I think Pickett may be alright he is a 2* recruit and it sounds like Canada wasn’t the reason he is currently coming to PITT. Let’s see if we lose any recruits over Canada leaving.

    3) The guy is always looking for a job so I can’t see how this reflects on Narduzzi poorly. LSU is already talking about how Canada only took the job because it is a stepping stone to a HC job.

    Again, he had a good YEAR, the list of candidates this time will be better than last year because it looks like PITT is willing to pay more and because PITT is a better job now after two 8-4 seasons after 4 6-6 seasons and the fact that people know that Narduzzi lets you do your job.

    Some of the names being thrown out look better than Canada did a year ago…not that that guarntees success.

    Barnes – No loss.

    Not sure what he has done.

    Script – The rollout was done very poorly.

    Stallings – Not sure about that hire and using a search committee is a waste of money in my opinion.

    Has fundraising increased?

    I still see yellow seats and the game day expeirence isn’t any better I think.


  72. Starkey calling it the “Pitt Stop”

    LSU reportedly paying 1.5 mil per year for 3 years. Congrats to Canada.

    Barnes denying the rumors. Probably didn’t get the offer.


  73. COACH CANADA: Well, when you talk about big days in your life, to stand up here at a place that you know is nothing but excellence everywhere you go. You look at the stadium, look at our facilities.

    What Matt? You didnt like playing in a shitbox NFL stadium off campus???


  74. UPitt – let the fan base know who your picks would be for our next OC and then also assuming Barney (aka Herman) leaves for Oregon State.

    I’d also like to know where you would place the OCS – realistic sites please.

    I like to visit the campus when I’m in town for business or a FB game, but parking is ALWAYS an issue.



  75. Erie – Land on River next to Hot Metal Bridge that leads to SouthSide.

    Or Tear down the D2 facilities they just built near Pool.

    Or build it on the land where the golf courses or Cow pasture or whatever you prefer to call that thing up on the hill with a view of not only Pittsburgh but the cathedral learning surround it with other college buildings and more dorms.

    No idea on offense of Cordinator’s. Not my forte


  76. With your 2nd option and your stadium building experience, can the other sports use the new OCS to satisfy their needs? Assuming soccer, baseball and tennis…


  77. Erie – I think the answer is not an all purpose Stadium.

    Football should be on campus.

    Soccer and Baseball and the Olympic Sports can have an off campus park 15-20 mins away where land is cheap.

    The multipurpose look is not in any more.

    I love the idea of the Schenly Golf course. Easy access and that land will be used soon.


  78. UPitt – I like the golf course land use as well, but many on POV have stated that the city owns that land and will not part with it.


  79. I’m fairly certain that the Schenley Park idea has been proven as untouchable. It was donated for park use only. Kennametal had some land for a new campus but then backed out on the Southside, don’t know much else about the site. To me it’s not so much about an ON CAMPUS STADIUM as it is a specific PITT stadium built for college football and their fans with plenty tailgating.

    How the city and neighborhood of Oakland screw PITT is not allowing them to close down that block of Bigelow BLVD and widened Bates street coming into south Oakland..


  80. LOL…yea, Pitt’s problem is the stadium.. That is comical.

    Pitt’s problem is the fan base blows! You can build a 40,000 seat state of the art stadium in Shenley Park and Pitt fans will complain about the traffic or make some other BS excuse not to go. I know many of you go to all the games, but the majority of Pitt fans don’t give and don’t attend football games.


  81. And the majority of Pittsburghers don’t give a damn either. Game day experience is ok at best but most locals never experience it. We have a rabid base of about 55,000. That’s it. It would take the reincarnation of P.T.Barnum to sell Heinz as a place to be on Saturdays. Face it…this is about as good as it gets. …..Pitt will never again be a major player in NCAA football.


  82. Some of you talk out of both sides of your mouth so much it’s ridiculous.
    @Upitt is now touting how Narduzzi’s only successful the past 2 years because of Chryst’s great recruiting – but while Chryst was here I don’t think a good word was ever mentioned by him about the guy. Or maybe it was Canada, the retread nobody wanted when he came here and even clear through the first number of games. But now he should be the head coach?? Insanity.
    This year was the hardest schedule we played in years and we won 8 (maybe 9) games. I don’t want to hear about the ifs, buts, would haves, should haves, etc. The record is what it is. We beat 2 top 5 teams. The players play harder than any team of recent memory. There is more fire and grit and passion than of any staff in recent memory. The team is moving in the right direction. Period.

    For those of you whiners out there, Pitt was willing to pay MC around the million dollar mark like the big dogs and he still walked to the SEC. The guy doesn’t stay one place. It’s who he is.


  83. Agree notrocket, an OCS isn’t even on the top ten list of problems with Pitt Sports. Look at the Pete, if you don’t have a quality product in this town people don’t show up. Even with the quality product, poor turnout for Duke and Syracuse. An OCS would have made no difference.

    Pitt has an AD that seems to be ready to leave and a football coach that is finding out how difficult it is to recruit players and fill seats with enthusiastic fans.

    Pitt’s problems will not be solved overnight, hopefully Narduzzi and Gallagher stay the course and keep fighting the good fight.

    But really hard to recruit elite players when you have such a small and apathetic fan base.


  84. While it is true that PITT’s fan base hasn’t been keeping up with the national average it’s no wonder why. PITT just had the tremendous misfortune to have a (by most accounts) a great chancellor (Nordy) but one who didn’t appreciate college football and the revenue it can bring in to the school. So he hired a googy narcissistic football hating/basketball loving athletic director. This man called steve then proceeded to do his best to ruin the PITT football program. He pissed off almost all the former players and donors/boosters. Yes PITT fans do suck and that is the reason for it. It took steve awhile to almost kill PITT football and it will take awhile to resurrect it. PITT fans were pushed away and now they need to be encouraged to come back. Yesterday was one small step for me in the way the administration stepped up to try and keep Canada here at PITT. I do donate by purchasing club seats and I absolutely hate Heinz field. Get me out of there ASAP!

    I can’t understand why some people want to compare PITT’s attendance from 50 years ago with today. Everything is different now. PITT stadium was old and never upgraded like it should have been. She was a great old girl that lost her luster. I hope like hell Barnes is shown the door. Bring in a PITT man (record man) or someone who shares the love for the university.

    No, an on campus stadium is not why PITT cannot get over the uphill battle but it sure would help in securing one of the biggest obstacles for procuring recruits. YELLOW SEATS!………………ike


  85. That’s it notrocket, let’s settle for mediocrity, don’t dream, settle for the shit sammich the Rooneys serve up. Great forward thinking.
    Forget Schenley, Mayor Pedildo who wants to turn Pgh to a sanctuary city just announced for reelection. The park is green and 3 or 4 bicyclists use it and it is a famous rendezvous for …..
    There is no political support for Pitt period, unlike the Rooneys who have never given anything to the community. Uptown would work but forget emminent domain Pgh would rather have fire hazard, dilapidated slum housing (city recently fined themselves for owning abandoned housing see link), lower Hazelwood (though that may have been donated to the city).

    ps Emel if you are out there did you see the Army Navy game field? Pro Raven stadium – 15 yard mid field logo vs Pitt 8 yard script, endzones decked out in full colors with Army and Navy – not diagonal stripes, conference logos. I know I harp on this and I’m sure notrocket likes the cheap look but appearances do matter.

    https://youtu.be/P_nu-kJYnak try the 2 minute mark


  86. Heinz field is a dump. That is the major problem. Is it too big for Pitt? Yes, but more importantly it is a crappy terrible place to go and watch the game. I dropped my Steeler tickets after first year there.
    I still go to Pitt games out of some weird loyalty.
    Blame the old AD
    Blame the Roonies for such a piss poor, cheap build
    A multi purpose dome would be terrible. An outside football stadium only. ( my preference)
    Herman Muster get the F ck out!
    He should be let go today.


  87. I presented a scenario earlier of how the City and Pitt should use the upcoming Federal infrastructure program to get developers to build light rail and a stadium (I prefer multiuse dome) near or on campus. The city and state and Pitt need to step up.


  88. LOL @Reed I love these articles — Really shows just how passionate you are about Pitt athletics too, it rare you let your Emotions show.

    MAN….so You GOTTA at least appreciate the freakin’ Pitt — OUR Formerly Cheap-A$$ Stevie-P and Chancie-Nord Pitt —- was going to straight-up pay one of our Coordinators a Cool Mil / year!!!, right?! —- So we lost this one to the co-Yankees (w/ Bama only!) of the NCAA FBS lol — but still EVEN I REMEMBER in My-Time when I was surprised Pitt would actually Pony-up a Half-Mil to a Coordinator and not be CHEAP.

    —– Scott Barnes….man…Kevin Stallings….. (FULL Upitt here) The Music at Heinz Field is Garbage and you could grab any kid on Campus with his Iphone and decent taste to go up to the booth and play Better Tunes along with Our Marching Band for Atmosphere lol….Scott Barnes has been a Huge Disappointment.

    I Hope Chancellor Pat Gallagher wants Pitt Sports to succeed as much as the most Ardent fan because HE is the one with the Charisma I think to make it happen.

    As long as we have Pat Narduzzi we’re gonna clean the ACC Table 🙂 🙂 Cool Hand Duzz

    And looks like at least Max Browne is sold on Coach Duzz and Pitt!


  89. JJ, while some guys will take any opportunity to go negative, most are just frustrated that we lost an excellent O coordinator. It is tough when you have a guy that really makes a difference and you lose him after one year. But like you said, we had a really special season and it will be even better if we beat NW.

    But other than Dr Tom and a few others most do not focus on the positive side of things. That is why there are always vastly more comments when we lose than when we win.

    I think the only thing that would help Pitt attendance is a TV blackout, like the old days. Unfortunately those days are gone and people love their High Def 60 inch TV’s.


  90. Apathetic Fan Base bc the Admin has treated them like shit for 30 years and never embraced them and gave an experience that is worthy of a great school. Travel to other schools. Wednesday there are tons of RV’s on campus and excitement is in the air. At Pitt there is none of that. You have to help people connect with the past and playing in the Heinze shit box does not do that. Chicken or Egg?


  91. RKB – Amazing Post. True on all accords. Half of Oakland area is slum housing and looks like third world country. Tear that BS down and make it great.


  92. Where are you going to park an RV in Oakland.

    I attended many games with small crowds when we had Tony Dorsett, Dan Marino and Hugh Green.

    And an almost empty Pitt Stadium when we had bad teams.

    Sorry, but the vast majority of people that actually attend games think Heinz is a major improvement over Pitt Stadium and Oakland. I talk to a lot of alumni and Pittsburghers and the only place I hear about an OCS is on the blogs. In a perfect world I would love to see an OCS, but it is never going to happen.

    Frank, sorry but our roads and bridges are in bad shape, our locks and dams are falling apart and our electrical grid needs a massive upgrade. Light rail might have a chance, but new stadiums won’t make the list. (If there is one)


  93. GC – I played that course once and it makes a dogturd look good.

    Who is running the show there? Sanctuary City? What happened to the BURG? Let the f-ing Syrians live there Piddilio or whatever your name is. Unreal.

    Reed – This gets a pass it is that ludicrous and the election is over so essentailly not even political just common sense.


  94. Ike – you are 100% correct.

    As a matter of fact I literally just hung up the phone after talking about this subject with three different City of Pittsburgh offices – Parks Dept.; the City’s Real Estate Dept and then the Mayor’s spokesman, Tim McNulty. Seriously – I called them just about an hour ago.

    I asked each different office whether Pgh Parks land could be sold, or even donated, by the city to create space for a University of Pittsburgh stadium. All three offices answered a resounding “No” and gave the same reason. It is because these park lands are donated as a trust to be held by the City for in-perpetuity use as public parkland and open spaces.

    That goes back over 100 years and will not change as every acre of parkland is entitled “public ownership”

    I had written on here many times before before that I grew up with Meg Cheever who is President of the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy and asked her the same question a few years ago and got the exactly same answer.

    The reason I spoke to three different offices is that if you get the same answer to the same question, but phrased a bit differently, three or more times out of a bureaucracy then its 100% likely to be true. (Little known fact there)

    Of course Pitt fans want to believe the city and the world revolve around The University but that just isn’t true.

    BTW – Pgh is right now acquiring another 660 acres for Hayes Park which will be the city’s largest.


  95. If Pitt was serious about sports and athletics, they would have bought the Hazelwood brown field. They would have had room for everything. Or they would have bought a larger portion of the Hill behind the current athletic facilities.

    Sports and Athletics have never been a priority. Doubt that they ever will be.


  96. “On Campus Stadium” —- The closest possibility for this happening would based on what happens to Heinz when the Steelers make a Stadium decision. If the Steelers move out of the city with a New Plan — then the Panthers Super-Customize the current Heinz into Our-Own — or Build a Smaller, On-Campus Stadium in it’s place.

    It was cool though awhile ago when some Passionate Fans started an entire Website about a new Stadium that would be in ‘Panther Hollow’ —- where they actually made up Logistics and Plans for how it would be feasible which was ‘fun’ —- although it was Silly and Impossible lol.


  97. As far as the Hazelwood site, or even the slums of Oakland, the city fathers want to keep those properties on the tax roles. The City needs to generate income too.


  98. ^^^ Too many are just too removed from what Pitt even is for an actual student lol —– WHERE ARE STUDENTS GOING TO LIVE??? —- I lived in South Oakland immediately after my Freshman year — that is where 60+% of students living off-campus ARE . Urgh lol.


  99. The Panthers Could find ways to Customize and Re-Decorate + Adapt Heinz for more “Pitt Flair” and Atmosphere that would take-down the seating to 60,000 or-so capactiy and obviously make all of the colors Pure-Pitt in all of the seats and Stadium.

    But that is quite a few years away 🙂 .


  100. @Reed how far would that location be from Pitt’s Epicenter ( La Cathedral!! 🙂 ) —–> Heinz is barely 4 miles and a 10 minute busride / 10 or less minute car trip (i.e. 3 songs) from Pitt’s campus?

    2.4 miles to the western side of the Hays land… I measured it on the Google map.


  101. Or in the late 80’s for 55 million the administration could have gutted Pitt stadium, added luxury boxes and put a dome on it. They didn’t and now you see what transpired.

    This is a fact that is documented under Wikipedia, Bozik didn’t follow through.


  102. People gotta see the Bigger Picture too, especially those who Rag-On Pitt Alums and Fans for “Not Supporting the Program” —- I’ve had the luxery to meet so many SEC fans and fans of other “Huge-Money Football Schools” —- Guess What?? Often times 60+% of the fans who attend their games, Tailgate, Buy Merch and Invest the MAJORITY of money into those programs Aren’t even Alums or Former Students!!!! — Texas, Michigan, Ohio State, Florida State (Big Time Academics many couldn’t even get accepted 😉 haha), 🙂 obviously, hahaha: ALABAMA, Louisiana State; lol —- GOSH most of all: penn state lol (Military Kid but was born and raised in Central PA saw it first-hand — ALL the PA Yokels become Diehards) —>

    Pitt doesn not have the luxery of having hundreds and hundreds of thousands of “Bandwagon Fans” Non-Alum, Non-Affiliated (Not Knockin’ ‘Em just sayin!) who Vicariously Live through the team even though they never actually attended the School (Other Sport, BBall: Like Kentucky + Kansas + Louisville + North Carolina + UCLA + Duke basketball lol)

    Pitt has the exact same size overall Student-Population and graduates for the last 10+ years as Northwestern and Miami, etc. ….. It’s just simply Tough For Us to put butts in seats!!!! #HailToPitt 🙂


  103. The latest I heard about the new Fed infrastructure program was that developers would build something like rails or roads or even a stadium. They would get a 10% tax break and reap any funds charged from using it. VA builds toll road like this all the time. MD is thinking this also. I assume Pitt might qualify as a developer maybe? Where there are tax breaks and money, developers start thinking.


  104. Let’s give Barnes the boot before he bolts. He’s obviously just waiting for an offer and to firm up the details.

    Put EJ in as AD. He’s been waiting in the wings for quite some time, he’s a Pitt man, loves the University, loves Oakland and the rest of da Burgh.

    Yes indeed a Pat Signal…..is in play !


    Follow the Nard Dog…we need to get his Follow numbers up !!


  105. The Pitt coaching staff took steps towards opening the Florida pipeline back up last recruiting class by signing 4 quality recruits.

    They’ve already offered numerous top level kids in the Class of 2017, the latest being blue-chip offensive tackle Jerry Drake.

    Drake (6-7, 300) is an offensive tackle from Palm Beach Garden, Florida and he tells his latest offer is from Pitt. Drake tells me that he already has offers from Alabama, LSU, North Carolina, West Virginia, Florida State and Auburn.

    Yeah, Drake is a big-time offensive line prospect. With offers from schools like Alabama, LSU, Florida State, you’d think they’d be his leaders, right? Not so fast says Drake, it won’t just come down to football for him.


  106. DK, absolutely right, those non-alums in Pittsburgh are Steeler fans, I assume same with Miami and Northwestern. Really tough to compete with a cult. But the fans will show up for a “Big Event” like the PSU game or Cinci a few years ago.


  107. ps Emel if you are out there did you see the Army Navy game field?

    Nope rkb……. missed the game, saw our new President being interviewed at halftime though 🙂
    And the yuge cheer he got when he entered his box.

    That’s a very cool video, and YUGE midfield logo. And it was cool Army finally won again.
    Make Army Great Again. lol

    Thanks for posting that link bro !


  108. Drake seems like a nice get. But it would appear that Wade has decided to go to PSU according to PSN. So we get a 4 star and lose a 5 star if that’s the case.


  109. ^^^^ From Louis Riddick in his article (Obvious Frustration on the Steve Pederson Years):

    “I lost touch with the program for a while. I was disenchanted and a little disappointed about how the program was doing and I kind of fell out of touch for a bit. Honestly, quite a few of us alumni had. But Paul Chryst is a guy who deserves respect and commands respect. Talking to him, he is perfect for the program. He understands the history, he understands what Pitt football is supposed to mean and hopefully he’s got it moving on the right track.

    That is absolutely critical (that Chryst understand the history of the program). I couldn’t even recognize my school for a number of years there. That’s what Paul realizes he needs to connect to again… Paul kind of connects back to that, he gets it, he understands that. When I talked to him he said, “Pease come back, please come see us, we want you guys here. We want theESPN analysis Louis Riddickse kids to know that is what Pitt is.”

    Pitt needs to get back to who they are, which is a bunch of bad-asses that put people in the pros on a regular basis, and fly around the field being feared. And they got away from that. But hopefully he is getting them back to it.

    I know that coaches and administrators come from different places and are from all over, and they may not have the same passion for Pitt football that those who have been around it for a long time have, but they need to understand it. They need to learn it.”

    He’s been very vocal of his support the last few years though — that would be awesome @gc


  110. DK, he is a personnel guy, has to know how to evaluate talent, has lots of contacts in athletic departments, he exudes class, and he is a Pitt Grad.

    Not as concerned about Wade as I am about missing on Adams, Jeter and Robert Hainsey,


  111. ^^^ Anyone also wonder if maybe Pat Gallagher with Scott Barnes is kind of like Pat Narduzzi with his first OC hire Jim Chaney —- i.e., disappointed and more than ready to help him pack-up his UHaul and move-on???

    I believe it is being understated how much Patrick Gallagher might be PUSHING for Scott Barnes to move-on “ceremoniously”, getting a nice new job without having to “dishonerably” get Sacked. Gallagher only a year into the job FIRED Steve Pederson and ate the Huge Buyout without flinching — and maybe now Chancellor Gallagher feels like Scott Barnes has not delivered on what he promised and is not Worthy of the Pitt AD spot.

    ^^ Just for Pitt fans who may not be ESPN fans (lol, Emel) and not be knowledgeable about Louis Riddick:


  112. Wait! All we’ve heard the past 24hrs is Narduzzi sucks at recruiting. How could this be??
    Drake seems like a big time prospect – huge offers from the SEC powers.


  113. For a 40 K stadium, I think the best alternative would be to build a domed stadium above the Monongehela, due south of Oakland, and install a high speed magnetic drive overhead tram from The Towers directly to the main gate – for the kids. Return trips don’t begin till after the game, and only take 2 min!

    1/2 the crowd can come by boat, and tailgate (I propose changing that term to “Watergate”) mid-river. 1/2 price admission for women showing up in thongs (slim ones only!). If the river freezes over for the last game or two, that opens up the opportunity for Pens fans to ice skate to and from (and probably no Thong Discounts).

    Since I haven’t frequented The City in the recent past, I’m just not sure about adequate parking along the river. I’d hate to waste $$ building above-the-river parking decks!

    So, let’s see: we’ve taken care of location, rapid convenient srudent transportation, and pre-game ritual availablilty (except, probably no corn hole sites). What’d I miss???


  114. Emel- wow! Who didn’t give him an invite. Have to wonder, tho: can he catch a tackle-eligible pass; run a Turtle Sweep; and/or complete a roll out pass?


  115. Lots of people know E.J. more than I do, but yes I consider him a friend and we talk sometimes. He would be a fantastic AD for Pitt.

    He’s put out more house fires and stopped bad decisions from happening many times. I’d hire him in a nano second for an executive position and not only just athletics connected.


  116. If you endorse EJ Reed, then I’m all in. He fits what I would like, a PITT man and he has the passion to match the fans and University. Quite frankly, I’m sick of outsiders that don’t understand the history of PITT. Both good and the bad. The man is loyal to the bone. One question. Will he stand up and fight for equal rights for PITT in the ACC? Not really sure of his backbone so to speak?

    Perhaps EJ posts on the POV and can answer these questions himself? …………………….ike



  117. This is excellent. MacVittie gets another year to learn and grow and Pitt gets a guy that can throw.

    Hopefully Clark and maybe Reeves are ready. Along with Weah, Henderson and the rest.

    Our offense may not be as productive as last year but now has a lot of experience and talent.

    Hopefully we get a pass rush, and the young defenders come through.


  118. MacVittie ain’t going anywhere with 4 years of eligibility at Pitt. Who says he won’t beat out Browne for the starting job next year? Browne got beat out by a RS Freshman this year at USC. Hopefully the competition brings out the best in both of them.


  119. OK, now that we have some good news, I’ll chime in. No matter how hard some try to make us Pitt fans feel like shit when some bad news hits, just say NO! This is a different era with Narduzzi here now. The biggest problem that this program now faces is with the whinny bunch of pussies that call themselves Pitt Panther fans. Bitch, bitch, bitch, if I wanted to listen to shit like that all day I’d go listen to my wife complain about whatever is currently pissing her off presently, geez.

    Seriously, losing Canada stung but it also demonstrated that Pitt was willing to negotiate a higher salary for an OC with one good year at Pitt to his credit. With the checkbook opened, we can grab a seasoned experienced coach without having to troll for only bottom feeders from the MAC & such. As a matter of fact, anybody who is worth his weight as an OC in the first place has to be looking at the Pitt job as an opportunity with how the program is improving offensively & with the returning playmakers who have proven their worth this season. And just now, we’ve solved our QB problem for 2017 with Max Brown coming in. He will make us forget about how well Nate Peterman played for us this season, you’ll see, the guy is that good.

    & BTW, E.J. sounds like a guy I’d be interviewing for as our next AD if Barnes does fly the coop.

    And lastly, can we please stop with the OCS nonsense? It just isn’t going to happen. That’s as futile as wishing that all of on here just had a bigger prick, we’re going to just have to learn how to be satisfied with little old Upittbaseball.


  120. Baker and Reese both graduated with their incoming class, they are gone.

    Dantino is penciled in at center for next year and he is the projected 5th starter on the O-Line next year.

    Hoo-ray for today’s two recruits.


  121. Dr Thomas, I suspect you’re not new to blogs or message boards but you sure sound like it. This just in. People love to look at the glass half empty and yearn for the impossible. It’s what we do. I’m surprised at you. I think I’m as positive as the next guy but I have lots of suggestions to make PITT a whole lot better. It’s just nobody is listening…………..ike



  122. ike, constructive criticism I get. But what’s the point in complaining about stuff that just isn’t going to ever be rectified? Pitt will always lose coaches to elite schools that can pay stupid money if necessary to get the man they want. Coach Canada earned his money this season and he’s aspiring to bigger and better things, maybe. He’s shown his hand, Pitt’s not in his future, I wish him luck, fuck him and on with our OC search.

    To listen to people moan & groan about how Pitt got dissed on and that we’re just a steeping stone, etc., etc., is a waste of energy IMO. It is what it is. Following Pitt this season was a hoot! Canada’s offense was fantastic, he’s gone come 12/28, so what? Next!


  123. It is great to end the day with two strong recruits and change the subject as quickly as possible. Almost like it was planned that way. But the press had two big articles today, it will be a footnote tomorrow. Hopefully more good news is on the way.

    Thanks Ike, They were redshirt juniors, surprised they didn’t stay another year.


  124. OK good Dr, The good that came about with Canada’s departure was the offer PITT extend to the outgoing coach. A good sign for the future.

    gc, I’m thinking Reese and Baker took a look behind them and could see some serious talent gaining on them. I thank them for their service and great foresight. 🙂


  125. Reed, I lived in the Burgh all my life and read the local rags, listen to local sports talk constantly and have NEVER heard anyone have an unkind word to say about EJ. Your endorsement of him is good to hear.


  126. Pitt’s Roster lists the following OL: Ford, Bookser, Morgan, Grimm, Galiyas, Dintino, Paulina, Benbrook, Jones-Smith, Morrissey, Pilato, Hargrove, Officer, Britton, and O’Neill. The new recruits will also add to this list. I’m also optimistic like Dr. Tom and think the future will be bright. I hope Narduzzi plans to spend additional money to keep the other valuable staff members with Pitt.


  127. The future is bright if we’re not having this same conversation about Narduzzi this time next year.

    National sports commentators are already throwing out Narduzzi’s name as a possible replacement at ND. Of course we all wouldn’t blame him for leaving….

    Meanwhile, next year looks truly exciting….enjoy it while you can Pitt fans!


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