How We Pitt People Choose to Live


“Joe Knew”.  Two words that are in the center of a lot of controversy and indignation.  I wish I could say it was a tempest in a teapot but I don’t feel that way.  And even as a die-hard Pitt fan I don’t fail to see the ‘other’ side’s reasoning in this matter of the manufacturing and attempted sales of these shirts.

For some background…  Some minor Pitt blog, at least one I have never heard of it, called had T-shirts made up with the saying “Joe Knew” on them… and planned to sell them before the Pitt-Penn State game on Sept. 10th.

Under any other circumstances and probably anywhere else in the country this wouldn’t be newsworthy.  Fans of one college program have been insulting other schools and their fans since college football started in the early 1900s.

But the subject of those two words is Penn State’s ex-head coach of its football program Joe Paterno and the phrase itself references the Penn State – Jerry Sandusky pedophilia scandal.  In other words it is a hot, emotional and ultimately a sad issue.

I won’t speak for anyone else in this matter but will stick to what I think about it.  Others have their own opinions and reasons for doing what they did, or wanted to do.

To put it bluntly the designers owners of those T-shirts weren’t going to take a loss selling them so along with the dig at Penn State University there was a profit angle to it also.  They wanted to make about $15 on each shirt sold… so spare me any other reasonings but financial on their part.

I don’t like the idea on many different levels and honestly find nothing either enlightening or humorous about it either.  No one attending that Sept 10th game in Heinz Field is going to ask “What did Joe know?” unless they lived under a rock for the last five years.  There is no discussion starting with those shirts… everything has already been said ad nauseam and nothing is going to change anyone’s mind about Joe Paterno’s role in the scandal.

A role which I firmly believe was integral to the allowance of crimes against humanity and the ruination of young men’s lives.  At this point I don’t harbor one iota of goodwill toward Paterno, his staff or the Penn State administration at the time.  They all hold extreme guilt in the matter as far as I am concerned.

Perhaps the most sickening after effect to the scandal and trial of Sandusky are the extremist apologists who bark and bray about ‘unfairness’ every chance they get.

But that doesn’t mean I hold everyone associated with that university responsible or paint the students, alumni and the employees of PSU as c0-conspirators.  Far from it and especially now.  I think that what we see from some Pitt people, and a small segment of the general public, is them choosing a far too wide a target when pointing fingers in accusation.

Those T-Shirts and the thought behind them are fives years too late in my opinion and drags the buyers and the wearers toward the lower road when our course as outside observers should be the higher road.

I’m of an older generation who believes in civility when appropriate and decisive action to cause relief of a wrong when necessary.  Those t-shirts do neither.  They are an insult that will result in nothing but what has already happened – sanctions toward the originators of the idea.

I grew up with the belief that the University of Pittsburgh and its associates were of a high quality and most had more class than other universities who we considered rivals.  I was taught that we needn’t stoop to others’ lower level because it feels good to do so for a day or a week or ever.

I still feel the same way and truth be told every person I know well who has ties to Pitt expresses the same sentiments.  That is the way it should be not just between Pitt people and Penn State people but as a guiding principle, especially when you introduce yourself and associate yourself with our university… and in all walks of life.

Because of backlash by others the owners of the shirt folded their tent and made off in the middle of the night.  Good!  But not without this last plaintive cry of indignation:

“Unfortunately due to the unfair harassment of one of our friends and negative backlash, we will be canceling all shirt orders,” the first tweet read.

“Let it be known that this was done by a group of friends who did not expect this to happen. 0 shirts will be sold. You will never see them.”

“Unfair harassment”  That is a mouthful and rather hilarious coming from a group of people who wanted to make a monetary profit by shoving the dirty end of a stick into PSU fans’ eyes.

Go on and sell the T-shirts later if you want.  Make money at the expense of diluting and minimizing life shattering experiences of others into a silly, insulting and profitable jab at a rival school’s followers if you must.

But don’t ever say you are doing in the name of the University of Pittsburgh or anyone associated with Pitt in any way.  Those shirts and the tepid minds behind them don’t speak for me… and I’ll bet they don’t speak for 99% of the other Pitt students, administration, alumni and fans either save for a minuscule minority who might feel differently.

We others will choose to remain above the fray.  The line we choose not to cross below isn’t ‘politically correct’ – its names are civility and maturity and it is where the Pitt people I know reside.


98 thoughts on “How We Pitt People Choose to Live

  1. Reed, while I know you are right and taking the moral high ground which is admirable….

    There is something I like about taking a shot at the sanctimonious Penn State Fan and especially the coach

    that was always holier than thou with his Penn State Way.

    This game which should have been sacrosanct hasn’t been played for 16 years because of the guy that was putting his program before children and putting his desires before an entire state of football fans.

    Yeah, more than a little bit, I think they deserve the slam, and the issue should never be forgotten or covered up or revised by history.

    Joe definitely knew!


  2. Thanks Reed. Well said.

    I’m a lifelong Pitt fan with PSU siblings. We’ve attended quite a few PItt/PSU games together and while we won’t be going to this year’s game, it provides a good reason to pick up the phone and have a good conversation. Neither sibling wanted to believe that Joe knew anything, but both have realized over time that he indeed did know much. That has been a tough pill to swallow, and I don’t see the need to rub salt into that wound.

    That said, PSU could have (they started out on the right track) owned this mess a little better and may just want to melt down that damned statue of Joe…


  3. Reed, I agree. He had the power to change things and we can never know why he didn’t so its water under the bridge. I also think the military has a lot to do with our thoughts on this issue. There are all kinds of shirts they could have come up with more favorable to include that little kid logo doing the urination thing if they wanted to get down in the mud. I would have preferred “We Beat Penn State” a take off of the We are chant they like. Classy and hopefully true around 3:30 – 4:00 PM on the 10th!


  4. Reed – couldn’t agree more with you!
    This shirt is a cheap shot at a school which does not deserve any more attention. They’ve made their bed and are lying in it albeit tossing and turning!

    Let’s kick their pathetic, sanctimonious asses back to the State Pen where they belong on 9/10.

    That will be more than enough.


  5. Penn State system has an enrollment of approx 97,000 which includes about 15k post-grad throughout its entire systems … a little less than that at State College alone. In other words, there are a lot students and alums, and plenty of fans throughout the state.

    My guess is that, as often is the case, a loud verbal minority is making all of the noise. Most alums are embarrassed by what had transpired and wants to distance itself from it. Yes, they still are fans but want no part about perpetuating JoePa’s legacy and accept the fact that their school are guilty of a heinous activity. And I’m sure they cringe every time a Paterno or a fan in denial starts up again about the statue or how unfairly the NCAA sanctions were. Most just wants to move on.

    Rutgers’ students wore “Ped State” t-shirts two years ago, and of course, kids will be kids. And you may see some disparaging t-shirts and signs at Heinz at 9/10 .. but certainly will not be reflective of most Pitt fans.

    Yes, I very much think that Joe Knew but certainly don’t feel the need to advertise it.


  6. I say let’s push the AD on getting the chorus to the Pitt Victory song reinstated..The chorus and words were removed because “Let’s Go Pitt ” was replaced with “Penn State Sucks”. .. Removed for the spirit of political correctness.. I love to hear the opposition scream ” Under the Arm Pitt” or “PITT is Shit” a weard way they care and I take it as a compliment..Hear me Barnes..get the Pitt Victory Song played the way it was written..let the fans be fans…..


  7. I have no ill will against Penn State fans, players and students…this needs to be an annual game..perfect for the fans and the university..if PSU bulks on re-newing then I will bitch..


  8. I’m attending the game with two of my brothers and my sister. All of whom attended PSU. Shirts like this are classless. I make jokes all the time with my family … but they’re behind closed doors. Private conversations. In fact, I just sent my brother a pretty funny photoshop i worked up and I’ll be forwarding him a pic of this shirt informing him I got my gear for the game … But they stay private conversations. When in public, you represent the University and if you wear something like that you might as well be a Mountaineer fan burning couches. The shirt is meant to incite not help or correct or bring awareness to the situation that happened at PSU. It does nothing but make the person wearing the shirt look immature and reflects poorly on Pitt.


  9. I was anti Joe long before the “scandal”, and felt no remorse when his image was tarnished. I never believed in his holier than thou proclamations, but the man is dead and gone so why rub it in.
    A better shirt might be Joe is gone, Let’s play again!
    This game should never have stopped and we can get back to insulting each other in more appropriate manners. The series needs to continue.


  10. The worst part is profiting off of what happened to the kids. It’s not a subject to be joked about.


  11. Knowing a few folks in Guest Services and Security at Heinz, I don’t believe they would allow these shirts to be worn inside the stadium even if they were being sold in the lots.

    On another note – Just ordered 2 tix from Stubhub for the Villanova game this Saturday. Haven’t been to a game in a few years and really wanted to see JC run out of the tunnel for the first game. Got section 110, row E for a little over $50 including tax and fees (they were selling for $22 each).

    A Pitt win and RIBFEST!!! Life doesn’t get any better.


  12. While I have no intent to wear such a shirt, I will be wearing a Pitt Script shirt and hat, I do take issue with some thoughts expressed in attacking this.
    First of all I have been subject for thirty years to friends and colleagues going on and on about “The Penn State Way” and the “Grand Experiment”. They obnoxiously thought they were and acted as if they were on a higher moral and ethical ground than mere Pitt students ( a similar attitude as you express, neither is healthy or accurate). You may have missed this obnoxiousness while you were sailing the seven seas having blanket parties. 🙂
    Second, while this obviously is about profit for t-shirt makers (god forbid capitalism) that does not preclude that some wish to express an opinion on the matter. That my friend is what the First Amendment is all about – you don’t have to agree with the statement, and you don’t, but it should be up to the individual to express themselves without calling them names in response which you do in the moral superiority finger-pointing and essentially name calling. The First Amendment gives one the right, within limits, none implicated here, to publicly express their opinion. It need not be discussed behind closed doors per TT (of course on the Blather TT you showed yourself more than willing to play the race card whenever possible – not so private was it? Get off your sanctimonious high horse).
    Finally, I don’t see it as profiting off the tragedy these young boys went through; a crime so heinous there was not even a provision in the law to cover the leaders of a university being required to report – who would assume they wouldn’t? . I suppose, if anything, it would show public support for the young boys that you believed them even as Penn State leaders again attacked them at the most recent revelations of Paterno and the administrations early involvement. It is the intent of people like Lambrano to rewrite history. Those showing phony concern to the victim by railing against the thought are trying to shut down the expression of opinion. But again I think this is mostly about my first point – a shot back at the sanctimonious Penn Staters.

    I shall don my Pitt gear and cheer my lungs out as usual and I will choose not to wear such a shirt but will defend to the end the right of someone to do so. I will not attack them personally as Un-Pitt like as that childish name-calling spits on the First Amendment – your directive to not be political prevents a further comparison to l*b$r83s. I even support your opinions, minus the sanctimonious attacks. I will defend your right to the last drop of your blood. 🙂 For that is what the First Amendment is about.
    HAIL TO PITT. Beat Penn State and the other 11 teams.


  13. Certainly the high road is the right one to take. However it is a very windy and difficult road as there are still a substantial amount , thousands, of PSU fans who still DENY some or even all of the facts surrounding the rapeing of multiple young boys through the Penn State football program. I know some of these deniers and their arrogance and ignorance is beyond belief! No, I don’t feel sorry for them, they continue to disgust me to this day. Often in life it is easier to believe a lie than it is to accept the truth. Very sad but often true!


  14. I think the under lying message is that all actions have consequences – whether that action be burning a couch, hiring a coach who may have abused his girlfriend, or enabled a pedofile. The more grievous the action, the longer the consequence lasts. Joe is lucky in that he left shortly after his action (or lack of same) was publicized.

    However, the consequences of his action will be around for a long time, and we can expect to see more antics over time. And The Statue will only perpetuate and accentuate the darkest deed in Joe’s life – in all but the worst of the apologists.


  15. While we are at it, let’s also defend Colin Kaepernick’s act of disrespect and stupidity.

    Yea yea, he has the right to say and do what he wants (by golly, it is in the Constitution).

    What the F happened to moral common sense and respect that human beings should show one another? Thinking you can say whatever the hell you want with total disregard for all others is a ridiculous notion.


  16. I am truly glad that nothing came of this cheap and crass attempt to make a buck. Pitt students, fans and alumni shouldn’t stoop to that level. We should exhibit more class and common decency than that. After all, as you stated Reed, we didn’t go to West Virginia!

    Penn State and their football program will always carry the stigma of what Sandusky did and how Paterno and a handful in the administration turned a blind eye to it all in the name of protecting their “squeaky clean reputation”; one that wasn’t deserved to begin with. We do not need to rub their faces in it…they are well aware of what happened. Nor do we need to throw it in the faces of all the victims of this atrocity just to belittle a sports rival. When something tragic like this happens, I always think “There but for the grace of God go I.” Despite everyone’s denials, this could have happened anywhere, even at Pitt. I thank God it didn’t and pray nothing like it ever does.

    That being said, the best way to really get under a rival’s skin, isn’t with a crude, overpriced t-shirt, but rather to whip their ass on the playing field. It’s a gift that will keep on giving for 364 days until we meet them next year. So let’s do that on the 10th then all you’ll really need to do is look at a Penn State fan and grin…in a classy way of course!


  17. I agree that this shirt is rather childish. As much as I disdain Penn State, I too will be taking the high road. I would rather be “positively” cheering for Pitt than “negatively” jeering Penn State.

    Has anyone seen a two-deep released? Saw something on Facebook about the release, but couldn’t find a link.


  18. Interesting:

    No full back mentioned
    Officer takes center as he should
    Hendrix beats out Blair
    No Taleni, but Herndon made it
    Sean Idowu beats out Elijah Zeise, makes sense if you saw them interviewed
    No Hamlin as expected


  19. For those that say it’s a bad idea all the way around, I agree. Also for those that still feel that the entire cult up there should still be held accountable. Those that want to put the statue back up, those that want the wins, those that cried for joe and held a candlelight ceremony for the horrible man, I also agree with you.

    “Get Off My Lawn”

    I don’t need this, I have a season to get ready for.

    We can’t play PITT home and away, they have to play at psu 2 out of 3 years.

    OK Syracuse we will play you guys home and away though.

    He was a horrible person.


  20. One RB and 3 WR positions listed … not sure what to make of that. Idowu starting over Zeise, Caprara over Bam; Ryan Lewis starting at CB; and Stocker backup to NP. No big surprises here (to me) but Challingsworth not listed among the top 6 is eye-opening — hopefully a sign that WR is deeper and more talented than we thought.

    Only a few freshmen on 2-deep but not unusual for 1st game


  21. As I was reading this article, a moment from my youth can back to mind. In the early 80’s (I believe Foge was coach), we were losing a game late in Happy Valley. There was a scrum on the sideline following (I think) a punt or a kick. Paterno came running over a said “you’re a disgrace to the game, you guys” to the Pitt players. Having grown up in Northeast PA until attending Pitt (CAS, 92 and MED, 96), this statement pretty much reflected the Penn State fan’s attitude towards us ‘lowly’ Pitt people…looking at it now, there was a disgrace to the game on that sideline, and it wasn’t the brawling Pitt players. I moved back to NEPA after school, residency…and that blind cult-like following is alive and well. People are incensed the statue isn’t up, angry there were ever sanctions, and indignant anytime the topic is brought up. What I also realized, is that the majority of people defending PSU didn’t attend/graduate/etc.. from there. They do a disservice to the educated, polite PSU grad who we all love to hate.

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  22. Well I sure hope Idowu gets that long sought after scholarship now that he is starting.—-I must I’m concerned about the Lewis/Motley CB position. Herndon moving from the offensive line to a backup position on the DL in 2 weeks tells me at least that we are “very weak” in the interior defensive line for 2017. Camp and Watts will need to grow up fast to shore up this potential weak spot.


  23. Offense

    QB: Nate Peterman, Manny Stocker

    RB: James Conner, Darrin Hall/Quadree Ollison/Chawntez Moss

    WR: Quadree Henderson, Rafael Araujo-Lopes

    WR: Dontez Ford, Tre Tipton

    WR: Jester Weah, Aaron Mathews

    TE: Scott Orndoff, Jaymar Parrish

    LT: Adam Bisnowaty, Aaron Reese

    LG: Dorian Johnson, Carson Baker

    C-:Alex Officer, Connor Dintino

    RG: Alex Bookser, John Guy

    RT: Brian O’Neil, Jaryd Jones-Smith


    DE: Dewayne Hendrix, Rori Blair

    DT: Tyrique Jarrett, Shane Roy or Mike Herndon

    DT: Shakir Soto, Amir Watts or Keyson Camp

    DE: Ejuan Price, James Folston

    Star LB: Sean Idowu, Elijah Zeise

    Money LB: Mike Caprarra/Bam Bradley

    LB: Matt Galambos, Quintin Wirginis

    CB: Ryan Lewis, Phillipie Motley

    CB: Avonte Maddox, Dane Jackson

    S: Jordan Whitehead, Dennis Briggs

    S: Terrish Webb, Reggie Mitchell


  24. You know what? Climbing up on a high horse and speaking out is exactly what is needed sometimes to show the Barbarians at the gates you aren’t condoning their crude actions. And yes, I do look down on this type of behavior and ain’t afraid to say so.


  25. No Challingsworth nor Ibrahim on offense and no Allen Edwards on defense. Hmmm…

    Looks like the back-up RB spot is not settled yet (Hall, QO or Moss) and the Money LB starter has not been named yet (Caprara or Bam).

    Nice to see A.Mathews in the back-up spot to J.Weah at WR – one drop and AM is in (412Crew)

    HTP – wallop the wildcats!


  26. With Duquesne Brewing rolling out Joe Paterno beer cans honoring him, I have no problem with a t shirt telling the truth about him. I wouldnt buy one, but I wouldnt have a problem with others wearing it.


  27. Consider the shirt for Christmas presents – I know several possible recipients. I’d be a careful giver…

    Also, put that on a golf shirt and I’m wearing it on the course. I’ve used pedo logo balls before – loved the feel of smacking them around.



  28. Caprarra and Galambos on the field spells immediate trouble. You tellimg me we can’t do better than those two? Film doesn’t lie. Damn. Going to the Desert today. If I see Fraud I will buy him a drink and ask about Cyanide Steve.


  29. I also think we need to temper our expectations of a new offense but I think this will be similar to Chubby Checkers Offense from last year.


  30. Game notes depth chart lists Challingsworth. I don’t think you have to be on the two deep to see playing time for PN.


  31. notrocket- I saw that too regarding Chally and also where DE Edwards was listed as OR with Folston for back-up


  32. I don’t have a problem with the T-shirt.

    As GC mentioned, PSU’s very image was that they were good and righteous and everyone else is a pile of shit. Remember Joe’s mantra for his football program was “Success with Honor”.

    Joe put his image and wallet in front of practicing what he preached. When Jerry was forced out in 99 their were faint rumors that their was more to story of why he was let go.

    Then several years into the 2000’s PSU toyed with the idea of starting a football program at PSU Altoona and making Jerry S the head coach. This is weird but big surprise was right around the timefram of McCreary telling Joe he heard a “Slap, Slap, Slapping SOUND!!!” Money…Money….Money

    I can tell you that here in West Central PA 9.5 out of 10 folks still deny that Joe Knew anything and they will tell you dead in the face that he did nothing wrong. Telling them that Joe is/was infallible is like telling a 6 year old that Santa doesn’t exist or telling a Catholic that God is dead.

    I like to tell them that the core of the problem is Joe was just a guy like you or me. He was arrogant, egotistical, self centered, one hell of a brand maker, and a visionary in his own right (wanted to start a super conf. while most of P5 powers were still independent…..we all know Pitt said no which was a big mistake in retrospect). He wasn’t a god.

    Let the record show that Joe wasn’t what you thought he was. The t-shirt “Joe Knew” encompasses that feeling.

    Joe Knew for sure. PENN ST SUCKS!!!!!!



  33. Crude actions? Crude actions? OK, I’ve decided to add my point to this discussion.
    Who is more to blame, the Sick, probably mentally disturbed individual who preformed the unspeakable acts or the enabler? The enabler who knew right from wrong but chose his path to protect his grand experiment! The enabler to did not want to leave college football to the Barry Switzers and Jackie Sherrills of this world! The enabler who encouraged a myth of WeAre, and We Do things the right way? The enabler who was bigger than a game that began over a century ago and decided it should end due to his hurt feelings? The enabler who rejected a Eastern football conference in the late 60’s because he did not want to share bowl revenue but when he wanted it in the 80’s and was rejected destroyed one of the classic rivalries the East, and the country, have known?
    Or is it the Cult who believe this man could not possibly do wrong. The Cult who put up statues, who feel THEY were the victims in the biggest scandal in college history? The Cult who thinks a SAYING on a tee shirt is the most awful thing going– again , a saying on a TEE SHIRT.
    I’ve NEVER worn a tee shirt with a saying on it, and won’t start now
    If your panties get in a wad about a tee shirt saying , well, I could care less. That is probably the very least that SOB deserved! And that’s MY 2 cents worth


  34. Perhaps each of the legislators that want to name a bridge after him should receive a T-Shirt.

    And perhaps Iron City should produce a Joe Knew beer can.


  35. OK I give up, just what is the ACC Network Extra doing the TV for the Pitt Villanova game? I know ESPN3 is carrying it on computer. But I’m not sure what outlets there are for that ACC Network broadcast.


  36. I’m not part of any cult and I don’t like the t-shirt at all.

    All those things you state are true. What is also true is that I, and many others, feel it unnecessary to stoop to that sort of behavior.

    After all – what exactly is the point of the T-shirts? Seriously… what is the point.?

    They aren’t saying anything new. They aren’t imparting any revelations about Joe Paterno. Every clear thinking person in the US knows that ‘Joe Knew’ so it is redundant and way past the time of people really debating that point any longer.

    They aren’t being sold for charity and those people who started making, and apparently are still selling, them haven’t said one decent word about the victims and their families.

    So why do it? Not one thing anyone outside of the Judicial system says or does is going to make a bit of difference at this point or change anyone’s minds… it just won’t so I ask again. Why do it?

    Sorry, but as much contempt as I feel for the PSU principals who were part of the scandal, and that is huge – I hold these people in a bit of that also.

    Pure and simply it is a money grab at the expense pain and suffering of those who had their lives turned inside out by the PSU criminals. It is childish and churlish and IMO has no place in Heinz Field where Pitt is being represented by their its own stand-up and decent fans.


  37. June 27, 2016

    PITTSBURGH–University of Pittsburgh athletic director Scott Barnes today unveiled a number of initiatives designed to enhance the total fan experience at Heinz Field beginning this fall.

    “There is a tremendous amount of excitement surrounding Coach Pat Narduzzi’s team, evidenced by our record-pace ticket sales,” Barnes said. “It is our goal to provide the finest, most enjoyable experience in all of college football. We’ve had some outstanding collaborations with our inaugural Panthers Fans Experience Committee and also gathered important information through our Pitt football fan survey. The initiatives we are announcing today are the result of the feedback gathered from those two important groups.”

    Pitt’s new fan initiatives for the 2016 football season are:

    Expanded alcohol sales at Heinz Field: The opportunity to purchase beer will be available stadium-wide beginning this fall. Previously, alcohol was only sold in the club and suite sections. The expansion of this amenity will coincide with the implementation of appropriate safety measures for Pitt game days, ensuring the continuation of a fan and family friendly environment for all. (Such measures are already in place for Steelers home games. Aramark, Heinz Field's official food and beverage concessionaire, provides comprehensive staff training in the sale of alcohol.) A portion of the funds from beer sales proceeds will be dedicated to drug and alcohol education programs for the overall student body through Pitt's Division of Student Affairs.
    Panthers Pregame Tailgate Party: Featuring fun for Pitt fans of all ages, the Panthers Pregame Tailgate Party along Art Rooney Avenue will be significantly enhanced for the 2016 season. Entertainment will include live music, interactive games and a large video screen. A new menu provides fans with expanded food and beverage choices designed to make this the perfect spot for all fans to gather prior to kickoff.

    “The Panther Pitt” student section: In a continuation of last year’s successful initiatives directly derived from student feedback, Pitt Athletics has continued to productively collaborate with student leaders, the Division of Student Affairs and Pitt Parking and Transportation to ensure an outstanding student game day experience. This includes additional shuttles to and from Heinz Field, in-game activities, postgame food and beverage and enhanced communication.

    Single-game parking: For the first time ever, parking passes for individual Panthers home games are available for purchase through the Pitt Ticket Office.
    Improved Pitt Gameday Live App: A must for Panthers fans, the improved Pitt Gameday Live App will provide real-time notifications sent directly to your mobile device. Fans will receive parking, traffic and weather updates, as well as information on game day events and activities. This app also lets fans know exactly when Coach Narduzzi and the Panthers will be arriving at Heinz Field so they can greet the team before the game.
    Panthers Fans Appreciation Program: As a show of gratitude for Pitt fans' outstanding support through ticket sales for 2016, the Pitt Athletic Department and IMG are introducing the Panthers Fans Appreciation Program. Following each home football game, season-ticket holders and mini-package customers who were in attendance will receive a Panther Appreciation Award email with an exclusive discount or gift certificate.

    Script Pitt Gear at Heinz: All Heinz Field stores will have a comprehensive collection of the latest Pitt script merchandise, including jerseys, T-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, throwback gear and other accessories.

    Season tickets and mini-plans for the 2016 Pitt football season are now on sale. Call the Pitt Ticket Office at (800) 643-PITT (7488) or log on to For the latest Pitt football news, follow the Panthers on Twitter and Instagram.

    The 2016 Pitt football schedule with announced television arrangements and start times:

    Sept. 3: Villanova (ESPN3), 1:30 p.m.
    Sept. 10: Penn State (ABC or ESPN), Noon
    Sept. 17: at Oklahoma State (ESPN), 3:30 p.m.
    Sept. 24: at North Carolina*, TBA
    Oct. 1: Marshall, TBA
    Oct. 8: Georgia Tech* (Homecoming), TBA
    Oct. 15: at Virginia*, TBA
    Oct. 27 (Thurs.): Virginia Tech* (ESPN), 7 p.m.
    Nov. 5: at Miami*, TBA
    Nov. 12: at Clemson*, TBA
    Nov. 19: Duke*, TBA
    Nov. 26: Syracuse*, TBA
    Dec. 3: Dr Pepper ACC Championship Game#, 7:45 p.m. (ESPN) or 8 p.m. (ABC)

    *ACC game
    #Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, N.C.
    Due to television, TBA kickoff times will be announced at a later date.


  38. For the life of me: It’s OK for the Paterno family to make money on JoePa beer and the 409 merchandise but you have a problem with a tee shirt?? I’m much more offended by that money grab than some schmucks selling maybe a hundred shirts. Where is the outrage over the Paterno trust money grab? And also, I can promise you college kids wear a lot worse shit on their shirts than that. The mans dead and can’t be punished, but no one should ever forget!
    I say this is harmless, those offended are mostly JoeBots, sometimes the truth hurts. And do you honestly think the victims give a shit about a tee shirt? Why do it?, lest we forget!


  39. Now what was that comment, JoePedo threw at Pitt and Jackie Sherrill, back when Pitt was the better of the two.

    Back then, Paterno suggested that he didn’t want to retire and leave college football to “the Jackie Sherrills and the Barry Switzers.”

    Must we then leave college football to the Joe Paterno’s of the world.

    Joe Knew alright . Joe like many at Creepy Valley enabled the whole sordid criminal affair.


  40. Wow, after reading all of the very passionate Joe Knew posts (including mine) is anybody going to convince us that an average ACC conference game means more to us than the PSU rivalry? ………Really? Really?? Really???


  41. The T-shirt is kind of like internet trolling taking a physical form. Go ahead and wear the shirt, I say, just be prepared for the consequences.

    Is it in bad taste? Yes. But when you’re attempting to troll someone else’s fanbase, you’re not going to let a little something like tact get in the way.


  42. No problem at all with the shirts!
    And people making money off of them? Terrible! And us, stuck in a capitalist nation.

    The shirt villifies the 409/JVP crowd, the blind arrogant asses who continue to deify the man who looked the other way.

    Simple as that.


  43. Oh no…not the Prince of Pilsners.

    With Duquesne Brewing rolling out Joe Paterno beer cans honoring him, I have no problem with a t shirt telling the truth about him.

    Which means they have to change their tagline to: Duquesne Beer, the Prince of Pedophiles


  44. @notrocketscience,
    I agree about Kaepernick. I found that totally ridiculous. He refused to stand for the anthem of his country that allows him to play for a team and make millions riding the bench. He should go play somewhere else.


  45. I don’t wear T-Shirts period, always hated them. Got to have a collar on my shirt. But something as horrid as what happened at Creepy Valley, for so long a period of time and then the coverup by those that are entrusted by parents to safeguard their children, must be kept front and center in the public consciousness, so that it never happens again.

    It must never happen again.


  46. Emel – I moved to NC (Raleigh) in the 70’s, and was almost immediately a sickened by the Tar Holes’ arrogance. At the time, I couldn’t help but equate them to the denizens of Creepy Valley. Now, with each having its own concurrent “travesty”, the similarities of these two institutions has increased.

    So, my question to you is: do you also notice a similar arrogance amongst the denizens of da hill and da valley?


  47. lol Savannah. You must have read my just recent comment on The Blather concerning the Hole’s and Huckleberry Hound.

    Comparing Creepy Valley and Chapel Hole is like comparing A-hole’s. Ugly people that have a stench about them.


  48. Reed, it could be a lot worse, you could have a tee shirt with a picture of Sandusky humping a child in a shower, with Paterno watching. I am much more offended by the deniers, and the fact that Joe put his program ahead of those poor kids.

    I think Joe Knew is a rather mild reminder of the heinous activity that took place. If there aren’t reminders we will see the statue returned within the decade.


  49. Guess I must be a JoeBot because I find the notion of seeking to profit from such a tragic situation for the victims involved to be reprehensible.

    It is like trying to justify the posting of gory auto accident pictures on line. Just because you can do something does not mean it is the right thing to do.

    I’ll defend someone’s right to make and sell those T-Shirts or post those gory pictures of a persons tragic end, but I’ll never try to spin those things as the right thing to do.

    If you are passionate about preventing, and protecting children from, child abuse get out your checkbook and send that $20 to one of the charitable organizations that are dedicated to that cause. If it makes you feel better, write “Joe knew” on the message line of the check.


  50. Emel – I did read your Blather post – it got me thinking about the mindset at the 2 schools! BTW – would a large picture of Joe hanging from the upper deck (that would be the picture hanging from the upper deck; not Joe) at Heinz be interpreted as a memorial to all that he stood for? Or a reminder of all he stood for? Just askin’


  51. Who is trying to get justice for those kids? PSU and its insurers have paid out 90 million and counting and no one besides Sandusky is in jail. Why pay the 90 million if no one is guilty of anything. Five years and counting.

    By the way our whole legal system is set up to profit on these tragic situations, so a couple guys making a couple bucks on t-shirts pales by comparison. Lawyers making millions defending the University and its leaders that contributed to tragedy, and state dollars trying to get justice. It all becomes a battle over money. Penn States insurers suing the University, is one reason we know this went on for a long time and many guys knew about it. How many guys looked the other way?

    Either way the taxpayers of PA are the ones that get screwed.

    How about the millions that PSU made from its football team for all those years while covering up an ongoing tragedy.

    Let’s just forget about it, or worse revise history and restore JoePa to his former glory.

    Don’t know that the t-shirts are the right thing to do, but I do know that standing by and allowing revisionist history to restore Penn States holiness is the wrong thing to do.

    Heaven forbid that we should confront the deniers with a T-Shirt, that would be in bad taste.


  52. Kind of funny. We’re talking money made over a couple hundred t-shirts sold. While the real reason this disgusting horrid deviant crime was covered up, was all about money. Not a couple thousand dollars, t-shirt sales would produce. But in fact hundreds of millions of dollar$, and collectively billion$ of dollars of football revenue, tv contract revenue and Big 10 money for decades. Had this crime been properly investigated and the appropriate criminal charges been filed, would the BIg 10 have even wanted Pedo State.

    And you take away Pedo State and suddenly Pitt is much more enticing to the Big 10.

    Actually another good T-Shirt would be……….’They ALL Knew’.


  53. The Christian thing to is to not support the makers of that shirt. It neither solves the problem, nor causes the blind to suddenly see the truth. It most likely causes them to further entrench themselves in their blindness.
    There are better ways to help enlighten the psu cult.
    Through compassionate discussions in an attempt to help them realize what they are actually supporting and also by setting an example of what a humble and kind person is like. Even better when it is a Pitt fan setting the example.
    The right to expression and capitalism is a great thing to have in this country. I am thankful for it. But the also comes with responsibility, and as individuals, living a very short life on this Earth, we have the choice and the ability to be the best of humanity thanks to our God given freedom.


  54. I can see both sides. But I suggest that Nitters when seeing the shirt just look the other way. It’s part of their nature.

    I truly cant think of another school that would protect a Pedophile for 40 years. Way to go Pedo State. That’s truly a classy act.


  55. Great points all around. I thought that if you really wanted to get under the Pedro faithful’s collective skin, the shirts should say “You Know Joe Knew”…


  56. I learned to keep things classy. I don’t always follow what I know but I’m in Reeds camp on this one. Nothing good can be had either way. Sad Situation but most of the program had zero to do with that garbage. Hope Sandusky gets in his ass by the Devil’s Pitchfork.

    This BS about watching Pitt on the computer is embarrassing. Do something Big Head. Fuck the gameday exp BS. Fix it for us who can’t attend many games. Asshole. Think Bama or Michigan watches on the Commodore 64?????


  57. I have no issue with the shirt. Facts are facts. I don’t wear a shirt for anyone’s gain or loss. It’s a statement and the statement is true. Actually, I think the shirt acts as additional awareness about the subject of sexual violence on our campuses which is a true epidemic (See Baylor and Dairy College). Awareness and truth trump class. To get the national media talking about this is a positive. Sorry.

    @ upitt – “skunky haired bald used car salesman loser mac jack coach” = class. LOL , I had too! Drop off some snake oil at the asu football offices for me. long day and I reserve my right to change my mind and Russ can represent me.


  58. Huff – That is just funny rambling on a website read by us old farts. Haha.

    Im classy in 90% of my life. The blogs get my 10% Haha. Im on this plane as we speak. I truly don’t blame Snake Oil and Penny. Peterson was a poisen. Snake Oil did what he thought was best. He should of finished out the year but I bet ASU squeezed him.

    I’m going to make a shirt about Peterson. Hmmmm. Stallings??


  59. How about #youknowjoeknew on front and #denytheholocaust?

    Ok, maybe over the line there, but when this came out, I had a son in high level youth football and it hit hard. Lives. are. ruined.

    How about resurrect the site and profits go to child abuse prevention programs. Change anything?


  60. Reed, I agree with you. It took courage to take a stand for decency. It might have something also to do with the honor you pledged yourself to uphold as a military officer. It is also probably because you believe that honor and decency should apply in every circumstance in a person’s life, not just when it is convenient.


  61. Erie E, now I’m only speculating but if how things worked out for Boyd vs Foster, it may have had an effect for J Whitehead (from Foster’s HS Central Valley) for choosing Pitt. And hopefully, Lamont Wade and Donovan Jeter are taking note.


  62. I lived in State College for a few years during Joe’s heyday (e.g., Penn State’s two National Championships) and can say unequivocally that everyone in State College knew about Jerry Sandusky’s trysts. I once tried to see what could be done about these “rumors” but was told, you live in Happy Valley and what goes on in Happy Valley stays in Happy Valley. Six months later I move out of State College. It’s more than a tee-shirt — everyone knew — and did nothing about it. Sad.


  63. @upitt – funny stuff. Typed words are hard to figure out. I put each of your comments in the most favorable light whilst interpreting them and try not to take things personally….at all. For the majority of time, I am easy going and this site brings me an opportunity to have some adult humor. I think I get most everyone’s humor on here…..except Redd’s. LOL. Now that was humorous too!


  64. This is a late comment, as I’m just getting a chance to read the last dozen or so comments.

    MariettaMike – if what you are saying is even half true, then the problem was a lot worse than I ever thought. Unbelievable that some good AG didn’t investigate and prosecute. And even more unbelievable that one of the other coaches didn’t beat the living snot out Jerry… or even Joe.


  65. The Local DA was ‘disappeared’…..rocky. Still have never found the poor guy. And his laptop was missing it’s hard drive. Go figure.


  66. @ MariettaMike

    Thank you for confirming my info. And what a T-shirt should say. ‘They ALL knew ‘.


  67. Emel – I hadn’t heard that. Unbelievable… I hope that they never honor that sonofabitch. And, how the hell can Franco and the others turn a blind eye to all of this?


  68. If it is “politically correct” to defend civility and decency, then let’s all be politically correct.


  69. I respect everyone’s opinion here and have always found Reed to be a level-headed, valuable resource for information.

    However… I’ve lived the majority of my life in Central PA and Southwestern PA and can tell you this- these sanctimonious asses have learned nothing. It was not simply the acts of a few. A great number of people within and outside the program were aware of the goings on. There has been no acceptance of anything, certainly not by their fan base.

    Some of you have asked, “What’s the point?”, in wearing these shirts. My answer, to piss of these arrogant interlopers from State College and to keep the TRUTH alive when discussing a despicable act by a man of “honor” perpetrated only to perpatuate a false legacy.

    I say, buy one. Buy two. Hell, buy one for every member of the television crew to wear during the broadcast.



  70. Jay91 – it has been interesting to hear the perspective of those that have lived in Central PA. I’ve been out west for more than 25 years and was clueless about all of this until 2012. My guess is that most of the PSU faithful just want to get past it and win football games again. Many don’t really want to know the truth. That’s probably normal, as it is difficult to see the hero/god (Joe) fall. But, I think that someone in PA needs to lead an effort to make sure that Joe is not honored in any way. No on campus statue, no bridge named after him, etc.


  71. Jackagain, maybe Pitt can play that clip on a commercial break during the game, like the Pirates play the more cowbell skit during rain delays!


  72. Reed.

    PSU announced they are honoring Saint Joe during the Temple game.

    The cult is doing everything to remind the masses of everything great. I see nothing wrong with a visual (t shirt) that reminds everyone of the TRUTH. You don’t want one? Don’t buy one.

    And for someone to intimate guest services would not allow entrance to those wearing such a shirt.. I seriously doubt it. They Would have no legal standing. It’s a first amendment issue. The shirts contain no profanity.

    My plan.. wear mine under another shirt and expose it after I reach my seat. I welcome them to attempt to remove me.


  73. Thanks Emel. Interesting for sure.

    I’m guessing that the powers that be at PS are honoring the Enabler during the Temple game in an effort to quiet the pro-Paterno crowd. That crowd is never going to change its collective mind…

    I read a bit about pedophiles recently and several PHD types who study this stuff indicated in the articles that pedophiles often get caught in some part of the act many times, and by different people. In order for them to get caught and locked up people that see this stuff and those in power have to take appropriate action. All of this basic common sense. Nothing new here. And, this somewhat fits with the stories that have come out about Jerry getting caught in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. I might be able to make the leap that Joe the Enabler didn’t believe what he was hearing the first time he heard it in 1972. But, after you hear it a few times, then it’s time to call the cops.

    Winning with no honor…


  74. Dan Bernstein of WSCR (The Score) in Chicago did a very good job a few days ago in talking about the disgrace of Penn State and their honoring of Paterno. He has also done a good job of covering this since Nov. 2011.

    As for the T-Shirts, it’s ashame that they won’t print them. The game is at Pitt, not Penn State.


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