Reasons we will beat UNC:

  • We’re due
  • Randy Bates

  • The Student Section

  • We lost to Virginia this year, and so the ACC owes us one
  • Mack Brown is old and out of touch
  • Patrick Jones
  • Kylan Johnson
  • Paris Ford
  • The Ghost of Pitt Stadium

Reasons we will lose to UNC:

  • It’s UNC

Fool me once shame on you.  Fool me six times shame on me.

Panthers 14.  Tarheels 21.  


96 thoughts on “UNC Prediction Thread

    1. Gasman:
      I hate to agree but I have a bad feeling about tonight.
      Steelers playing ( And F them too) they could have done something: equals bad vibe
      double empty stadium
      yellow seats
      no ability to score


  1. I picked a win for Pitt in this game before the season started so I will stay with that prediction now. Pitt 24-Tarholes 21, my palpitations continue.


  2. I like our chances. Fedora knew how to attack our defense. Mack Brown may be a better overall head coach, but may not attack us as well.

    UNC has better roster talent, but not by much (15 four stars to our 7).

    Our defense pressures UNC’s frosh QB into a couple of bad decisions. The cold weather helps the good guys.

    Pitt 27 UNC 24


  3. QB’s win games….theirs is better than ours. Plus our inevitable late season swoon is just about due to start.
    UNC – 23
    Pitt – 17


  4. Last year I was absolutely, positively certain we’d win this game. I mean really, really, NBA ready for sure certain. Wrong as usual. I like NC in this game. I’ll be there with my wife and around 1000 of my closest friends. Would like to be wrong again, but I doubt it.


  5. I apologize to my fellow Pitt fans for this post, but no way Pitt wins this game.

    ESPN gives Pitt a 51% chance to win. They mustn’t know that UNC is Pitt’s kryptonite.

    The reason Pitt will lose is not Sam Howell — it’s the guys who catch all those passes.

    UNC knows to throw the ball down the field against Pitt. Then one of two things will happen. One, the UNC WR will adeptly push-off of the Pitt DB and catch the ball for a TD or big gain. UNC WRs are the best in the business at pushing off and not being called for a penalty.

    The second option is that the pass will be incomplete, in which case in 2 out of 3 cases Pitt will be called for pass interference – “The Pitt DB got a little too handsy there…”

    (Don’t forget that we are the team that made TarHeels Switzer and Trubisky look like NFLers… The Bears took Trubisky as the NO. 2 OVERALL PICK because of us, (while Patrick Mahomes was taken 10th and Deshaun Watson 12th…))

    Don’t get your hopes up – even with ike in town we won’t win.

    UNC — 31
    PITT — 17

    Go Pitt.


  6. Pitt’s offense just doesn’t have the fire power to stay with the NC offense. Unless Pitt gets at least two turnovers they will lose. I’m predicting 31-28 UNC wins.


  7. Oh cmon now, just cause we lost 6x in a row and I broke my TV when Switzer caught the winning TD on the last play of the game, how can you all be so pessimistic. That’s my job….but I’ll be there with 10,000 others and I have a 4 game winning streak going when I attend. .

    I promise you Pitt wins this game! 28-27.

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  8. LA Panther, here, again, long after most of yinz’s bedtimes…

    Sadly, from a stats perspective, there’s no such thing as due. Lucky and unlucky streaks are more grounded in stats—at least Bayesian stats. From that point of view, I can’t imagine how anyone would make the Panthers favorites to win this game. Something is going on, some factor is loading the dice, so that the accumulating evidence is that Pitt can’t beat UNC. Everyone here seems to sense it, and we are highly educated, rational folks. Of course the whole point of coaching (or teaching, for that matter) is to look at these streaks and figure out how to end them so that the ghosts of past failures no longer have their thumb on the scale of future success. Maybe this is the year? ? ?

    Plan A. Our excellent defense will sack the jinx, intercept the loaded dice, and silence the moving chains of past ghosts.

    Pitt 22 UNC 11.

    Plan B. We just can’t beat UNC, so stop worrying and enjoy the game.

    UNC 19 Pitt 18

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  9. The Major and VOR are right on the money with their assessments. Pitt’s lack of offensive scoring comes back to haunt them in this game I’m afraid, NC 28 Pitt 13.


  10. Yep and it’s put up or shut up for pn. Oh wait that was last year…or was it the bowl game against Stanford.?? Idk, here’s hoping for a miracle !!


  11. after 6 straight, I have a hard time thinking tonight will be any different. However, I believe Pitt can win if it …

    1) keeps UNC special teams TDs to under 1
    2) keeps the turnovers to under 2
    3) keeps the drops to under 3, and
    4) keeps the penalties to under 4

    UNC 24-20


    1. having said this, maybe the fact the their good QB is of the pure dropback variety, it just may work to the Panthers favor this year.


  12. Not sure if UNC left tackle Charlie Heck is 100%…if not that’s our opportunity to get to their QB. And his back up is a walk-on.
    We have hidden vigorish and an all star POVert out of town contingent on our side.
    We stare em down face to face spitting tobacco juice on their shoes and out hustle and out hit em…ATTITUDE.
    Good guys win 27-20…Ford F-150 named the Holly Farms Chicken player of the game.

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  13. Hey, aren’t WE the TEAM THAT HAS LOST 10 COIN TOSSES in a ROW.!!! Didn’t one of our POVerts “pencil in” a loss to the Heels for INFINITY!!!
    Are we gonna win because we are due??? Hell no!

    We hold the lead, like we usually do , for 55 minutes … hard to get that Carolina blue taste out of our mouths …. Basketball school 20 -( 9 time National Champion FB school ) 17… and the beat goes on. !


    1. I am a Tarheel friend of Big B’s and had been to several of your POV tailgates and have met several of you in Chapel Hill as well. Also, being a degenerate gambler, the point spread of Pitt -4 1/2 is begging you to bet on the Tar Heels. Usually the bookies tease you to go a certain way. That being the case, Pitt wins for sure and covers the spread. I, of course, will still bet on UNC and will likely lose like I usually do. Go Heels

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      1. Hey Greg, I remember meeting you a couple years ago. Here’s hoping you keep up your betting losing streak 🙂 (except when you guys play PITT) and PITT can end their losing streak against you Tarheels. I suppose BigB has been painting the town with a few other guests today.


        1. Hey ike. Bernie is there for sure. We had planned on coming again this year but several things got in the way. Perhaps in 2021, and it won’t be a Thursday night game. Go Heels

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  14. I’m usually pretty positive abut the program despite the past 37 seasons, but we’re playing a team we’ve yet to beat since joining the ACC. I cannot pick Pitt until it gets over the hump. The fluke plays go Carolina ways and the refs are always looking after for the Heels when facing the Panthers and it continues tonight.

    UNC- 31
    Pitt- 24

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  15. Positive vibe for tonight’s game playing off of LastRow’s O-line comment above –

    UNC is ranked 119 for sacks allowed – their QB is under constant pressure this season per the Chris Peak podcast yesterday.

    The UNC defense is really thin, playing only 12 to 15 players with 3 playing only a few snaps per game. Their secondary is littered with FR and is very weak. Unfortunately, our O has it’s own struggles (drops, penalties and turnovers).

    If I’m Pappy Whip, I would play an uptempo style tonight to wear out the UNC D quickly.

    One negative that I think our D and Bates must be aware of – 9 of UNC’s passing TD’s were over 40 yards. Interesting stat considering KP has only thrown for 9 TD’s on the season.

    I hope to see some of you tonight –


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  16. Have a feeling this is our day. Our defense is excellent and we’ve done well at against excellent QB’s. Also there is the hidden whammy . As former Pirate announcer Bob Prince would say, I’d rather play a team who is on win streak against you than a losing streak. Not sure that applies to football but we’ll see tonight.

    Pitt 27-21

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  17. off topic but the men’s soccer team lost 1-0 in ACC semifinals to top seeded Clemson, which is ranked 3rd in the NCAA. H2P and to the soccer team for a fine season

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  18. Geez, what low expectations. Do you forget that we actually have a decent (actually excellent) defense? And, we do know how to score, kind of. If we can win the turnover battle and cut down on the penalties, we win 30–17.



  19. Dear Students who choose to skip class tonight,

    It wasn’t me who when registering for classes and saw a Thursday evening session decided to PICKETT. Nor am I responsible for you JONESing to attend a football game in lieu of attending classes that you can barely afFORD. And I am certainly not going to CHASE you around campus if you PINE for sports instead of academia.

    So please don’t give me any Houy if you get an Ff.

    Yours truly.
    Professor Rufus T Firefly

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  20. I don’t want to see us off to a slow start like we seem to often have coming out of bye weeks … I think if we get behind Kenny might try to force things and we wind up in trouble. That said, UNC’s defense doesn’t look like a juggernaut on paper and hopefully this can be a game that helps Kenny gain some confidence back.


  21. Looking at the way both of these teams are playing this year – it’s going to be a long, cold evening in Pittsburgh.

    UNC is a 2nd half team, especially in the 4th quarter. All things said and done, Pitt is horrendous after the half.

    Coming off of a bye, I see 2-3 pass interference calls against Pitt in the 1st half and our run offense will probably be a bunch of lateral passes. The cold makes our stone hands….stonier(?).

    7-6 UNC at the half with 2 FGs for Pitt. 21-16 final UNC. Pitt gets a TD to go ahead but settled for a field goal instead of getting points and it burns them as UNC scores on their final drive to once again win in comeback/drama fashion.

    Also – this means I’ll be frozen to my seat all night because no team will pull away and it will look like truly anyone’s game until the end.


  22. This is like every other Pitt game. Turnovers, penalties, and big plays will decide it, which shouldn’t make anyone feel good. It is a National TV game which could give Pitt some badly needed Cred and help recruiting. A win keeps hope alive for a 10 win season.

    It is on vs the Steelers – Browns game, what Karma.

    I think the team that wants it more is going to win it.


  23. Unfortunately I think the Pittsburgh area sports fans will have a long sad night with both the Steelers and Panthers losing their games.

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  24. I haven’t had that Woodford since the GT game, saving it for the good times…Unfortunately I have a bad feeling in my bones about this one. Going to be a cold night, if we had a running game, id put my money on us, but I dont think we get it done on the ground or through the air. Only way we pull it out is if the D is spectacular or we get a big special teams play to turn things around. 24-17 UNC….I think i’ll still be sipping my Evan Williams after this one unfortunately.


  25. MajorMajor, to your post last night AFTER my bedtime:

    Only Superman is affected by Kryptonite; we are not Superman. Ergo: the spell is broken, the monkey hits the deck (breaking his collar bone in the process – similar fate as NC QB SM suffers in Q1 -due to UP pass rush), and the guys in Radiant Blue / CANARIE Yellow WIN,
    (I have always picked us to score over 30 every game this year. I have finally learned my lesson: the 20s is our comfort zone. And when you average multiple TOs/game, that’s all you can reasonably expect.)


  26. Watching the Pitt – Clemson replay yesterday was a reminder that Pitt can surprise in positive ways too.

    Saw at least three guys that are still here make plays, Saleem Brightwell with the biggest and also Dane Jackson and Damar Hamlin, playing corner which was quite a surprise.

    I would like to see a strong running game tonight to keep their offense and our defense on the bench. I don’t think a shootout goes in our favor, but doubt Coach Whipple sees it that way.

    In any case this should be the toughest test yet for our defense, I hope they are up to the challenge.


  27. Gasman @ 1st post: you are correct- “Cheaters don’t attend classes”!
    They get schooled tonite by professors Bates and Whipple – who’s student are all in attendance. This will be a 3 hour lab, on “How to Kick Some A$$!”

    (Prolly a 4 hr lab with all the ACCN / ESPN TV time outs!)

    Bonus Prediction: You heard it here 1st!
    Year-end Headline: “Randy Bates wins Broyles Award; gets Million $$ DC Offer From LSU”

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  28. So this is the third consecutive time Pitt has hosted UNC on a Thursday night. What is up with that?

    No conspiracy theorist but it is fishy. Pitt’s Thursday night attendance is always poorer than normal and this year with a Steeler game will be godawful.

    Only the dedicated diehards will be there.

    So the ACC give us Virginia to start, the most meaningful game of the whole slate in the ACC and the third straight home Thursday night with UNC. Then a final with crossover BC instead of any quasi rivalry game, like Miami, or VA tech.

    It could only have been worse if they gave us ND or Clemson this year.

    We need to get that freaking monkey off our back tonight!!!!

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  29. Don’t know many games Howell has played at the temps he will tonight. Plus he’s only 6’2″ and that may affect how he handles the ball. I also believe that UNC’s offense sets up well for the PITT defense. More of a pocket passer that likes to hold onto the football longer and go deep. Also thinking PITT’s offense will step up a little and control the ball and flip the field.


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    1. Forgot to post that one of the local stations interviewed Kevin Barlow yesterday. Kevin was the last person to score a TD in Pitt Stadium.

      Kevin scored late in that final game going in from about the 4 yard line to give Pitt a 10-point lead over the Irish.

      Kevin said Walt was trying to get their attention to change the play but they didn’t see or hear him… 😊

      Go Pitt.

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  30. Someone said above, the team with the best QB has a big advantage – and they have a much better QB. So, that said, we will need our defense to get 2 turnovers and Kenny can have no picks! That seems unlikely. This also has to be the game where we miraculously score a second half touchdown or two. That happens, we win. The problem is, the team doesn’t ever adjust at half to create an advantage. You win this on national TV and you change your bowl possibilities as well.

    Head says – UNC wins 27-17
    Heart says – Pitt wins 23-17


  31. If we get 3 or more pass interference calls against us as I expect, we lose by 2 touchdowns. If not we win 31 – 28. Go refs. H2P


  32. You all make a really good point I forgot to add.
    The ACC refs favor the blue blood schools without any shame.
    We will see few if any holding calls on them and any 50/50 call will go against us. With a crap stadium and conference refs that favor the original members Pitt has a negative home field.
    If by chance we gat a lead the refs will do everything they can to get NC a chance to win.


  33. Last night VCU hosted LSU in BB. LSU is one of the schools implicated by the FBI for illegal payments to player by shoe companies. Some VCU students wearing FBI jackets were offering rolls of money to LSU players on the bench during the game.

    Maybe Pitt students should bring their books with them tonight with signs saying something like “These are what textbooks look like” as the UNC enters/exits the field

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  34. Every win streak comes to an end eventually. The longer it goes the more likely it is to end.

    Yeah. I know. That’s a statistical fallacy. But I’m sticking with it.

    Panthers win to reward those of us diehards who brave the cold and stick it out to the bitter cold end.

    I’m putting hand warmers in my gloves, boots and maybe in my skivies.🥶

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  35. Let the good times roll. Both the Steelers and Panthers win BIG tonite

    Steelers 24
    Browns 14

    Panthers 23
    TarHeels 10

    Defense DOMINATES

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  36. Sorry, but 9 games is a trend:

    Pitt jumps to early lead then goes into shell
    KP throws into double coverage and gets picked at least twice
    TEs drop at least 2 and WRs drop 2-3
    Ffrench gives ball up either through fumble or punt muff
    Pitt only kicks 1 FG in 2nd half
    Whip continues to show he is NOT the answer
    Phantom PI calls will drive us all crazy
    Pitt outstanding D will do everything it can but the above is too much to overcome

    NC by 7 and Pitt scores less than 20.

    Formerlywbb that has to be one of the most clever posts ever!!

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  37. First, thanks for the Marx Brothers references. Pitt fans have class, taste, and long memories.

    Second, I have a weird feeling about this game. Can’t explain it but I’m seeing Pitt 9 – UNC 7.

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  38. First, thanks for the Marx Brothers references. Pitt fans have class, humor, and long memories.

    Second, I have a weird feeling about this game. I can’t say why but I’m seeing Pitt 9 – UNC 7.



  39. Ok we are 0-6 versus UNC since joining the ACC. So the odds of finally beating them are with us tonight.

    Bill Stull the last Pitt QB to guide the Panthers to a win versus UNC will be in attendance at tonight’s game. Good karma you have to agree right?

    Wanny the last Pitt coach to successfully push all the right buttons in the Muffler Bowl to beat UNC truly believes Pitt will win the game. Wow the stars are aligning for us!!

    Pitt 23

    UNC 21

    Also the Steelers win big in Cleveland tonight.


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  40. This just in:

    Early this week, Pgh weather predicted game time temp in low 20s. Now it is 34. Although that is still Hard-Whipple cold, this heat wave definitely favors Achilles Heels.

    I dont care – I’m sticking with 27-17, Pitt. This fall is going to hurt, monkey!


  41. Double-header losses tonight as Steelers lose also.

    Steelers can’t hold onto the football, especially in crunch time…

    Pitt has a better chance to win tonight than Steelers.

    Go Pitt.


  42. I’ll be attending my first game tonight in 3 years, sad.., I know. I’ll be in section 137, thanks to a belated birthday gift from my awesome girlfriend. I used to be an avid posted on the Blather, and here when Reed first got it operational, but now I just sit in the shadows while checking in nearly daily. Some of you may remember me, most probably have no clue.

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    1. Digdug are you hitting up the tailgate? Asking for a friend (literally…bc I’ll be in Atlanta)


      1. MajorMajors, yes, need to finally get that UNC monkey off of our back.

        Michaelangelo, What lot is it in? I know what flag(s) to look for.


        1. Fran … correct me if I’m wrong but I think under the bridge in red5A


        1. If you are posting and you are a Pitt fan you have an invite. Fran (lastrowofsection4 on this blog) runs it. He’s a great guy! I just checked it’s in red5A


  43. Digdug writes “…most probably have no clue”
    It is obvious we usually don’t. 😦

    Oh, you meant about your identity. Yeah, I guess that too.

    Ok, just being goofy and getting excited knowing the party has started in 5A. I will make it to one some day.

    Prediction? Kenny P of PSU game quality returns and we win 24-20 but UNC scores late to make us sweat heavily.

    Hey, my senior kid’s #1 school choice is UNC so either way next year I may not care so much if the streak never ends. But for now, let’s kick some Tarhole ass and top it off with a Mountaineer whipping tomorrow.

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  44. Hillgrove will do the game his bread has the most butter on……….. The Steelers??

    Bernie, I think that may have been Greg?? Hope you guys are staying warm, having a blast, eating good and bring home a winner!!


  45. Great to hear from Digdug.

    They fixed me up with a suite bigger than my first house here at Nemacolin. Hardy is a Pitt grad.

    Hoping for a great night for all.


  46. Been fretting about the potential of this program since the Miami game (ceiling is lower than I’d like it to be) but have reconciled myself to the fact although dizzying heights are unlikely neither are humiliating depths. I think Pitt is finding its level and is turning into the type of team that wins most games against similarly talented teams. This will be one of those games. Look for Pickett to have one of his best outings of the season.

    Pitt 31 – UNC 27.

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  47. We all talk about how PITT has to NOT turn the ball over, keep penalties to a minimum but another key is, no negative plays on offense, especially on first down.

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  48. Good on you, Ike. Add to your list – NO HORIZONTAL PLAYS – NEITHER RUNS NOR PASSES! Everybody is very adept at anticipating and stopping them for losses.

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  49. i just can’t see the panthers winning. I see it 24 -12. Pickett is just not good…at all. I think he is just as likely to throw a TD for UNC as he is for Pitt. He will have a couple of nice plays to give us hope but he just doesn’t have IT. Whipples offense works with a decent D1 level QB.

    I’m ready for the Evil Beville era. Play him these next 3 games. Preserve the redshirt and see what happens. I’m convinced he can’t be that much worse. If he sinks or stinks, bring in another transfer. It’s the only way Pitt seems to be able to get a functional D1 QB.

    The ONLY thing that gives me hope, as someone said above, is that somehow Vegas actually has Pitt favored by more than a FG. I cannot for the life of me understand it. Here’s hoping Vegas is right(they usually are) and I’m wrong ( according to me wife, I am always wrong so there’s that!).

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