Some Websites’ Projections for Pitt

Here is the latest from this site. It has been rather accurate for Pitt in the past…

From Pro Football Focus:

Pitt put the clamps on its competition in 2020, ranking 14th among all Power Five defenses in EPA per pass allowed. The team’s menacing pass-rush certainly helped, but the secondary did its part when the unit didn’t get pressure on the quarterback.

Despite losing their two pressure leaders from that unit (Rashad Weaver and Patrick Jones II), along with three key defensive backs (Jason Pinnock, Damar Hamlin and Paris Ford), expect this defense to still be a good one in 2021. In terms of PFF WAA generated, they return top-three players in the conference at interior defender (Calijah Kancey), linebacker (Cam Bright) and corner (Marquis Williams). And they also have cornerback Damarri Mathis and interior defensive linemen Keyshon Camp back and healthy after their careers were disrupted by injury.

Per usual, the ball is in the offense’s court. Quarterback Kenny Pickett is back for his fifth year and his fourth as the starter, and he has been uninspiring throughout that stretch. In his three years of starting action, not once did Pitt rank in the top 10 in passing efficiency.

What is EPA per play?Expected Points Added per Play (EPA/P) – The average Expected Points Added per play in which an offensive player is directly involved. EPA/P is a measure of an individual player’s impact on the scores of his games, on a per play basis.

BTW – for math geeks this website may interest – I could figure it out at all…

128 thoughts on “Some Websites’ Projections for Pitt

    1. Dan – you are so negative! I think I’ll just post only positive stuff and delete any comments which don’t have Pitt winning ten games or Pat Narduzzi being named CFB’s Coach of the Year.

      Seriously – I see another bah humbug type of season. Between 6-7 wins and a crap bowl game that we will most probably lose because by that time Kenny Pickett and the whole starting defense will pass on playing in it so they don’t get injured.

      I mean, didn’t every Pitt fan’s favorite DB and DL do just that that not too long ago:

      This is reality – not fans saying that the players on the team are devoted to Narduzzi as we have read on here many times. The only reason Pickett didn’t leave is that he’d have pulled a Paris Ford and not been drafted – he is far from NFL material.

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      1. Those players left for the draft as many college players did, it had nothing to do with Narduzzi one way or another.


    2. That last section about Charmin’s offense…..says it all.

      They’ll score some points against UMASS (who couldn’t) and then more than likely it will go back to about 20 ppg. And then go up again vs D2 New Hampshire (again who couldn’t) and then a crap shoot.

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      1. Take away that 55 points against Austin Peay and we scored a mediocre 26 ppg in our other 10 games. Even with those 55 points we were 58th in scoring at 29 ppg. But 26 ppg won’t cut it against P5 competition. We’ll see how things turn out – but I don’t see our defense being as stingy as it was in 2020.


        1. Right….plus we had the fortune to play a very down, Fla State team and score 41 and then 47 on a 5-6 VT team.

          FSU was 107th of 128 schools in Opponents Points Allowed at 36 ppg
          VT was 82nd of 128 at 32 ppg.

          That type of porous defense from those two is unusual. Was it just a covid year fluke or the
          new norm for those teams ? Since Foster retired at VT & FSU has been a mess since Jimbo left.


          1. Whipple’s last successful coaching stop was UMASS 1998. Offenses have changed a tad since then, but not Whipples.


    3. Dan, your comment is the first comment. I read all of the rest and found myself wondering why in 19 words you said everything that needed to be said. Narduzzi has put together a terrific Pitt football team. But the “two loss” rule cannot be overcome. It is a law of metaphysics: Narduzzi will lose two games a year because of poor game day coaching. I watched the 2020 NCS game a few weeks ago. That was one of the losses. Just watch from 2 minutes left in the game and watch for yourself. Brilliant job, Dan.


  1. 7-5 with this easy schedule….which should start 5-0….would/should be enough to send Narsnoozy packing.

    If Heather leaves, perhaps the new AD will want to clean house of both Snooz and Felton.

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    1. I have no problem with Heather Lyke except for the fact that she disappears for six months at a time and doesn’t have the common courtesy to respond to a written letter.

      The second part of that bothers me more than the disappearing. Maybe it is just me but both professionally and personally if a written and signed letter came to me either I would respond or I’d have one of my staff officers do it.

      I could see her rudeness if what we sent was a nothing but complaining letter, but ours was the exact opposite. Three full pages of doable suggestions to get and keep Pitt fans engaged with the football program and athletic department.

      Instead she ignores and has her staff ignore it also. That showed her true colors to me right there (and stopped my donations/purchases also).

      Someone on here made a comment not long ago that we don’t see past players being engaged in the program like we did in the past. That is very true and it is because the principals in the football program and the athletic department don’t reach out to the football alumni any more. Guess they got told “no” once too often… except for Jimbo Covert who hangs around with tailgater also. Maybe Heather gives him free beer like Pitt tailgaters do.

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      1. Agree….or they just got totally ignored. Like your letter of suggestions.

        They apparently don’t want people/alumnus/former players involved. And that suggests, they just don’t want to be bothered. Because they know everything !

        And could care less what others think !


          1. Donald was named 2020 NFL Defensive Player of the Year for the third time in four years.[84]

            You would think what you posted + the above would = Higher Rated Recruits and better recruiting classes.

            It really hasn’t.


  2. This team will lose five games (TN, VTech, Clemson, Miami and Carolina).

    I try to be positive but Pitt is a five-loss program until I see otherwise.

    Still the same problems: upstairs leadership. Chryst was a six-loss coach here and becomes a 10-win coach with smart people in high places.

    If Pat is axed, it will be the same old same old. No way does Gallagher allow the AD to offer a guy $6 million to get out of mediocrity. Better off staying in it and hoping the $2 million hire can get it done. He won’t.


    1. Huh – we almost agree on something Nate!

      I haven’t ever advocated for Narduzzi to be fired because of the 360 degrees of his being at HC at Pitt (off filed stuff). but it may be time to make a change if we don’t hit nine or 10 wins this season. I differ from other Pitt fans that think just because you hire a new HC the program hits the skids.

      It didn’t when PN was hired because he inherited awesome offensive players. If Narduzzi goes the opposite will happen – the new guy inherits good defenders but nothing on offense.

      I don’t get that after seven seasons Narduzzi just cannot get offensive stars to commit to Pitt. It’s truly like he just doesn’t care about offense – or is scared of it for some reason.

      But we have also seen what his reliance on defense has gotten us – his best defenses have been over the last four years and in that time we have gone 26-24.

      So – give me a HC who understands how to play both sides of the ball. Or at least one who recognizes his shortcomings in that and hires an excellent O or D coordinator to make up for it. Instead Narduzzi, who suffers from offensephobia so we shouldn’t joke about it, hires Whipple who no other P5 program would touch with an 10 foot pole.


  3. Off topic but ACCN is now Channel 166 on Armstrong Cable here in Butler County. No extra charge (I think)

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  4. Kenny Pickett was just listed for the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm award along with 61 other QBs.

    Pickett is a lock for the Unitas sub-award “Least TDs with Most Amount of Passing Yardage” because of his sterling 1 TD to 185 passing yards last season. This season he expects to lower that to 1 TD every 175 yards which will make Pitt fans salivate but mean nothing to anyone else.



    Since Pitt’s most recent 10-win season (2009), the Panthers are 75-66 under four head coaches: Dave Wannstedt, Todd Graham, Paul Chryst and Narduzzi. That’s an average of 6.8 victories and six losses per season. Narduzzi (7/5.6 in six seasons) brings up the overall average.

    Still, mediocrity.

    The beauty of sports is every season presents a new opportunity to rise above the past. Pitt opens the 2021 season Saturday against UMass at Heinz Field. Kickoff is 4 p.m.

    Pitt has lost at least three games each year since the last of three consecutive 11-1 seasons in 1981. How long ago was that? Narduzzi wasn’t old enough to drive a car. That’s 39 seasons of waiting for a notable achievement to emerge.

    Why should Pitt fans believe this team is different? Tipton has his reasons.

    “Everybody is more up front. We all believe we can go out there and win a championship,” he said. “We’re more together than we’ve ever been. We’re stronger than we’ve ever been. The key word: together.”

    Someone should write an article that reviews these kind of statements and predictions by the staff and players over the last few years. Talk about Same Old, Same Old! ( I’ll pay someone $10 dollars to write it.)


  6. Such fun to read these comments!

    Sounds like the POVers are really fired up for the season. Not!

    Go Pitt.


  7. It is hard to get over the fact that K8 is ranked as the #10 QB in the ACC with 14 teams.

    In the FBS ranking he fairs a little better with a ranking of 52nd out of 130 schools.

    The team was 6-5 last season with maybe the best D personnel since the early 1980’s. Pretty much the same offense has returned. I don’t see much more than a .500 record. I wish that wasn’t the case. I’m trying to find some enthusiasm – tailgating will help…


  8. Jerry DiPaola of The Trib…..has asked for membership in The Club.

    Pitt’s 21 seniors hope to break program’s cycle of mediocrity



  9. Why is Pitt’s offense so bad? One word, Whipple!! For the life of me, I do not see why he is still here. I am amazed that no one thought it was a horrible idea to make a quarterback with a surgically repaired foot come over to the sideline after every play!! I mean here is this young man gutting it out just to be on the field and his coach makes him do that!! If I was the A.D. after the Pitt’s first offensive series when Kenny came back, I would have been on the phone chewing out Narduzzi! What is unfathomable is Pickett coming back to play for the idiot. If I had been Pickett, I would have refused to come over on that first series and just went with the scripted plays most coaches use to open a game. I would have dared Whipple to pull me out of the game!

    It is my wish that things go so bad on offense against Tennessee that Narduzzi is pressured to fire Mr. Charmin and install Brennan Marion as interim offensive coordinator! Unfortunately even if Pitt does lay an egg in Knoxville, nothing will change.

    As can be seen in the non-revenue sports at Pitt, coaching matters a lot. Coaching comes first, recruiting comes after good coaching. Look at Pitt’s volleyball, men’s and women’s soccer programs and how far they have come in a relatively short time. We are starting to see it as well in women’s basketball and wrestling which are a bit behind. Baseball was up last year but it needs to build on it this year. If I was Lyke, I would take out Narduzzi after this year if we go 7-5 or worse. This has gone on long enough. Pitt has a chance to put some butts in seats over the next couple years as the Steelers rebuild. We just have to have a competitive team!

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    1. Absolutely incredulous John….that the oft injured & banged up (generally in the legs/ankle) K8 has to run an extra couple miles a game…to hear this moron’s feeble plays from his 1990 West Coast offense playbook.

      And even more incredulous…..Nardummy, let’s him do it !!!

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  10. Whipple Must Go (WMG) and if Nardummy doesn’t get rid of this fossil after the inevitable 7-5 season and being non-competitive against Clemscum, The Hurrycanes, Tarholes, and VT then both of them deserve to be given their walking papers.

    In the NCAA it’s all about the offense, the days of defenses winning championships has been over for 10 years or more, of course WMG is still using an out of date, dink and dunk strategy that can’t score in the red zone.

    Oh Lord it’s hard to be a Pitt fan.

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    1. Narsnoozy is pretty much getting his clock cleaned in PA anymore.

      Of the 118 Pitt players on the Offensive & Defensive Roster(excluding Punters & PK’s), only about 30 are from PA.
      So less than 25% approx.

      Of those 30 or so…about 15 or so appear to be walk-on’s and such.

      Has the Snooz pretty much Surrendered Pennsylvania ? You be the judge.



    Here are two excerpts from an interview with Nick Saban in this morning’s NY Times.

    Q: Steve Spurrier told me that he thought you had realized that “a good passing attack can beat good defenses” and that maybe Alabama was now “Wide Receiver U.” Are you surprised Alabama’s public identity shifted so much?

    I don’t know the year for sure, maybe 2015, but this new age of offense — with the spread and the R.P.O.s [run-pass options] and lots of screens, throwing the ball behind the line of scrimmage, blocking downfield, taking advantage of the rules — made it much more difficult defensively. Even though we’ve never changed our philosophy of playing good defense, we also came to the realization that that wasn’t going to be the future. When you played a really good team who had a good passing attack and had good balance on offense and had a good quarterback, they were going to score points. And if you didn’t have an offensive system that was going to take advantage of the rules of college football, as well as the explosive, and have a chance to score points, you were probably going to struggle.

    Q: Are there are any philosophies of defense that you came up in your career with and, over the last five or 10 years, had to say, it doesn’t work anymore or is outdated? Have you discarded anything?

    I don’t know that we’ve discarded things, but I think the way you implement defense has changed because of no-huddle and pace of play. I used to always call the whole defense — almost like the West Coast system on offense when they’re calling every play, every formation, every motion, and they’re very wordy.

    Well, our defense was very wordy, too, because we were telling the players, “OK, here’s the front, here’s what you play on two-by-two, here’s what you play on the slot.” It was lots of work, and we struggled with no-huddle because we could never get the communication right.

    So I said we’ve just got to make these one-word calls, and so just about our whole defensive system now is one-word calls. So the players have to relate to, “What is Apples? What is Badger?” And we kind of do it by conferences: certain things relate to the Big 12, certain things relate to the Big Ten, certain things relate to apples and oranges, we have that. We tried to categorize things for the defensive players, and you know there’s certain coverages that are really hard to play now.

    It’s really hard to play Cover 2 when they’re throwing R.P.O.s; it creates too many run-pass conflicts for everyone.

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    1. If the Snooz hasn’t realized this by now….he never will.

      His defense has been torn up, pretty much by any team with a good offensive system and a good QB over the years…..going back to his Michigan State team in the Cotton Bowl his last year/game there.

      Baylor had an incredible 603 yards passing, threw the ball at will and scored 41 points.

      Right there, that day….I realized….this is not a good hire by Pitt.

      Pitt wise, in back to back years vs Ok State his defense was absolutely shredded. Even though
      he had the benefit of seeing their offense in back to back years. The 2nd game was ever worse,
      OK State threw for almost 600 yards, could have thrown for 800, had they not applied the mercy rule and taken out Mason Rudolph at QB and could have scored 70 points +, settling for 59 points. It was 49-14 at halftime.

      Many other examples as well. He will never get it.


  12. Couple thoughts on the 2-deep:

    Interesting that Jaylon Barden is listed as first-team kick and punt returner. I really can’t remember anything about him…

    If Warren and Houy are both better than Goncalves at OT then we should have a decent Oline, but I’m skeptical…

    A J Davis would be a good back if he were a step quicker.

    Go Pitt.


  13. PetePitt73, thanks for that Saban interview. The man knows football, and Narduzzi should take note. Although Pitt doesn’t run much cover 2.

    As far as Pitt being successful with an 8 win season, in normal times that might be okay. But with the current Sr. laden roster, and the huge graduation losses for 2022, they have got to do better. I can’t see an 8 win season in 2022, although things could change. So if they don’t hit a new Narduzzi ceiling this year, I’m not sure when they would do it.


  14. If PItt even wins 7, I can live with it.
    What I cannot live with is the total embarrassment of our QB running to the sidelines to get every play!

    That is JV Football at its core and I played a lot of JV Football. 161 other college football teams seem to
    have found another way to signal in plays …… why can’t PITT?? It’s not like every announcer of every Pitt game doesn’t notice it!

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    1. I called my own plays. In middle school and high school. It was funny because I did not start in high school, but when I was in I called the plays.
      The starter had his sent in.

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      1. We made up names for plays. At the end of Chartiers Valley HS stadium was a shopping center. We hit a TD pass off “8 look in and go” which forever became “shopping center”.

        Today the terminology is so complex it’s probably impossible.

        But, one of the advantages of the RunPass option is the terminology is very simplified. Note the entire team standing up Pre snap looking to the sideline where a coach is holding up a placard with a cake on it and another a pie. But Whipple is know for his complex plays and terminology ……and it’s worked so well too!

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  15. Off topic but very important, Pitt Women’s Volleyball moved up two spots in AVCA poll from 9th last week to 7th this week. Other teams of note, Georgia Tech moved up 8 spots from #24 to #16 after their upset of PSU. Apparently Ga. Tech has 2 very good Brazilians on their team. Louisville moved up on spot to #12 from #13. Notre Dame lost to WKU, which is very good, and dropped out of the standings. PSU dropped from #12 to #17. South Carolina who Pitt beat 3-0 entered the polls at #24 after knocking off two ranked teams, but not Pitt!

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  16. I can tell you PITT’s football record before the season starts.

    Many of you still don’t and never will get me. I’m not ok with losing football games or some of the stubbornness on display from Pat. Lots of things. I want our team to “win them all” but I know going into the season that simply is very unlikely to happen. You know how I know they won’t? Cause I read on here everyday that PITT sucks from the realist PITT Fans.

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  17. They haven’t had QB’s run to the sidelines to get plays since like THE 1940’s. Chuck Noll was a ‘messenger’ Guard for the Cleveland Browns in the early and late 1950’s, in his playing career., so he took the play from the sideline coach into the QB in the Huddle. He was the messenger, with the play.

    This is totally ridiculous with this Whipple character. Reverting Pitt football back to the 1940’s.

    And it’s not like even his offense is some kind of juggernaut……FAR FROM IT !


  18. K8’s performance has got to suffer from this Whipple sideline foolishness.

    The kid never gets time to take a breath and as the game wears…’s GOT TO WEAR ON HIM.

    It’s one of the most asinine things going in all of college football on any given Saturday Pitt is playing.

    Why the Snooz lets this old fool Whipple get away with it, is beyond me.


  19. Picketts sideline jaunt is the least of Pitt’s offensive issues. Whipple’s run scheme is atrocious.


    1. I disagree….being the QB is the most important position in the Offense….tiring him out, unnecessarily is utterly ridiculous. When there are a multitude of ways to get the play into the QB….as 130 other NCAAF teams playing FCS football do. Plus Pickett has had a lot of leg/ankle injuries, even surgery and this old fool is making him run a couple miles for what……his precious plays. F’ em

      I do agree Charmin’s run scheme is atrocious… FB and one back backfields, also leads to one less in the backfield who can pass block. As well as no lead blocker on running plays.

      Him and his 1990 West Coast playbook….needs to be flushed !


  20. Here you go, folks.

    FYI – I voted “no”


  21. Since we have a few extra O-linemen who seem to be about equal….maybe Stupid…will see this and start even using Messenger Guards !

    It only was developed and used by one of the great coaches of all time, Paul Brown.


  22. I agree Whipple is Whipple but as I have mentioned look for Brennan Marion to have an influence on the offense and play calling this season, he is going to be the Pitt OC in 2022.

    Pitt 9/3 this season and the defense will be better this season.

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  23. I’m going against the tide here and out on a limb. I just have a felling that this program is on the verge of something good. I’m going 9-3 with one of those 3 were were right there at the end and should’ve won.


          1. I can’t get too fired up about a kid choosing to stay approximately 2,500 miles closer to home to attend a quality school.

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    1. Narduzzi can’t get legacy kids , can’t recruit in Pa. I guess he needs more time . maybe another contract extension?


  24. Gots get 9 wins, frankly

    Can we ask the obvious question to the elephant in the room why Cardiac Hill’s Mike Wilson tells fans why a decision hasn’t been substantially made for an RB starter or kicker yet?
    Am losing confidence with the administration here.
    (Maybe Tex and Reed are correct after all. (I hate to admit and Ouch that hurts).)


    1. 247Sports Ed O’Brien’s THOUGHTS ON THE TWO-DEEP ROSTER

      “The fact that Pitt did not name a starter for the running back position tells me that no one has emerged as THE guy. Israel Abanikanda was the name that was talked about the most during fall camp but he did not get that starter designation against UMass this week. This is the perfect game for Abanikanda to start establishing himself as “that guy” in Pitt’s backfield.”

      Heard two interesting facts yesterday on XM 84 College Sports Radio –

      (1) Nebraska HC Frost has a 4 year starting QB in Martinez and they are 12-21 in the B1G in those 4 years together.

      (2) Texas has a win-loss record that ranks 7th in the B12 over the last 11 seasons with one 10 win season.

      Both of these interesting facts made me think of similar situations with Pitt FB. Duzz & K8 are 18-16 over the last 4 years in the ACC (average record is 4.5 wins to 4 losses). Pitt fans must go back 12 years for our last 10 win season.

      I’ll leave everyone with this positive thought – Pitt FB has a 98% chance to beat UMass on Saturday.

      Go Pitt!

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      1. I cannot put through a “like (this comment)” on a mobile phone. But I appreciate this comment, too, Erie.


      2. Im more concerned that we dont have a solid PK.
        The two are in “OR” status as well.
        That could be the difference in multiple games.


  25. Also pulled from the Cardiac Hill piece on the 2-deep:

    “Of the roles that have been decided, only a few decisions are likely to be viewed as controversial. At left tackle, Matt Goncalves, a former four-star offensive tackle recruit, has drawn rave reviews during his career, while Carter Warren has struggled at times.

    But Warren likely benefited from his previous starting experience and status as a senior. (this is what we are paying for folks)

    And at defensive end, many may have expected an “or” between Baldonado and Morgan, but Baldonado has been solid by all accounts and has shined on the field when given chances in the past, as he had 4.0 sacks and 4.5 tackles for losses as a freshman in 2019.

    Notable names missing from the depth chart include freshmen Elliot Donald and Nahki Johnson, both of whom were four-star recruits out of the WPIAL. As first-year players, they will likely see limited action at the most…”

    The DL seems to be loaded with depth. Can the fresh legs keep elite QB’s off-balance and win games? We shall soon see. FB begins in Pittsburgh this Saturday at 4pm at Heinz Field. A hopefully nice tune-up for the Tennessee game.

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    1. Thanks so much for reply, Erie. That was informative and thoughtful of you. With some credibility too, which I appreciate. (Not knocking on anyone but rare to receive such a detailed response and I appreciate it.)
      Goncalves is puzzling to me, but, I am outside of Philadelphia and can’t anticipate fall call news around these parts — this is a PSucks area so all is words are focused on central PA.
      Your mention of Baldonado is of interest. He’s an interesting one to make note of.
      I do expect 8 wins and will prepare to be let down by not achieving 9 this year. Because all things are poised for a grain of success this year. And if not this year then when, right?
      Thanks for response


    1. While I have moments to comment, can folks perhaps knock-it-off with the Heather Lyke “yellow” is the new black’ fetish comments?
      It’s fairly exhausting

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  26. Pitt shouldn’t have to throw a pass against UMASS. If they don’t run all over them, it is going to be a long long season.

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      1. Pitt hasn’t had depth like this in ages. All due to keeping a coach around longer than four years.

        I sure hope it pays off with a 9-3 record.

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          1. Really, when it came to the overall depth on the team? There are 97 players on the team with the super seniors, which helps a lot. Even without, some of the positions would still have the depth that we have not seen in a while. Specifically at WR, OL, and the entire defense.


  27. Nothing new on the pittpov. Same old negative comments. Reed, do you really expect a response from the athletic dept.? Your more negative then ever.

    It was 45 years ago PITT won the National title. We had some great teams in the early 80’s and some respectable teams in the 90’s. After that PITT has been mediocre. That is what we are in football. So what! It is what it is. PITT is not an easy school to recruit for. Unless we get lucky and fine a super recruiter in the future we will remain who we are.

    What is the purpose for all the negative statements? They sure hasn’t had any influence on our football program. Unfortunately, basketball is even worse.

    There are a # of reasons a University is what it is. I like seeing a young lady choosing to play for PITT’s soccer team because she wants to major in physical therapy which happens to be #1 in the Country. We have some good academic rankings in a number of fields. Plus continued success in so called minor sports give me a lot of pride.

    Not happy over men’s soccer loss to WVU yesterday.


    1. Pitt had zero respectable teams in the 90s. The 1997 team was a gutsy, breath of fresh air because of how bad 1990-96 was, then 2-9 in 1998.

      Other than that, us fans had nothing to cheer about because the University leaders killed athletics.


      1. Guys, I misspoke about PITT football being respectable in the 90’s. I was thinking of the Gottfried era which was 1986 through 1989.


    2. The 1990’s ? Pitt football ? Respectable ?

      Wow, I must have been living in an alternate universe in the 1990’s.

      I seem to remember Paul Hackett, then JM2 which wasn’t the sequel we expected, the hiring of Cornhole
      and about the only glimmer of light was provided by Walt in 1997. And the 90’s ended with a bang….as in Pitt Stadium being demolished.

      The rest of that decade, was one of the darkest in Pitt Football History. 37 wins & 74 losses.

      Yep a respectable decade for some for Pitt football.


    1. He better hope there’s another ‘Pittsburgh Connection’ who will sign him. Talent wise….CFL at best.


  28. I can easily see 5 losses or heck, 6 losses. We won’t know much until after the Tennessee game. Right now it’s a pig in a poke deal but 7-5 and a bowl win won’t cut it. Narduzzi needs to win 8 regular season games or, or some of you guys may get even more pissed off. No biggie for Pat, I’ll take 8 wins but get a sense that I will be disappointed at some point this season. 9 wins would be great.

    I honestly would have liked to see Lyke move on and laughed when the next AD is poo-pooed because whoever it is would not be their guy or gal. Whining for some PITT is like water, they need it daily.

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  29. That’s some real Kool-aid there Ike.

    I think for Pitt to beat the expected win total of 7, they need to overcome the odds and get a solid running game going. Disappointed that they didn’t name Izzy numero uno, period. If it happens it will be because of him. He needs lots of carries like most good backs.
    Of the Davises the bigger one is a good pass blocker, that should hardly get him playing time, except on third and long. Vincent, the smaller, had one good game last year, he should be used sparingly. Also Sibley and Carter should be used when short yardage is needed. And for God’s sake, no wildcat!

    When your QB is ranked 10 out of 14, you better be able to run the ball. Hey, I like KP, but he needs a balanced offense and to s$%tcan the shuttle to the sidelines. He also should only run as a last resort.

    Also they better clean-up the stupid penalties this year. We not me a good slogan if they buy in.


  30. The depth this year should allow Narduzzi to bench guys that make stupid mistakes, bad penalties, botched coverages, blocks and dropped passes. It is time we stop beating ourselves.
    We’ll believe it when we see it.

    Hopefully he has also learned to keep the hammer down and not go conservative when he gets a lead.
    Again, we’ll believe it when we see it.


  31. Most Losses per Decade in Pitt Football History

    1990 – 1999 – 74 losses

    2010 – 2019 – 61 losses

    1960 – 1969 – 61 losses


    1. My old iPhone died so I had to get a new one. I’m finding that accessing and using the POV is a pain in the butt on the new phone.

      Only a limited number of comments come up unless I do so maneuvering, it makes me sign-in every time to comment, and the “like” button doesn’t work.

      Anybody else run into these issues and is there a fix?

      (BTW, I wish everyone would try to curb your enthusiasm for what Pitt can achieve this season. You guys are just setting yourselves up for disappointment. ☹️)


      1. John, I noticed that the WordPress app on my iPad went through an automatic update a few days ago. Immediately after the update, I lost the ability to scroll through the entire string of comments posted to a given article. The next day, the WordPress app on my iPhone went through an update. Same thing happened on my phone.

        I now have to go to the PittPov website rather than the WordPress app to view all comments. And that site keeps asking me to log in again to “like” or reply to a comment. Very frustrating.


        1. So I’m not going crazy! Thanks, Wolfe.

          So I guess we need some 12-year old to straighten this all out… Otherwise I’ll likely be commenting less – (which could be a good thing… 😊)

          Go Pitt.

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      2. Then”like” button be broken, brother
        Cheers to Reed for keeping the site alive. (Please monetize for the effort, Reed, or not, I guess? Anson just called it quits at Cardiac Hill and comments today are fierce so appreciate the effort but gotta be fatigued, dude?)
        You run a tight ship, Reed. Hat tips

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    2. 90s – The wonderful administrators killed football for academic integrity. Smart decision it appears.

      10s – three coaches in three years, transfers, bad losses. More wonderful Pitt leadership. Oh, didn’t want to keep Canada for an extra $800k. And fans demand 10 wins when football is Mickey Mouse operation at Pitt?


  32. All teams have extra depth this year. It is nothing that gives Pitt an advantage.

    Watched the Whipple interview on PittLiveWire. He claimed success running the ball at the end of last year as a reason to be optimistic. Plus another year experience for the OL.

    In other words, they are just doing what they did last year. UGH

    I hope I am so wrong about this guy because it is awesome to watch a good run game, but I just can’t see it after looking at his history. I hope coach Borbs and Narduzzi have told this fool to get his crap together.

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    1. They did and now we will see a pile of $#/+ that Mr. Whipple gathered with his rolls of Charmin.


  33. Don’t worry about the running game at all……my client has gained 1 lb. And can now also be used for
    short yardage situations. (however it doesn’t mean those short yardage situations will be converted)

    Also note….all liability for pass blocking is not suggested by any means.


  34. ESPN has little confidence in Narduzzi’s program:
    North Carolina 10-2, 7-1

    Miami 9-3, 6-2

    Virginia Tech 6-6, 4-4

    Virginia 6-6, 4-4

    Pittsburgh 7-5, 3-5

    Georgia Tech 4-8, 2-6

    Duke 4-8, 1-7

    Would a 3-5 ACC record be enough to get him fired?


  35. Were you concerned about Pitt’s depth at the QB position? I was. Until I read this morning that the South Carolina Gamecocks have activated a grad assistant to start in their opener. Their designated starter went down with an injury. His backup was a RS senior who transferred in from St. Francis.

    Now thats a depth problem.

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  36. The line is Pitt -38.5

    Not buying that.

    Will be happy if the following three things occur Sat:

    we win by 20…perhaps have a larger margin at the end of the 1st half
    backups, including QB!, play in the second half… latest in 4th qtr
    good tunrout at Red 5A
    Richman buys me an Oktoberfest beer at the German Club

    It does concern me the we don’t have a clear cut PK – a defensive minded coach should always get a good one!

    Also tired of three “ORs” at RB. Its really old. Someone please take the job.


    1. JoeL, do you you think the running back position is still up for grabs or could this be another example of PN playing Secret Squirrel?


        1. David, I thought more that they would do RB by committee for U Mass before making a commitment for Tennessee. Not that I support his lack of commitment.


  37. On Packer and Durham this morning, Wes Durham picked Pitt as 5th in the ACC, Packer picked them as sixth, with BC as the team either just before or behind them. No mention of Pickett during the ACC QB discussion.


    1. I really hope Pickett proves all the experts wrong. I love his moxie and he does have the intangibles that are important.

      Sadly, I doubt he will prove the experts wrong because they have been seeing him for 4 years. He is what he is, which is to say a barely adequate P5 QB .

      I expect defense to be good most games. The offense to be ok to bad most games and special teams will be a crapshoot. We know what we get with the coaching….

      I just don’t see how that is a recipe for success. Hope to be proven wrong.

      May 2021 be the year SOP finally dies


  38. So how many handles does Tex/Joe D/WannyWalt/Messenger Guard have exactly? Does he have an actual day job? He blabbers incessantly about the same thing.


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