Coronavirus Lockdown: What’s on the Twitter

Some filler content until I can get Richard’s recruiting article up this weekend.  Hope you all are staying safe and sane.

First and probably most important, Pitt’s wrestling singlet has made the Elite 8 in the Best Singlet Bracket

You can vote here.  We are up against Wyoming and if we don’t beat them Cowboys, well then you all aren’t worthy to call yourselves Pitt fans.  You have to vote for the entire bracket to get to Pitt, so get out there and vote, you POVerts.

In local recruiting news….

Off topic, but worth a mention…Who ties their hoodie strings?  Weird.

Slightly less off topic.  Our fair city.  Note the Cathedral visible top left.

EJ continues to represent…

Lance White reels in some talent from north of the border

You guys have all probably seen this, but it’s worth watching again, and again and again

And this too…


Hail to Pitt

Michaelangelo Monteleone

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  1. last post prior thread by
    March 20, 2020 at 9:21 am
    I have to start the day on the positive side. I have never, ever rooted so hard for Pitt I my life. No, not the athletic teams, which you all know I passionately love, but rather the Chancellor and the researchers at the University who are working so hard to develop a vaccine for this terrible disease.
    Pitt has a history in this, as we all know. I would be prouder of my school if they were successful in this task than if they won all the sports championships for the next ten years. This is really what we are supposed to be good at. This is really what we should be doing. Sports is a great distraction, and a passionate release . Helping fellow man, and leading the way with a bright and shining light in times of darkness is our mission.

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  2. The University of Pittsburgh is on the cutting edge of both healthcare & medical research. If any university can contribute to developing an effective vaccine for this novel Coronavirus, Pitt can. Let’s Go!

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  3. Never realized it but Pitt won 2 bowls in a row with last minute TD passes to the TE. Coach Whipple, are you taking notice?

    Pitt’s showing in the wrestling competition should help in the Director’s Cup rankings. But seriously, TxPanther’s post above reveals a much nobler competition (if you want to call it that). Dr Salk’s discovery was 66 years ago and it is quite impressive that the University is still recognized as one the best in this area.

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    1. Unfortunately, how many people know that Pitt developed the cure for polio? How many people know how ravaging that disease actually was?

      But I’d rather be impressive in cures, innovations and academics than sports any day. All those things can save lives.



      1. Most don’t know and that is OK.

        You can be impressive in both academics and athletics. Unfortunately, Pitt never accepted this. All along I thought how decades of football have been pissed away then last weekend after Basketball: A Love Story aired on ABC did I realize how great of a basketball program Pitt should have had all these years, especially starting in the 1950s.

        The players who came from the area was incredible, starting with Maurice Stokes and Jack Twyman in 1951. There is nothing wrong having great sports teams to be proud of and to talk about. It just doesn’t have to be academics. I don’t understand why some think it can be only one and not both.

        Your wish has been granted, sir. Athletics overall at Pitt have been way below mediocre. Nothing at all to be proud of as a fan. If I was an alum I’d be disgusted by it.


    1. but how does Pitt calculate that 43k?
      I’ve noticed Pitt appears to have gone away from using actual butts in the seats
      They announce 43k as attendance but I only see about 30-35k on TV and then thats validated by the people who actually attended
      I think the real number is probably closer to 35k which place Pitt at 50% capacity, one of the lowest in all P-5
      I believe using capacity percentage is a better way of looking at this but you need the real numbers first
      Even at 35k thats decent and looks real good in a 45k on campus venue 🙂


  4. — Nice work, MM.

    — Hoping that Taisha Exanor provides the women’s BB team with another outside shooting option. Like the men’s team, the women were very inconsistent from 3.

    — My money is on Scooter to come up with a vaccine for coronavirus! 😊.
    (If not Scooter, I’ll go with Bill Brasky…)

    Go Pitt.


  5. Nice message from Marino. Nice jersey on the wall as well

    Despite never winning a super bowl, I’d take him over Montana, manning or Brady any day. He’d be a 60k yards and 60 TD QB with today’s rules.


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    1. Ah didn’t catch that one. We are not. Sorry GC had to delete that one my friend. And I probably let that whole theme go too long. Let’s keep it sports and Pitt folks


  6. Pitt is leading by 180 votes right now. But Wyoming has steers that have been taught to vote. Let’s not get beaten by a bunch of steaks.



  7. Sorry, but it just got personal, my son in law, a physician at AGH, was sent home because he works with another Doc that may have been exposed, without being tested. He is at home with my pregnant daughter and granddaughter. We were with them yesterday.

    Excuse me if I get political. Where are the effing tests?

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    1. I hear you man. Frustration. Regardless of politics lack of tests is a major issue for this country right now.

      With that being said I ask the POV nation not to go down the Political road on this one

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    2. Best of luck to your S-I-L and all of you.

      I worry that it’s going to get personal for many of us before it gets better.


  8. MM, I’m wondering what kind of FB teams would benefit most by a lost Spring ball and maybe a late start to the fall season? Perhaps someone could handicap the teams in the Coastal to assess who benefits and loses the most.


  9. Looks like Pitt offered a grad transfer OT — Keldrick Wilson from Hampton U. Being recruited by Indiana and WVU.

    Just in case there is a season, we need an OT or two…

    Go Pitt.


  10. Sorry about your son in law GC…hope he and the family remain safe.
    My wife has been seeing patients all along and UPMC is now trying telemedicine whenever possible.
    Now we’re driving to Florida on personal business. Hoping for the best.

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    1. So when a nationwide shelter-in-place order is issued, you are going to be on a beach in Florida. Smart move, Fran.


      1. Haha Wolfe…I’m a contrarian but this was an unplanned adventure for personal business.


        1. Br safe buddy, when I heard you were headed to Florida I referred to as a Ramblin man. I should have included Gamblin man as well.

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  11. Hey all. I’m not a “regular” but have been on here less than usual with fewer sports to discuss. Hoping we can all sacrifice now so we can have football this fall! Take care of yourselves.

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  12. Pandemics unfortunately are here to stay. Various scientific factors for it that I won’t bore you with. How we respond and adapt is obviously critical to our survival. It will be interesting how the sports world adapts.

    I can see less tailgating, fewer large stadiums, more ‘virtual’ experiences, instant testing devices.

    The world will eventually learn and move on. But life as we know it has changed forever.

    I still hope to fly back in October. I hope the domer game isn’t cancelled. Most of the US should be infected by then and the ‘curve’ should be close to flat. But who really knows at this point.


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  13. We need a link to vote for the next round in the singlet competition. Can’t seem to get there on my phone.


  14. One of my favorite singers from the late 60’s -70’s is Burton Cummings…when I hear his voice I flash back to my Pitt…”I got a line on you babe”triggers the same feelings along with several others….BC is the voice of the sound-track of that part of my life……I really enjoy when we get on a musical tangent….POV has it’s on sound-track
    If you were at the Miami game this year the PITT Band along with the alumni band played ” The Horse ” at half-time….they always played that song along the side-lines through-out my years there….Memory lane is always a great time to spend some place!!!


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