MMQB – Ohio

MMQB – Ohio

Pitt beat Ohio 20-10 at Heinz on Saturday, and the win brought the Pitt fan base back to equilibrium.  There was a fair amount of trepidation going into the game, but it turned out to be unwarranted because Pitt’s defense held the Bobcats to just 212 total yards.  This was probably helped by the fact that (Ohio QB) Nathan Rourke was feeling under the weather, but regardless of Rourke’s condition it was clear that Pitt’s defensive line was dominant.  Pitt sacked Rourke six times en-route to -43 yards rushing and just 177 yards passing.  Pitt also tallied 10 total TFL, and five additional quarterback pressures.  At this point you probably all know that Jaylen Twyman notched three sacks, and he’s the first Pitt player to do that since the “other” #97, but I’m going to repeat it because well, it bears repeating.  I’m also going to say that this is the Pat Narduzzi defense we have been waiting five years to see, and damn doesn’t it look fine?    Continue reading “MMQB – Ohio”

Ohio at Pitt Prediction Thread

Ohio at Pitt Prediction Thread

I am starting out this post with a feel-good public service announcement. Pitt women’s volleyball is #10 in the country.  They are playing Ohio State tonight at PPG arena at 8 pm.  You could do a lot worse on a Friday night than to go out and support these talented young women.


…and now on to our regularly scheduled Football content.

Hard to believe that gameday is almost here.  You’ve got to love a short week.

There has been much weeping and gnashing of teeth over Pitt’s performance last week, and in typical Pitt fashion, much of it is probably overreaction.  Did Pitt’s offense play extremely poorly against the Hoos?  Yes, yes they did.  Is Kenny Pickett ever going to get it together and turn into a competent passer?  Well, we still aren’t sure.  With that being said, Chris Peak’s podcast offers some sage advice on the topic, and it also points out that we Pitt fans have been down this road before.  Many times…

I’d encourage you to give it a listen.

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Ohio at Pitt Game Preview

Ohio at Pitt Game Preview

Does it feel weird to say that game two against a MAC team is a must-win?

Because it certainly feels weird to write it.

And yet, here we are, coming off a disappointing loss to a good-although-beatable team, and going into a game that should be a cupcake but isn’t.

Oh Pitt has an overall talent advantage, to be sure.  Ohio’s roster is populated by two-star players, and they have six three-stars .  Pitt’s roster is populated by three-star player and they have seven four-stars (which now may be down to six now that DT Keyshon Camp is out for the season).  Still, Pitt is pretty much one full degree better across the board…except at the one position that can most impact the game. Continue reading “Ohio at Pitt Game Preview”

Narduzzi Presser – Ohio



Editor’s note:  This was not originally supposed to say “Pay Narduzzi Presser”.  It was supposed to say “Pat Narduzzi Presser” but my phone auto-corrected to “Pay”.  clearly he deserves no additional pay at this point.  This has been updated.  My apologies for any confusion.

PAT NARDUZZI: We’ll get started here. Obviously not what we planned from the opener. Disappointing start to the season. Obviously it was a different opener than most. Probably playing some of the opponents we’ve played in the past, you might squeak out with a victory, but not against a good ACC opponent that we didn’t get it done. Continue reading “Narduzzi Presser – Ohio”

MMQB – Virginia

MMQB – Virginia

About midway through the first quarter, an ACC network cut to a University of Pittsburgh tailgater unceremoniously dropping a pan full of delicious-looking barbecue onto the ground just as it was being taken off the grill.  If that isn’t a metaphor for the entire evening, I don’t know what is.

Still,  It was just one game, and it’s not like Pitt was a complete and utter train wreck.  There were positives.  Penalties for example.  I counted only one pre-snap penalty for Pitt.  On both sides of the ball.  That speaks to discipline.  I counted only one holding call.  That was surprising given that we were starting four brand new offensive linemen.

The defense played well.  A couple of early PI calls were cleaned up.  Paris Ford was outstanding.  As was Kylan Johnson.  Keyshon Camp was very good (hopefully he’s not hurt badly).  The Star linebacker position made plays.  Elias Reynolds looks like he’s a step more explosive.  Damarri Mathis, after getting turned around on one play early played an excellent second half.  For the most part the tackling was solid.  Continue reading “MMQB – Virginia”

Not the Ticket

About a month ago Athlon Sports published a piece called “ACC Coaches Talk Anonymously About Conference Foes for 2019

Here is what they said about Pitt:

“Year in and year out you always see the same thing from these guys — they reflect Narduzzi in how they’re physical and disciplined and really mean working against you, but it’s always a question of how far their talent can take them. It’s not about a limitation of their culture or their play calling. It’s really all about what kind of talent they can get.” Continue reading “Not the Ticket”