Spring Practice 2019: 10 Things we Learned on Day 1

Predictably, not a lot of concrete information has emerged from spring practice thus far, but a few useful nuggets have been dispensed.

  1. Rashad Wheeler moved from DT to OG. Jimmy Morrissey said he’s doing pretty good

  2. Kenny Pickett was named the starter. He’s excited about the new offense (shocker)

  3. Davis Beville threw an interception in practice

  4. Guys are working hard

  5. Paris Ford is excited

  6. Phil Campbell has officially moved to linebacker

  7. Some guys have changed numbers.

  8. Pitt’s marketing department is clearly responding to the anti-narduzzi sentiment on this blog by publishing this spring prospectus cover:

  1. Reed is a grumpy old man (but we still love him.)

  2. I am just reporting the news

hail to Pitt

Michaelangelo Monteleone

Pitt Football 2019 Spring Preview: The Offense – Part 2

Pitt Football 2019 Spring Preview:  The Offense – Part 2

First of all, and most importantly, Pitt sort-of announced that it is (maybe) going to be going to throwback uni’s full time next season, and the unveil is apparently set for April 7th.  This P-G article will tell you everything you need to know.

Secondly, Yesterday we covered the Offensive Line and the Quarterback.  Today we’ll cover the rest of the offense.  Tomorrow will be the first day of spring practice, and I’m sure there will be a lot to talk about after that.

The Running Backs

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Pitt Football 2019 Spring Preview: The Offense – Part 1

Pitt Football 2019 Spring Preview:  The Offense – Part 1

IMG_1006First if all, my son, Raphael (no turtle jokes, please), celebrated his one-month birthday this past Saturday, and what better way to commemorate the occasion than to suit him up for spring ball.  As you can see young Raphael is expecting big things from the offense this season, because he is already working on his “touchdown” gesture.  (The actual truth is this one of the few shots I could get where he wasn’t crying, so one way or the other, I suppose he’s preparing for the season…)

And the other truth is that we might all be crying, because there are so many question marks on offense. Although with OC Mark Whipple at the helm, this is less likely than it was with Shawn Watson.  Nonetheless, there are many questions to be answered.  And so…where to begin?  In my opinion (as well as the opinion of Barry Alvarez, from whom I stole this quote) “It all starts with those big palookas up front”. Continue reading “Pitt Football 2019 Spring Preview: The Offense – Part 1”

Pitt Football 2019 Spring Preview: The Defense

Pitt Football 2019 Spring Preview: The Defense

Pitt’s spring practice starts on Wednesday, and all I can say is, “Man, that came up fast”.  Seems like just yesterday we were complaining about what went down in El Paso.

And yet here we are, just a few days out from fourteen closed practices and one glorified scrimmage that will tell us very little about how good this team actually is.  Nonetheless, all of the information that comes out of spring practice will be both controlled by Pitt’s  Coaching Staff and much discussed by the fans – thanks to Pat Narduzzi’s unpopular closed-practice policy.

In the meantime, we can speculate as to what will happen, and who will emerge, and how good the team will be, and speculate we shall.

But first, lets kick it off with a little rah-rah:

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Ollison Goes to Combine

Ollison Goes to Combine

The NFL draft combine starts tomorrow and Pitt’s lone invitee is running back Qadree Ollison.

Ollison came to Pitt as an unheralded three-star recruit from upstate New York, but he did great things both as a redshirt freshman and again as a redshirt senior. He finished his career 7th on the Pitt all time rushing list, just one yard behind Dion Lewis.

He also did this

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