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Trolling Twitter (in the fishing sense) and here’s what’s going on in the Pitt Sports world.

Coronavirus has clearly given the football team time to focus on their studies:

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Yes There Will Be a Season and we Will be Playing in Florida

Yes There Will Be a Season and we Will be Playing in Florida

It’s nigh time for a new post to get your minds off of whatever it is you have been commenting about.  To lockdown or not to lockdown?  Ask a hundred people and you’ll get one of three opinions:  Yes.  No.  No but wear a mask and don’t be an idiot because, you know, germs spread disease and somebody you care about might be susceptible.  All are valid for different reasons, and all have their pros and cons.  Nobody will be swayed to your point of view no matter how hard you argue.  So thanks for playing, I’m shutting down the COVID chatter.

And now that we’ve gotten that out of our systems, lets get back to talking football.

Two months ago I started alternating positional reviews/previews with Richard Hefner’s opponent previews.  While I only got through a couple of positions (maybe three…) I got through a lot of the Hef’s work.  There are three left and two of them happen to belong to the State of Florida.  We’ll have Miami at Miami of course, and we will rotate into Florida State, at Florida State.  And even though we have a better record than both of them over the last three years, Mr. Reaper pictured above represents our chance of beating them.  (Or if you’re an optimist, maybe it represents what our defense is going to do to them…)   Here’s a snapshot of the talent on each team.   Enjoy. Continue reading “Yes There Will Be a Season and we Will be Playing in Florida”

Is there Going to be a Season?

Is there Going to be a Season?

Header Photo Credit:  Dave DiCello.  Website/ Pittsburgh Photo Gallery

There has been a lot of speculation around whether or not there will be a college football season.  Concerns about student and student-athlete safety are paramount of course.  Concerns about revenue are secondary only to that.  University athletic departments are likely wringing their hands behind closed doors while doing as much contingency planning as they can, and as you might expect with an organization as ineffectual as the NCAA, nobody has really stepped up to lead.

And so, the season will likely be up to the individual universities and conferences.  Here are some selected tweets and articles that I’ve found relevant, and that are meant to drive discussion.

Note:  DO NOT PULL POLITICS INTO THIS DISCUSSION.  I will shut it down immediately.  That means no references to either party, no reference to any political leaders, no reference to any news or media organization.  You get the idea.  If in doubt err on the side of caution.  Keep it around sports.  Yes it’s intertwined with states opening up, but you can have that debate without expressing your political opinion.  Example:  Georgia is currently open.  Fact.  That means universities are likely to open.  I may or may not agree with that, but it’s a possibility based on a fact.  As long as I stay away from talking about the Governor, this kind of comment is in bounds.  You guys have done a good job of self-policing so far.  Keep it up. Continue reading “Is there Going to be a Season?”

Pitt Facebook Live *Tonight*

If you are on the Facebook you can tune in to see Lyke, Duzz, Capel, Lance White and Dan Fisher tonight at 8 p.m.   Feel free to use this thread for discussion during the event.

Here is the Facebook link:


Three Frosh and a Senior

Three Frosh and a Senior

It was a busy day for Pitt recruiting today.

Pitt landed three 2021 verbals and a grad trafser.

Three of these commits were offensive linemen.

In other news, a local Tight End that Pitt was recruiting signed with Maryland.  sigh

Editor’s note:  CJ Dipre is from Jermyn, PA , which is just north of Scranton, so “local” is a relative term here.  

First, the transfer.  Keldrick Wilson

Per PSN:  6-foot-5, 299-pound tackle from Mt. Ulla, North Carolina, chose Pitt over fellow finalists Indiana, USC and West Virginia. He will have one season of eligibility remaining with the Panthers.

Wilson comes to Pitt via HBCU Hampton University, in Hampton Virginia.  Not much can be found on Wilson.  I thought there might be a rivals profile from 2015, but no luck.  Pitt did beat out USC, Indiana and WVU for Wilson’s services so that is something.   Welcome to Pitt K.J.  We are glad to have you.

Next lets get on to the 2021 commits.  We’ll keep with the offensive line theme to start.  Pitt received commits from two OL’s out of Detroit, and that is noteworthy for several reasons.  First, because Pitt has been signing an average of two OL’s per season for the last several years, so two in one day is well, noteworthy.  Second, because one of them is a coveted 5.7.  Pitt apparently doesn’t sign enough of these.  Third because these guys are from Detroit and Pitt has not had a ton of luck in Michigan in recent years, even though it’s within driving distance and Narduzzi supposedly has ties there.   These two commits could potentially signal a change.

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Pitt Beats Spanish Flu and Georgia Tech, Wins National Championship. (And a Way-Too-Early Look at GT Roster Changes)

Pitt Beats Spanish Flu and Georgia Tech, Wins National Championship.  (And a Way-Too-Early Look at GT Roster Changes)

Need a topic to get you kids off of the shenanigans that have broken out since my last post.

Saw a tweet about the Georgia Tech 1918 season today, and well, it probably won’t get anyone off the “damn is there even going to be a season” topic, but it does make for a nice segue into Richard Hefner’s Way-too-Early Georgia Tech preview.  Gonna take a lot more than a pandemic to stop football down here in the south.

FWIW Tech went 6-1 that season and was coached by some guy named John Heisman.  Pitt went 4-1 and they were coached by one Pop Warner.  Interestingly enough Pitt handed tech their only loss that season.  A 32-0 beatdown at Forbes field.  Those 32 points represent the only points scored against Georgia Tech all season. (It’s unknown if the fans were wearing masks…)  The header image on this post is a picture from the actual game.  Per wikipedia:  Pitt’s Tom Davies runs against undefeated and unscored upon Georgia Tech in the 1918 game at Forbes Field. Pitt won the game 32–0 and is considered by many to be that season’s national champion.

Pitt 1918
Pitt’s 1918 Football Schedule.  Turns our Scott Barnes and Steve Pederson share a common ancestor, and he was the guy that made Pitt’s schedule that year. Cleveland Naval Reserve two days after the Penn State Game? What the heck fella?

GT 1918

Tech’s 1918 football schedule.  Maybe they were overconfident after the NC State game?  Note that Pitt’s attendance has basically not changed in 100 years…

Georgia Tech

A Way to Early Look at Roster Changes

by Richard Hefner (Pitt-Cocks Fan)

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A Texas (Panther) Quarterback…and a Florida Protector

A Texas (Panther) Quarterback…and a Florida Protector

Pitt landed a Quarterback commit in April.  Regardless of stars or potential, when is the last time you could say that?

You’d have to go back five years to Thomas MacVitte (lately of the Kansas Jayhawks), who committed on March 26th, 2015.

Nate Yarnell hails from Texas, and the earliness of his commitment, make his something of a rarity for Pitt.  Defensive back Erick Hallet is the only other Texan on the roster.

But pipelines don’t really matter when recruiting QB’s.  This one was all Whipple, and he’s doing exactly what he was brought in to do:  Build up the quarterback room.

So yes, Yarnell is a three-star 5.5, and yes, he’s only played six games in his high school career.  But as a fan, you’ve got to think Whipple is pretty selective when it comes to QB’s.  After all, he passed on all the second-and-third tier high school guys that were available to Pitt last season, then make Kenny Pickett throw the ball 400 times on a bad shoulder just so he could have a selling point (I’m kidding here…he needed Kenny to throw it 400 times because well…the running game).  Then, of course, he ended up grabbing transfer Joey Yellen out of Arizona State.

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