Pitt POV’s 2018 Summer Golf Outing !!

Pitt POV’s 2018 Summer Golf Outing !!

(I’ll be doing a Sunday evening podcast this week and will have it up Monday Morning.)

OK Ladies and Gentlemen, we will be having our now-annual Pitt POV Golf Outing on June 9th. 2018.Image result for Champion Lakes Golf Course in Western PA  We need to to sign up now…

Here is the important info:

Location: We’ll play at Champion Lakes Golf Course in Western PA near Latrobe. There are 15 hotels located within 17 miles of the course.

Date: Saturday, June 9th

Time: 1st tee time is 11:00 am.


The POV tournament will involve teams of 2, 3, or 4 golfers (preferably 4). In a Scramble tournament each team member tees off on every hole. After the initial tee shots, the team selects the best shot out of their teammates and each hits from that spot (within one club length, no closer to the hole). This continues throughout the rest of the shots, including putting.

NOTE: One drive from each player must be used on the front 9 and also on the back 9 (minimum total of 2 drives used per player).

The lowest cumulative score will be the winning team.

Cost: $89 (includes golf, a cart and a POVers sit down dinner after the round is completed)

Dinner only: $26

Golf only: $63

So you can see there are options galore.  My suggestion is that all who want to attend, call Rick at 717-951-9805 so you can pay by May 19th. Rick will be on vacation from 5/21 to 5/29 so please get with him as soon as possible…


Greg McDonald

John Pruszynski

Roy Marshall

Fran Lokar (lastrow)

Remember  friends – you don’t have to actually play golf to be there and to have fun. I’ll not be golfing and we have a bunch of POV friends who are paying the $26 to eat, drink and hang out talking Pitt football.

At the very least $26 is a small fee to be able to sit around and insult the guys who haven’t shown up and have dinner!  And our female POVers are more than welcome also…Annie, are your ears burning?

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How Did I End Up a Pitt Fan? “Mark T.”

Here is yet another Bio piece from a long time reader (keep them coming folks).  Mark T. wrote this one and he spins his tale well…

My Pitt story takes me back to the mid 1980’s with my family in south Florida.  Not exactly how you thought that should start, right?  Well my grandfather was a military man who had decided to retire from the jewelry business he had grown in Michigan and headed south to the tropical weather that Florida offered.  Soon thereafter, my parents and myself followed.

Growing up in south Florida in the early and mid 80’s didn’t give you much of a sports option.  There wasn’t hockey or baseball there yet and basketball wouldn’t start until 1988 which coincidentally was the year after I moved away from Florida.

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It’s All About the HS Recruiting Folks…

It’s All About the HS Recruiting Folks…

We discuss recruiting on the POVat least once a week it seems and maybe moreso in the summer football doldrums.  It is perhaps the most important component to a successful football team. Notice I said “team” there and not football program – those are two different and distinct things in my eyes.

I strongly believe success in Pitt football runs on individual star performer’s power and production. We have seen that down through the years writ large. In the last 15 years we have had eight seasons of 8+ wins (hard to believe huh?) with three under Walt Harris, three under Dave Wannstedt and two, so far, under Pat Narduzzi.

15 years

Looking at which Pitt players powered those wins on the field I absolutely believe 4* players are integral to having winning seasons.  We can say all we want that a solid group of only 3* kids can be a perennial winning team but I have my strong doubts about that. There are outlier schools with that – Pitt isn’t one of them.

Here are some of the past 4* and 5* players who have been great producers for us and who all played on those winning teams above:

4* and 5*s:  Rod RutherfordTyler Palko , Larry Fitzgerald , Nate Byham, John Malecki, Jeff Otah, Aaron Berry, Dorin Dickerson, Chris Jacobson, LeSean McCoy, Adam Bisnowaty, Dorian Johnson, Tyler Boyd, Jordan Whitehead, Nate Peterman, etc…  All also made the NFL in one form or another – Whitehead will also I’m sure.

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How I Became a Pitt Fan; “Pittpride26”

How I Became a Pitt Fan; “Pittpride26”

Greetings from Los Angeles. I have been a POV reader since you launched and an occasional commenter under PittPride26. Reading the blog post today by Pittman4ever really flooded back memories of how I ended up at Pitt so I started to jot them down and it ended up being longer than I intended or imagined… 

By Dan LoBue (Pittpride26)

I ended up at Pitt in a pretty round about way that I thought you guys may find entertaining. Growing up in northern New Jersey I latched on to the Steelers as my favorite NFL team. It was the late 70’s, the Giants and Jets were terrible so I bandwagoned. As 1990 rolled around it was time for me to figure out my college destination. I was in the top 1/3 of my high school class, had (slightly) above average SAT and played varsity football and baseball. My parents wanted me to stay in state but with those solid credentials Princeton was off the table so the logical destination for me was Rutgers.

At our high school college fair the University of Pittsburgh had a table so I wandered over and was talking Steelers with them. Boy I loved Rod Woodson back then, 26 was my football number and I still wear it to this day on softball jerseys! They also started telling me about the campus and the city feel. Living in the shadow of NYC I always dreamed of living in the city and being able to watch the Steelers every week sounded awesome. Watching any team you wanted was not an option back then. That said Rutgers was going to be my choice but might as well apply to Pitt anyway and did so.

To add another layer, my high school girlfriend was a year older than I was and

Not Dan’s Girlfriend

currently a freshmen at the University of Delaware. She really wanted me to go there. It is actually a pretty great campus but at 17 years old it seemed like picking a school based on my girlfriend was a bad idea. Did I tell her that?

Heck no!  Instead I filled out the application. The last page said ESSAY (optional) so I opted NOT to write the essay figuring they would deem me lazy and reject me which would help me avoid an unpleasant conversation.

Winter 1991 arrived and my application letters came back. To my utter shock and dismay, I did not get into Rutgers. It surely worked out in the end but I have never really gotten over it as several of my lesser ranked classmates got in as did my youngest brother. I love my home state but I will always hate Rutgers for this rejection. I got into some smaller Jersey schools and Penn St accepted me with some you can go ton a branch campus for two years and then transfer to main campus that I never considered for a second.

Then Pitt’s letter arrived and I was accepted. It was at that point I started to get excited at the thought of attending Pitt so I scheduled a campus visit to actually see the place. The day we were leaving to visit Pitt a letter from Delaware arrived. Lo and behold despite my laziness it was an acceptance letter!!!!!

I went to see Pitt and fell in love with the campus, the city and the idea of being close to the Steelers. I even took a tour of Three Rivers Stadium that day. We just drove to the stadium in the winter, walked in the office and said we were Steeler fans from New Jersey and they took me out on the field and gave me some swag. It was amazing and my college choice was made.

I had one more piece of business to take care of, so I hopped in my 84 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme and drove down to Delaware to tell my girlfriend I was going to Pitt. Did I tell her Friday night when I got there? No… coward that I was I waited until Sunday morning before I had to drive back. It did not go great but we actually stayed together until Christmas break of my freshman year.

So I stepped on campus Fall of 91, my orientation roommate was future Pitt QB John Ryan. John RyanI graduated in 1995. The truth is while I was there it was a pretty dark time for Pitt athletics. No bowl games, one NCAA appearance which was a first round blow out loss to Keith Van Horn and Utah. That said it had no real impact on my time at the school, I loved everything about it and molded me into the person I am today. Not sure people should apply/pick a college based on what professional football team they like but I have no regrets.

After graduation I returned a few times for big games in the 90’s, I was at the last Pitt stadium game vs Notre Dame and the 12-0 Three Rivers game against Penn St. Being in a big crowd and seeing two big wins cemented that I would follow my school and my team for as long as I walk this Earth of ours.

Coming from a dark timeline of Pitt sports as a student my expectations to this day remain tempered but it also has meant that I have truly enjoyed Howland-Dixon hoops and recent football wins over Clemson and Penn St because I have seen what rock bottom looks like.

I transferred employment to Los Angeles in 2003 and have not been back to Pittsburgh since 12-0. I play softball every week with a Pitt hat on and most weekends you will catch me in a Pitt t-shirt. Every few weeks the hat or shirts inspire someone to strike up a conversation about Pitt and I love it. I have two young boys and “maybe” sadly for them they watch Pitt football and hoops with me every week and they too have shirts they proudly wear. Oh, and they also like the Steelers… 

I can’t wait to get a weekend picked out with both Pitt and the Steelers at home to take the trip back and show them around and watch my teams play live. In fact, it will 100% happen in 2019. (as I think Pitt football is going to have  a good year then 😊)

Dan family.jpg

How in God’s Creation Did You Become a Pitt Fan???

How in God’s Creation Did You Become a Pitt Fan???

Here is another “Bio” piece, this one by long time reader and frequent commenter “Pittman4ever” (Jim Gianoutsos).  I strongly urge all of you to take a moment to jot down your own earlier Pitt memories and I’ll post them then compile them into a set piece later. Add photos if you like – or I’ll add some visuals here and there – and send it to me as a Word attachment via email. But please chip in…

We all have our own story as to how in the world we became fanatic Pitt fans!!!  The following is my story and I look forward to hearing yours!

…..It all started in 1923 when an immigrant couple originally from a speck of an island in the Greek Isles gave birth to their third child, Nicholas James (my Dad). The Gianoutsos house (pronounced “Ja – new’- chess”) was on a large hill on upper 5th Avenue, known in that day as the “SoHo” section of Fifth Ave.  herronave_teenieharris

My father grew up within a walking distance of Oakland and Pitt Stadium back when the Panthers were the greatest college football team in the world, winning National Championships in 1929, 1931, 1934, 1936, and 1937 (not to mention 1915 & 1916). He used to tell me that when Marshall Goldberg was part of the famed “Pitt’s Dream Backfield” the Pitt Center would point to where the run play was going just to let the opposing team’s defense know – and they still couldn’t stop it!

He also shared the story when one Saturday the Panthers were playing a big game and to his chagrin, the game sold out early. No problem! He rounded up about a 100 guys who were also without tickets and they rushed the main gate, getting in with little resistance!

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POV Guest Article – “My 2 Cents”

POV Guest Article – “My 2 Cents”

Here is a piece sent to me the other day via email.  It is from our long-time reader but seldom commenter “EtnaPanther” (Mike Cvitkovic)


IMAG0684.jpgAs an infrequent poster (maybe two or three comments over the years) but an avid reader of all the articles and comments posted here on the POV I thought I would take a shot at writing a short article.  

Let’s start this with by stating that I am not a Pitt alumni nor is anyone else in my immediate family. My son-in-law graduated from Pitt but he started at PSU.  I think maybe that should count as ½ of a Pitt relative.

I began following Pitt football began back in the early 1960’s when my Dad would take me to Pitt Stadium to watch the Panthers play on Saturday afternoons.  I enjoyed the game for what it was – an afternoon watching two teams slug it out on the gridiron. We had some good teams and some good players and guess what?  Nobody gave a hoot about “stars” or “rankings” back then.  

Now we jump forward 50 years and fret over these recruiting websites grades assigned to the high school players.  I have read the blog posts and commenters discussing the merits and necessity of 4* & 5* players.  The analysis that has appeared here has been very insightful and in many cases well thought out. My only question to you readers is what are we hoping to accomplish if we sign a whole bunch of highly touted recruits?  

Does it insure success on the field? No, of course not.  But if it did, would we “feel” better if Pitt ended up 9-3 and played in a major bowl game? 

What I am trying to say is that I, like all Pitt fans, want the team to do well.  But for me that is not the bottom line. For me it is the complete game day experience. From what I read in the comments the Pitt POV tailgates are a good time.  Isn’t this why we go to the games… to enjoy our family and friends and to root the Panthers to a hopeful victory?

I feel that we sometimes take the success of the recruiting and on field results too personally as fans.  I am not saying you are wrong in feeling this way, but let’s be realistic here also. Do we really believe that Pitt will ever be a consistent major player again in the current college football universe?  I know myself that if will be more than happy with a conference title once in, say, every 10 years.

I know some of you are saying “screw that!”.  Well, we didn’t exactly tear up the Big East which was a more inferior conference to our current ACC.  Am I being too pessimistic? Maybe I am, but then again I will also still enjoy the other nine years of not winning the title.  Why? Because as I stated above – it’s not only about winning the games. 

Now here is where I get on my soapbox.  

Here in the off-season it’s fun to jab back and forth with each other about player ratings, coaches and expected results. I have read some very well thought out comments on the POV. What I dislike and disagree with is the sniping back and forth that sometimes borders on flat-out meanness.  To disagree with someone is OK, but it doesn’t need to become personal. What really upsets me is when the snarky comments are directed back to the owner of this website. Reed puts a lot of time and effort into this site and I really do appreciate his work.  

As my Dad would tell me, if you don’t like it, do it better yourself or shut up and don’t bitch.  Well, that’s the end of my “sermon” for today. We who read and participate on this blog are in our heart of hearts dedicated Pitt fans.


EtnaPanther (Mike Cvitkovic)