The Week in Review 2/23/2020

Monday, Feb 17th…

Our ACC champion Women’s Volleyball team continues to reel in the talent

Grade:  A

Not sports related per-se, but it was tweeted by a football coach.  Lets never forget our roots people.  Ain’t nothing like it in the world, and all Dairy Farmers and Hoopies are cowed when they walk through its doors.

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The Week In Review 2/16/2020

The Week In Review 2/16/2020

What a week.

I mean sure, it started off well enough.  Who doesn’t love a Pitt Stadium Billboard?

Just don’t go to the website…

Pitt Stadium .com

Too bad he spent all that money on the billboard.

Idea:  A

Execution:  F

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The Week in Review 2/9/2020

The Week in Review 2/9/2020

On Monday I expected this to be a slow week.

Men’s basketball got a little love in Mark Packer’s ACC Basketball power rankings.  He listed Pitt as sixth.

Grade:  B.  Pitt is knocking on the door of the top 1/3 of the conference just two years after going winless in the ACC.  That’s progress my friends.

…And Pitt football landed a commit.  It was later revealed that this commit was a 6’3″, four-star cornerback from Georgia.

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The Week in Review 1/26/2019

The Week in Review 1/26/2019

Monday, January 20th:  Literally nothing happened.  Grade:  Incomplete

Tuesday, January 21st:  Former Pitt Football Coach Todd Graham was named head coach at Hawaii.  Predictably this brought many a “I guess Penny has family in Honolulu” jokes forth from the Pitt faithful.  And those jokes were not unjustified.  It also brought forth this, which I personally happen to prefer:

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The Week in Review 1/19/2019

The Week in Review 1/19/2019


If you haven’t noticed I’ve not been posting much since football season.  There are many reasons, but the internet is no place to air your dirty laundry, and so I won’t.  (It’s not all that dirty, but still).

And there are so many things I’d like to write, if I could only muster the time…

Is Kenny Pickett really any good?

How would you rate the coaching staff?

Do we really have the horses to take the coastal next year?

What was your favorite team in Pitt history?

Are we going to do better in the director’s cup?

I heard there is a new on-campus stadium feasibility study in the works (kidding kidding).

Kidding aside, there will be plenty of time for all of that and more after basketball season is over and before spring football starts (and after its over).  In the meantime, expect to see the basketball open threads published on-schedule, and a weekly “Week in Review” column starting today.   If there is really big breaking news I’m also now on EJ’s PR list, so I’ll do my best to publish the Pitt SID’s press releases so you call can comment on those.

For the Week in Review pieces, I’ll be hanging a letter grade on each day, and also the week, just because I can.  As you might guess, “A” equals “Heck of a week for Pitt sports, and we should all [insert activity here] and sing the fight song”, while “F” equals “one of the worst Pitt sports weeks in recent memory, we should all [insert activity here] to make ourselves feel better.”

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