QB Corner – Previewing BC’s Dennis Grosel

QB Corner – Previewing BC’s Dennis Grosel

First, some good news.  Pitt wresting is ranked #10 in the country.  This is the first time they’ve cracked the top 10 since 2015.

Pitt moved into the top ten be defeating previous #7 Lehigh this past week:

And yet somehow, two ACC schools are in front of us.  One of them is the hated Virginia Tech.

Also, just as a reminder, Pitt Women’s volleyball won their third ACC championship this season.


So there is your feel good Pitt sports post of the week.  Wresting and Volleyball baby.  Hail to Pitt.

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QB Corner – Profiling Hendon Hooker

QB Corner – Profiling Hendon Hooker

First, some housekeeping.ย  It has been quite a last-few-days for Pitt sports.

  • Pitt’s women’s volleyball team locked up their their third ACC championship.ย  They play Florida State this weekend at the Pete.

  • Even though the wrestling team lost to Ohio State, they’ve moved up to #12 nationally.

  • Pitt Men’s soccer made the NCAA tournament for the first time in 25 years.ย  They’ll meet Lehigh in Pittsburgh on Thursday.

  • Jaylen Twyman was named ACC Defensive Lineman of the Week

  • Shocky Jaques Louis made the Pro Football Focus ACC team of the week (offense)

  • Deslin Alexandre and Damarri Mathis made the PFF ACC team of the week (defense)

…and to close it out, Kenny Pickett was named ACC Quarterback of the week

in part by making great throws like this one on third and 14:

I also want to take a second to congratulate Kenny.ย  He’s taken a fair amount of heat this season, both from me and from the Pitt fan base, and he’s fought through it.ย  He’s clearly shown the ability to take coaching and grow, and that is a credit to how he approaches the game.ย  As fans, we are depending on him to continue to grow, and we wish him nothing but continued success.ย  After all, we have a vested interest in how well he plays. Continue reading “QB Corner – Profiling Hendon Hooker”

QB Corner – Profiling UNC’s Sam Howell

QB Corner – Profiling UNC’s Sam Howell

UNC rolls into Pittsburgh this Thursday and true Freshman QB Sam Howell will be driving.ย  Howell has put together quite a season.ย  He’s thrown for 26 touchdowns against 5 INT’s and is ranked 26th in the NCAA with a 153.0 passer rating.ย  He’s also sporting a gaudy 14.2 Yards Per Completion.

We Pitt fans can only dream.

Sam Howell
Stats credit to Richard Hefner

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The QB Corner – Week 9

The QB Corner – Week 9

Stats compiled by Richard Hefner – aka Pitt-Cocks Fan

Article by Michaelangelo Monteleone

I’ll start this one with a disclaimer.ย  Kenny, if you a reading this, stop now.ย  You’re the best we’ve got and we are going to need you to carry us to eight wins this season. You’re resilient as hell and as tough as they come.ย  We may be critical of you at times, but we’re grateful for the wins you’ve provided and the wins you’ll provide, and we want to say thanks for grinding every day and leaving it all out there on the field.ย  We know you had a bad game last week, and we fully expect that you’ll bounce back against the Yellow Jackets. Hail to Pitt.

Now, for the fans and POV’erts out there, lets get down to an honest-to-goodness quarterback discussion.

As we’ve established in the post-Miami discourse, Kenny did not play very well on Saturday.ย  In fact, he had his worst game of the season.

Kenny Pickett 2019 Through Week 9
R. Hefner

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