Coronavirus Lockdown: What’s on the Twitter

Some filler content until I can get Richard’s recruiting article up this weekend.  Hope you all are staying safe and sane.

First and probably most important, Pitt’s wrestling singlet has made the Elite 8 in the Best Singlet Bracket

You can vote here.  We are up against Wyoming and if we don’t beat them Cowboys, well then you all aren’t worthy to call yourselves Pitt fans.  You have to vote for the entire bracket to get to Pitt, so get out there and vote, you POVerts.

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Coronavirus Lockdown: Pitt’s Greatest Hits volume 1

Coronavirus Lockdown:  Pitt’s Greatest Hits volume 1

Well the Coronavirus happened, and here we are. What better time to start running a greatest hits series on the Pitt POV. Lets get it kicked off with 13-9.  I’m open to suggestions on future content so email me at (Richard I have your recruting analysis teed up…never fear.)   I’ve copied and pasted the entire 13-9 article from SB below.  Since I’m a not-for-profit, I’m assuming this won’t get me thrown in jail, and if the cops show up, I’ll just cough.  Hail to PittMichaelangelo Monteleone

West Virginia vs. Pitt 2007: ‘We blew it against the s*****est f***ing team in the f***ing world’

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2020 Spring Practice Day 3

Sorry folks.  A day late on these.  Better late then never I suppose.

Pat Narduzzi

“You have six great plays but then you give up two big plays.  I don’t care how good you think you are, it doesn’t matter”

Randy Bates

“I started doing [pushups] the week after I was cleared from surgery, and that was 36 weeks ago, and every week I do one more, so I’m up to 36.  Reminds me of how far I’ve come”

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Spring Practice Starts Today

Spring Practice Starts Today

There was a time in my life when I would get excited for this.  Spring drills.  Maybe I am older now, wiser.  Maybe I’m just too busy with the responsibilities of adulthood.  Maybe I just don’t care.

There was a time when I would hang on every word from every practice report like it was the gospel truth, like it would provide some unanticipated insight into the upcoming season, or validate the opinions that I already had.

Of course practices were open then, but you still had to read between the lines.

Nowadays reading between the lines has become that much harder, and that much more important.  Pitt fans are fed a meager diet of 3-5 interviews per day, and the media gets a thirty minute media “viewing window” of non-contact drills.   All in the name of preserving a competitive advantage.

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