Virginia at Pitt Open Game Thread

Virginia at Pitt Open Game Thread

So first, in order to celebrate the impending kickoff, a bunch of POV’ers met up at a local area golf course yesterday.  After they quickly and easily dispatched an imposter’s best attempt to troll the group, a good time was clearly had by all.

And after the round it was rumored that this refrain could be heard echoing from the 19th hole:

Fight on for dear old Pittsburgh 
And for the glory of the game 
Show our worthy foe that the Panther’s on the go 
Pitt must win today! Rah! Rah! Rah! 
Cheer loyal sons of Pittsburgh 
Cheer on to victory and fame 
For the Blue and Gold shall conquer as of old 
So fight, Pitt, fight! 

Da da da da da-da Fight, Pitt, fight! 
Da da da da da-da Fight, Pitt, fight! 


Hail to Pitt, Hail to Pitt, every loyal son 
Hail to Pitt, Hail to Pitt, till the victory’s won 
The Gold and Blue shall wave forever 
On high thro’ fair and stormy weather 
We’ll sing her praises far and wide until the end of time 
Hoop hurray, Hoop hurray for dear old uni.. 
We’ll wave and cheer for many a year 
And sing her songs out loud and clear 
For our University.

POV Sunday Podcast; Rice 9/30/17

POV Sunday Podcast; Rice 9/30/17

Well, much better score than we had seen earlier – Pitt Chopsticks 42 – Rice – 10.  Here is the Team Rankings website I mentioned in the podcast.

After beating Rice 42-10 yesterday, Pittsburgh is now projected to finish the regular season 4-8 (2-6 ACC).

The odds that the Panthers end the season bowl eligible are up to 18%, an increase of 7% since yesterday.

We currently rank the Panthers as the #13 team in the ACC (and #76 team in the country).

Next game: Sat, Oct 7 at #64 Syracuse. Our power ratings give the Panthers a 34% chance to win.

Rice Box.png


And here is where we stand nationally after yesterday’s game...



POV: Pitt vs Georgia Tech Game Thread

POV: Pitt vs Georgia Tech Game Thread

Yes- that is our own Dr. T getting ready to kick some Yellow Jacket ass. Actually that is an almost perfect Southpaw boxing stance shown bu the Old Dentist.

OK guys and gals – here is the official POV Georgia Tech Game Thread.  Enjoy the game and take your blood pressure medications as needed.

I will ask you that if you haven’t made a formal prediction yet to to go back to the GT Predictions article and leave your predictions there so it is easier to figure out who had the most accurate one.

We need this one badly folks – I suppose we could look at our PSU and OSU’s losses and make excuses that they were Top 10 opponents, but no longer is that the case.  This is our first ACC match and we need  to come through with a win.

If we can’t do that then we at least have to play a decent enough game so that we can feel like we can win other ACC games on our schedule.  Let’s hope we pull it out and that every one of our Panthers come out of the game as healthy as they went into it.

HTP! and Bring Home a Win!!!