Why So !%?#^#?? Optimistic?

Note: Every so often we’ll have guest writers contribute some articles for a different Point of View toward the football program and the team. After all – we are called POV, right?  well, this is a good one from Dr. Tom Richards.

Well it finally happened.

Reed has decided to give me some extra rope. By that I mean,  he extended me the invitation to contribute an actual article for submission to the Pitt POV. Imagine that? He even gave me the subject he wanted me to expound on, that being last season’s abysmal  performance by our defensive secondary.

He also informed me that,  just like Jack Webb used to state on the old TV series Dragnet,  to give him the FACTS, just the facts, on why I’m expecting last year’s horrendous secondary performance to evaporate come 2017. No optimistic smoke & mirrors, just the hard facts, not even any alternative facts, just the hard ones.

But I know his true intentions, I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck ya know. He’s supplied just enough rope so that I can hang myself with it come about mid December, by then when we’re all bitching and moaning once again on why Pitt had such a sad repeat performance by our defensive secondary, keeping us from winning the ACC Coastal Crown yet again.

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Call Out the Damage Control Team!

Editor Note: Our great friend and long time commenter Eric Wassel (MissingWlat) send me this piece for you guys to discuss.  Even though I don’t really follow Pitt BB that much I watched part of the UL game to see if Pitt was as bad as UPitt thinks… well, we know the answer to that now don’t we?
Last week Reed sought out volunteers to pen a basketball article. At the time, in the midst of a four game losing streak, I thought that it would be a good time to assess where the primary blame lies. There are a couple of viable theories. Did Jamie Dixon leave the cupboard bare? hqdefaultIs Kevin Stallings just a poor basketball coach? Do the players lack heart or senior leadership?

Let me state for the record, that a week ago I was in the camp that Coach Dixon was primarily to blame for his lack of recruiting and for leaving the program without a center, a competent point guard, or any quality depth. However, after tonight’s embarrassing loss to the Louisville Cardinals (just for emphasis: Final Score: Louisville 106, Pitt 51. Second worst loss in school history),  I am reevaluating my position.

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POV: A Winning Season; A Lost Opportunity

Our sports historian friend John Baranowski has submitted this opinion piece on Pitt’s 2016 regular season for our reading enjoyment…

Pitt football fans will tell you that the 2016 season was a successful one, and in many ways it was. An optimist will also tell you that Notre Dame is the best 4-8 team in the country. However, the 2016 season for Pitt football, despite its apparent success, was also one of lost opportunity.

Pitt had their most prolific scoring season ever, scoring a school record 508 points which averages out to be a record 42.3 points per game. That equates to the 10th highest nationally in 2016. Yet in a season where Pitt beat two current top five teams and never scored fewer than 28 points in a game, we somehow managed to still lose four games and give up 427 points, the third most in school history with the Pinstripe Bowl yet to be played.

The 427 points surrendered is third highest in Pitt history behind only 1992 when 429 points were given up in that 3-9 season, and in 1996 when 430 points were allowed in a 4-7 year.

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