The Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl – UCLA vs PITT

In the 88’th edition of the Tony the Tiger “Sun Bowl”, (though I do not believe Kellogg’s has sponsored all 88 previous editions) matches up the College Football Playoff (CFP) 18’th ranked UCLA Bruins (9-3) and the unranked Pitt Panthers (8-4).

As usual, I am starting with each team’s 2022 regular season schedule. Since I had plenty of time, I have added opponents final regular season W/L record.

The Bruins OOC was not very brutal. No scheduled P5 with the one-point victory over the South Alabama Jaguars their most impressive opponent. The Jaguars were 5-7 in 2021. A nice but unknown turnaround.

UCLA played nine P5 teams (6-3) while Pitt played 10 (6-4). What is surprising is that while UCLA can score, they also give up a lot of points.

The rankings I use are NCAA stats through games of 11/26/2022. The individual stats are from ESPN and checked against NCAA numbers where possible.

As you are aware, I use color coding to identify certain activities. The charts below use “reddish pink” for TP entries, “green” for bowl game opt-outs and injuries, and yellow to identify defensive starters. Individual defensive players can (and do) have two colors.

On to the review starting with offensive NCAA stats:

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10 Bowls at the Same Time

10 Bowls at the Same Time

The ACC added a couple of extra bowls for 2020, which brings their total number of bowl tie-ins to 10.  One of the new bowls is in a desirable location, the other is in Boston.

The two new bowls are San Deigo’s Holiday Bowl and an an as-of-yet-unnamed bowl that will be played in Fenway Park.  (Insert joke about Boston playing second fiddle to NYC here.  The good folks in beantown are certainly not doing anything to dispel that image given that the Yankee Stadium Pinstripe Bowl has been around since 2010.)

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Narduzzi is Actually Better Than Dabo…Kind Of

Narduzzi is Actually Better Than Dabo…Kind Of

Signing day has come and gone, without the fanfare of yesteryear where expectant Pitt fans sat by the computer watching the commitments roll in.  The fan base has early signing day to thank for that, and this past Wednesday was a quiet one day because of it.

You could argue that the two biggest commits that Pitt trotted out for the media were new Offensive Coordinator Mark Whipple and new Wide Receivers Coach Chris Beatty. Both of the new coaches were at the LOI event on Wednesday, and both DiPaola and Batko have done a nice job of writing up the Whipple interview.

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 12.20.08 AM
A few POV’ers not interviewing Beatty or Whipple

One of the more interesting quotes to emerge Whipple was the “What’s it going to take to beat Clemson?” question that he asked the quarterbacks.  It is a question that is dripping with insinuation, especially during an offseason filled with so much angst and so much promise.

First, Whipple was insinuating that Narduzzi wants to beat Clemson.  Well the truth is that everybody wants to beat Clemson, but on the other hand, Pitt does not play Clemson in 2019.  So if we read between the lines, we can infer that Pat Narduzzi believes that the team can repeat as Coastal Division champions.   And why not?  The coastal is shaping up no better in 2019 than it was in 2018.  Here is a quick look at the teams: Continue reading “Narduzzi is Actually Better Than Dabo…Kind Of”