2022 WTE Production Lost – Virginia

Tony Elliott became HC of the Virginia Cavaliers on December 10’th 2021. He replaced Bronco Mendenhall who very unexpectedly resigned.

From the Deseret News :

 “I would love to say there’s been this buildup and a long amount of epiphanies and thought, but clearly this week, there was a sense of clarity to me that I needed to step back from college football and reassess, renew, reframe and reinvent — with my wife as a partner — our future and the next chapter of our lives,” 

I am happy for Bronco. I did the “reassess, renew, reframe and reinvent” twice in my life (but without a wife). After deliberation, I moved to Texas to become a rancher. Later, after my first wife died I did it again. I decided to retire early if I got remarried. I did and I did.

But this is not about me, it is a review of the Cavs 2022 season.

It was a bad year for Virginia. Not only on the football field but for an incident resulting in the death of two players and the wounding of a third.

On to the review starting with the 2022 and 2023 schedule:

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