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  1. Hope the 3’s and FTs are dropping….JeaninB has been watching and wanted to see a game live….making our first trip to a PITT BB game since I was in college….due to a lack of rooms available in the Towers, my 1st 2 freshmen weeks were spent in an old apartment on one of the side streets near Clapp Hall- ….6 of us shared the space me, Mark Riggle, Paul Zido Jim Bolla, Chris Jones and Billy “Mooney” Knight….

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      1. I know Wolfie…he probably doesn’t recognize (remember) me…I have packed a few pounds. Coming to the Syracuse game…Fran promised JeanieB and me a great time at the pre-game Hemingway’s gathering and told us to “come thirsty” whatever that means….. Fran says you usually pick up the tab???

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  2. Miami looked great last night dismantling Duke

    still hard to think we closed that game like we did

    I want to see a solid consistent 40 minutes and really would like to see more good minutes from Nick Santos, Nellie and the twins, but also Hinson whose been inconsistent

    can’t stumble at this point and I

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  3. Seems like we have been off for a long stretch. Hope they don’t come out cold. It can go two ways – rested and pumped up or cold and flat.

    Let’s play on fire!



  4. I agree with Dan from the previous thread that we should win tonight (I don’t worry about the spread), but the upcoming game against Fl State could be a trap. Tallahassee is not a friendly venue and we have too often witnessed our guys having a sudden letdown where the defense seems to disappear, and offense falls into a trash can. After the Seminoles we face BC, V Tech (possibly dangerous) and G Tech….a stretch of very winnable games. I believe that none of us on the POV would have predicted that at this point of the season WITHOUT DJ and Hugley that we would be thinking about our NCAA bracket position. Coaching and team character will be put on center stage…I don’t want to jinx us, but I think we have a strong chance to be a #7 or #8 seed.

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  5. After the Mich and WVU games, had you been told that one of the teams in tonight’s game would have a record of 3-20, which team would you have guessed?

    That said, I still expect a battle tonight.

    Go Pitt.

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  6. I expect a close game until halftime.
    Louisville IS improved but it’s the same players we beat by 20. Cannot lose this game or it’s NIT bound.

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  7. One correction to my statement
    Of same players for L Ville. They have a new 6’11” center named Okorafor from Africa. He joined them mid January. Had 8 pts 3 boards in his first game, not much in his last two.

    Id like to see Pitt get “Syracuse hot”and put this team away early!


  8. Comment from tonight’s ACC broadcast team calling the game against Louisville. Kind of puts everything in a nutshell.

    “… so much balance has come from the five TRANSFERS who have come in (to play for Pitt)…”

    You think you’re watching College Basketball. Think again!


    1. I still think I’m watching college basketball. Only this time anyone outside the Bluebloods can play the game. It was enough to make a lot of their ex-coaches cry babies…


  9. Pitt up by 20 to start the half and still playing tight defense. Even Dixon would be impressed. And of course still shooting lights out. We really owe L’Ville for past miseries too.


  10. Wake Forest the other ‘evil’ team per Nose picker frequent rules/child violate’r is about to be The U of No Classes. 79-68 with a minute to go.


    1. Miami HC pulled out a big wad of cash and flashed it at the camera after his canes crushed the dookies last night.

      That was his shout out to the nose picker…LOl

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      1. LOL….really I’m gonna have to go find a vid of that.
        Unbelievable when somebody at Syracuse of all places would talk about others
        violating the rules. Chuztpah up the wazoo or in his case…up the nose
        Only the NY media saved nose pickers bacon. ha


  11. Pitt tied for 1st with Clemson


    Only 7 more regular season games left and Pitt will be favored in at least 5 games.

    Go Pitt!


  12. L-ville like Thug U in football….need many more beatdowns to knock that arrogance completely out of them !!

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  13. Saw this posted on the Lair:

    Louisville coach Kenny Payne:
    “Guys, I’m just here to tell you that, probably the most complete, the toughest team that we’ve faced in this conference is Pittsburgh.”

    I like “toughest,” but “most complete” seems odd since we don’t have an offensive threat at center…

    Congrats to the Pitt men on the win and for continuing to work hard…. And for giving us such a surprisingly good and fun season!

    Go Pitt.

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  14. I have to say Coach Capel is sculpting a work of art…let’s hope he keeps it up. I think that perhaps the weight if being ‘Coach K’s potential successor’ is off his shoulders and he now realizes the Pitt is Truly It. IMO this is his best coaching job here at Pitt, if not overall.

    We were at the game and it was the most fun we have had in years. From start to finish. The players had fun, the coaches had fun, and the crowd had fun. The guy next to us said it was great to have a crowd that is actually interested in Pitt Basketball again.

    Tied for 1st in the ACC on Feb 8…who’da thunk it?


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    1. Could this turnaround have anything to do with Mike Tomlin and the Steelers?

      I hear that relationship is tight and Capel is a huge Steeler fan.

      Whatever is the reason, as a Pitt fan, I’m liking the turnaround.

      I saw a bracket prediction yesterday that had Pitt in the same regional as wvcc, VCU and Arizona was the #1 seed – Pitt was #9

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      1. Lunardi moved them up to an 8 seed yesterday evening vs. Michigan State I believe. Tough second game if they can get by whoever the #9 is, but if they win then it means Pitt gets the rest of the #1 seed’s path to the Final Four. I like their chances right now.

        Lots of interesting speculation re Capel – it’s nice to have it mostly positive these days. I can see Tomlin having a positive influence on Coach Capel.

        As you said, whatever the reason I’m liking it too.

        Dare I tempt fate and ask, could the next Golden Age of Pitt Athletics, not just BBall, finally be dawning in 2022/23?

        Fingers crossed.



    2. Tommymac I was wondering when you were coming back? 🙂 nuh, I knew you were still out there.

      PITT BB/ Capel is one of the stories of the year in college sports, imo. Nike’s embarrassing missed dunk and subsequent 3 pointer, sums up that story.

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      1. Hi Ike, great to hear from you, how are you and the family sir? Hope you are all hanging in there.

        I’ve never left, just lurking most of the time now days. Work schedule changed in 2020 – I work the weekend shift so we dropped our Football season tickets – no sense as I can’t take Saturday’s off. I’m also now officially a Senior and my wife and I are spending a lot of time traveling while still working a 40 hour week and while our health is still very good, so my focus has changed a lot over the past few years.

        It was surreal fun to experience that play in live and in real time – the steal, watching Nike put too much mustard on his hot dog, the crowd groans, then Hinson shovels him the rebound and NBN on the resulting 3 instead, and the crowd goes crazy…along with watching Coach Capel’s reaction on the sideline…that is when I started to realize that something is really different about this team, i.e. the relationship between players and coaches has jelled into something rare and unique in the world of sports: an entire Program in love. Just in time for Valentine’s day.

        Our guys literally toyed with Louisville the entire second half, it was like watching a cat bat around a rubber mouse. Hinson’s brilliant affect on the court – leading and ‘talking’ smack with his defense and timely shots, Sibonde’s (and the teams’) ‘En Fuego’ 3 point shooting performance, the The 4 pass Globetrotter style play that resulted in a slam, actually running a 3 man classic fast break to perfection just like in practice, the amazing performance of Federico and the Diaz ‘Twin Towers’ standing strong and fighting like wolves under the hoop…it was truly a watershed moment for the Program as a whole.

        IMHO, the 2017 totally embarrassing 55 point blowout loss to the Cardinals under ‘he who shall not be named’ is finally revenged. How sweet it is.



  15. I guess there is no problem now from most of our fan base on the extended contract Capel signed a couple of years back. I forgot does that contract not extend to 2027?


  16. The chemistry on this team is something special. The younger guys get better with every game. Especially Fede and the twins.

    Our seats are behind the Pitt bench and watching the guys interact off the court, during time outs, etc. it’s apparent that they are a TEAM. They revel in each other’s success.

    A joy to watch and a welcome change from the past several years.

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    1. never more apparent than in the Nate Santos first shot last night – sincere, utter joy and support all around rushing to him on the floor

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  17. Watched the post-game interviews with Coach Capel and the twins. The twins are cool. Jorge said playing with his brother was “very fun.”

    Coach said that the twins, Nate Santos and Federicko Federicko hang out together and call themselves “the quadruplets!” Good stuff.

    Go Pitt.


  18. When I think of super skinny Pitt basketball players, other than the twins, the one who always comes to mind for me is Kent Scott. Anybody remember him?

    Kent Scott was a superb shooting guard back in my days at Pitt. He was all elbows and knees – like the twins. He was like 6-3 and maybe 165 pounds.

    Kent Scott shot 50% from the floor in his 3-year Pitt career, averaging 16 points per game. Would have been much higher if he had had the 3-point line back then. He was an 80% free-throw shooter. Scott was a late-round NBA draft pick in 1972-ish…

    Go Pitt.


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