ACC Team Schedules – Pitt’s Current Scholarship Count

So far this offseason, I have been busy keeping track of the Transfer Portal, early NFL entries, other player movements, and setting up my Way to Early articles.

With the release of 2023 ACC schedules, I spent some transferring the individual team schedules into excel spreadsheet and tabs for later use.

With that done and waiting for the second TP period, I decided to consolidate and review individual ACC teams scheduling. I also decided to take a stab at Pitt’s current 2023 scholarship count.

First up is the ACC teams schedules.

I like to use color coding. It makes it easier to identify relevant info.

  • Gray – FCS opponents
  • Blue – Group of Five (G5) opponents
  • Red – Power Five (P5)
  • Yellow – BYE Week
  • Bold Dates – Non Saturday games

You may want to zoom out to make for an easier read of the following chart. There are some notes on the bottom right. The notes give some details.

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