It’s a Brave New World

“Actual happiness always looks pretty squalid in comparison with the overcompensations for misery. And, of course, stability isn’t nearly so spectacular as instability. And being contented has none of the glamour of a good fight against misfortune, none of the picturesqueness of a struggle with temptation, or a fatal overthrow by passion or doubt. Happiness is never grand.”
― Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

“But I don’t want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness. I want sin.”
― Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

Look, I don’t have time to write this. I’m in the middle of trying to manage a sales team which is the middle of an integration with another business, while helping out as much as I can with two kids at home and maintaining a 125 year old house.

Nonetheless, I think this is important to put this out there. And while many on here are “old school”, and “already donate” or “won’t ever donate”, the fact is that College Football is an arms race, and it’s evolving at a record pace. Pitt, as per my previous post, has done more with less recently, which is good. But…again, money talks. You want 4* recruits? Pay up.

So… if you are a person of means and wants to get involved, Pitt’s Athletic Department just showed you the way.

Way #1: Donate to Alliance 412

Way #2: Forge a direct connection with an athlete through the Pitt NIL exchange.

Way #3: Put $25,000 in unmarked bills in a black duffle bag and send it to Michaelangelo Monteleone, 4455 Academy St… (kidding kidding)

Here’s the full text of the email Pitt’s Athletic Department sent out today

Dear Panther Club Member,

This fall sports season ranks as one of the most remarkable in recent Pitt Athletics history. With a dramatic Sun Bowl victory, Final Fours in women’s volleyball and men’s soccer, and men’s basketball contending at the top of the ACC, Pitt Athletics truly is building champions and committed to excellence!

We closed 2022 with tremendous momentum and need your support to continue that energy into 2023 and beyond.

While giving to Pitt Athletics through the Panther Club is the most impactful way to enhance the experience for all Pitt student-athletes, recent changes to NCAA rules and Pennsylvania law now allow us to do even more to support our student-athletes’ Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) opportunities and build on the competitive success at Pitt. Here is where you can make an immediate impact for our student-athletes:

  • Alliance 412: Contribute to Pitt’s NIL collective where your support furthers the mission of connecting Pitt student-athletes with the community through NIL.
  • Pitt NIL Exchange: Pitt’s NIL marketplace where businesses and individuals directly connect with Pitt student-athletes and negotiate, contract and pay for NIL marketing opportunities.

Dramatic change continues to reshape college athletics and we want to be at the forefront, especially when it comes to NIL opportunities for our Pitt student-athletes. Click on the video above to hear more about the importance of NIL and how you can help our student-athletes. For more information on Pitt’s NIL program, please click here

Your passionate commitment helped Pitt Athletics close 2022 with stirring victories and historic achievements. Your support of Pitt student-athletes’ NIL opportunities will ensure many more great moments for our Panthers in 2023!

Hail to Pitt!

Heather Lyke

Director of Athletics 

16 thoughts on “It’s a Brave New World

  1. The rich will get richer. I needed to watch one play of the national championship game to know TCU was going to get crushed. It was the first time Georgia had the ball and broke huddle. Seeing the GA offensive line towering over the undersized TCU D line and linebackers. I have never seen a OL so huge and athletic in college ball. Super athletic. It was like watching a varsity high school team against a peewee league. I think Pitt would have done much better. It was a terrible match up. TCU is built for the pass happy Big12.

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  2. Davis went from 1st string a year ago to 4th string this year, surprised he stayed this long. A really good Pitt Guy, hope he finds a place to start.

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  3. FYI Jordan Bass incoming Pitt freshman voted to 1st team Virginia on both offense and defense. Maybe we will actually see a few freshman play more than 4 games come the 23 season. Bass sounds like he could be a candidate for that group.

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  4. Pitt could apply to FEMA for disaster relief…would have a slam dunk it they would have applied during the Cyanide Steve or Barnes years.


  5. MM – You sly devil. Couldn’t help but reward your efforts by making a contribution. Pretty painless and I indicated I heard abou the 412 Alliance through Pitt POV. Who knows mayber HCPN will give you, Rich, or Reed an interview.

    Good luck with your integration.

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  6. The world win spin and burn out before I take even one dollar from my annual allocated donation funds (a 10% non-religious tithe like amount) and use it to pay these students who are getting so much more in free subsidies and stipends from Pitt already.

    This isn’t even a concept which provides basic human needs to those in actual need. It is a vainglorious act to make the sports members get even more money than they deserve!

    Sorry but I’ll use my hard earned money to help those who struggle in the lower two of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs:

    Physiological needs: The first of the id-driven lower needs on Maslow’s hierarchy are physiological needs. These most basic human survival needs include food and water, sufficient rest, clothing and shelter, overall health, and reproduction. Maslow states that these basic physiological needs must be addressed before humans move on to the next level of fulfillment.
    Safety needs: Next among the lower-level needs is safety. Safety needs include protection from violence and theft, emotional stability and well-being, health security, and financial security.

    These are real issues we have in the USA today – not so a school can buy pampered players who can score a couple of TDs or a few more tackles then the other spoiled brat.


    1. In truth – this should have been the article. Imagine if college sports were pure and all that NIL (and under that table money before it) went to helping others.

      The world would be a better place. Sadly, it’s not the one we live in.

      You’re a class act Reed, all the way.


  7. Big game tonight in a tough venue…Cameron is loud and the Dookies student section is a close second to the Zoo’s intensity. No prediction from me on this one, but I think we will play tough and give The Blue Devils a rough time. H2P!

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  8. What will this do to teams. In the NFL quarterback’s make tens of millions but linemen make millions. However, the linemen know they would not be making that sort of money in the real world. In college, quarterback makes money, linemen nothing. Will human nature kick-in?


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