The Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl – UCLA vs PITT

In the 88’th edition of the Tony the Tiger “Sun Bowl”, (though I do not believe Kellogg’s has sponsored all 88 previous editions) matches up the College Football Playoff (CFP) 18’th ranked UCLA Bruins (9-3) and the unranked Pitt Panthers (8-4).

As usual, I am starting with each team’s 2022 regular season schedule. Since I had plenty of time, I have added opponents final regular season W/L record.

The Bruins OOC was not very brutal. No scheduled P5 with the one-point victory over the South Alabama Jaguars their most impressive opponent. The Jaguars were 5-7 in 2021. A nice but unknown turnaround.

UCLA played nine P5 teams (6-3) while Pitt played 10 (6-4). What is surprising is that while UCLA can score, they also give up a lot of points.

The rankings I use are NCAA stats through games of 11/26/2022. The individual stats are from ESPN and checked against NCAA numbers where possible.

As you are aware, I use color coding to identify certain activities. The charts below use “reddish pink” for TP entries, “green” for bowl game opt-outs and injuries, and yellow to identify defensive starters. Individual defensive players can (and do) have two colors.

On to the review starting with offensive NCAA stats:

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