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  1. Mike Farrell sums it up. We’re stuck with this clown.
    — And speaking of Cignetti Jr. I’ll admit I’m not a fan. His offense is too run heavy and too predictable and it’s a frustration I’ve seen from fan bases dating back to a 3-9 UNC team in 2006. And it makes it hard to recruit skill position players and quarterbacks as we’ve seen. It will open up a bit more with Jurkovec, but it’s frustrating for any fan base to watch.


  2. ajs32 – sorry about the delay – your latest comments were held as ‘spam’ by WordPress so I approved them and they have posted.

    Because asj32 had a nice comment and it wasn’t read I’ll repeat it here:

    “I have the Cathedral of Learning tattooed on my right arm and pretty much the only sports I follow and follow religiously for that matter are Pitt football and baseball.

    Before you knock Phil Jurkovec for not choosing Pitt twice, consider this: I have a five year old son. Let’s pretend he is the next Joe Montana which chances are he is not lol…mom doesn’t even want him playing football. I love Pitt with all of my heart and soul, but I would not want my son to play for Pitt if there were better options. What do I mean?

    -no one in the Allegheny County except for about 5,000 diehards care about Pitt football
    -our academic ranking was consistently slipping for a number of years until it got back to the 60’s two years ago but some superior academic institutions have D1 football programs like Stanford, USC, ND, BC, UVA, Vandy, Florida…regular middle class people cannot afford to send their kids to places like Stanford, USC, Vandy, UVA, ND, and BC so if you can go on a scholarship, you have to go, imagine the networking and career options available
    -most recruits like Phil have no personal/family connection to Pitt which was a big reason why I wanted to go… I had those connections so the place was meaningful to me

    I find it funny that many on here are so upset that a four/five star recruit spurned Pitt twice in the past and is now coming because his stock is not as high. That’s what we are ladies and gents…middle of the road, way better than many schools, but not elite. Kenny Minchey figured that out before he even played a game.”

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  3. “no one in the Allegheny County except for about 5,000 diehards care about Pitt football”
    Not true.

    I could care less if Jurkovec didn’t come to Pitt twice previously. I want him to improve the offense. It will be slightly, if any because the OC stinks.


  4. Just had an interesting conversation about Slovis going to portal…apparently the players lined up to hold the door open for him (not literally). Aloof and condescending were two words applied…


    1. Reed you could tell at the games.
      He walked to the sideline alone and sat alone.
      It was clear he was not liked by his teammates.


    2. Slovis won seven games as a starter, which is no easy task at Pitt. I appreciate his efforts and a split seemed like it was best for both parties. Too bad his blockers let him down versus Tennessee because who knows how the season unfolds without a concussion.

      He certainly was slinging it those first six quarters of the season.


    3. I was blasted to some extent on this site as well as on the Lair for the mere suggestion the players were not too enamored with Slovis. And I stand by my comment that the big C captain title was really what Narduzzi wanted and the players simply went along at the HC’s urging.


  5. Our height advantage is enormous and we are shooting from out beyond Arkansas….Hugely flat footed and Frederick shoots bricks from under the basket.


  6. Hopefully Burton isn’t hurt bad…..or write off the season. Without him this team is dreadful.


  7. Maybe the worst first half in the history of Pitt Basketball. We’re 6-11 and 7 feet underneath and getting our hustled and outrebounded. Disgraceful!


  8. Would have had a larger crowd had Pitt scheduled Sacred Heart HS.
    Wouldn’t have to worry about losing either. lol


  9. At least Hugely has a couple rebounds this game. Takes playing against a team that has lost to something called NJIT & UMass-Lowell twice. As well as by 40 against Rutgers.


  10. This score is NUTZ but about 5 days ago the goofiest score that I have seen this year was:

    Canes 107. Cornell 105. ????? Whoa Nellie!


  11. Hughley is simply not good this year and, worse, doesn’t seem to even care…..

    FF playing so well there is no reason to not start him moving forward.

    You listening, Jeff?


  12. Well Houston didn’t stay Number 1 very long…. Number 8 Alabama (Nate Oats) beats em in Houston. That’s where Pitt really blew it….not luring Nate Oats to Pitt.
    Here we are still fooling around with Capel & Clowns in year 5 & no end in sight.


  13. Truly amazing, on the ESPN NCCAM home page….the 2nd headline story is :
    Pitt guard pleads guilty to misdemeanor charges.
    Now if Pitt was a Top 10 team and this guard was a contributing factor it might be
    worthy of being Headline news.
    But Pitt hasn’t been relevant in NCAAM for 10 years and this guard never played 1 minute
    for Pitt. Proving my name even more so.


  14. Just got back from the hoop game..
    Had more fun at Hemingways with Wolfe.
    Good to see Gordon in the very small crowd.
    Spotted 2 celebs…Wolfe’s golf buddy, The dear Sally Wiggin and the new QB recruit Ty Diffenbach.

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  15. Well we did have four guys in double figures without Burton and for all intents and purposes Hugley. Defense was non-existent in the first half and SHU had a few decent athletes.


  16. UW great comeback to win. Smreck is like two people at the net.. a basketball center for sure ..huge wingspan…..put her on a runway and she could take off.


  17. This Wisconsin team is amazing. To the eyes of this fairly novice volleyball fan, Pitt is playing really well. But the team that they are playing is a different type of animal.


  18. If anyone else can’t access the video broadcast like me, I found audio coverage of the Volleyball match through Wisconsin Volleyball website.


  19. Boy would it ever be fun to hear the late great Roger Houston call out the name of Federiko Federiko. It looks like he could develop into a really good one. The Graham-Diaz brothers too but with a lot more work to do. Strength training a must. Man I wish I could still eat like a teenager. Really tired of all of thes salads.

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  20. So Addison’s QB won the Heisman, if Addison stayed at Pitt he might have been a Heisman Candidate himself, damn NIL.


  21. Addison said he waited until after spring practices to see the new offense and QB … Addison saw things in March that we saw in Sept, Oct and Nov … his decision makes a lot of sense in hindsight. Yes, he would have been a focal point but I don’t think he fixes a lot of the problems with Slovis. Impressively, I saw a stat after being sacked 7 times the first two games Slovis was only sacked 8 times the next 8 games. I know it was run heavy but that’s a big and impressive turnaround for the OL.

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    1. I think a guy that can get wide open much of the time would have helped Slovis immensely.
      Then the check down would have been to Wayne. Would have made a huge difference.

      How many times did KP throw to a wide open Addison?

      Obviously starting against WV and Tennessee didn’t help the O-line or Slovis.


      1. The situation with Addison is unique. He’s pro ready but not able to go pro. Pitt was not going to be a playoff contender with him. Maybe coastal contender but Addison doesn’t make this team undefeated.

        Addison does not need Pitt to make him draftable. He’s already a high draft pick whether he comes back to Pitt or not.

        With that context why come back to Pitt? He’s going pro after one more season. USC was predicted and did compete for a playoff birth this season. They didn’t get it but they were in the hunt. Add in the money and it was a no-brainer.

        If you take the emotions out of Addison’s decision it makes all the sense in the world. He didn’t hurt his draft stock. He made millions. His team was in the national spotlight until the final week of the season.

        He got hurt but avoided major injury and he could have gotten injured anywhere.

        I know people don’t like his move, how he did it, or USC’s involvement in making it happen but I see a kid who took his time and made an educated decision that was in his best interest.

        He watched spring practice. He saw and got to meet his future QB and OC and he was not impressed.

        In sports, you have to get your money while you can. You’re one injury away from working a 9-5 like most of the student population.


        1. Agree except I think the 3 mil had a lot more to do with it than Cig and Slovis.

          At Pitt he would have been the Star at USC he was one of many.

          No doubt he made the right decision for himself, a once in a lifetime chance to cash in, he would have been a moron not to take the deal. Just too bad how it worked out for Pitt especially for Slovis.


          1. But he was already a star. He wasn’t one of many. It was Caleb and him. The money definitely was a big part of the decision but USC’s potential sure helped tip the scales even more that way. My bigger point is returning to Pitt wasn’t going to help his draft position. To that point neither was USC. So if you have you have one more season left, take the money and go play for the more high profile team. I totally get it.


            1. Check out the receiving stats, deep group, plus the rushing, well balanced offense, yet they got crushed by Utah.


              1. Yes, but the two stars everyone talked about were Caleb and Addison. They definitely had fire power and some great players but it was the Caleb and Addison show from a marketability standpoint.

                USC collapsed against Utah when Caleb got hurt and took away his rushing ability.
                Addison missed a big chunk of the season with an injury and was still working his way back at that point.

                USC with Caleb and Lincoln was a no brainer when looking at Pitt from a national stage to compensation potential to national relevance and a potential playoff birth. USC was one half away from going to the Playoff.

                Pitt with Addison was not going to be in the Playoff discussion. Addison had nothing to gain coming back to Pitt but could keep more relevance going to USC. Especially, considering he likely would have preferred to go pro.

                Crappy situation but I’d probably advise my kid to do the same thing Addison did. What school puts you in the best position for a pro career while also protecting you the most in the event you cannot go pro due to injury?

                I think USC wins that argument pretty clearly. Sucks for us but that’s the reality of the situation.

                I do think that overall the portal will be very good for Pitt. Much better than recruiting. We’re not a sexy school for recruits but we kind of have some game for borderline NFL transfers looking to get to the dance.

                Pitt may not dominate the early rounds of the draft but they could dominate the middle rounds. Give me a team full of mid-round NFL guys with several years of experience all day long. If you can’t win the recruiting game you can win the veteran game. The portal gives Pitt that shot so we’re not always trying to find that diamond in the rough. Diamonds in the rough will be searching Pitt out.

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  22. Morgan in the portal per PSN…stating he wants to let younger guys play at Pitt but then adds he doesn’t want to play against rpo offenses.
    He prefers straight drop back passing teams so he can showcase his ability to rush the passer.
    Curious how all this plays out.
    Are there leagues that don’t have many rpo offenses…ironic if he plays AGAINST Pitt down the line.


  23. Moving this comment to this thread (with some edits) …

    Bowl games are dumb. They don’t mean anything and will become even more dumb and pointless with the expanded playoff.

    Nobody likes to lose anything and it’s nice to have some extra football. I’ll watch but I won’t care if they lose. I mean, I hope they win but a loss will have no affect on me.

    Just like last season.

    It’s an exhibition game played several weeks after the season ended with an incomplete roster and often times interim coaches. It doesn’t mean anything to anyone except folks nostalgic for a bygone era. Coaches and players with coach and play to win but it won’t be with the same vested interest as an in-season game.

    Speaking of bygone era … recruiting and recruiting rankings are dying also dying. The portal era is becoming much more important.

    1-Elite recruiting schools are still benefiting from recruiting … let them invest in, set the foundation, and train future transfers
    2-Recruiting is great for depth. Development projects provide great second and third line depth with a smaller risk of transferring since they were never expected to be immediate impact players
    3-Bring in portal help for immediate starter needs and have them backed up by recruits who can develop into starters in years 3, 4, and 5.

    I, personally, love the portal era. Colleges are shady and they sell these kids out of high school on stuff that doesn’t match the reality of when they set foot on campus. After seeing what they’ve gotten themselves into, and with some understanding of how the system works, they can then make more educated choices for themselves. I hate when people try to use the loyalty argument with this. Loyalty to the kids doesn’t exist so expecting them to have loyalty to the school is just absurd to me.

    When reality meets expectations … those kids are not transferring. Sometimes to win kids in the first place, you have to bend expectations to get them signed … now, however, the kids can level set and leave the next season when they see the cupboard wasn’t as full as they were expecting when they signed.

    What hurts Pitt in recruiting is a positive with transfers. Pitt is not this big glamorous football factory of a school but we do put players in the NFL.

    A bigger percentage of kids then there should be think they are future NFL prospects right out of High School. Hey, dream big. I’m all for it. It’s just not reality.

    Once these kids get on campus and start competing and start to understand the reality of the situation … that’s when Pitt becomes attractive.

    Hey, Pitt is the only ACC team with 3 first team starters on the ALL ACC team.

    Hey, Pitt is only one of a few schools with two first team all Americans.

    Hey, Pitt has some of the most hall of famers in NFL history.

    Hey, Pitt has a bunch of perennial pro bowl players.

    Hey, Pitt does a good job getting you ready and putting you in position to play in the NFL regardless of where you get drafted.

    High school kids don’t see that. Portal transfers making business decisions do. Some will chase the money while they can … others will chase a professional career. Pitt will do better with the latter than the former. And that’s okay. Both groups of kids are doing what they think is in their best interest. Sometimes it won’t be. That’s the risk of these types of decisions.

    How many schools start recruited QB’s anymore? I’d be willing to bet the portal transfers are the majority now or are at least trending that way.

    I’d much rather get a kid out of the portal than hope you can develop a kid. Losing Minchey sucked (but only a little) … I’d take Jurk over Minchey 10/10 times if that was choice presented to me. I would have said the same thing for Slovis as well.

    Minchey … meet Jurk … he spurned us for ND, too … but, you can come back when you’re ready … and when we actually need you.

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    1. Great post, it is a new world. I think you still need a base of freshmen recruits. Capel seems to have figured it out at least on the portal-recruit mix.
      Everyone is a free agent all the time. Kids will get screwed when the coach brings in someone to play in front of them and coaches get screwed when they train a guy up and he leaves to star somewhere else.
      That’s the way it is.

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      1. You definitely need recruits but for Pitt stars won’t matter. You can make up with the stars via the portal. Stars generally just indicate how immediate an impact a player can be. Use the portal for immediate needs and recruits for depth.


  24. Morgan deciding to enter the TP makes me wonder if Haba has decided to stay? At DE no question but Hayes is looking for playing time as are Brima (RJr), Johnson (RFr), Okunlola (Fr), and Scott (Fr).

    The DE room is full so can’t help but wonder if Morgan’s decision was mutual. Either way wish the young man nothing but the best as he’s been a damn good player for several years.


  25. Pitt wrestling barley managed to win today against The Columbia Lions 19-18. The same Columbia team was pounded by both Ohio State and Michigan by 20+ point margins….we are a work in progress once again.


  26. nobody said it but what does it say about Duzz if he’s so committed to Slowvis throughout yet the team/players were NOT

    Duzz blind to arrogance/self?

    any team plays better for a leader they love even if less talented >>> see Wash Commanders with Heinecke v Wentz


      1. of course, he was committed to Slow the whole year and I think the message should always be THAT with your QB and team until you make the change

        I bet Duzz thinks he’d want Slow back over the unknown(Jurk or portal) or the known(Patti. Yarn) alternatives

        I was more just throwing out the thought IF the team wasn’t behind SLow and frankly I have no idea, then Duzz was having to deal with that and a message of 100% support probably is needed


    1. Got to hand it to Duzz, come hell or highwater he stood by 3 inconsistent punters and 1 inconsistent QB the whole season.


  27. Here’s a quick example of how Pitt doesn’t go out of its way to make itself look good or make people feel good.

    I teach 8th grade at a low income Title 1 School in Lebanon, PA about 20 min away from Hershey. Being a Pitt alum and missing home, I talk about Pitt quite a bit to my students and use colleges to help teach about geography because many students are obsessed with college basketball. I have turned many of my students into Pitt fans in PSU country despite the fact our basketball team is what it is.

    Two weeks ago, some students asked if we could email Pitt and see if they could send us either a basketball or football jersey to hang in our classroom…maybe they could even send us some pens and notebooks with the Pitt logo on it….their eyes lit up like Christmas morning and I was impressed with their initative. I emailed EJ Bourgehetti who quickly got back to me and he was very, very nice. He read my long winded email, complimented my teaching style and my students, and said he would let other people know about our request who could fulfill it.

    A few days later, someone else received our request and emailed me stating all that Pitt has to give PA students are a few team posters…not even pens or notebooks. (I didn’t have my hopes up for a jersey but I’m sure the athletic dept could afford to part with one lol.) Additionally, I would have to drive over 3 and half hours to the Pete to pick the posters up…too cheap to ship anything out I guess. I have not yet told my students and am will most likely just buy some Pitt pens and notebooks to give to them so they don’t feel let down but at the end of the day, I feel let down. H2P

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    1. That’s terrible. Who was the second email from? An assistant to a Junior Associate Intern in the Athletic Department Customer Service department.

      Post the email response with the person’s name so we can all send them a response. That is the only way they will get the message and feel a response from the Pitt diehards on the POV.


      1. I don’t want to call anyone out individually so I will not share the second email, but I just want everyone to be aware that this is basically the marketing/community involvement response that you get for a very basic, simple request from Pitt. When Pitt people wonder why no one attends games, wears our gear, or why kids with no connection to our university don’t see a reason to attend either for academics or sports, this response kind of says it all.

        Over 14 years of teaching, I’ve contacted huge corporations in downtown Pittsburgh when I taught on Penn Ave. and I’ve contacted many mom and pop businesses around the state to ask if my students could get tours, see a seminar, ect… and almost without exception the private sector is very eager to help teachers and enrich the experience of students. I would have thought that a learning institution would have acted in the same way.

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    2. stupid, would be inexpensive seeding

      we did the Pitt tour with our HS kids when they were considering applying and at least they had a cheap pen we got that lasted for a few days of actual writing use 🙂

      they probably pay 20 cents for them to be made


  28. Your post says it all…Pitt just can’t get it right when it comes to marketing. The non-caring bureaucratic red tape (no Politics please) is a prime example of why PSUX is EVERYWHERE…and I mean EVERYWHERE! What could it have cost the athletic department to send some T Shirts or tchotchkes that are always on sale that have the Pitt name or logo that nobody cares to buy?….check the sale section of our store websites….SHAME ON PITT!

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  29. I will gurantee that after Christmas there will be sales on Pitt websites offering Pirr merchandise at very low prices. Your post has me steamed and there is NO EXCUSE for such a non-caring response.>>>>>and you were required to drive to the BURG!! I would FIRE whomever came up with the answer to your effort to promote Pitt in the Heart of PSUX Country. I do not know Borghetti, however, he is a 1000% Pitt man and he should be made aware of the STUPIDITY of the answer you received.

    When The Pitt Blather was alive I remember suggesting that it would be an excellent project to have the marketing department in The Katz B School develop a student study of how to improve Pitt’s image…in the real world image building is worth hundreds of millions $$…and Pitt sure needs help!

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    1. Problem w Pitt is they farm out their Marketing so its not done by Pitt folks, another haunting decision (like farming out ticket buying) by Steve “Pittsburgh” Pederson!


      1. Also, they farmed out printing of programs. Have you all enjoyed the fancy game day programs?
        Another SP decision. But Pitt and Heather are now responsible for the continuation of these travesties. Cheap, insensitive and stupid is no way to go thru life Pitt!!!

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  30. I finally found the article and quote about Paul Chryst’s departure. He was more of a coward than Graham.

    From an article about Artie Rowell…

    But what about the way Graham left? I wondered whether there was a big difference between his departure and that of Paul Chryst (he came next, after Keith Patterson coached a Compass Bowl; email me if you’d like the pie chart).

    “I’ll be completely honest about this: Coach Chryst never called me, and Coach Chryst did not have a team meeting where he said he was leaving, and Coach Chryst never texted us (as a team),” Rowell said. “Coach Graham texted us.”


    So let’s stop acting like Chryst was a stand up guy. He wasn’t.


    1. Chryst wasn’t close to being the saint and QB Guru that he was cracked up to be. His discipline was at times handled bizarrely. Stringing along Graham’s recruits was another poor look. Yeah, string them along instead of giving them time to find a new school before signing day.

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    2. I’ve been saying this for years. I hate that fat jerk….especially for what he did raiding the coaching staff and pulling them all out long before the bowl game.

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  31. ​​ ​

    December 12, 2022​

    Pitt’s Kancey and Abanikanda Named Associated Press All-Americans

    PITTSBURGH—Pitt defensive tackle Calijah Kancey and running back Israel Abanikanda have been named to the Associated Press All-America Football Team, the news agency announced this afternoon.

    Kancey was honored on the first team, while Abanikanda was a third-team selection.

    For Kancey (Miami, Fla./Miami Northwestern), it is his third first-team All-America honor from an NCAA-recognized selector. He previously was recognized by the Walter Camp Football Foundation and Football Writers Association of America (FWAA).

    The 6-foot, 280-pound junior compiled 31 tackles, 14.5 tackles for loss and 7.5 sacks in 11 games played this season. His average of 1.32 TFLs per game ranks 16th nationally and first among the nation’s interior defenders.

    Kancey’s additional postseason honors include being named the ACC Defensive Player of the Year and College Football Network’s National Defensive Tackle of the Year.

    Abanikanda (Brooklyn, N.Y./Abraham Lincoln) rushed for 1,431 yards and 20 touchdowns on 239 carries (6.0 avg.) over 11 contests. He leads the country in rushing touchdowns, total TDs (21) and scoring (11.6 points per game).

    The junior speedster additionally ranks second nationally in all-purpose yards (164.09 avg.) and seventh in rushing (130.1 avg.). Abanikanda previously was named a first team All-American by CBS Sports.

    Associated Press is one of the five teams used in the NCAA’s selection of an annual college football consensus All-America team. The other four are Walter Camp, FWAA, Sporting News (announced Dec. 13) and American Football Coaches Association (announced Dec. 14).


    Associated Press All-American (first team)

    Football Writers Association of America All-American (first team)

    Walter Camp All-American (first team)

    CBS Sports All-American (first team)

    Pro Football Focus All-American (first team)

    College Football Network National Defensive Tackle of the Year

    ACC Defensive Player of the Year

    First Team All-ACC

    Bronko Nagurski Trophy Finalist (National Defensive Player of the Year)

    Outland Trophy Finalist (Nation’s Best Interior Lineman)


    CBS Sports All-American (first team)

    Football Writers Association of America All-American (second team)

    Associated Press All-American (third team)

    First Team All-ACC

    Doak Walker Award Semifinalist (Nation’s Top Running Back)

    Maxwell Award Semifinalist (National Player of the Year)

    Walter Camp Award Semifinalist (National Player of the Year)

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  32. Chryst was trash and a stooge. He was a plant by Barry Alvarez who had Pitt booster connections from his western PA roots. SP, in a bold hiring decision, was about to hire Cristobal but Barry got the boosters riled up so that Pitt could give Chryst head coaching experience. Barry was cheap and knew that he would need Chryst sooner than later.

    Chryst came in and over-gutted the program. Yes, some bad seeds had to go but not nearly to the extent that Chryst had purged the program. Chryst gets undue credit for stabilizing Pitt but Pitt only needed stabilized because of the hack job he did to the roster.

    I still don’t get the love some people give that man. Pitt fans hate the idea of us being a stepping stone school but Chryst was the ultimate stepping stone hire. And what’s hilarious, is like any good conman the exit stage left was pulled off because gullible Pitt fans and media rationalized that anyone would leave for their alma matter. Especially someone was beloved as Chrys up in Wisconsin … BUT, that was the plan all along.

    Let’s plant this fool in Pittsburgh for a couple season and then bring him back to Wisconsin. Everyone will forgive him because it’s his real dream job unlike Fraud Graham always getting his dream job.

    And then people wanted Rudolph promoted … and he almost was. Lol. Duzz has his flaws. And Duzz was given way too much time to right Pitt’s ship but Pitt is in the best position for sustained success than it has been in a really long time.

    Now, can Pitt ever top 2021 under Duzz? Probably not. But, from a depth and program perspective, Pitt would be a very attractive coaching destination.

    Regarding stepping stone jobs … I don’t mind if Pitt is one. But, Chryst pulling wool over everyones eyes to take the next step was unacceptable and a well played long con.

    Why’d you have to trigger me by bringing up that phony? Lol.


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    1. What a disaster if Rudolph would’ve been hired. If he never landed a head coaching job due to the Houston bowl debacle, then he got what he deserved.

      Two pass plays that fell incomplete when he could’ve taken two knees before kicking the FG to go up 34-13 would’ve been better than stopping the clock by throwing on second and third down.


      1. Never, ever forget Houston. That day is engrained into my brain unfortunately.

        Connor and Boyd both played in that bowl game too.


  33. Regarding Kenny, a concussion and concussion protocol are two different things. The Steelers are hopefully (likely?) just being cautious. Maybe because of new league mandates or just because he’s their franchise QB. Before getting too concerned about his propensity for concussions (which is understandable), I’ll be cautiously optimistic it’s the team erring on the side of caution vs. a repetitive injury that is cause for longterm health concerns.

    Admittedly, just my gut talking. Two actual concussions this close to each other is certainly alarming if that is the case. I just have my doubts.


      1. Haha. I just don’t get the love. It’s the one reason I have some sympathy for the Duzz haters. I just didn’t incessantly complain about Chryst. I gave it a test some days. Haha. What he did to that Pitt roster was unforgivable. Just absolutely gutted a roster with the most talent and highest stars in decades. All in the name of rooting out bad seeds. Yes. Pitt had some bad apples taht and to go. Emphasis on some … not all! And then he gets props for stability. What stability? Lol. 6 wins. 6 wins. 6 wins. That’s the mark of the devil not stability.


    1. I know of three NFL QBs that left games yesterday with concussion symptoms. I know this will not be popular here, but the NFL needs to do more to protect QBs. Frankly, the tackle on KP was the same tackle that drew a penalty on a hit to Tom Brady. Which drew many “put a skirt on them” and “they know what they are signing up for” comments from the fans. Quinn didn’t just tackle KP. He grabbed KP from behind, turned him around, and slammed him to the ground back first with no chance to break his fall. The fact is, the QB is in a more vulnerable position than other players on offense. You can do surgery on an ACL, put a cast on a broken bone, but you can’t repair a damaged brain. There is already a penalty to deal with this type of hit, it’s called unnecessary roughness. The NFL needs to start enforcing this penalty for all players on the field. Something like the flagrant foul in basketball. It’s about protecting the players. They are not gladiators, they are football players.


      1. I 100% think they should be taken seriously. I just doubt every “concussion protocol” is a concussion. Sometimes it’s precaution. That’s all I was trying to get across in my point. I have no issues with safety protocol. I just don’t think every time a player is pulled is necessarily a diagnosed concussion.


  34. ajs32, shoot me an address to send a shirt to and I will pick one up at the Pete this week and get it to you.
    My cell is 724-309-4343.


    1. “The Franchise” — a man of action! 👍

      I’d be happy to pitch in for some other Pitt paraphernalia…

      Go Pitt!


  35. A punter from Texas entered the transfer portal on Friday 12/9 and on Saturday, 12/10 Pitt signed a punter from Elon.

    How ironic is that!

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    1. The Aussie Texas punter (2021 class) has a career record of 1 punt for 15 yards. The punter (Jeff Yurk) from Elon is good. Averages 44.1 per punt – 5’th in FCS.


  36. Tossing, I just think Pitt was a random stop on the road for Chryst to get some experience before jumping ship for Whisky. It could have been anywhere. The Pitt DA was just the useful idiot in this case to not see what any POVer saw- that Pitt couldn’t build a long term program on the back of a guy who was just treading water until the big fish came along..


    1. No. Pitt actually had an offer for Cristibal ready to go but Alvarez got involved and convinced the boosters to not let SP move forward with the offer. I wish it was random. Some dumb stuff like a Cristobal’s model wife would not like Pittsburgh started to make the rounds. It was pretty well documented at the time.


      Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez says Chryst is ”going to stay at Pitt.” Alvarez says he helped Chryst get the job at Pitt last year, and doesn’t think it would be appropriate to hire him away after such a short time.


      Chryst appeared to be behind FIU coach Mario Cristobal in the hunt to become the next head coach. But that seemingly changed today when both the Post-Gazette and the Tribune-Review called Chryst the frontrunner.


  37. Chryst was a no energy OC that relied on his staff to do everything. Give Narduzzi one thing, the man is wound tight and works his butt off.
    Now, if he would just hire a good OC.


  38. Very sad news about Mike Leach. I also did not know he was an attorney. What a true character! He was successful at every stop.

    I do recall wanting badly for Pitt to hire him at the time he want to Wazzu. I don’t know if he would’ve stayed after any amount of success, however he would’ve been entertaining as hell. Guaranteed he would’ve brought a 21 century offense with him to Pitt.

    May he Rest In Peace.


  39. Derrick Davis, Jr., formerly of Gateway and a past 5 star recruit who was at LSU, has entered the portal. He will have three years remaining. Not sure Pitt’s recruiting is up to snuff right now for 2023.

    I can only stop in every once in awhile. Hope you all are well and have a great Christmas Season.

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