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  1. A couple positives from the game against Duke since the negatives have been posted in great detail.

    The offensive line has improved a great deal and is no longer the problem area it was earlier in the season.

    The defensive front seven is playing very well. There may have been only one sack but Duke’s very strong running game including their QB was almost completely shutdown.

    Somehow Pitt held on for the win when momentum had dramatically shifted.

    It was a victory against a relatively strong Duke team on a frigid day when many fans stayed home. A victory that made it a winning season with a chance to get eight wins this week.

    A week where Pitt beat the better QB, a week where the season was turned from very to mildly disappointing. A game where Pitt overcame turnovers, blown coverages, penalties, and just plain stupid mistakes to eke out a much needed victory.

    It is somewhat of an improvement when Pitt Fans are no longer satisfied with just winning.

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  2. I want to thank the POVerts that ATTEND the tailgates.
    What a great group we have and it makes the effort to coordinate the events that much more enjoyable.
    A tip of my Pitt hat to all yinz and see ya next year hopefully still at Red5a.
    Parking passes get “reseeded” next year as some lots will cease to exist.
    Will keep you posted as we learn more.

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  3. I just posted a new article. I will leave this up since Gordan has posted two comments and already gathered a “Like”.


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