Status of Reed’s Involvement in the POV

Fellow POVers, I have to apologize for not being able to contribute much in the way of writing lately. With this being the first holiday season after our son’s death you can imagine that I’ve other priorities right now. Thanks for understanding and let’s give Mike and Rich major kudos for taking up the slack.

On another note, I know we have strict commenting standards on the POV and very few comments get held by WordPress for moderation – good for you all. However, after getting feedback from a few readers I’ll ask commenters to refrain from using words and phrases that, in this day and age, are demeaning to others.

Midget” and “Retard(ed)” are but two and I’ll ask that commenters acknowledge and understand that some readers and commenters do have children, or other friends and relatives, with dwarfism and sever special needs. Please don’t use those words or any other words or phrases that are hurtful to others.

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ACC Bowl Tie-ins

To get a discussion started here are some links,

The ACC’s bowl tie-in’s:

Another link to consider is this one from College Football News (CFN). I suggest you read it because outside of the Orange Bowl there is no pecking order in the ACC. Be aware that Notre Dame will probably take the second or third best bowl.

Notice there is no MAC conference official tie-in. At this time, including Notre Dame, there are 10 bowl eligible ACC teams.

Two other teams can be bowl eligible if they win their last game – Georgia Tech vs. Georgia and Miami vs. Pitt