Pitt vs Virginia Prediction Thread

The game tomorrow starts at 12:00 noon and is down in beautiful Charlottesville, VA. Here is the weather report for Saturday down there. Take your rain gear.

How the game will play out under those conditions, who knows? But to my way of thinking anything that takes the ball out of QB Slovis’ hands and puts it into our running backs’ hands can’t be all that bad – quite the contrary.

Here is what Pitt has done so far in respect to the other 130 FBS teams. I listed them best to worse:

As you can see our rushing defense has done very well – especially last game so I feel that may give us the edge we need. But who really knows what the offensive pass/run ratio will be like with Cignetti calling the plays?

As long as we keep Slovis handing off we’ll win. Maybe. That 3rd down conversion rate of ours at 40% scares me, especially if we have to run on those downs, and we probably will.

But the bottom line for me is that I just don’t think the current team is so talented individually and so good collectively they can be expected to win the games they should on a continual basis and we saw that with Georgia Tech, didn’t we?

Pitt is favored in this game but not by all that much giving away 4.5 points. I’m not taking that bet and have a feeling that Pitt is going to go 1-2 from here on out and this might be one of the losses…but it probably won’t be and we win.

Here are the ACC standing as of today:

My take? UVA 24 – Pitt 17


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  1. Hard to predict unless I know if Hugley is playing or not. Is he officially out tonight?
    I’m also not familiar at all with the hoopies team. Did they lose good players from last year? I think they lost their great guard to graduation…


    I know Huggins has then play great defense.


    Looks like Emmitt Mathews is the guy to stop tonight. Looking forward to the game. That alone is a vast improvement over the last few years.



  2. I’m going with a mirror image stereoisomer of Reeds prediction of UVA 24-Pitt 17.
    So, Pitt 24-UVA 17.
    Clearly, I am out of ideas…
    Looking forward to the hoop game tonight and Hemingways pregame with Wolfe et al.


  3. UVA takes advantage of Pitt’s midgets on an island secondary. Slovis struggles against 8 in the box.
    Armstrong 4x the QB of Slovis
    UVA 35- Pitt 21


    1. Pitt 24
      UVa 14

      Armstrong has 6TDs 10 INT
      Slovis has 5TDs 6 INT

      Not sure if Armstrong is 4x the QB, maybe -1.5 and by the way the line is now Pitt -5.5.

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      1. Same time zone as Cali right?

        So Cal and zona are like Barnum and Bailey or Lewis and Clark, peanut butter and jelly, butch cassidy and the Sundance kid.

        They blur together to me. The combination makes it great.


  4. Not a fan of transfers. I believe in sticking with your school. Yes I know coaching changes and blah blah. But ones character is developed with adversity and circumstance. I’m not for making anyones life easy. I also would never follow a girlfriend. But Slovis has King Pat wrapped around his finger. I will turn your face to alabaster when you find your servant is your master.

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  5. Yes, Our offense is terrible but does anybody think we would have lost to GA tech if we’d protected the football?

    The same could maybe be said a about Louisville and UNC. Either way, if our offense had taken care of business and not made dumb mistakes we’d probably be 7-2.

    With that said, I’m not confident we CAN protect the football, especially in the rain. Turnover margin and penalties will be the difference. I think we’ll lose both in an ugly, low scoring affair

    UVA 13, Pitt 10

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  6. Pitt’s strong defense will sack UVA’s QB 5 times, force 2 turnovers, and Izzy will return to a productive game. Slovis will continue to improve with 250 yards passing. Bart will have 4 catches for 56 yards. Pitt wins going away, 31 – 17.

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  7. I don’t have a good feeling about tomorrow. I agree with dahn72 that we may be bombarded on Panther Island tomorrow with Armstrong missiles. Every qb seems to have their career day against us.

    Also, I watched Akron lose on Tuesday. They are 1 and 9 but my goodness did Shockey Jaques-Louis look great. The announcers said he may win MAC Newcomer of the year. He made good catches and could run the jet sweep.

    I believe Shockey would be a starter with Pitt now and would most likely be our 2nd wr behind Jared “Bruce” Wayne. Nard should have let him come back.


    1. I agree Nard made a big mistake not letting Shocky come back. He left for reasonable reasons and could have made a big difference this year. He would have easily been the number two guy, gets open and has much better YAC abilities. When Addison left it should have been a no brainer to let him return. It is really too bad.

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      1. Shocky had 83 catches for 1093 yds at Pitt. His best year was his sophomore year before Addison came. No wonder he left playing behind Addison you don’t get much love.
        He always could get open but his hand weren’t as good as Addison’s not many are.


    1. Not only does he have to coach them, but they also have to stay out of trouble with the law. That also has been a problem with his recruits!

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  8. I remember as a kid eating alphabet soup. I could arrange the letters in the soup to spell various things. Evidently narduzzi has the same experience since he’s my age group. However his mother made sure to remove all the ‘O’s and added extra ‘D’s. I think I might be on to something. 🥣

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  9. A couple things:

    1) Weather will be clear tomorrow in time for pre-game activities and the game itself.
    2) The negative mood here is palpable. But fear not, Big Al will be there to represent. (Cue up the Bluto speech, please)
    3) Hard to know what to expect. I believe it will all come down to field conditions. If the footing is solid, I think Pitt’s DB’s will hang with the UVA receivers. I also believe that Pitt will run and run and run. If the field is slippery, who knows. But as I said earlier UVA has a good drainage system and the rain will have ceased overnight.
    4) After the game, we will head to my neighborhood Irish pub to see a Neil Diamond cover band. Pitt wins and Al and I will sing the Pitt version of Sweet Caroline when its played. We will have receipts if so. Just putting that out there for the football gods…
    5) Back to the weather – we just a tornado wanring to take shelter. Went outside and its blue skies. So, I got your weather forecast right here (gestures) .
    6) My UR Spiders have a big weekend. BB game tonight at home where we will unfrul the A-10 Championship banner and one for the NCAA tourney. Tomorrow the 7-2 Spider FB team are at 7-2 Delaware. WIn that game and the regular season finale vs 8-1 William&Mary for the conference title… W&M’s head coach is none other that former UVA coach (and my UR hallmate) Mike London.
    7) Would love to be at Hemingway’s tonight – bring home a winner!

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  10. Armstrong comes out of his shell and like the cream rising to the top he hits a high point against our pass defense. Izzy/Hampton will be unable to overcome sluggish Slovis.
    UVA 27 Pitt 14


  11. The over under is 40 which is comical since Pitt scored over 40 per game last year. Two bad offenses. I don’t see Cignetti changing anything.

    UVA wins scoring 24.


  12. Tonight we will find out how much Basketball progress is being made.
    This without the two most important guys on the team.
    Anyway another strong class is coming so there is hope.


  13. Was at State Store and saw a few guys standing outside. One was in Pitt shirt, and I had on my hat, one thing lead to another and as we talked I asked what they were doing outside. Said waiting for the Buffalo Trace delivery. I chuckled thinking he was kidding, he was not. 2 hrs later I got the limit, one of each. Buffalo Trace, Eagles Rare, and Blanton’s. I was a happy camper.
    Perhaps I’ve already hit some of my haul, but I like Panther 34-24. BTW, is the bb game on anywhere?

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    1. The game tonight is streaming on ACCNX which is different than ESPN+. If you get the ACC channel, you should be able to stream ACCNX. It come with free through your television provider.


  14. Pitt wins the women’s volleyball match over Syracuse this evening in three straight sets. Pitt has now defeated Syracuse 44 times in volleyball, more than any other school. Duquesne has been defeated by Pitt 43 times.

    Nwokolo is leaving with one year of eligibility left in order to go to law school next year. Browske is going to become an occupational therapist and is leaving with one year of eligibility as well.

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  15. Nice to hear a couple of PITT athletes getting solid professional education degrees… way to go ladies. Time for FB and BB to up their act….wonder when the last time a dentist, MD, lawyer or engineer has been produced in the FB/BB ranks @ PITT????


  16. 52-17 Pitt Win
    *this prediction is far from likely to happen because this team is far from likely to do anything predictable or with consistency. this prediction is also predicated on Slovis **not throwing an interception.


    1. Might as well go out on a limb here and predict that Pitt will DEFINITELY be losing to Miami. Whereas Duke is anyone’s game to win.


  17. Pitt with a chance to become toilet bowl eligible with a win over the hoos.

    Pitt 28 UVA 21

    Just when Panther fans try to flush this 22 season, the win 2 in a row.


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