Pitt vs Virginia Prediction Thread

The game tomorrow starts at 12:00 noon and is down in beautiful Charlottesville, VA. Here is the weather report for Saturday down there. Take your rain gear.

How the game will play out under those conditions, who knows? But to my way of thinking anything that takes the ball out of QB Slovis’ hands and puts it into our running backs’ hands can’t be all that bad – quite the contrary.

Here is what Pitt has done so far in respect to the other 130 FBS teams. I listed them best to worse:

As you can see our rushing defense has done very well – especially last game so I feel that may give us the edge we need. But who really knows what the offensive pass/run ratio will be like with Cignetti calling the plays?

As long as we keep Slovis handing off we’ll win. Maybe. That 3rd down conversion rate of ours at 40% scares me, especially if we have to run on those downs, and we probably will.

But the bottom line for me is that I just don’t think the current team is so talented individually and so good collectively they can be expected to win the games they should on a continual basis and we saw that with Georgia Tech, didn’t we?

Pitt is favored in this game but not by all that much giving away 4.5 points. I’m not taking that bet and have a feeling that Pitt is going to go 1-2 from here on out and this might be one of the losses…but it probably won’t be and we win.

Here are the ACC standing as of today:

My take? UVA 24 – Pitt 17