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Maestro here, standing in for Richard one more time. Luckily for me I get stand in after a win against a rival! Woohoo! With that said, lets get into the Virginia Cavaliers, who have had a tough season under first year head coach Tony Elliot. (Wahoowa)

The Hoos record stands at 3-6, with their three wins coming against in-state rival Richmond (kidding ), other in-state Rival Old Dominion (kidding again), and the bane-of-pitt’s-existence Georgia Tech. And while you could make the argument that the Cavs are the worst team in the ACC, that honor probably goes to Boston College who has scored just 107 points all season (and you thought Pitt’s offense was bad…) or maybe Virginia Tech who have lost six straight.

The Cavaliers troubles seem to stem mostly from a coaching change. Bronco “I-can-do-more-with-three-star-talent-than-almost-anyone-not-named-Pat-Narduzzi” Mendenhall took over at UVA in 2016 and turned a perennial 4-win team into a respectable six-to-nine win program (sound familiar?) in just two seasons. Alas for the Virgina faithful Mendenhall decided to step down after the 2021 season, citing a “sense of clarity” that he needed to step away from college football. If you read between the lines that “sense of clarity” probably had a lot to do with staying married to Mrs. Mendenhall, and well you can’t fault a man for that.

Per Sports Illustrated.com: “And, so, it’s 31 years of straight football. And my wife and I will have been married 25 years in March. All we’ve known together is the rhythm of a football season. That’s all my kids have known. And this January all three will be gone. And Holly and I are empty-nesters. And all they’ve known is the rhythm and cycle of football. And we know what that looks like really, really well.

And I would love to say there’s been this buildup and a long amount of epiphanies and thought, but clearly this week there was a sense of clarity to me that I needed to step back from college football and reassess, renew, reframe and reinvent, with my wife as a partner, our future and the next chapter of our lives.” – Bronco Mendenhall

And so, enter Tony Elliot, Clemson Football Alum, former Clemson Offensive Coordinator, and despite an outstanding rags-to-riches background (per Wikipedia Elliott started out his life homeless in Los Angeles, before moving to live with as aunt in South Carolina after the death of his mother), Elliott likely bears responsibility for Virginia’s current football woes.

The problem, ironically, lies with the offense, starting with the quarterback. UVA signal caller Brennan Armstrong was an all-ACC quarterback last season, and he was on just about every watch list possible this year. But his performance so far has been anything but watch-listy:

and just in case you forgot what he did in 2021:

Narduzzi, seemingly dealing with a similar situation (I hope that I shouldn’t have to go into detail…) went so far as to stick up for Armstrong earlier this week citing the change of coordinators and systems as the reason for his regression. Well that’s all well and good, but I present to you exhibit B, the progression of one Mr. Garrett Schrader, who just so happens to have the same OC that Armstrong had last year. Note the nearly identical passer ratings:

So apparently coordinators matter (Don’t tell Pat). If you are a Pitt fan following along at home, you’ll cringe when you hear that the term “balanced offense” came up during the offseason in Charlottesville.

In his first media availability session on Wednesday, (UVA OC) Dez Kitchings indicated that executing a balanced offense was a point of emphasis for Virginia in 2022.

We’re not saying we’re going to be 50% run, 50% pass, but we’ll be balanced enough that if the game requires us to win the game running the football, that we’re capable of doing that,” Kitchings said on Wednesday. “And obviously, if we have to win the game throwing the ball more so, that we’re still capable of doing that as well.”

Sound familiar? Yea…

So anyway, onto the Hoos running game. The good news for Virginia fans is that Kitchings has indeed managed to achieve balance. The bad news is that balance is pretty much synonymous with “crappy”.

The Cavaliers are averaging 138 yards per game, and 4.1 yards per attempt. Their leading rusher is QB Armstrong who has toted the rock 113 times for a 3.7 average (which I’m sure he’s thrilled about). After armstrong, the Hoos seem to take a committee approach, with none of their three backs really standing out in any particular way.

Flipping back to the passing game, one might be tempted to argue that Armstrong’s troubles aren’t in-fact due to a really ineffective offensive system, and instead stem from a loss of weapons. Unfortunately that’s not the case. UVA returned two of their top receivers from last year, Keytaeon Thompson, and Dontayvion Wicks. Their YOY stats are posted below for your viewing horror.



But enough about the offense, lets talk about Virgina’s defense. It’s not bad. Better than Pitt’s in some areas.

They are 36th in total defense (353 YPG, Pitt is 26th at 328).

They are 44th in scoring defense (22.6 PPG, Pitt is 66th at 25.8)

They are 34th in passing yards allowed (204 per game, Pitt is 56th at 218)

And – fortunately for Pitt – They are 73rd in rushing defense (149 ypg, Pitt is 16th at 109)

Also fortunately for Pitt, Virginia is even worse at protecting the football than the Panthers (did you ever think you’d hear that?). The Hoos come in at 114th in the country (-.78) while Pitt is a mere 101st! (-.56)

It’s also worth nothing that UVA is one of the worst schools in the country at protecting their quarterback (yes I’ve flipped back to offense here, sorry). They are ranked 104, and give up just under 3 sacks per game. (Pitt is mid-fifties here, giving up just under 2 sacks per game).

Lastly, since we are talking sacks, this is the one area where UVA excels: They are 8th in the country 3.33 per game. Pitt, by comparison is 10th, at 3.22. Dare we entertain the thought that we might see Nick Patti? I do…

Hail to Pitt

Michaelangelo Monteleone

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  1. Couple of quick thoughts after reading the great and engaging comments everyone posted on the last few well written articles on here:

    It’s very apparent to me that Slovis has not been the same player as he was until he got hurt. He seems to be lacking some confidence and also not seeing the field quote as well.

    During the brief time we got to see the 3rd string qb play, although against a weaker opponent, he did seem to have some of that willingness to win.

    Maybe not as much as Kenny, Vince Young brought, but there was definitely some there.

    As for basketball, our current 2023 rivals recruiting class is rated 25th, with only Duke (#1) and Unc (#12,) having higher recruit rankings in the Acc.

    That’s puts me in the I will believe it when I see it but am optimistic about the future group.
    Finally, thanks all for the great articles and continued conversations over the years.

    We all go through the highs and lows with Pitt sports, and it’s good to know we aren’t alone.
    God bless.

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  2. Good stuff as usual Maestro.
    One question: of Armstrong’s 113 rushing attempts how many were planned runs as opposed to pass plays breaking down?
    Not sure if that kind of data is available…
    Off to golf today with Wolfe as Temps in Da Burg hit near 70!


  3. Anyone remember the UVA game last year and what a great passer Armstrong is? We only beat them due to a miracle catch by Addison that easily could have been a pick by UVA. I fear that Armstrong will throw up, down, and sideways all over Pitt’s ridiculous db island. It will be another career day for a qb against the vaunted Pitt D…don’t we hear that a lot.

    Is there anyway we could convince Pat “Undefeated” Narduzzi to decide that he has made enough money and it is time to step away and be a family man? Same with Coach Cignetti and Kedeon Slovis…family first. It’s Patti time.


    1. In last years game vs PITT , I think Armstrong just returned from an injury after missing a couple of games with an injury


  4. One of the problems with Virginia’s offensive woes is their OLine. In my production lost series, Viriginia only returned one player with starting experience (2 games). The Cav’s currently have 8 players with a start. Only 2 have started all 9 games.

    For Fran, of Armstrong’s 113 rushing attempts 26 have been sacks (23%). I am assuming that of the balance (87), a majority are scrambles due to pressure.

    There will be a small reunion after the game where transfer’s QB Derek Kyler and Cav Oline man John Paul Flores (5 starts) meet on the gridiron. Both are Dartmouth grads.

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  5. Reed, Maestro and Richard, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost of the POV, thanks for keeping the conversation going and civil.

    Pretty much a must win game for Pitt, unlikely to beat a resurgent Duke or get a rare win in Miami if we can’t survive this one. The D-line will need to duplicate last week’s effort against a more mobile Armstrong.

    Speaking of Miami, they equal or probably surpass the expectations that Pitt had this year, without any explanation corresponding with the loss of KP and Addison.

    While Slovis was a wild card, Van Dyke was looked at as a sure thing.

    Back to VA, hopefully Pitt has got some of it’s swagger back, especially the D after last week.
    The win will depend on the running game and Slovis picking up those needed third downs.
    Also the O-line dominating like they did for several drives last week.

    Avoid stupid penalties and turn overs and prevail.

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  6. Good read, MM. Thank you.

    I was in the car and heard some of the Duzzer’s radio show last night. Pat Bostick and the coach made it sound like UVA was getting a WR or two back and that the WRs are on the tall side…. Sounded like it should be a concern for Pitt’s secondary with UVA’s capable QB…

    Go Pitt.


    1. The Cav’s had there 3 leading receivers by yardage did not play in last week’s game – K. Thompson, D. Wicks and L. Davis.

      Thompson is tall and lines up in multiple positions. Wicks is good – 1’st team all ACC in 2021. Smith missed all of 2021 season. He seems to be the deep ball threat.

      I read the same thing you heard.

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    2. UVA’s leading receivers vs UNC:

      Sackett Woods Jr 6 – 94 – 0
      Sean WIlson 5 – 61 – 0

      UVA’s leading receivers vs Miami:

      Mike Hollins 1 – 64 – 0
      Keytaeon Thompson 5 – 41- 0
      Billy Kemp 5- 28 – 0

      Vs Georgia Tech

      Keytaeon Thompson 7 – 89 -0
      Dontayvion Wicks 4 – 99 – 1

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  7. I never could imagine saying that we have a MUST WIN against the Hoos>>>WahHooWah.
    Maestro (I am not kidding) your way of painting a piece of paper with words is absolutely fantastic and highly appreciated.

    OC’s and DC’s are vital for the success of any football team at all levels. Case in point Canada with the Stillers….I firmly believe that we have enough raw talent to top UVA on almost any given day (even Slovis with his feet stuck in the mud). Duzzi has completely run out of excuses for Pitt’s horrendous performance. It is turn the lights off if we blow the game on Saturday. The rushing defense woes of the Cavs tell me that Izzy/Hammond and maybe C’Bo will be busy all day. Charlottesville is a beautiful town and UVA has a sensational historic campus…..wishing I could join the POV’ers who will hopefully see our team avoid tomfoolery.

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  8. Thanks Mike. Good article. Armstrong should have followed Anae to Syracuse.

    I’ve seen some RPO runs by Armstrong this year just like Clemson does with their mobile QBs. Isn’t Thompson the kid that killed us last year?

    The pressure is unfairly all on the Pitt D since the offense can’t score. Holding teams under 22 in today’s college football is tough. Yes, 22, because Pitt’s offense is averaging 23.8 against ACC teams. Hopefully they don’t tire in the fourth quarter.

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    1. Well as luck would have it, UVA has only scored over 22 points twice this season. 34 against Richmond in the opener, and 28 last week against UNC.

      Would have to be a pretty bad day for Pitt if they do it on Saturday, but hey, it’s Pitt…

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      1. Historically, Cignetti’s offense doesn’t produce. I hope I am wrong and they find a way to score.


  9. I’d love to have Mike as a son.

    Case in point he already inherited all my POV shirts, POV magnets and other POV stuff… but had to sell it to support his not that great betting losses on the Panthers.!! 😉

    Seriously, both Mike and Rich have literally kept this blog alive and have given the blog at least three different writing styles to enjoy.

    Here is a serious question. We love Rich’s so very detailed articles about our upcoming weekly opponents like this last one:


    Does anyone know of any other media sites, including the school’s own, who have anything even approaching what Rich posts on here?

    I peruse about 30-50 other blogs/websites during each season and have never seen anything that comes close to his research and work. How lucky are we?

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  10. I think people are forgetting that Pitt could just as easily win our last three games as lose them – or split them.

    If we do how many on here are going to think 8-5 is great after last season?

    Personally I think we go 2-1 for a 7-5 win season. I don’t see a sweep or a swept happening.


  11. Victory Heights Project formally approved and announced today. The facility will seat 3,000 people which is less than the 3,500 than it was supposed to be when fund raising began. Based on attendance figures for Pitt volleyball to-date, the 3,000 seats should be more than adequate for most matches.

    The Georgia Tech match on the day before Thanksgiving will be held in The Pete. Pitt is hoping for a new attendance record, but I am skeptical they will achieve it. Pittsburgh does not seem to be much of a volleyball city.

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    1. That arena, training center will finally get most of Pitt’s Olympic sports teams in this century. Big for wrestling, volleyball and gymnastics.


    2. I disagree a bit with Pgh not being a volleyball city. My nephew from pgh played college Vball and my sister currently coaches elite travel volleyball in Pgh. Vball in pittsburgh is alive and well. Now, if you want to question why they scheduled the day before Thanksgiving, I would probably agree with you that the crowd may be lower because many students go home after classes on Wednesday. Pitt vball rocks!

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  12. Great write-up MM. It’s really sad that Pitt has to hope its D can when this game or any game for that matter. But if the DL can continue to pressure the QB like it did last week they may just be able to win it for this dismal Cignetti O. But any multiple break downs from our D Saturday is very likely putting Pitt back in the loss column once again.


  13. The season may be lost from an ACC perspective, but the real focus now should be on recruiting. Narduzzi needs to hold his class together, and to bring in probably a half dozen good transfers. I was surprised to hear that Pitt may have as many as 10 starters back on defense, but there will be some big holes to fill.

    Slovis will be throwing to Mumpfield, Means and maybe Wayne if he returns. They will need some help here. After losing one OL recruit so far, they will need to bring in one or two transfer offensive linemen, and if we lose 2-3 DLs and DEs some help may be needed there as well. LBs are a question mark as to returners.


    1. The WR draft class is very average this year once you get past the OSU group and Addison. Wayne should probably go if he gets a grade in the first five rounds.

      I think we will struggle along the OL next year, which will hurt the passing game.

      Did Jacoby work as a blocking TE the last game? That’s how I saw it, but not sure. Getting old, but you guys aren’t!


      1. Jacoby has been wearing #84 and lining up at TE for several games now. I’ve focused on him on many plays; he does a really good job in those formations.


  14. I can’t believe Cignetti and Narduzzi for that matter will be happy going into next season with Slovis at QB. But then again both of the above mentioned men seem to have blinders on when it comes to keeping Slovis at QB this year. Patti can’t be much worse than Slovis if he was given half a chance this season. At the very least he could give the O a run option at QB.

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  15. 220, 463 What does that number represent? Comments written!

    1,539 How about this one? Articles written.

    Since POV started on 6/16/2016 it has been 2339 days, which means the POV has published an article every 1.5 days.

    Over that same time period we have averaged 94 comments per day!

    (Remind me again why I don’t monetize this blog… right, I want it to be fun and not a job!!)

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    1. What’s not to like about a QB with an accurate arm, scrambles with eyes downfield, throws WRs open, good pocket awareness and appears to have decent size but average speed.

      I thought I heard he was injured most of his senior year, but maybe I was wrong. Like all young QBs he may lock onto his primary target, or maybe it’s just that his primary targets were all open.


  16. In regard to Pitt women’s volleyball, this Friday night’s match against Syracuse is senior night.

    In addition to the players who are playing their last year of eligibility, there are two players that are being honored who will still have one year of eligibility left. Those two players are starters Chiamaka Nwokolo and Ashley Browske.

    This is not good news if these two are actually leaving after this year. Browske is our starting libero and has been for the last two years. There are two other liberos on the roster, but it still is a surprise she is leaving.

    Chiamaka Nwokolo is one of our two starting middle blockers. We have four middle blockers on the roster but two of them are out of eligibility after this year. If Nwokolo leaves, we only will have one middle blocker on the roster. None of the incoming signed freshman recruits are middle blockers. One need to play with at least two middle blockers in the starting lineup. There is no way she is not one of the starting middle blockers next year.

    This will require Coach Fisher and his staff to go out and recruit not one, but two, middle blockers from the transfer portal. I can see us recruiting one good middle blockers, but it will be a lot harder to recruit another one better than Nwokolo.


  17. Catching up… been up in the mountains of Nc fly fishing with no TV or cell reception…

    One comment… multiple times POVerts have remarked Slovis hasn’t been the same QB since he was injured…Slovis only had 6 quarters under his belt when he went down vs the Vols! Up to that point I saw nothing in Slovis that said he was going to be something “special.” I only see a QB who should NOT be leading a power 5 team.

    I feel bad for Brennan… looked a little like Snake Stabler last year…. BigB loves watching good QB play no matter what colors they wear..

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    1. BigB you bring back memories of my Dad who was an avid fly fisherman. He tied his own flies and often caught the limit. There is (in my view) nothing like eating fresh trout that was caught cleaned and prepared to be eaten…my grandparents were farmers in Upstate NY in an area with some of the best streams for fishing in the U.S. The great Ted Williams often visited the area (The Beaverkill in the Catskill Mountains). Mmmm Good


  18. Reed, MM and Rich, you guys have been amazing and we all respect your dedication, wit, and knowledge. Please don’t think your unappreciated.

    Speaking of unappreciated, how many times does the defense need to win games. That’s not the path in the CFB world to a great season. The Steel Curtain was 70’s football, OSU won with 3 yds and a cloud of dust in the 80’s. For goodness sake let’s get out of the past.

    However, tall WRs and mobile QBs are Pitt’s kryptonite. Not to mention DLs that can pressure the QB (i.e., Louisville). Losing to a 3-6 team won’t be easy to watch, so maybe we should all take up a hobby on Saturday.

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  19. OT but for Cdr Reed’s benefit – at tomorrow’s NYC Veterans Day parade, the featured Service Branch is the United States Coast Guard.

    H2P!!! TGFV

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  20. Molto grazie, Maestro!

    Down here in the shadow of Hoo-ville, folks are disappointed and solemn. The new HC looked like a good pickup… we will have to see though.

    Looks like the post-hurricane tropical storm will pass through these parts on Friday and gametime should be rather pleasant.

    Have no idea what to expect…. hoping Pitt prevails. Either way, Cav fans will be gracious.

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    1. PITTSBURGH – In January of 2020, the University of Pittsburgh unveiled plans for Victory Heights, a series of state-of-the-art athletics projects that will provide Pitt student-athletes with national-caliber competition, training and sports performance and sports medicine facilities. On Thursday, Nov. 10, Pitt’s Property and Facilities Committee project officially approved the project, clearing the way for groundbreaking and construction to begin.

      “We are incredibly grateful for the University’s support and commitment to Victory Heights and an ambitious future for Pitt Athletics,” Director of Athletics Heather Lyke said. “The University of Pittsburgh is committed to excellence in every endeavor it undertakes. Victory Heights is the latest example of Pitt’s vision to transform our training and teaching environments to allow our student-athletes to achieve at the highest competitive levels. This is more than an investment in facilities; it’s an investment in our young people and their championship dreams at Pitt.”

      In conjunction with the University’s campus master plan, Victory Heights is a significant transformational opportunity that will immediately boost the trajectory of Pitt Athletics by providing Pitt with unrivaled competition, practice, sports performance, sports medicine and wellness facilities, impacting more than 85% of our student-athletes on a daily basis. Victory Heights will provide Pitt’s student-athletes and coaches with the necessary resources to train, recruit, compete and achieve at the highest levels, while also helping create a more connected, outward-looking and engaged university.

      The $240 million project will include:
      A cutting-edge athletic performance center that will serve the strength and conditioning, sports medicine, nutrition, and mental well-being needs for 16 of Pitt’s 19 intercollegiate athletics programs.
      A 3,000-seat arena for gymnastics, volleyball, and wrestling. Each of those teams currently practice and compete in the 70-year-old Fitzgerald Field House.
      Groundbreaking is tentatively scheduled for early 2023.

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  21. Yep I saw that. Just reaffirmation that this project is continuing. Basically the lawn by the Pete is being used to house the volleyball teams new venue. That same Green space Pitt said was much needed and used as a justification to raze Pitt stadium.

    The Pete is over twenty years old now. But for a MPC to replace the Pete, that lawn was needed. It’s footprint now isn’t large enough for a 45k venue.

    The volleyball arena now ensures the Pete will just be renovated until it falls apart and becomes a maintenance nightmare much like the old stadium.

    So unless the VA hospital is razed, the baseball and soccer complex is moved or Pitt expands into the hill, there’s no chance a MPC could be built on top of the hill surrounded by other sports facilities.

    Debt financing will still be the primary source of funding for victory heights. A potential mortgage on Pitts future said the outgoing Chancellor. And that $200 million price tag will only climb with inflation, cost overruns and callbacks to fix construction mistakes. Hopefully the seating capacity of the arena won’t be scaled back.


      1. Progress yes. But it’s only Pitt temporarily catching up.

        They were in danger of being lapped by the field. Pitts facilities are now just a step up from most north Texas high school sports facilities. And I don’t mean to jest. Come down here and check them out.

        You should be more concerned about what Gallagher said. Pitts fundraising is abysmal.

        And Pitt still doesn’t have a track with a field. My five high schools in my district all have that. Come on man.


  22. My long reply didn’t show.

    Death bell to MPC on the Pete’s footprint

    Although other areas still exist at top of hill

    Project still predominately financed through debt

    $240 million will not be the final number

    The Pete will continue to be renovated and will eventually become very costly to even maintain.


  23. By the way that green lawn was used as a justification to raze Pitt stadium. Much needed green space they said. Hypocrites now they are. And like our outgoing chancellor said – victory heights could be a mortgage on Pitts future.

    It’s needed for non money making Olympic sports and everyone can use the training although football has their own south side facilities. However a track with a field still doesn’t exist.

    And this growing price tag is expensive with very little private donations. It was green lit with less than ten percent financial commitment from boosters and fans.


  24. Pitt loves to spend money as a buddy of mine who had two brothers who once worked for the university. Glad it is now being spent on athletics though 50 years too late.


  25. For anyone who might be planning to be on the Oakland campus this evening, Lastrow, Scooter, PittPT, and I will be at Hemingway’s Cafe beginning around 4 pm. Whether you are going to the 5pm volleyball game, the 7 pm basketball game, or just looking for a bite to eat, a drink or two, and scintillating conversation, please join us. We will likely have a table in the back room.

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  26. This is being done just to help Pitt catch up since it was in danger of being lapped. It’s not being done to leap them ahead and stay ahead.

    Pitt has been negligent for so long. This project just makes things slightly more equitable. For Pitt this project is huge historically. And unfortunately it doesn’t have the financial support from big time boosters or fans. But this isn’t a football project.

    So while it’s a big deal for Pitt and needed, other schools already have this and have nex gen billion dollar projects in the works with solid backing from their fans and alumni.

    Pitt is always a huge step behind.

    Although the design looks nice, I was hoping for a retractable roof, hydraulic flooring, configurable seating, and a fantastic LED exterior visual at night. What’s another $100 million amongst friends 🤠


  27. WVU a 2.5 fave over Pitt in tonight’s basketball game. Last year Pitt was an 18.5 underdog at WVU.
    I know Pitt will play well but without Hugley, I don’t think we’ll win.

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  28. As a reminder the conferences that a school is in has input as to what the universities should (must in some cases) have to stay in conference.

    For instance if Pitt all of a sudden said we are going to build a 35-40K stadium – where ever it is located – the ACC might have a major problem with that as the conference makes money on revenue sharing and ticket sales are part of that.

    Some schools with smaller stadiums/ sports venues who have been in the ACC before expansion are grandfathered.

    Fans don’t realize how close it was back in 2011 when the ACC was looking at final schools to join the conference. The fact that Cincinnati’s Nippert stadium held only 40K seats and Pitt’s Heinz Field holds 68K was a big deciding factor. Schools who joined with us in 2011 include SYR (50 Indoors & good geo location) and UVA (66K)

    UL was offered later on because it’s stadium holds 65K.

    Stadium size wasn’t the only consideration but it was a big one. Endowment played a role also and Pitt $5B+ endowment really helped also (2nd in ACC). Again, fans who think Pederson and Nordenberg just had to “pick up the phone’ are mislead – it came down to the wire after a full year of very hard work convincing the ACC we were the best fit.

    Geographic location helped also:

    “The ACC has enjoyed a rich tradition by balancing academics and athletics and the addition of Pitt and Syracuse further strengthens the ACC culture in this regard said Atlantic Coast Conference Commissioner John Swofford. Pittsburgh and Syracuse also serve to enhance the ACC’s reach into the states of New York and Pennsylvania and geographically bridges our footprint between Maryland and Massachusetts. With the addition of Pitt and Syracuse, the ACC will cover virtually the entire Eastern Seaboard of the United States”

    But again – if fans think Pitt is going to build a stadium that holds 35-45K on-campus they are dreaming because of this and other reasons. Another big consideration to remember is that Super Conferences are going to happen and as of now Pitt is on the outside looking in, depending on how many Super Conferences finally arise, and a smaller stadium would kill our chances.

    In other words Pitt is building Victory Heights and other news athletic/student facilities in Oakland because they know they won’t ever build a football stadium there.

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  29. For anyone that isn’t a fan of Pitt baseball, the time to start following it is now. Unlike our beloved Pirates, I feel hope for the Panthers. We need you, attendance is LOW! Last year, my wife got me the ESPN Plus App and I thought, “What am I going to do with this?” I had never followed Pitt baseball before and saw most of the games are on the App. Following the team last year was a lot of fun . We play in a beautiful new field near the Cost Sports Center and OC Lot. The team was over.500 against some stiff ACC competition. Here is the 2023 schedule that just got released. Hope the guys can get into the Big Dance this year and break the 2 decade plus drought.

    When visiting the Burgh for Easter last year, I took my 4 year old son to his first ball game against UVA and he had a blast.


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    1. ajs – I saw where Pitt has 24 NEW players on the roster for next season. When I played I don’t think we had 24 on the whole roster.

      I had to go and count the current roster and there were 41 players listed…. The times they are a changin’…

      Go Pitt.


  30. UVA betting line overnight up to +5.5 for tomorrow

    apparently Cig and/or Slovis light bulb will finally get some juice?

    what I’ve seen of Armstrong this year has been bad but it seems it’s almost been as much the(or at least 1 or 2) receivers dropping, running bad routes, etc. that have been the problem and of course somewhere upthread or on a prior one I read they will have a couple receivers back
    I think we should trounce them but that made me wonder

    if things go well tomorrow, I think we still have problems with Duke

    a win out for me while it will salvage this season will cement my disgust considering another year of Slovis

    can Minchey who looked accurate in the HUDL clips, displace Slow? Minchey looked very accurate including throwing on roll outs and unsurprisingly his receivers didn’t drop a single ball….
    ….which made me wonder how he only has a barely 60% completion rate this year 😦


      1. wasn’t sure how to place a smirk on my face when I typed THAT


        I got limitations all over the place 😦 but still feel the need to be heard 😉 (or laughed at)


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