Up Next: Virginia

Maestro here, standing in for Richard one more time. Luckily for me I get stand in after a win against a rival! Woohoo! With that said, lets get into the Virginia Cavaliers, who have had a tough season under first year head coach Tony Elliot. (Wahoowa)

The Hoos record stands at 3-6, with their three wins coming against in-state rival Richmond (kidding ), other in-state Rival Old Dominion (kidding again), and the bane-of-pitt’s-existence Georgia Tech. And while you could make the argument that the Cavs are the worst team in the ACC, that honor probably goes to Boston College who has scored just 107 points all season (and you thought Pitt’s offense was bad…) or maybe Virginia Tech who have lost six straight.

The Cavaliers troubles seem to stem mostly from a coaching change. Bronco “I-can-do-more-with-three-star-talent-than-almost-anyone-not-named-Pat-Narduzzi” Mendenhall took over at UVA in 2016 and turned a perennial 4-win team into a respectable six-to-nine win program (sound familiar?) in just two seasons. Alas for the Virgina faithful Mendenhall decided to step down after the 2021 season, citing a “sense of clarity” that he needed to step away from college football. If you read between the lines that “sense of clarity” probably had a lot to do with staying married to Mrs. Mendenhall, and well you can’t fault a man for that.

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