Pitt vs Syracuse Predictions Thread 2022

Involvement Fair 2017 Otto
Involvement Fair 2017 Otto

Here we go again… Hopes are high that we will somehow break out of our offensive slump against decent FBS teams and score more points than our opponent. Well, that could happen on Saturday but I somehow doubt it.

SYR is a very good defensive team – especially in the area where we can least afford to be hindered with our passing game. Not that Slovis or our receivers have been lighting things up anyway with an anemic 80th ranked Passing Offense of only 227 ypg.

The Orange have done this so far (I cherry picked important rankings here):

SYR Rank3

If you look at the top few rows you see that they ain’t shabby on defense at all. Let’s see – SYR has an awesome passing defense especially based on a very strong defensive backfield and our QB Slovis is ranked 65th in QBs with only 223 ypg.  But wait, there’s more: Slovis, against FBS teams has two TDs with four INTs. Can you think of anything else that we need to know about the upcoming game?

I can. Izzy has to run for 319 yards and four TDs for us to beat the Orange – but who in the world is going to get 319 yards rushing in a single game these days?

Hey, look where their Red Zone Offense ranks – #3. How do we stack up with our Red Zone Defense? Oh yeah! 96th and dropping like a rock after Saturday I think.

Look, I know we can win this game as college ball is very unpredictable but it is a pretty weak long shot in my opinion. But my opinion isn’t based on anything but what I see, read and hear. The oddsmakers disagree with me.  Odds Shark has the score 22-12 Pitt. Sure…

My prediction?

SYR 27 – Pitt 10


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