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  1. Do we see freshman speedster Che at all tonight? Have him focus on knowing a handful of plays – and sneak him in there.

    How about this. On their weakest DB, have Barden go deep on 1st down, have Che go deep on second down, then Barden again on 3rd down.

    Speed, speed, speed, as someone used to say…

    Go Pitt.

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  2. Means is back warming up. George not there and the Aussie punter not there. I think Carter being out hurts us as Pitt could use anyone on the O that might make a difference.


  3. Others have noted one of the things that has bothered me a lot this season. That is the frequency in which Slovis has had to redirect RB’s, WR’s and TE’s to their proper spot presnap. My feeling is that if a guy does not know the playbook well enough to know where he is supposed to line up on a given play, why would we think he then knows what his correct role is in that play?

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  4. Not a problem so far, Farmers, but its still early. Good to get an opening drive score. Time for the defense to step up.


  5. Well, we will be on sportscenter tonight! top 10 catches against. This is going to be an up and down game, so we shouldn’t panic. I think if either team is within 14 beginning the 4th quarter, they will have a chance. Plays are there for the taking on both sides so far.

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  6. The receivers are terrible. What’s up with Wayne? I said going in the receivers were the biggest problem. Slovis can’t catch the ball as well.


  7. Gonna call out these ppl who don’t think Slovis has any talent. Dan72 !!! Maestro !
    At the least of being banned….like many others !


  8. Throw deep all night… those are 70-30 balls. Neither teams db’s look back for the ball as far as i can see. Safeties non-existent so far.

    Sounds like there might be a decent pitt contingent. I am sticking with my pitt win guess. I do reserve the right to change that on the last possession depending on who has ball.

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  9. Reed…too ! Who also thought KP was no good ! can they also allow say….maybe they were wrong. Pitt was 11-3 last year after all….best since Marino.


  10. With all due respect on slovis comment, he has not been under pressure at all. The commentator mentioned the ball was late on the long Wayne catch. Pitch and catch when you have all day. Problem is that the good teams don’t allow you to have all that time.


    1. Yea but it was said…..Slovis had no touch, no ability to read defenses, etc.
      Pickett was no good until he had time, like most QB’s genius.


    1. Did u actually go to Pitt ?……ur one the board’s biggest blowhards. That said….i actually enjoy your supposidely pro pitt comments.

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  11. I know hat he wants to find open field but constantly running backward10 -15. Yards ain’t gonna work


    1. Yea can u believe that….it was plugged for the penalty on Pitt…..but not on the Tarholes.
      What a farce…………CC vs NA was the same in 1975.


  12. Contrary to this carolina redneck….the ONLY Mark May worth mentioning was a Pitt All-American O-lineman and a member of the Washington Redskins….vaunted ‘Hogs’.
    the other one was not WORTH MENTIONING !!!


    1. not clear at all….it was in slo mo….but how does a Defensive player adjust not knowing whether the QB or whoever is gonna slide or not. Again your a blowhard legal man.


    1. Protect qb’s first is always the first response. The argument would be that he began a slide via the pickett rule. Actually it wasn’t called on the field by the refs, but replay seemed pretty clear. We lost 2 dudes so far to targeting.


      1. Funny how the replay worked for the two Pitt targeting ejections but it was unplugged for the replay that would have possibly benefited the Panthers.

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        1. Not sure there is an argument on the two targeting calls. Kancey, maybe, but it was against a qb and he was going into a slide, albeit a tad late. Obryan, clear and Hines Ward like, except that the Hines Ward blind side high hits have been outlawed for awhile. Both teams with 4 penalties for over 40 yards.

          I did think the timing was bad on the replay in the booth, but the announcers made a valid point that they would not be able to tell if the ball was tipped. I hope it was or else it was a terribly thrown ball. Very short…and not back shoulder short. Like 7 yards short.


  13. More than funny…Duzz being so conservative….just now…when he could have just went into the locker room up 17-14….he (Cignetie) gets aggressive. Contrary to his philosophy.


  14. My God Cignetti’s telegraphs run plays. You can see NC defenders pointing at the side a run play is going. Not helping, the plays develop in slow motion.


  15. BTW, Danny DeVito led Illinois over Nebraska today. He was 20 for 22 with 2 TDs!

    Nebraska’s QBs were 11 for 24 with 3 INTs…. Yikes.

    Go Pitt.


  16. I will always hate these ACC southern redneck announcers….not matter how much they attempt to veil themselves. In dribs and drabs…….don’t ever believe it.


  17. While Kancey was guilty as charged, that rule can be terribly unfair. If Maye doesn’t slide, then Kancey hits him in the body. Kancey was going full speed and didn’t have time to pull off, IMHO…. Just not fair.

    Go Pitt.


    1. Exactly as noted above. In slo mo he looks guilty….but he can’t change his angle now knowing whether the opponent is gonna slide or not. It’s all just an attempt to make males less aggressive with the ultimate goal of including females in football.


    2. Don’t disagree Major. That was a tough call for the good guys, but they had to make it.

      We should still win game. Nothing NC has done worries me. NC means north carolina, not national champs! lol.


  18. Pitt needs to keep up the pressure on Maye in the second half, which will be harder without Kancey. It’s nice having these games televised on the ACC Network, but listening to these homer announcers is a steep price. Izzy should be pretty fresh going into the second half. Time to crank up the running game and take control.


  19. Every game, without fail, 41 Lewis has a major screw up.
    And Devonshire is to scream POISON.
    Who knows if he did.
    Special teams disaster.
    Write that in your lil notebook, Pat


  20. Why did the official make the call that the punt hit the Pitt player? He didn’t see the ball hit the Pitt player. I hate it when the officials “ assume” stuff…

    Go Pitt.

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  21. UNC committed to stop run and successful. Long passes all day with no safety help. Then, they play high safety, two deep and Izzy to the hizzy. Can’t defend both with that porous defense. Keep going deep!


  22. These same announcers were announcing Mitch Trubeski as the next great NFL QB a few years ago. Some things never change with these shills.


  23. Maye is able to run and he can clearly pass…he is only a freshman but I think given more seasoning he will play on Sundays.


  24. Agree Neil. Nothing to complain about. Need a stop here for sure. I think game is going as anticipated. Defenses not so good. Our guys seem to be chirping a little extra.

    Loved the hustle by 9 on that qb scramble. Full effort!


    1. I was going to post the same comment … lol

      “ACC Network just can’t stop gushing about Maye. I mean, I get it, he’s darned good, but…”


  25. SirVocea had him dead to rights, but took a bad angle…4th down converted…drive ends in a touchdown. Pitt continues to shoot themselves in the foot in these very winnable games. UGH!


  26. Sacked…well, here’s where NC takes control…might be time to switch to the Penguin game…they are back on US soil, maybe they’ll get back on the winning side.


  27. Not looking good for the D.

    And the announcers should be embarrassed with this non-stop talking up Maye …this that and the other …

    It gets old after a while


  28. Can’t even tell you how much this is like Miami last year. DB’s 10 yds off so easy pitch and catch. Easy 8-10 yd pick up every time. Now watch, crossing route over middle to TE. Easy peasy.


  29. Agreed gas. He got caught taking a look into the backfield. I will say he makes the play at the end to put it away.

    Maye is having a great game for sure and a great season. They have out schemed our d thus far.

    Whichever d makes a stop or two, will win. I think our guys pull it out. C’mon fellas! You all think i am negative all the time!


  30. Why are you in the receiver’s face chirping? He just caught a pass for a first down at your three. You are about to surrender the lead. What can you possibly be puffing your chest about?

    And there it is…well, I enjoyed thru the first three quarters that we had a shot. Players not knowing where to line up…arguing with each other…missing tackles. I have seen this movie before.


  31. just like last game .. success early with a balanced offense / play calling the go into a run run run run mentality. Great strategy when behind in the fourth quarter.


  32. Stink is correct Gas. Poorly coached and getting out-schemed in second half. The only emotion we have we waste in chirping and UNC players after the whistle. Very undisciplined all year – and always sloppy and tired in the 2nd half.

    I need one correction to the above. Our D backs are AlWAYS terrible in both halves, the rest of the team needs the Duzz halftime pep talk to fall apart!

    Pathetic but entirely predictable.


  33. A horribly coached mistake prone Pitt team with ridiculous conservative play calling. Slovis played ok but couldn’t make a throw when we needed it.

    I knew knew we wouldn’t win or cover but we just handed this game to UNC.
    Our midget secondary was non existent and out of position in the second half. Pitt players still woofing and celebrating while getting their collective asses kicked. Typical Duzz team. Out coached and out played!
    Another embarrassing night to be a Pitt Football fan.


    1. You know, Dan,
      Come to think of it, I never see other teams celebrating like we do.
      Novel thought, Coach Pat: Celebrate a win, not a play.


  34. Did we give up when the germans bombed pearl harbor? Heck no! We are going to come back and win….so we better hurry. My concern is that NC goes to a cover two and we think izzy will run crazy!

    Glad we adjusted at half time. Let’s go!

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  35. Not a big surprise….Pitt is no more than a very mediocre team. We have some way above average players but on balance the overall talent level coupled with weak coaching leads to the kind of outcome we are seeing tonight. Next year will be a total disaster.


  36. That TD was the exact same play Hallet blew last week vs Louisville while they fake the screen, Hallett charges up and the receiver runs right by him. Do we ever learn??? Or practice???

    Now Slovis looks totally incompetent. Pitt has officially surrendered….again.


  37. Pathetic.

    These players quit 15 minutes ago. The coaches quit before the season started. Narduzzi is clearly and consistently an idiot, confused on the sideline, always out-coached and never accountable.

    All the woofing while you are getting your ass kicked is the definition of low talent, low class and no accountability from the coaches.


  38. I don’t know what to say.. They have receivers all over the field, and we have one guy in Wayne. Has anyone spotted the Freshman All American Mumpfeld or the Freshman All American Bart?


  39. It’s not over until we say it’s over…….

    Maybe Nardstop gets extended again like Tucker….

    We should be able to run now because they might be expecting the pass! lol. Run, nardstop, run.


  40. Don’t worry, Pat-I-can’t-recruit will get portal transfers who,in the off season, will irrationally excite the fan-base, and come August we’ll be thinking not only we-not-me, but BCS.
    Hey, let me tell you about my beach home on Rhode Island and poisoning a Coach with Kiwi and lots of other stuff to distract you, because, we will be worse next year.


  41. Another Narluzzi complete collapse. No answer for Drake Maye from the defensive genius. Weak offensive performance with repeated 3 & outs in Q4. Bad penalties + ejections shows no discipline which is the standard set by the coach. Season in complete freefall. Thought the Ped State Q4 breakdown was bad, this far far worse. Really hoped that last year would be the start of something more positive. Should have known better Same Old Pitt. Too sick to even finish watching this dumpster fire.

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    1. Well, Pitbulls, last year was a success in spite of Narduzzi, not because of him. Whipple and Pickett are 90% responsible for last year.


      1. Well dino71, looking at in retrospect I completely agree with you. The O-coordinator that was so ungraciously shown the door and the 5 yr senior were the whole show.


  42. The good news… Pitt is still undefeated!

    Pitt will not win another game with Slovis at QB!

    Today is October 29th and PNarduzzi is still an unlikable idiot!!

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  43. Well at least there is a good Slavia will get enough garbage yards to acquit Nardog’s firm commitment to stick with him…



  44. Our recruiting class is about to fly the coop. The only consolation and this is really sad…we will be better than BC whoopee.


  45. So we were able to score 24 points against the worst D in the ACC.

    I just heard three keys to the game –

    Slovis’ completion % was less than 50%.
    UNC’s D played their best game of the season.
    UNC’s O dominated Pitt’s D.

    Thanks Pat!


  46. UNC has better talent and better coaching across the board. It took a monsoon to beat them last year and that was the best Pitt team in decades.


  47. Maye had 5 TD passes tonight … how many does the California kid have on the season???… did someone say 5!!!


  48. Going into this game I did not expect Pitt to win another game this year. And yet I am still disappointed. How can that be?


  49. I would say that Pitt is like the Pirates, except the Pirates had a three-year run.
    Do they still play the Little Caesar’s Bowl? I hope so…I look forward to a match up with Miami of Ohio…Let the Hype start now…former Steeler quarterback’s alma mater versus the current Steelers quarterback’s alma mater!!! I’ll put my prediction in now: Miami (OH) 56 Pitt 10

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  50. UNC has had some really good recruiting classes under Mack Brown. Until this year, they have under performed their talent level. Some felt Mack Brown was over the hill. Now it appears they are starting to perform well with talent at most positions.

    We are seeing the results of poor recruiting by Narduzzi, and as is typical for Pitt we have several really good players, but not enough across the board to win consistently. Sorry, but they will never get top OCs and DCs with what they are paying them. They are still trying to do it on the cheap…


  51. To all those eager to piss your money away and gamble on Pitt, and I counted 9 on this site wanting to “bet the stink”!



  52. stink, stank, stunk……….

    just to be clear, I always predict a pitt victory. I feel weird predicting a loss when my rooting interest is for the university.

    I still think we have the wrong AD, who hired the football coach (the extension is the operational hire now). It was a mistake but he got her the job, so quid pro quo, got it. Good OC’s don’t want to come here because of a poor Head coach, and he is poor. He has hidden behind a very poor ACC for 2-3 years now.

    He will say the offense was fine because we passed really well in the first half. True, but…..the long passes were available because they were shutting down the run and had 8 in the box, often. When NC went back to 2 deep and cover 2, the passing game was below average!

    A lack of urgency at 8 1/2 minutes was troubling. We needed multiple scores and we were huddling like we had so much time. Tough to watch.

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    1. The coaches saw that the players gave up and were defeated. Thus, we he coaches didn’t know how to coach quitters because their CEO had not written that tactic in his little note book yet.


  53. My take on this game from the prediction thread yesterday:

    “We’ll score points against NC but it won’t be enough. The NC QB May is going to rip our pass defense apart with 4+ TDs. Slovis will play a bit better against a below average defense but in vain.

    NC – 48 Pitt – 27

    Missed by a TD for NC… Should have put some $$ down on NC.

    SYR will beat us next week also I think because this Panther squad just does not have any true cohesiveness at all.


  54. Even when Slovis connected with Wayne for the big gainers, he either made him wait for the ball or led him too much and Wayne had to stretch and fall, and loose his feet — in both cases, he stopped any chance of Wayne scoring. He missed a bunch of other throws, like the last two games, throwing behind or too low, or in double coverage/traffic?! He has undoubtedly cost us points and killed several drives for 3-4 games now and is killing the defense by putting them out there too much.

    He looked pretty good vs WVU and UT but since has clearly lost it, if he ever really had it. We can only finish strong with really nothing but pride to play for now, so for goodness sakes dumb- dumb, put Patti or Yarnell in and give them a freakin’ chance…at least we can say we tried something different?!

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  55. QB Maye had a 83% completion rate for 388 yards with 5 TDs last night. Can anyone remember any other QB doing that well against us?

    I agree with the above comments about our players woofing and celebrating after routine plays while getting their asses kicked. But, Pitt players have been doing that for some time.

    PN’s “We not me!” mantra was weird last year and downright idiotic this season.

    After KP bailed on the bowl game last year you would have thought that it was pretty obvious that the “we” part of all that wasn’t really there.

    I see at least two more losses ahead to finish 6-6. If we are lucky.


  56. Quick recap from Rivals.com:

    North Carolina beats Pitt 42-24

    Jim Hammett • Panther-lair

    CHAPEL HILL, NC — Pitt takes on North Carolina in a pivotal ACC coastal clash. The Tar Heels enter this game ranked 21st in the nation and have a 6-1 record. They are guided by the ACC’s leading passer Drake Maye, who has 24 touchdown passes entering Saturday’s game.

    Pitt is looking to rebound after a 24-10 loss to Louisville last weekend. The Panthers have a 4-3 record and a 1-2 mark in the ACC. If Pitt has a hope to repeat as ACC Champions, beating North Carolina in Chapel Hill is a must have game.

    Follow along for updates throughout the game.


    Pitt 7, North Carolina 0 11:30

    UP — Israel Abanikanda 6-yard touchdown (Ben Sauls kick)

    North Carolina won the opening coin toss and opted to defer. Pitt wasted little time taking advantage. The Panthers executed an 8-play 77-yard drive capped off by an Israel Abanikanda 6-yard touchdown run. Pitt opened the game with three straight passing plays, including a 40-yard deep shot to Bub Means. It was admittedly one of the Panthers’ best drives of the entire season.

    Pitt 7, North Carolina 7 4:46

    NC — Antoine Green 16 yard pass from Drake Maye (Noah Burnette kick)

    Pitt forced a punt on North Carolina’s first possession. The Tar Heels got off a good punt, and the Panthers’ return man MJ Devonshire lost 11 yards on the return, which hurt Pitt’s field position. Pitt went 3-and-out, and the Tar Heels took advantage. Drake Maye marched the Tar Heels on a 10-play 59-yard drive. A pass interference on Pitt’s Brandon Hill helped aid the Tar Heels drive, which was ultimately capped off with a spectacular one-handed catch by Antoine Green in the back of the end zone to tie the game.


    Pitt 14, North Carolina 7 14:47

    UP — Israel Abanikanda 4-yard touchdown run (Sauls kick)

    Following an impressive defensive three-and-out by the Pitt defense, MJ Devonshire came up with a nice 26-yard return. Pitt wasted little time to capitalize with the good field position. Kedon Slovis connected with Jared Wayne for a 41-yard gain that put Pitt deep in Tar Heels territory. Pitt star running back Israel Abanikanda then took it to the end zone for his 15th touchdown of the season. It’s still early, but the Pitt offense appears to be clicking today.

    Pitt 17, North Carolina 7 5:14

    UP — Ben Sauls 47-yard field goal

    Pitt’s drive started at its own 8-yard line after sophomore defensive back PJ O’Brien was flagged for targeting on a punt return. The Panthers did not let the bad field position slow them down. Kedon Slovis and Jared Wayne hooked up for gains of 21 and 29 yards to push the Panthers deep into UNC territory. Pitt was flagged for a false start and ultimately had to settle for three points. Pat Narduzzi was upset at a non-pass interference call that likely would have extended the Pitt drive.

    Pitt 17, North Carolina 14 3:33

    NC — Kobe Paysour 1-yard pass from Maye (Burnette kick)

    After Pitt took a two-score lead, the North Carolina Tar Heels responded in a big way. North Carolina went 75 yards in five plays capped off by a touchdown pass from Maye to Kobe Paysour. The Tar Heels picked up a huge chunk play along the way with a 50-yard completion from Maye to Antoine Green. It was the first drive the Tar Heels really seemed to have momentum.


    Pitt 17, North Carolina 14

    Pitt has done a nice job offensively this game, which has led to a halftime lead over a ranked team on the road. The Panthers have connected on some big passes, and Jared Wayne’s 4 catches for 99 yards has highlighted the offensive production. Israel Abanikanda has been bottled up to a degree, but has also scored both of Pitt’s touchdowns on the night. In fact, Pitt’s last nine offensive touchdowns have come from Abanikanda. Pitt’s defense has come up with some nice stops tonight. UNC has punted three times, and Pitt got a fourth down stop late in the second quarter to keep the lead.

    North Carolina will receive the opening half kickoff.


    Pitt 24, North Carolina 14 10:07

    UP — Abanikanda 22-yard touchdown (Sauls kick)

    North Carolina started the second half with the ball, but the Pitt defense stood tall and forced the fourth punt of the night from the Tar Heels. On the punt, however, it was initially ruled that a Pitt played touched the ball. Following a review, the ball was correctly given to Pitt. The Panthers then scored a touchdown on a 5-play drive. A Kedon Slovis 50-yard bomb to Jared Wayne set up the drive, then Abanikanda scampered in for his third touchdown of the night. Wayne has 5 catches for 149 yards, a new career-high for the senior receiver. Abanikanda entered the game with 14 touchdowns on the year, and has three tonight.

    Pitt 24, North Carolina 21 6:05

    NC — Josh Downs 13 yard pass from Maye (Burnette kick)

    The Pitt defense is applying pressure to North Carolina quarterback Drake Maye, and it has turned into a good chess match out there. Pitt has gotten the better of him at times, but the talented freshman has come up with some big plays. Maye was facing a 4th and 5 deep in Pitt territory and he ended up beating Pitt middle linebacker SirVocea Dennis to the edge for a 7-yard gain. He then connected with Josh Downs for a 13-yard touchdown on a beautifully thrown ball. It’s a battle, and both sides are trading punches.


    North Carolina 28, Pitt 24 14:07

    NC — Elijah Green 2-yard run (Burnette kick)

    North Carolina’s offense has seemingly found a rhythm. The Tar Heels went 10 plays and 84 yards to grab their first lead of the game. North Carolina’s Elijah Green plunged in from two yards out on second and goal to give the Tar Heels the lead. The Tar Heels ripped off some big chunk plays along the way with gains of 24, 14, 11, 16 and 12.

    North Carolina 34, Pitt 24 10:46

    NC — Downs 25-yard pass from Maye (Burnette kick)

    Pitt’s Israel Abanikanda has virtually been Pitt’s entire offense all season long, but he picked a very inopportune time to commit his first fumble of the season. The Panthers were facing a third and short and Abanikanda coughed up the ball. North Carolina struck quickly. Maye hit Josh Downs for a 25-yard gain, then two plays later found him for a 15-yard touchdown.

    North Carolina 42, Pitt 24 9:07

    NC — Antonie Green 13 pass from Maye (Burnette kick)

    The wheels have come off for the Panthers. After a three-and-out, Pitt was forced to punt. North Carolina scored in three plays. Drake Maye is carving up this defense with 5 touchdown passes on the night. North Carolina has scored 28 unanswered points.


    North Carolina 42, Pitt 24


    1. Mr. Jim Hammet – the wheels came off 4 games ago and Duzz does not know how to fix it.

      Good to great coaches turn to their assistants for help and solutions. Mack Brown has two proven winners as his OC and DC. His OC figured out how to beat the decent Pitt D. The DC adjusted his D (worst in ACC stat-wise) enough to shut Pitt’s poorly coached O down and the boat-race was on in the 4th qtr.

      I give Duzz credit, I thought the boat race would start in qtr 1. Huff III said it best, UNC started by stopping the run and Slovis had a secondary to feast on. He was 50% and missed many opportunities until UNC adjusted and Cig was not able to counter, at all.

      Duzz hired a DC with LB coaching leadership experience, nothing higher. He hired an OC who bounced around with a mediocre history – a few on here reference Cig coaching some great NFL QB’s but he was always let go, never stuck with those jobs that included the great QB.

      Imagine that 🤔


  57. Then opposition has torched Pitt with those sideline passes for the past several years. Has anyone seen any adjustments made to defend those passes from the Narduzzi/Bates defensive brain trust?


  58. Well those professional gamblers lost money on this game. Pitt did it’s best to keep it close. It takes a QB to be a very good team. Pitt is just average. Mediocrity reigns supreme. Would have taken a great coaching effort. When was the last time Pitt had one of those.


  59. Only at Pitt does undefeated mean a .500 record. I wonder what a 4-4 record means at even a school like Nebraska. Maybe that gets your coach and AD fired.


  60. Tex,
    I’m going to have to disagree and say no, we are BELOW average.
    Take away Western Michigan and Rhode Island, we squeaked by WCUCC and a bad Virginia Tech team with a new coach.
    Besides, average teams don’t lose to Georgia Tech…four days after they fired their coach.
    Undefeated in 2022!

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  61. A few observations:

    Maye is really really good, has all of the tools and is big and tough.

    Like last week our lines wore down in the fourth quarter.

    I kept thinking the team that gets the first turnover is going to win this thing.

    Why are those little flare passes uncovered and wide open without a defender within 10 yards

    Too many wide open receivers and even when they were covered an extremely accurate QB, who is also great on the run, did I mention he is good?

    Boy does Devonshire need to be replaced as a return man.

    No splash play on defense, but hard to intercept when you are out of position most of the time.

    Boy do I miss Addison.


    1. USC misses Addison too – he did not play last night as the Trojans pulled out a squeaker vs 3-5 Arizona.


  62. I don’t usually listen to Duzz’s postgame pressers, but I needed a little entertainment this morning.

    “We’ve got better people coaching on those positions on offense, I guarantee you that,” Narduzzi said.

    Translated, he’s trying to tell us Cig and Mop Top are better coaches than Whipple and Marion.

    I’m not buying his feed and I have two additional questions – who is questioning those hirings besides the fan base? Is Duzz reading the message boards?


  63. Just read on Peak- PITT has entered the 4th qtr with the lead the last 2 games and then were out- scored 38-0 by our opponent.

    Noted a few posters complaining about Wes Durham/ Hasselbeck talking up drooling over Drake Maye last evening… wish Drake was wearing blue and yellow… we would feel a lot better about our chances going forward… like I said in an earlier article “ best freshmen QB I have ever seen!” The young man did not disappoint. Meanwhile back at the ranch we are stuck with Hollywood Slovis and Gorilla arms!!!

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    1. I agree Bernie. I have always liked Wes Durham, and I believe Kenny Pickett got his share of praise during broadcasts last year…and Maye looks pretty special.

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  64. Why is it so difficult to admit a mistake.

    Like the Steelers hiring Canada.

    Like narduzzi hiring Cignetti

    Like Heather extending narduzzi

    Like Tomlin still having a job

    Like Pitt tearing down their on campus stadium

    Like the Steelers renaming Heinz

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  65. Expecting the Duzz to change is like trying to get a with a flat-earther to change their view, it simply won’t happen.
    Maybe tomorrow I’ll have more energy and write a long post on things, but right now I’m very glad I went to sleep in the 4th quarter.

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  66. The difference between a mobile QB and a stationary QB was painfully obvious the last two weeks. Maye looked at least as good as KP last night and he is a redshirt freshman. Pitt better be doing everything they can to hold onto Minchey. Unfortunately I never thought he would actually come with all that NIL money floating around. Even less now.

    Even last year our defense struggled to hold leads, but we had KP and Addison for comebacks.
    No such luck this year.


    1. Ask yourself how many plays dis KP make by avoiding the rush, same thing with Cunningham and Maye. Slovis is a statue and defenses never have to worry about him leaving the pocket. Not his fault just the way it is. Makes the line look way worse and three and outs occur more often. How many times did KP pick up a first down with his feet, Cunningham, Maye? Slovis?

      Even the pros have figured it out running QBs are better.


  67. I wasn’t able to see last week’s game, but after seeing what happened, I was done for the year.

    I was concerned last year that the team would really struggle this year, but media and many fans predicted a decent year so I became hopeful.


    I didn’t watch last night either. What a mess.


  68. Maybe it is time for a QB change. How bout that Texas kid? Is he mobile? I know he has the size and the arm.


    1. Duzz has already stated that Slovis is his QB going forward.

      Also, pre-halftime interview Duzz emphasized that Slovis was playing “pretty darn good” – stats at the half show Kedon completed less than 50% of his passes.


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      1. It’s all about Duzz’s ego and proving he’s right to the media and alums. Slovis was better first half maybe even slightly above average but back to himself D- second half. Duzz is an idiot!

        That statement ticked me off more than the game!!

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  69. Narduzzi and Canada both had one year where they caught lightning in a bottle and were rewarded with more money… Both are mediocre at best… Narduzzi is back at square one… This was the year for Pitt football to make a statement and has fallen flat on its face…
    As dandy Don would sing “ Turn out the lights the party’s over…”


  70. Is Cignetti just Shawn Watson 2.0. He has very little offensive imagination at all.


  71. This team stinks. You lose to Georgia Tech at home you stink.

    Not since the 1990 season can I remember a Pitt team talking big and falling flat on their faces. It starts with the entitled offensive line and then the two MIA defensive ends. How disappointing has Baldanado been?

    The offense is ONE guy and a bad QB and play caller.

    Can the squad reel off three-straight wins and save some face to avoid 6-6?

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  72. We just don’t have the guys/players to execute an offense… and except for Whipple 1 year you have to go back to Canada’s only year… that’s my opinion….PITT has been so mediocre on the O


  73. One thing that hasn’t been mentioned is that Mack has been recruiting many more 4 and 5 star guys than Pitt. When you add their brilliant young QB you have a pretty strong team.

    Other than Izzy and Wayne Pitt just doesn’t have many exceptional playmakers on offense.

    On defense there are a few more stars but too many other average guys. Other than Dennis and at times Hallett, no one behind the line that is blowing up plays. Most just trying to make tackles after big gains are made.


    1. Honestly, why would any highly rated offensive recruits come to Pitt knowing that the HC knows nothing whatsoever about the offensive side of the ball?

      Last season was a true fluke with KP being allowed a free 5th year and having a good one and done WRs coach on staff.

      Any recruit, his family or his HS coaches hearing Narduzzi say that Cignetti is better than Whipple i.e.:

      We’ve got better people coaching on those positions on offense, I guarantee you that,” Narduzzi said.”

      … is running for the hills right now and why shouldn’t they?

      I think both Whipple and Marion must have really rubbed PN the wrong way for 1) them to leave and 2) for PN to make that ridiculously stupid claim.


      1. Narduzzi made a stupid comment. He is an over the hill coach who has never produced the rock solid defense he claims to be known for and hires assistants he can dominate.

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  74. He took a knee to the head but in the post game babers said it wasn’t a head injury. I think he just got pulled because he stunk. Something that narduzzi refuses to do.


  75. 8M a year for a BUM

    Capel and All in the Family Coaching after a atrocious 3 years. Plus half his team is in Jail.

    Lyke extends people like a 13 year old girl falls in love.

    The athletic program is a mess but since Lyke is a female you are a a hole if you don’t see puppies and rainbows.

    Football and Basketball are atrocious. If you can’t see Narduzzi‘s one good year was because of Picket and Addison then I don’t know what to tell you.

    Next week if there’s 16,000 fans to see a Syracuse game I would be shocked.

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  76. Last night, my wife asked, “Wanna watch a movie?”
    Wish I had – haha.

    It was clear to me at the end of the UNC-Duke game that the only way Pitt was going to beat the Heels when they played was to build and hold a multi-TD lead. And for a while during last night’s game, it looked like that might happen.

    The game was lost on two pivotal drives – Carolina’s 2nd posession in the 3rd qtr. followed by Pitt’s. Pitt had the Heels in 3rd and long twice and failed to prevent them from converting. Soft coverage, playing the man and not the ball. Hoping for an errant pass or a drop in other words. A failed – and fatal – approach against a generational talent (imo) like Maye. That allowed the Heels to stay in the game and close the gap to 3 points.

    The following Pitt series was the mortal blow. Pitt apparently was going to the long post again on 2nd and 5 and called timeout when it was clear the Heels had adjusted their safeties. Izzy runs on a direct snap for 21.

    But then Pitt tries to go right back to the long post and its not open (duh) because the Heels adjusted. Middle deep is covered, but mid-deep (5-10 yards) is WIDE open as it would be for the rest of the game. Have Wayne run an in route from his post position and watch the RAC.

    Cignetti did not adjust, hoping that the Heels adjustment was only temporary. The throw to Bart was never going to work – even if he caught it, it was sideways and he was contained.

    Carolina’s players knew the adjustment worked and were energized. They stuff Izzy and sack Kedon.

    Pitt had no answer. Game, set, match.

    It was going to be very, very difficult to beat Maye and I liked that Pitt came out firing the ball and going downfield. But as Duzz says, its a 60 minute game and one has to expect a worthy opponent to adjust. Pitt’s failure to win was not scheme, talent or even Izzy’s fumble. THis game was lost in the booth when Chizik correctly adjusted and Cignetti did not.

    What a waste of a nice glass (or two) of Basil Hayden Dark Rye.
    I heard the movie was pretty good, btw.

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    1. And my wife said why don’t you watch the game. Maybe it will be a better night.

      All night my dreams were filled with what I was going to post on the POV. Turns out, I’ve got nothing to say except I too should have watched a movie. I hear Night of the Living Dead was on.

      Here’s my nightmare – we go 7-5 or, horrors, 8-4 and everyone says the ship has been righted when, in reality, we play in the weaker division of a very weak conference. Next year starts with high expectations and the ship crashes on the rocks yet again.

      H2P!!! TGFV

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  77. I’ll be one of those 16,000 fans next week UPitt. I guess I’m a glutton for punishment. I’ll be carrying some water drops for my eyes as they begin to burn watching this dumpster fire.

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    1. Tex – hoping to meet you at the tailgate.

      The cuse D will disrupt Slovis more than UNC did last night while still selling out on the run.

      If Pitt is to win the Duzzi D will need takeaways, sacks and a dedicated spy on the cuse QB.

      The offense of Pitt will be hard pressed to score 20 points on the cuse D.


  78. They adjusted in the second half. We did not.
    Are we headed to 4 – 8?
    If so will the old POV refrain return?
    PN corrected the refs regarding the punt formation and I was impressed.
    But it was short lived.

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  79. HCPN is simply not a man with the ability to motivate young men. Every once in awhile we see a snippet of him addressing the team and I cringe watching him make a short statement followed by the word “OK?” Rinse. Repeat. Over and over. He’s just an old white guy like most of us and, unfortunately for him, the game has passed him by. There is zero chance we are ever going to see the promised land again with him as HC. It’s time for some big donors to step up and assist with his buyout before the stock market finally turns and the truly wealthy start hoarding their cash.

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