2022 Season Up Next: Pitt at North Carolina

Pitt is coming off an enraging, angering, incensing, exasperating, infuriating loss to Louisville. If that does not describe your feelings, let me know in a one “Word” comment.

Pitt now stands at 4 – 3 (1 – 2 Conf, 3-1 OOC) and is tied for fourth place in the Coastal.

North Carolina (UNC) is coming out of a Bye week at 6 – 1 (3-0 Conf, 3-1 OOC). They are odds on favorites to win the Coastal now that my preseason prediction of Miami is 3 – 4, (1-2 Conf, 2-2 OOC) with a tiebreaking loss to UNC.

I am now in color coding mode. Red is for Transfer Portal (TP) entries. Green is for season ending injuries. Names highlighted in yellow are defensive players starters. (Games started are next to players names.)

On to the review, starting with NCAA team stats through October 22’nd games. I am using a new NCAA stat list. Besides national FBS rankings, the new chart adds conference rankings. I also sorted the stats by type so that offense, defense. and miscellaneous stats are grouped.

Here are the NCAA offensive stats comparison after week 8 action:

Excluding the last four stats, the UNC offense is top four in conference except rushing offense. Outside of rushing offense, Pitt is truly mid or bottom of the pack.

The offense revolves around QB play. This week, I am showing some of the ACC QB stats I update weekly. I use ESPN game stats for my individual team stats but always verify with NCAA stats. Why, you ask? Because sites like ESPN, CBS, Team Ranking, and others use “game day” stats. Like HCPN, the statisticians watch the tape and update their stats with the NCAA after review. Those other sites do not pick up the changes.

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