MMQB: The Natives Are Getting Restless

 monday-morning-qbI’m not sure anyone should be all that surprised at what happened on Saturday evening when the University of Louisville (UL) beat Pitt by a score of 24-10. At least I wasn’t as I predicted a very close game.  Which it was score-wise until we gave them our fourth gift of the game with a returned for TD fumble by our ex-USC QB Kedon Slovis.

It was a slow and rather boring game with the respective total yardage numbers for each team (Pitt-326; UL-312) being just about the same as Izzy’s rushing total of 320 last week against Virginia Tech. The score was 7-7 at halftime; 10-7 Pitt at the end of 3rd quarter and 17-10 UL until 3:03 left in the game.  That is when Slovis executed a hand off of the ball to a UL defensive back who took it 59 yards to the house and made the final score. Unfortunately it was UL’s house and not Pitt’s.

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