Pitt vs Virginia Tech Predictions Thread

Game time is 3:30 pm at our home field. Pitt favored by 14.5 points at this post time. Over/Under is 41.5 points so the odds makers have spoken. Here is a bit from CBS Sports:

Why Pittsburgh can cover

Pittsburgh should be laser-focused coming into this game following its stunning loss last week. The Panthers had won consecutive games by 21 points following their overtime loss to Tennessee, so they were likely expecting to cruise to another win against Georgia Tech. They are back at home for the third week in a row, making this a good scheduling spot for them. 

Virginia Tech has looked abysmal over its last two games, getting beat by three-plus touchdowns by West Virginia and North Carolina. The Hokies managed to score just 10 points in each of those games, which will make it difficult to cover the spread on Saturday. Virginia Tech has now covered just once in its last six games, and Pittsburgh has covered in eight straight home games against the Hokies. 

Why Virginia Tech can cover

Pittsburgh might still be in shock after what happened last week, and the fan base is not going to be energized for this game. The Panthers are also laying the tough number of -14.5, which is not an easy spread to cover with so many games landing exactly on 14. They have not covered the spread in any of their last five home games, including the first two of this homestand. 

Junior quarterback Grant Wells has dealt with some turnover issues, but he has also thrown for 983 yards and five touchdowns. Junior running back Keshawn King is averaging 6.1 yards per carry on 38 attempts, racking up 231 yards. 

I’m not so sure about this as the bookies are. I’ll go with VT pulling another upset on us 24-21.

Wild turkey, Meleagris gallapavo, sneaking up on cat

Let’s hear yours in the comments below…


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  1. 6-3 the good guys, in OT

    sets offensive football back 2 decades, and THAT is in addition to the 3 decades it’s already receded 😦

    reminder of Oregon St in the bowl game

    receivers and o-line fail again and Izzy lasts 3 plays then sprains SOMETHING

    only question is whether we will have more penalties than points
    well, not really a question, more a gimme 😦

    how about, will our punter average yardage be greater than total points? that is a tough one

    how about will the winning team score more points than our punter’s shortest punt?

    and there will certainly be player celebration skits galore, I KNOW they are being rehearsed right now

    can’t wait 😦 😦


  2. LOL 🙂 Two negative Nellies to get the ball rolling. I’m disappointed Dan. Reed, not a surprise.. You guys don’t want to play that lousy “Keep the Faith” by Black Oak Arkansas video again do yinz?

    PITT 42
    VT 7

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    1. Great post Ike that girl that came in late certainly livened up that song. Took my mind off the Pitt offensive struggles for a few minutes. Take VT and the points for you wagering this week. In fact you may even need the points to win this bet. Pitt wins a nail biter 17 to 14.


  3. Pitt in a squeaker 27-20 14 Panther points scored by the Defense while Slovis is still looking for a receiver who can get free to hopefully hold on to a pass. So So running game held back by multiple penalties from a very undisciplined team,


  4. Before game start and reactions follow tomorrow I just want to make one comment. Back when Wanny was coaching our pro set offense, I made the comment that Pitt had to win EVERY individual battle to succeed. If even one block was missed, it all broke down.

    Same with Cigs! Check it out tomorrow. H2P


  5. Pitt should win. But Pitt also has a lousy homecoming record and poor record in front of any former Pitt great player when they return.

    But I still think Pitt wins. They may not cover. Probably an ugly game from both sides. Might enjoy a root canal better from doc Tom.

    Pitt 27
    Flightless fried turkeys 19


  6. My parents will be attending this game. I tried my best to set their expectation. Hopefully they come away pleasantly surprised. I also told them to refuse any drink that looks like koolaid at the tailgates in the lot. Bourbon shots were my recommendation.

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    1. Lone Star, if your family stops by our tailgate again they will not find any kool-aid.
      They will find some nice people that will share their food and drink.

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  7. After bashing Cignetti for a week I am backing my fellow Italian during Italian American Heritage and Culture month.

    Pitt 41 VT 27

    This is his last chance to win me over. If not, I call Luca Brasi 😆

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    1. I told my son a part Sicilian to go easy on the pasta. I’ll also tell him to eat a meatball in honor of his mothers side. I’m not fond of meatballs.


  8. Reading last article’s comments about injuries reminded me of HS HC John Gagliardi who won multiple college DIII national championship while not allowing any tackling in practice:


    Here is another, more recent example:


    It is a great read.


      1. Although to keep this blog politics-free, Reed, you may have to add it back in someday😵‍💫


  9. Breaking news on Channel 11 tonite. Pitt incoming freshman guard Dior Johnson faces charges for assaulting his girlfriend. On line article says Pitt claims it is not THE Dior Johnson.


  10. “The 18-year-old Johnson has being charged with one felony count of aggravated assault, one felony count of strangulation, one misdemeanor count of unlawful restraint, one misdemeanor count of simple assault and one misdemeanor count of false imprisonment.”

    The criminal complaint does state that Johnson is a member of the Pitt men’s basketball team.

    I’m sure it’s just a big misunderstanding. Or as Duzz and Tomlin routinely say, @ Next Man Up”. 😳


  11. Another low life punk recruited by an underachiever.
    Fire him
    All the woke administrators at the school are happy to look the other way for the pathetic coach.


    1. As you’ll see in my basketball report, this guy is one of the best point guards I’ve ever seen on tape. But it’s Pitt and it’s always something! Unreal

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      1. Basketball version of SOP. It is sad to see a young talented man possibly throw his life away (if the charges hold up), at age 18. Johnson seems somewhat unstable in his decision-making… commitments to Oregon, then to Syracuse and finally settling on Pitt.
        The possible felonies are extremely serious and if found guilty he will do hard time.

        WHAT A WASTE!

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      2. Four-star basketball recruit Dior Johnson has committed to Pittsburgh, he told ESPN on Monday.

        “I was looking for a coach to challenge me and hold me in high account,” Johnson said via text. (just shoot me….)
        “I still have some things to work on and another level to tap into, in all phases of the game. Coach [Jeff] Capel has a great track record and was a great player himself. I honestly feel like he’s going to pour into me as a person and player. Having an elite leader like himself , after us talking I knew Pitt is where I needed to be.”

        Johnson, the No. 35 prospect in the ESPN 100, was the top available high school recruit remaining.


  12. Pitt 30 – VT 13

    Reed – you forgot to subtract King’s 65-yard jaunt from his 231 total. What’s good for the Izzy is good for the King.

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  13. These things usually happen in threes:

    -1. GT pathetic loss
    -2. Dior domestic violence arrest

    Possible #3’s

    Return of Steve Peterson as Pitt AD – HL to GT
    FB team does the hokie pokie and drops to the bottom of the ACC cesspool
    Duzz to Nebraska and Potato Paulie returns for another shot at YSU
    Blue Mtn Bart announces he is transferring to psuX

    Enough! I’m dreading whatever #3 might be…

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  14. Pitt Lady’s win the first set at Clemson, 25–21. Clemson students lined up at the edge of the court providing plenty of harassment to the Pitt players, especially our servers when on their side of the court.

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    1. and in what looks like a HS gym, they are practically part of the action

      smokin’ em 8-1 so far in 2nd


  15. Great live music downtown at Tequila Cowboy

    Not many Pitt fans here – light crowd for tomorrow?

    Another tech school – the city of Pittsburgh only supports winners.

    Sidney Crosby looks great tonight.

    Mrs. Erie playing the “Joe Knew” card with some psuX fans tonight.

    I’m ready to go turkey hunting tomorrow. Do I need a license?

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  16. Drew Hale Band from Michigan / plays Pittsburgh 4 or 5 times a year –

    Highly recommend – he is a song writer, singer and really good guitarist.

    Mostly rock with a mix of hard country.

    I’m getting ready for the game – tough work week, great night of entertainment after that GT wreak of a game.


  17. Clemson faithful at least having fun singing Bieber songs and cheering loudly,

    before they go out on a nice Friday night and do whatever it is they do in rural SC,

    study I’m thinking 😉

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  18. Brent Pry is in the know (Joe knew).

    We have to stomp the boot to the throat and poke the Hokies with their 4th loss.

    Pitt hangs on to win, 30-23

    I had 27-24 – someone else claimed that so I’ll settle for 2nd…

    Mrs. Erie is fired up for homecoming.

    And the Penguins look really good.

    It’s good the VT game is at 3:30pm.

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  19. Johnson Indefinitely Suspended from Pitt Men’s Basketball Team

    PITTSBURGH—University of Pittsburgh men’s basketball student-athlete Dior Johnson has been indefinitely suspended from all team activities pending the resolution of legal charges filed against him.

    The Pitt Athletic Department, which became aware of the charges Friday afternoon, will decline further comment until the legal process has reached a resolution.


    1. Huge loss – hope he gets his act together.

      Flyer by Capel in a desperation move?

      NIL = none if legal (issues)


  20. Jamming to Van Morrison with some Hokie fans.

    They believe the game will be poorly played on their side.



    1. By the way, I’m not golfing tomorrow morning…


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  21. Whipple shut out in the first half vs Rutgers

    Cig needs to light up the scoreboard tomorrow.

    But, I’d settle for a win…


  22. In volleyball news, Pitt sweeps Clemson at their marvelous gym. The only interesting thing about the match was that Heather Lyke’s daughter is a freshman 5’10” outside hitter on Clemson’s team, Sophie Catalano.

    Pitt next plays #10 Georgia Tech at their basketball arena on Sunday at 2:00 PM. If you are in town, it will definitely be worth your while! The Falcons are playing out of town on Sunday. The Braves are idle.

    Pitt’s new volleyball/wrestling/gymnastic venue has been downsized from its original 3,500 capacity to 2,500 in case you have not heard.


  23. John, it appeared to me that Clemson’s facility was limited to volleyball only. OK, maybe wrestling but more specifically for volleyball. The ceiling was relatively low and unless my eyes were deceiving me, several shots hit the ceiling and they just played on. Is that correct? The ceiling is in play?

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    1. The facility is limited only for volleyball I believe. The ceiling is in play if the ball hits the ceiling and comes down on the same side of the net from where it was initially hit. If the ball hits the ceiling and comes down on the other side of the net, it is a point for the other team. The gym does not meet the NCAA standard for newly built facilities due to the ceiling height.

      When Clemson’s basketball arena was being refurbished, the Clemson’s women’s basketball team played their home games in this gym. Even for basketball the ceiling is low. I attended a Pitt versus Clemson women’s basketball game there during that time. I was just waiting for a three-point shot to hit the ceiling. Fortunately, none did.


  24. Kiss Dior goodbye. It’s one thing to steal a car or do drugs or get into a fight with another MALE. It’s another level beating up a woman. She called 911, she was treated for serious injuries immediately at the hospital. I’m sure there is camera footage backing up her timeline or more. Sure, it could be a false allegation or mutual aggression but it looks really really bad. He could easily do time. Sad.


  25. Dior – innocent until proven guilty?

    The suspension fits his MO, I’m sure HL and JC will let the process play itself out.

    Pitt’s top two sports are suffering right now (FB & mBB) and the mSoccer team is struggling it’s way out of the top 25. VB seems to be our sweet spot right now.


  26. So Capel’s recruiting has been a stretch, this guy had a lot of skeletons in his closet. Not a surprise that Capel was willing to take the risk. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it will pay off.

    But the class coming in next year is very strong.


  27. Absolutely has to be the end of the Capel era with these terrible accusations against Dior Johnson. The buck has to stop somewhere. Capel will never take responsibility so Lyke has to display some leadership here….


  28. It is NEVER OK to hit or abuse a women!! Ever!

    But, can we all wait to see what the TRUTH is and find out what REALLY happened before we send Johnson into oblivion? It looks horrible but have any of you had a bad break up in college?

    What really looks bad is Capel’s judgement! This is the third thug incident on his watch.

    In the other hand, watching Diors tape, he’s the best HS point guard I’ve ever seen! I’d of taken that same shot if I were coach. It’s obvious there’s a good reason to quote Capel “he just fell into our lap”.

    This year Pitt has the horses. Huff and I could coach this team to the NIT! It will all be about Capel’s coaching. Unfortunately his judgement is part of that equation. At that he’s failed miserably!!

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    1. Dan – I’d buy a season ticket package if you and Huff would take on the coaching duties.

      I’d put my name in the hat for the S&C position. I fit the Pitt budget.

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      1. If Huff and I coached, you would see sound fundamentals, 90% FYThrow shooting, 40% beyond the Arc and an imaginative and effective motion and zone offense. None would start with a High Ball Screen!


  29. Look, this is college sports and as such the University itself has a obligation to protect its reputation nationally. With that I’m not surprised at all that Johnson is suspended and in my opinion probably should be expelled from school and from the team.

    It doesn’t matter if he’s found guilty or not if his actions are found to be true.

    The heart of the matter is that a code of behavior that the university has standards for has been breached.

    Guilt or innocence is a legal concept in criminal matters. It is not the determiner for moral and ethical issues.

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  30. The big question for Pitt’s offense today – what will Cig and Duzz do when there are 8 Hokies in the box to stop the run.

    It took them 57 minutes to adjust to GT last week.

    Focus and urgency need to be the theme today.


  31. Dior Johnson is now a jail bird, sitting in the pokey, can’t post bail.

    Heather: the sounds of silence.


  32. The suspension is appropriate until the dust settles. The accusation is awful and very sad if true. Sorry Reed but the law is the final decider. Ethics and morality are a lot harder to enforce since they mean different things to different people.

    I also don’t agree that this reflects on Capel’s judgement. Yes three years in a row players have been involved in questionable activities but Capel or any coach has little control of off the field activities. Plus how is he to determine the behavior of kids in advance?

    Every school deals with this kind of crap, Pitt doesn’t try to cover it up like some. I think Pitt has dealt with these issues in a thoughtful and organized manner, without shooting from the hip like many fans.

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    1. Agreed gc, accusations can be made to hurt reputations without facts to back up their claims. The law already puts constraints on the accused without a conviction by his/her peers. What’s more likely in this case is anyone’s guess but the rush to judgement is a case in point. I would also describe this as gender discrimination. Oh do I have stories.

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    2. Where Capel’s judgement is suspect is not having someone manage this guys time and keep his ass out of trouble!

      I’ve had a few “cowboys” and “Cowgirls “with past problems play for me. Knowing that they’d had past behavioral problems, I set up a plan with 1 teammate and a parent/parents to keep him/ her out of trouble. Again it’s easier in HS than college, but you get the idea.

      Capel knew this kid was trouble. It’s his bad judgement to not have a plan.

      Trust me when I tell you Dior is the difference between going to the NIT and playing in March Madness. Wouldn’t any of you have set up a plan???

      That’s the part of Capel’s judgement I question.


  33. The sad part about the Pitt loss to GT last week is the fact that Tennessee today is rolling over LSU 20 to 0 in the second quarter. Had Pitt won that game by the skin of its teeth and with their only loss being to #8 Tennessee they would still be ranked in the top 25 with a chance to redeem the Tennessee loss going forward. But IMO it’s going to be very hard to overcome that GT loss.


      1. Unfortunately, the chances of that happening with this Cignetti/Narduzzi offensive game plan going forward is slim to none. When Pitt came out in the 2nd half last week without any adjustments on their O play calling I knew we could be in deep trouble. And that’s exactly what happened.


  34. You guys are crazy! Always an honor to be named in the same sentence as Dan. Solid tactician.

    Would love to give advice on the Johnson situation. Pitt has a chance to lead this young man and I am confident they will fumble the opportunity. Staying with no free advice until Reed’s list of improvements is at least recognized by the AD. It was an impressive list by our community!

    I still think we win this game (4 to 3, lol) and continue marching to the coastal title, in a tie-breaker, if we can get in at 6-2. 5-3 would lose a tie-breaker. It is such an awful division of college football.


  35. Report from the game is that both Izzy and Hammond are both warming up on the field. The good news is that both may be available for the game. The bad news is that Cignetti may never call a pass play that goes beyond 10 yards today.


  36. Report from the field on Lair: looks like George and Mumpfield not dressed for the game. As bad as the pass game has been the Mumpfield loss may not help Slovis this week very much.—Also rumor is that Hammond is dressed but probably won’t play unless Pitt has multiple injuries with their RB’s.


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