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  1. Pitt is getting outplayed and outhit all over the field. I hate playing teams that have just fired their coach.

    Pitt is not the better team tonight!

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  2. Like everybody said “bye-bye.”

    I can’t blame them and might join ‘em.

    It’s really that bad , fellas


  3. I had a feeling this could be a trap game but I thought if I didn’t say it or write it it would not happen…


    1. It’s not a trap game. Can’t be a trap game if they play the same ball every week.

      This is their Norm.
      This is who Pitt is this year.

      They’re bad. And if one didn’t figure this out after the RI shoeing 🤷🏻‍♂️ ?

      Can’t help ya.

      I am disappointed. Truly. But the Tenna game made it clear


      1. not for me

        I’ve got no endearment any more so whatever

        welcome back those 3 horrendous letters



        letter before Q


  4. We look JV.
    Every other punt return a penalty.
    No passes downfield.
    A punter who is below average but ambidextrous.
    Allowing first team running back to return kicks, despite only having two players to back him up.


  5. I have nothing to say….it is obvious that we are not into this game. Slovis is not the answer for a productive offense. I think Cignetti has no idea what to do with him and is afraid to use Patti or Yellen…..why I have no idea.


  6. Nite all. I’ve seen this game over and over last 40 years ! Have an early morn church commitment tomorrow.

    So the Pens lost, our AA baseball team lost and the Steelers will lose by 10 to the Jets. Bad times.

    Slovis is not the QB, Duzz is not the coach and Cignetti is definitely not the OC for this team! Hi ladies VB!
    H ( cough cough) to Pitt


  7. It wouldn’t be unfair to fire Cig now. It’s inevitable.
    The defense can’t be respectable unless the Offense actually scores. They’re not.

    This is inexcusable

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  8. I hope the generally spineless media hold Nardo’s feet to the fire on his postgame conferences.
    Why didn’t you throw the ball downfield, especially since the short passes didn’t work Whatsoever?
    Why did you overuse Izzy the weeks before?
    Why didn’t you change the offensive game plan when yours clearly wasn’t working?
    Why didn’t you make an effort to spread out the GT defense?
    How could your team perform so poorly to an inferior team that just fired their coach?
    Do you think, perhaps, that you should be fired after that pitiful performance?


  9. The defending champs of the ACC are about to lose to the worst team in the ACC.

    Does that mean Pitt becomes the worst team in the ACC?


  10. HCPN:
    “Tough game. They all are in the ACC (which we won last year).
    Hats off to Tech…new coach. They rallied. But I know we didn’t give up, just like last year when we won the ACC.
    Wet conditions, kind of cold…they are used to that in Atlanta, so maybe they had an advantage on us. Last year, when we won the ACC, it was sunny.
    We’ll regroup, just like we did last year when we won the ACC, and we’ll start work for Virginia Tech, which as you know is areal juggernaut.
    But on the positive side, I got an extension which will keep me here until most of you are dead.
    So, at least there’s that.


  11. When I saw Slovis walking off the field after that pathetic drive laughing and smiling, I knew this team had given up. The defense has just shown they have too.

    What a poor poor performance – and it is all the result poor poor coaching tonight.

    SOP has officially entered the house.


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  12. I think I’m officially tuning Pitt out for the remainder of the season. Just not worth it. Across the board, this is a bad team. Bad coaching…everything.

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  13. Nodoze & Cigs a combined 80 years coaching probably..,….lost, get out-coached
    by some 1 week coach…..who could barely speak intelligently when interviewed
    at the Half. lol


    1. The transfer LB from ND Simon who starts, had zero tackles again, and yet he starts. Aren’t LB’s suppose to make plays?

      What plays is this starter making?

      I’ll have to go back and watch the tape…


  14. What cracks me up is we get these transfers from other programs (Kids who couldn’t start elsewhere) and we act like we hit the lottery.
    Losing to good teams is one thing.
    But this…


    1. I never listen to Duzz post game pressers – I can’t wait for this one. The game was not entertaining – the post game presser will certainly be packed with duzzies.


    1. Just another head scratcher of the many of this poorly coached team.
      Cause not only did no Pitt player get within 20 yards of it…but time burned off the clock


  15. The game plan was poor to start, the players executed horribly and the adjustments were even worse.

    One man is responsible for the worst performance by a Pitt team since Major II – Patrick Narduzzi who made more money tonight than I’ll make in the entire year of 2022.

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    1. King Pat makes more money per win than most people do in their lifetimes. He’s a bag full of excuses.


    1. Come on man….Patti while a gutsy kid….has no arm strength. I wish people would get off this Patti kick. He’s a D2 QB !


        1. Idk man….Slovis was All-Pac12…….GT was in a Prevent D….Slovis still threw over the Prevent….with those 2 Dimes to Bradley. Pickett couldnt have thrown those balls any better ! yea man Cigs is killin Pitt !!!

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  16. HCPN:
    Close fought game…as the score showed.
    Could have gone either way.
    They had high motivation for their new coach.
    But could have gone either way.
    We had a great week of practice.
    Great plans by the coordinators.
    Just have to get ready for a tough VT team.
    Translation: Moron.


  17. This offense went overboard for Izzy and didn’t work on the passing game. Slovis can do it but he needed work. Poor coaching..

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  18. Wasn’t Cigs the Pitt OC…..for the dreadful, another one of Pitt’s worst offensive performances,
    either that 3-0 Sun Bowl or the lucky 17-10 in the Belk Bowl.
    Slovis can make the throws….Cigs is the problemo !!

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  19. That was a total embarrassment. Vince Davis, the fumbling flea!

    Pitt needs to open up the offense and let Slovis fling the ball! It cannot be any worse than what we did until the game was out of hand!

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  20. My dream…not that anyone cares…
    Jerry DiPaoloa:
    Coach, you brought forth a grossly inferior product Saturday night. Why should anyone spend their time, their emotions and their money on any more of your games?

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    1. Those clowns hate Pitt anyway. Like the t u r d Woody Durham’s kid who called the game, calls us nothing but Pittsburgh….all the time.

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  21. No Carter tonight and Hammond still out. Now Izzy will miss some time. These injuries are ridiculous. The flea fumbles twice but they can’t sit him. What a mess!


  22. Hey all. Watched the flea fumbles. The flea has been poor for years. He has a big game against the rhode island tech schools and the masses praise him. Watched our quarterback try to “Kate” with the double glove, then have no success with it and go no glove. Would love to hear that explanation.

    Read the comments about our good defense, but they were bad. Our coaching was really bad. We did finish the game with more timeouts left than the other team, so nardstop won that stat. Cignetti is what he is. Noone confuses him for an innovator. Canada is available!!! LOL!

    The great news is that Pitt does its business in one of the worst divisions in college football and should be favored in most of the remaining games on ts way to a coastal championship. One of the worst ooc scheduling jobs that i’ve seen. Rodney Hammond injury bigger than may think. He is built different.


  23. Slovis 305 yards…never has so few words and numbers create an air of such false hope.

    The king of garbage stats if ever there was a coronation.

    Posted in the other thread, no use complaining about HC.

    He has a 20 year lifeline with that ACC championship last year.

    Just really appreciating how Kenny Pickett gave us taste of days gone by.

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  24. With Choklahoma getting clobbered, #10 NC State being NC State and losing, #8 Kentucky losing, #16 Baylor losing, #17 Texas A&M getting clobbered, #21 Minnesota losing, & #23 Florida State losing…..hardly anyone will notice Pitt lost. After all they hardly notice
    when we win. lol

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  25. It’s coaching, pure and simple.

    One coach brought a team ready to play. The other did not.

    Duzz should know better by now.

    So should I.


  26. Awake at 3:50 am and still not surprised one bit. In the article above we talked about the run games, the hyped up kids after a change of HCs and that every week upsets happen in college ball.

    The team went into this game the same way the blinker wearing fans did – thinking a 3-1 record means we have a great team and will roll over a 1-3 team just, you know, because!

    We did not play well over those four games and to the folks who believe that the number of wins defines the quality of the team – remember tonight.

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  27. Very short post game presser for Duzz –

    Blamed the loss on turnovers and used the line he “needs to watch the tape” as an answer to most questions.

    I’ll go back to not listening to his pressers.


  28. It’s so fortunate that fans have the two best football coaches in right in Pittsburgh. So blessed is this city.


  29. From Jim Hammett at Panther-lair:

    The worst loss of the Narduzzi era?

    Pitt was a three-touchdown favorite coming into Saturday’s game with Georgia Tech. The Yellow Jackets are not a very good football team and nothing they did on Saturday really changed that notion either.

    Pitt lost to a bad football team at home on Saturday night. Georgia Tech fired its head coach on Monday, and looked better prepared to play in an ACC football game than the defending champions of the conference. Again, that’s not saying much either. Georgia Tech had less than 200 yards of offense and 9 points through three quarters. Pitt could not take advantage. This game wasn’t about the Yellow Jackets, it was about Pitt and their lackluster play across the board.

    Pat Narduzzi has been the head coach at Pitt since 2015, and no loss in his tenure really comes close to this one, in my opinion. Pitt came into this season with some decent exceptions, but there are clearly some underlying issues surrounding the team. They are underachieving on many levels and it really came evident on Saturday.

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  30. That was truly painful. How can a guy who has started 30 some games be so awful? The amount of time it takes Slovis to read the defense, make a decision then make a throw is terrible. The receivers are getting no separation and are dropping balls. The running backs are now injured or fumbling. This was the most pathetic offensive performance in years.

    A team that definitely thought they could phone it in, although the defense played pretty well with the exception of a few big plays and the dropped interceptions.

    Much worse feeling than I had after Western Michigan last year and that was pretty low.

    Losing the big plays that Addison makes is turning out to be a killer, not one splash play yesterday by anyone on either side of the ball.

    Just don’t see how this can be turned around. VT licking their chops.

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    1. I thought Blue Mtn Bart made the most of his 3 catches – let that sink in – THREE CATCHES FOR BMB!

      He had 2 other targets, but the passes were bounced to him.

      Bart clearly appeared frustrated and unhappy with the teams performance unlike some defensive players who celebrated after a tackle or a WR celebrating when the team was clearly losing the game to a bad team.

      Izzy had 31 yards on 10 carries when he was injured – clearly not a factor for a successful O. GT came to stop Izzy and along the way they found a team in Pitt that was a little bit worse on offense than the rambling wreck.

      Do we name this team the Pathetic Panthers?

      Let’s look at the tape…


  31. When Slovis got hit in the head he should have gone through the protocol. Maybe Patti or Yarnell could have lit a spark, at least Pitt would have had another excuse for the loss.

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  32. If you take a step back, Narduzzi’s biggest area of being unsettled is the OC. He’s has 6 in his time at Pitt, they’ve all resigned except for one. We have a great offensive season last year and he complains we didn’t run enough. So now we run too much and even put your running back returning kick-offs….how risky is that? My feeling is he’s trying to make our offense look like MSU, and when he argues with the OC they end up quitting.


    1. MSU is 2-3 right now.

      The ND transfer C’bo is a better kick return man than Izzy, so we found an upgrade last night at one position.

      Looking for bright spots.

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    2. Michigan State only scored 13 points and lost badly to Maryland yesterday. Yep narduzzi I want that kind of Sparty offense.


  33. Steelers and Pitt are very similar.

    Both with bad coordinators

    Both with HC’s that don’t know offense but think they do

    Both with bad lines

    Both can’t stop the run

    Both with QB’s that take too long and don’t have enough moxy

    Both overrated by a koolaid drinking fanbase

    Both won’t win more than 7 games this year


  34. The game was so bad that I did something that I NEVER do……I turned it off with about 7 minutes left in the final quarter. I quit and for old Isnore to walk away that really says something.

    It will not surprise me to see this pathetic excuse of a team lose another 3 or 4 games. If anybody has seen lowly Syracuse play just remember the name Shrader. A QB with feet.
    I would NOT put the loss on Slovis. Our receivers were not getting separation and the pass dropsy disease has returned in full force. But, two things are obvious, Slovis does not have the quick reaction time needed after surveying the field to make a decision as to when and where to pass and he is not able to get out of harm’s way……no foot speed.

    I will not bore myself by typing a dissertation regarding our inept coaching. To put it simply// overpaid and under achieving.

    Oh, but Tech played for the new coach…true, but our pussycats did NOT PLAY FOR THE OLD COACH (think about that for a few seconds).

    So, this train wreck (WE ARE THE RAMBLING WRECK) started me thinking about basketball.
    Yeah, we picked up a 4**** commitment yesterday and will need time for our mostly new team to play together, but we will be better (despite Semi-Coach Capel).

    Ah, but my Penn Quakers are now 3-0 FIGHT ON PENNSYLVANIA


        1. Awww, you’re overreacting. I read that it was only the 4th worst loss between 2 teams in the ACC in the last 25 years……


  35. Worst loss under Narduzzi IMO.

    Shocked both the Steelers and Panthers are so inept on offense. How can the fans of both be forced to watch such inept offenses?

    I still have no idea what the main source of the issue is on the offense. The line stinks? Is Slovis really that bad at reading and making quick decisions or are the receivers just not getting open?

    The recruiting losses at RB with Newton and Jordan Bailey came to roost last night. Way to fumble twice and hand the Jackets 10 points, Vincent.

    What happened to John Morgan? Where is #87? Is Brandon Hill still leaving for the NFL after this season? The linebackers are a poorly-coached unit.

    Both coordinators are running archaic schemes. Yep, only Pitt employs a coach who doesn’t change with the times.

    Talk about a must-win next week. Facing another inept offense in VTech. Why do I have no faith in Pitt showing up? At least the kids had fun out there. Lots of laughs on the sideline after Hallett’s second dropped INT.


  36. Going to mention this again for everyone that thinks we almost beat a top 10 SEC team. We didn’t. When we played them, they were a top 25-27 team. They beat us. Let’s call it what it was. I think the Pitt players believed the top 10 close call score.

    Last night, GT imposed their will on our defense during the 4th quarter. Almost looked like our guys quit, except for Hallett and Kancey in my opinion. Good to see WV at the botton of the big12 as of today. Last place! They should join the coastal.

    Still think Pitt wins the coastal. I just won’t be too excited because I watched this debacle. I would have liked to see a few more illegal procedures near the goal line so we could watch the refs pull out the ruler to penalize us in inches. Would also like the first half two glove experiment by our qb. Attendance looked really bad, but am sure we announced 49k. We are a volleyball school again…yes!


  37. hard to know where ALL the problems are on offense(there are so many I’m overwhelmed with available options 😦 ) as different parts overlap and one weakness relates to another but one thing that stands out for me is WR’s inability to run SHARP routes to get separation

    thinking of JA, he was extremely shifty and able to change direction where none of these current guys have THAT

    on top of that, other than Wayne, their hands are average at best, even Bradley dropped 2 before the very good catches late, the TE needed to go get the ball rather than wait for it(even though the hit was slightly early leading to the INT)

    back to the “shiftiness) think about the throw(I think late 3rd) to Mumpfield in the flat to the right where he was wide open in space and turns up field only to run straight into the defender who easily tackles him

    defender gets comments crediting him with a great open field tackle, IT WASN’T, Mumpfield simply has ZERO change of direction ability, ANYONE should’ve been able to make 1 guy miss

    so there’s that, but we could also focus on penalties, drops, fumbles, fumbles, penalties, lack of good protection, drops, crap play calling, terrible play design, etc., etc.

    oh, and the LB’s outside #7, the GD linebackers(#11)


  38. After sleeping on this embarrassing loss a couple of things came to mind. Based on WVU, Tenn and uh hem, GT, we are being physically dominated on both sides of ball. The O-line, much vaunted returning group, can’t impose their will on anybody. Nor give Slovis adequate pass protection. Offensive scheme, play calling, lack of adjustment may be related to the coaches knowing this fact. WVU, Tenn, GT had no problem out muscling our O-line and hitting the QB often and hard. But the realty is this, Narduzzi is not getting quantitatively better talent/ recruits than he was 5 yrs ago. Football is always evolving and its painfully clear this year that we are outmatched physically, on average, at every level. While our contemporaries are developing. Watched the NC – VT game, & Wake highlights, no way we could hang with these teams. VT is going to be highly motivated when they look at GT game tape.

    Look at our key players. Izzy is great, fast, but undersized always dinged physically. Davis not much different. Slovis is small nothing like the big mobile athletic QB’s that are becoming the norm today, see Tenn & GT. Talent acquisition falls on Narduzzi. I’ve seen the the detailed analysis presented here on the POV regarding recruiting rank, player rating etc. IMHO the difference between a team of low 3 stars vs. mid 3 star is meaningless. Or mid 3 star to higher 3 star. Doesn’t indicate a quantitative step wise improvement in talent and program growth. Never thought Narduzzi had what it takes to be a great coach. And his recruiting is clearly mediocre. But as its been pointed out here, Heather just gave him a pile of money and he’s not anywhere. As much as I hate the thought of it, I have to agree.

    So what makes this so potentially damaging to the program is the expansion of the Big 10 (you know the league that Pat said he would beat most of the teams) and SEC to super conferences with yuge TV money. Given Pitt’s position in the ACC, always believed this season is critical, need 10 wins, better attendance, maintain a presence on the national stage.
    This is important so that as these super conferences develop someone wants Pitt. Clearly not a fit for the Big 10 sandwiched in between OSU and Ped St. So if we go 8&4, 7&5, weak attendance no national visibility that hurts the program significantly. Especially if you factor in the potential value of the added free press from Pickett playing next door. Which will be squandered. I find it all very disappointing to say the least. Was really hopping for season ranked in the top 20, meaningful games, good TV coverage. Now, well who knows.

    So my only hope at this point is Heather is hired away based her positive impact on non football athletics, last years ACC championship and the new AD will replace Narduzzi. Maybe Pitt can swing some of those govt dollars that are flowing everywhere for a buy out.


    1. LUVPittbulls – your first paragraph rings true to me too, and leads me to believe we have a strength & conditioning issue. Late in the game yesterday, Pitt had a D stop on a run at about 2 yards, with Dennis and Kancey the main tacklers – the play ended up going for an 11 yard gain as the ball carrier was aided & pushed by his teammates. That was strength on strength and Pitt lost in a big way.

      Critical time in the game too, as with a D stop, Pitt could have still won the game.

      On with my life’s work and search for new entertainment options.


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