Post-Rhode Island Game Press Releases

Here are some press releases for the 45-24 win over Rhode Island…and here is the ESPN factual stuff.

Kickoff Time for Oct. 1 Pitt-Georgia Tech Game Announced

PITTSBURGH—The Atlantic Coast Conference announced that Pitt’s October 1 game against Georgia Tech at Acrisure Stadium will kick off at 8 p.m. and be televised by ACC Network.

The Panthers’ remaining 2022 football schedule and announced kickoff times:

Oct. 1: Georgia Tech* (ACC Network), 8 p.m.

Oct. 8: Virginia Tech*

Oct. 22: at Louisville*

Oct. 29: at North Carolina*

Nov. 5: Syracuse*

Nov. 12: at Virginia*

Nov. 19: Duke*

Nov. 26 : at Miami*

*ACC game

Pitt 45, Rhode Island 24
Sept. 24, 2022


  • With today’s 45-24 win over Rhode Island, Pitt is now 20-1 all-time against FCS opponents, including 15-0 against members of the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA). This was the first meeting between Pitt and Rhode Island.


  • Pat Narduzzi is now 56-38 in his Pitt head coaching career. His 56 victories are tied for third all-time with John Michelosen (56-49-7), who coached the Panthers from 1955-65. Narduzzi only trails Jock Sutherland (111-20-12 from 1924-38) and Pop Warner (60-12-4 from 1915-23) in Pitt annals.


  • Israel Abanikanda rushed for a career-high 177 yards and four touchdowns on 19 carries (9.3 avg.). It marked Abanikanda’s third consecutive 100-yard rushing game.
  • The last Pitt player to record three consecutive 100-yard rushing efforts was Darrin Hall in 2017.
  • Abanikanda scored a career-high four rushing touchdowns. He is the first Pitt player to rush for four TDs since Darrin Hall (four vs. North Carolina, Nov. 9, 2017).
  • Pitt compiled a season-high 271 rushing yards (on 41 carries; 6.6 avg.) as a team. The Panthers are now 25-6 under Pat Narduzzi when they rush for more than 200 yards, including 2-0 this year (Rhode Island and Western Michigan).
  • Kedon Slovis returned as the Panthers’ starting quarterback, his first appearance since the first half of the Tennessee game (Sept. 10). Slovis completed 20-of-27 passes for 189 yards.


  • The Panthers limited Rhode Island to 63 yards rushing on 22 carries (2.9 avg.).
  • It is the third consecutive game Pitt held its opponent to under 100 yards rushing (Tennessee, Western Michigan).
  • Pitt is 30-9 under Pat Narduzzi when it holds an opponent under 100 yards rushing.
  • The Panthers compiled four sacks, led by tackle Calijah Kancey’s 1.5.
  • Freshman tackle Sean FitzSimmons made his collegiate debut and finished with two tackles and a nine-yard sack.
  • Defensive end Bam Brima made his first career start.


  • M.J. Devonshire opened the scoring with an 82-yard punt return touchdown. It was Pitt’s first punt return TD (non-block) since Rafael Araujo-Lopes’ 86-yarder at UCF on Sept. 29, 2018.
  • Devonshire now has two return touchdowns this season (56-yard INT return vs. West Virginia). He is the first Pitt player to score TDs via both a punt and INT return in the same season since Darrelle Revis in 2006. Revis had two interception return touchdowns (Virginia and Cincinnati) and one punt return TD (West Virginia) in 2006.

Pitt Head Coach Pat Narduzzi Transcript
Rhode Island Postgame
September 24, 2022

PAT NARDUZZI: You know, good outing by our guys. Again, I say “good.” I don’t think it was great. I didn’t think we had the emotion I think you need to come with every Saturday afternoon for whatever reason. I thought the offense ran the ball really well and were efficient.

Defense, wasn’t happy. Gave up a big run. Never like to do that. Gave up some RPOs out of some different formations and stuff.

Give Rhode Island credit. They do some nice things on offense, which we knew coming in. Again, a good football team. A lot better than what we looked like back in the old days.

Coach Fleming, good football coach, and from there, again, it’s a win, and preseason is over. We get into Georgia Tech and the ACC next week, and I think that’s what our kids are excited about.


Q. Izzy started the year off with only 15 vs. WVU, now he’s been getting something like 155 yards per game since?

PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, Izzy has done a nice job. When he pops through there, he can pop through as you guys see. The offensive line did an outstanding job, so they’ve done — we took what they gave us today, and we were able to run the ball, and if we can run the ball and have the ball for 35 minutes, it’s a good day.

Q. Is it fair to say that this is a run-first football team with how the play calling has gone the last three games?

PAT NARDUZZI: It all depends on what they’re giving us. You want to throw in if they’re playing deep and giving you what they’re giving us.

We’ll adjust every week based on what we’re seeing and what they’re going to give us. I’m sure Georgia Tech will be in the box trying to stop the run, and we’ll move on to them here tomorrow.

Q. Was there a goal coming into the game to attempt more lateral passes, screens, those kind of things?

PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, just again, it’s what it is. We were running the ball, and then you’re going to have some play action off that. We tried one play action deep shot and didn’t complete it.

Again, we had plenty of them in, but you just take what they’re giving you.

Q. What went into Ryan Jacoby getting No. 84 and playing tight end for you guys?

PAT NARDUZZI: He had that last week.

Q. Yeah, I get that, but what’s going into you guys doing that consistently?

PAT NARDUZZI: Again, it’s just what we call a heavy package where we put a big tight end in there that can block, and it’s like having an extra lineman in there, but he’s eligible and he’s got really good hands, too.

Eventually we’ll get to that, too.

Q. What’s your evaluation of Kedon in his first game back?

PAT NARDUZZI: I think it was okay. Again, he was efficient with the football, 20 of 27. Took what they were giving us. Didn’t make bad decisions throwing the ball into coverage down the field, and I thought he was good.

Q. Is your defensive line getting enough pressure this year?

PAT NARDUZZI: Right now, no, but I think four of our top five defensive ends didn’t play today, so we had a lot of guys on the D-line play. You saw a bunch of Chris Maloney and Bam Brima, John Morgan was out there, and they’re getting the ball out fast, too. There’s not a ton of drop back; it’s a lot of run-pass option passes. Even on 3rd down they were throwing RPOs at us, as well. You’re stopping the run or trying to stop the run and trying to defend the pass at the same time.

Q. Was the score what determined how much you played your starters today?

PAT NARDUZZI: Not really. We got, whatever, 14 up, we talked about at one point just getting Nate in there again and letting him go, but Coach Cignetti just wanted to stick with him (Kedon) and finish it the right way.

Q. What’s the significance of having Daniel —

PAT NARDUZZI: We had a lot of twos in on defense, I can tell you that. Threes, maybe fours.

Q. Talk about Daniel Carter and that role being able to convert those —

PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, Daniel did a nice job on his carries, but he did an even nicer job in the run game. He’s the best fullback we’ve had since George Aston as far as picking up the right guy.

A lot of those runs are springing because he’s searching up there and picking up the right guy and popping as he frees, so Daniel does a nice job there, and then he does a nice job on some of the carries he got today.

Q. The bulk of the yards in the first half came off of two explosives. What adjustment was made to limit those in the second half?

PAT NARDUZZI: Nothing really. Play, focus. First one was the formation in the boundary. I think we had a backup safety in there. PJ was in there, and I think PJ ran right into the back of John Morgan. He’s got to find the hole, and that’s not very good by our twos.

Some guys earned playing time, some guys will lose playing time based on how they performed today. You try to give guys opportunities, but you give a guy an opportunity and he gives up a big run, it’s not good.

Q. What happened there with the onside kick at the end? Was that something you guys called?

PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, it’s something we called. Obviously you got the ball at the 50-yard line, we can kick it deep. The first time we had that earlier in the year, I forget what game it was, Tennessee or whatever, we kicked it deep, but someone has got to be aware of that kick, and you got the ball at the 50-yard line, there’s not much risk after a 15-yarder for roughing our kicker on the one. Junko hadn’t gotten a lot of reps at it, either. So kudos to not Coach Junko, to Coach Junko’s grandson, for executing that properly.

Q. Is that an importance of having Izzy be kind of like a workhorse/bell cow running back for that offense as something you know that you possibly can depend on week in and week out?

PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, Izzy has been the workhorse, and Vince had some nice runs, as well, including the one at the end, which they had three time-outs and weren’t using them, so we’re going to run the ball, and again, really didn’t try to score but just happened to score by accident, I guess.

Q. Is your team where you hoped it would be as conference play approaches?

PAT NARDUZZI: We’ll find out next week. It’s never where you want it to be ever.

But again, we talked about being clean going into this game, and I don’t think it was as clean. We had too many penalties. Again, we’ll find out who they were.

Even on special teams we had a couple penalties. Holding on a kickoff return puts us back at the 13-yard line with 50 seconds to go in the second quarter. Just little things like that, young guys. I think that was Javon McIntyre. They’ve got to clean that stuff up when you get into ACC play.

Q. Are your receivers doing what you’re expecting of them? Jared wasn’t in today so missing the top guy, but you guys, not a lot of passes downfield —


Q. Are you still looking for more from them?

PAT NARDUZZI: We’re looking for more, no question about it. We were a little shorthanded there at the wide out spot, but we’ll continue to get better. They’ll have to play better.

Q. Did Izzy scare you there at the end of the first half?

PAT NARDUZZI: No, Izzy don’t scare me. Izzy was good. He just got rolled up on a little bit. He was good. I didn’t go out there very fast because I knew he was good.

Q. What did you like from Karter Johnson’s blocking efforts today? Looked like you guys lined up in a lot of different places?

PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, Karter is a football player. It was nice to see him get a catch and run down the sideline on a kind of play action pass. He’s a good football player. He’s tough. He’s physical. He plays hard all the time, and he does a great job on special teams, so we’re fired up to have him. He’s going to help us down the road here for sure.

Q. You got special teams M.J. with the punt return in the first quarter. What is it that makes him such a lethal weapon back there?

PAT NARDUZZI: He’s been a punt returner. He’s only had two prior to today, and he didn’t catch either one of them, so you’re a little afraid of putting him back there, but we made a decision to put him back there, take some off the receivers because we’re shorthanded there, and he did a nice job. He’s fast, and we saw that in the WVU game. If you get the ball in his hands — again, I think it gave him a lot of confidence today, gave the coaches a lot of confidence when he goes back there, something good can happen. Great blocking, as well.

Q. How much of the kind of defensive lapses and mistakes that you mentioned on defense can you chalk up to the fact that you were rotating so many guys?

PAT NARDUZZI: Rotating, we’re playing a lot of young guys. We’ll look at the tape and find out what starters or backups were in there when it happened. Like I said, the one run was PJ. Again, they get some RPOs on you, but you’d better stop the run.

I think for the most part we stopped the run except for one play. What did they rush for? Looks like they net rushed 63, and I think they had 62 on one gain so it should have been zero. But one play pops on you, you’ve got to make a play and you’ve got to fit it right.

Q. Next week’s game, time undecided, but primetime football. Do you prefer a late game or do you care?

PAT NARDUZZI: I love noon games, but whenever they say we’re playing, we get to play, we’re excited. Doesn’t matter. Time doesn’t matter.

Just getting the opportunity to go play No. 5 and be 1-0 next week, that’s the goal.


98 thoughts on “Post-Rhode Island Game Press Releases

  1. Honestly folks, I have no real handle on how good this team is or not. Yes, we are 3-1 but those two not-WVU wins and the more normal opponent level WVU & Tenn games still show some big deficiencies. Balance that out with bright spots like our run game and it is still up in the air (for this fan anyway).

    Will have a MMQB out tomorrow. Meanwhile here is another release:

    Panthers down Rams

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  2. Back in 70 or 71 PITT had a solid team starting strong out of the block at 5-1 but potential All- America middle lLD Ralph Cindrich injured a knee on the 1st or 2nd play of the game vs UCLA who was QB’d by actor Mark Harmon. Cindrich’s injury was an omen of things to come as our D was devastated by the injury bug. The season which started on a high note ended poorly…. ( still not Dave Hart era poor)

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    1. BigB – I remember oranges being thrown on the field at Pitt Stadium when we were 5-1. Alas, the Orange Bowl was not to be…

      Go Pitt.


    2. That was 1970, BigB. My senior year. After 3 years of the worst football in college history the optimism on campus was intoxicating. We were 5-1!! I drove with a friend all the way to Syracuse to watch what was supposed to be the next in a series of wins leading to a major bowl. We sat on concrete bleachers in old Archbald Stadium on a cold dreary day and witnessed the first of a series of four convincing losses to finish the season.
      I am reminded often of what I said to my friend on the drive up to Syracuse. “I can’t see how we can lose this game .” That day was when I learned the meaning of “dreaded Pitt optimism”. Since then I have been often hopeful but never optimistic about Pitt football.

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  3. Seems to me we have the potential to be decent – and we have the potential to be pretty lousy…. And I expect every game from here out to be a nail-bitter.

    Mumpfield was intended to augment Addison, not replace him. Good thing they found Bub because no one else is stepping up. Our fate rests on how productive Wayne and Mumpfield can be…along with the huge question mark at TE.

    Go Pitt.


    1. Bub Means is awful. We would have been better off not picking him up via the portal. He doesn’t even block well. We have a few underclassmen that would (potentially) be better options. Bub has had too many drops, runs lazy routes and doesn’t finish blocks.
      I must be missing something because he keeps trotting onto the field.


  4. Key quote … Coach Fleming, good football coach, and from there, again, it’s a win, and preseason is over. We get into Georgia Tech and the ACC next week, and I think that’s what our kids are excited about.

    Emphasis on “preseason” is over …

    Duzz also kept reiterating that they were taking what was given to them. When you don’t have a victory in doubt this is what you do. You don’t have to “try” things. You take what is given and move on.

    I know people wanted a 65-0 game with the starters resting the second half but we didn’t hire that type of OC. That’s just reality whether you like it or not. Pitt plays a ball control, efficient offense. These take what you’re given reps will pay dividends when trying to close out teams in the ACC portion of our schedule.

    The team had several starters out. Slovis was returning from a concussion. His top WR was out. We still don’t have Hammond back. Looks like we lost Bart for some significant time based on the sling.

    Pitt is also not going to show too much. Duzz has said several times since camp how much of the offense is already installed … there is a lot that future opponents haven’t seen yet. He’s not going to give them too much tape from Western Michigan or RI. He’s just not.

    Hopefully, the OL getting plenty of practice running the ball against stacked defenses pays off when teams won’t be able to put 8 in the box.

    Lots of rotations. Lot’s of players who don’t play much getting reps. Lot’s of combinations of players who don’t play together often.

    Not much to take away from his other than Pitt got reps in real game action. Nothing to get excited or upset over.

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  5. Going to be gone for next couple weeks so Imwantmto,get some stuff out there:
    1) Local news tried to paint bright picture saying we kept it vanilla. Again, how could you tell? Same old, same old other than the last drive where they opened it up more than all game.
    2) Do,any of you have an idea what they were trying to accomplish?? Work on running game?By getting Izzy killed? Work on return game. By getting Izzy killed? Work on downfield passing game? Nope. Work on better communication in secondary? Nope. Get backup qb some snaps? Nope. Not show future opponents anything? Nope, they pretty much saw our whole offense.
    3) As far as the d, well, they are the biggest disappointment by far. Yup, even more so than Cignetti. I know they are devastated by injuries, but come on. They looked lost and disinterested. That’s a bad combo.
    4) Wonder how bad kicker is hurt?
    5) This game should have been first of year. Work out kinks. And if it was you’d say we had a lot to work on. Being the 4th game and seeing the performance you should be scared…..less.
    6) Ya, it was a slow start, and I’m sure those with blue and gold glasses will say”,a win is a win and we scored 45 or whatever”. Uhhh, whistling past the graveyard much.
    7) Now, we could be Mich St or Miami, or OK, or Texassssss, but that’s for losers.
    8) Finally, as for Miami, do,all you van Dykers, go,back and look at the game. All he did was throw the same quick throw to wideouts because our dbs played 10 yards off. Then when we tried to adjust( after 6 throws) he hit crossing patterns over the middle. We were badly outcoached. He isn’t all that.
    Going to Europe, visiting Normandy beaches. Remembering. Hope we get out 2 wins and better injury news.H2P


  6. Joeknew – Panic much? They’re 1-1 vs real teams and one loss is to a top 10 team that we went toe to toe with. The last two games don’t mean a thing. Nada. We’ll find out who they are as we enter the ACC portion of the schedule. That doesn’t make me a kool aid drinker. SMH. That’s just me not reading too much into things. The opposite of a kool aid drinker is probably an alarmist or being jaded. My cup is half full. I drink my carbs so no kool aid but I do think pessimism is poison. Sometimes a game is just a game. Pitt won, man. Pitt is 3-1. Right where most predicted they would be. They don’t have a murder’s row of a schedule coming up, either. Enjoy the season. H2P.

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          1. should we win the games we are FAVORED in?

            yes, so very good chance for 11-1 but I’d think 10-2 is likely and only believe worse if injuries play a significant role more than our opponents


  7. I believe our next games are against teams that are not that great. The Coastal is open to us. I do not care if it is down a little. That is not the point. A title is a title. Grab it if you can.

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  8. I don’t know what impact it had yesterday, but have you ever noticed that when a team takes the opening kickoff and quickly goes right down the field for a score, they sometimes can then struggle for a while.

    RI’s “coverage” on that punt return by Devonshire was pathetic. I wonder if the Pitt team assumed right there that this game was going to be a cakewalk? They certainly appeared to lack focus for the rest of the afternoon…

    Go Pitt.

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  9. Joe, I plan on visiting Normandy next year. Please thank those silent Allied forces men and women for me who landed and died there .

    BTW, 543 American women died in WWII, 16 from direct enemy fire, but none of those were made public until after the war ended because General Eisenhower thought it would negatively effect moral among the men.

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  10. I had 3 uncles in World War II. One with Patton, one in the Pacific and one as a paratrooper during Normandy. He was a sniper. Nicest uncle ever. All returned with mental and physical scars. The greatest generation.

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  11. 88 POWs also Reed…
    Good stuff.

    Back to Red5a Saturday for that 8pm kickoff.

    Uncle Iek, what is the name of the pizza place in Latrobe you told me about last year?
    My daughter’s high school field hockey team plays there Tuesday evening…will need a nice snack!


  12. we are 3-1 with the one loss IN OVERTIME to an undefeated top 10 SEC team and at this point appear to likely be favored in every remaining regular season game

    but, are we very good? the answer is YES

    now, are we elite? no freakin’ way

    the many injuries concern me and should everyone as we aren’t better than just “good” in that we have layers of players(like an Alabama or tOSU, etc.) that can be plugged in as replacements and KNOW they will be solid

    while the backup QB situation has me far less concerned with Nate’s extremely solid performance v WMU, it is one game and while I am perfectly happy to have seen it, most importantly it makes me believe we have found the better backup to Kedon.


    there are questions that remain nearly everywhere including with Cig(and maybe his boss too) after(and because of) the game yesterday

    why watch Izzy for nearly the entire game? and more so, why running back KO’s?

    why watch Kedon play the entire game and mostly in the role of handing off and throwing short passes? … not that he doesn’t benefit at least somewhat incrementally from the live reps

    why so many penalties in a game against UMass? I didn’t watch the entire game so maybe less a concern but isn’t this always a concern?

    how do you give up at least 2 explosives, one run(63yd) and one pass(45yd), to freakin’ UMASS?

    win by 21 kinda looks OK but one TD was on a punt return and another TD was late in the game so while the game outcome never felt in question, the game overall can’t make anyone feel VERY GOOD and maybe not even GOOD, maybe OK, and really just maybe

    I am enjoying things and can’t even imagine how GREAT I’d feel had HCPN gone for 2 and had a miracle conversion v. Tenn but there are many reasons for questions and while we shouldn’t think next week’s game will be a problem, the bigger shock will be if we dominate and cruise to a win in the first game that really matters in heading toward the REALISTIC goal of getting to the ACC championship game


    I’m thinking about making the drive up and ruining the day for all Pitt fans,,,, undecided now and leaning to bowhunting day with the late start 🙂

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      1. haha, in Maryland we can bowhunt until Jan 31st so even longer, but I love hunting in October and early November when they often respond to rattle and grunting


  13. sincere questions:

    joeknew, how do you judge “disinterested”?

    majormajors, how do you judge “focus”

    not trying to be jerk but that’s tough for ME to grasp

    one other question, anyone believe the kicker had the OK to kick that onside kick? haha, no damn way with the reactions


    1. Good question. I saw several plays yesterday where the defense couldn’t seem to decide how to line up. Just before the snap we have guys trying to get to other spots…
      SirVocea is supposed to be rock solid in making sure we line up correctly – that wasn’t happening consistently yesterday.

      And I remember a couple plays where a RI WR was not covered by anyone – especially when they put 3 WRs on on side. We were putting some new numbers out there- could explain it…

      Then there’s the stupid celebrations after a tackle where you cringe and hope a flag isn’t thrown.

      BTW, yesterday a UNC WR scored on a 50-yard pass play. He spun the ball on the ground and was flagged. Yikes.

      Go Pitt.


    2. Bingo, TVax! No way that the coaches called the onsides kick. Powell and Duzz were going nuts on the sidelines. Duzz was totally lying in the press conference. Unless it was a play that they worked on in practice, and the coaches mis-communicated to the players the circumstances when the play would be executed.

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    3. I don’t think that Junco was told to do an onsides. Maybe he is given the option to do one if the other team is way back from the line? Anyhow, it was weird.



  14. Well, Van Dyke was benched yesterday so the fair haired boy has some flaws…. and Addison caught the winning TD pass for USC last night with less than 2 minutes remaining.. but only 3 catches for the game.. so I think Pitt will survive these major concerns.. And UNC seems quite beatable, so Louisville could be the major hurdle for Pitt.

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  15. The only thing meaningful about the game was the injury to Bart. Funny though but this win counts toward the total as much as any other.

    I still think all the injuries will cost a few extra losses.

    Since Addison, recruiting of wide outs has been below the line. Without the portal things would be pretty bleak. Hopefully Wayne gets healthy soon. Barden and Bradley need to pick it up.

    No way to tell which way this will go, but if the lines don’t get healthy with improved performance there will be unwanted consequences.

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  16. I am in no way predicting a one loss season. Our schedule is favorable but Syracuse, Louisville, UNC, Miami will all be typical tough conference games. I’m just not putting too much stock into the last two games. Actually any stock.

    The only thing concerning me right now is the injuries because we don’t have a lot of depth. We have more depth than we traditionally have which is great but it’s still not a lot and the injuries are mounting up.

    I’m also not a pitch count person so I don’t abide by the let the starters rest ideology. Injuries happen. Regardless of usage. No worries about the hits adding up for Izzy. He plays a position that you get hit and he’ll get his breaks once Hammond comes back.

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  17. Sure, I say lack of focus equals disinterested. How many penalties? Did ya see the confusion with the secondary and line backers? Receivers running lazy routes. Perhaps first two easy scores led them to,believe they could sleepwalk through game.
    Say whatever you want, but it was RHODE ISLAND. They played the healthy starters a lot. Honestly, did you really think they looked good against WMU or Littl Rhody?
    Sure, they played 2 D1 schools, but they were fortunate to beat the Hoopies. I disagree with the “ we were outplayed by Tennessee “ school of thought, but that was a game right there for the taking.
    Look, I’m just trying to be honest in eval this team. They have major warts. Let’s see if they can win the games they should ( which is almost all of them). Many, many teams are overrated this year, ranked on name only. But it’s perception, and when you see RI put up 24 on this d you can say they are overrated, RI is good, or they kinda lost focus and became disinterested. Man, I surely hope it’s not the first because if it is they can easily lose 3 more games. I doubt anyone feels they played their best in any games so far. But they will need to, or one of these teams, or more, are going to bite them.

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  18. Well now that we have basically agree that PITT mostly sucks, other for some strange reason #22 Vincent Davis, we can all lower our expectations for the rest of the season? Plus, with these rotten coaches, more than a win or two the rest of the way seems unlikely. Not my words but from what I mostly read on the POV.

    My real thoughts:

    Slovis didn’t go from hero to zero in a couple weeks. By in large he played the football game the coaches drew up for him. I think he’s ok and by far PITT’s best option.

    The extensive playing time was a little strange though. In today’s world you better keep your best players happy, or they will be playing for the Alabama’s of the world next thing you know

    I watched Mumpfield run a route and it wasn’t very sharp. Hopefully an aberration.

    I think PITT will be OK with the schedule helping out big time. The old adage, if they lost to the next few opponents, they aren’t that good anyways.

    Fran Hotel Loyal is the Pizza parlor you’re looking for. Eric is a frequent flyer there considering where he lives. But he is a LAtrobe grad. I think their boneless wings are really good there as well. That’s perfect if the young Miss Lokar plays at the stadium in town. She may be playing out at the high school in the newer Latrobe sports complex. (which is amazing)..

    Prayers to all out there that may be not feeling their best..


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    1. LAY-TROBE. Home of Arnold Palmer, Mister Rogers, Rolling Rock beer (original home) and Birthplace of both professional football and MissingWlat.

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  19. penalties, we’ve had more than our share for years>>> Narduzzi’s been criticized for lack of discipline, attention to details – he deserves criticism and then there’s the stupid players and their emotions, and of course the coaches emotions

    confusion? not sure it’s that or late adjustments that were coached, whether right or wrong or late or whatever

    we want running, we don’t want too much running, we don’t want too many 1st down runs, we want adjustments, we don’t want adjustments to individual plays or at least late adjustments just before snaps or maybe that’s exactly when we want them so the offense can’t respond

    point is, SOME things are easier to see like missed tackles, poor angles taken by defenders, holes missed by RB’s(some) but that depends on blocking and blocking depends on assignments and who of you KNOW every player’s assignments on every play?

    we are 3-1 having lost in OT to a top 10 SEC team, rather that than 2-2 with a better coach and yet if we hold on to JA aren’t we 4-0 right now?

    let’s wreck Tech Saturday late

    get healthy and I think we’re good until Carolina!


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  20. I don’t think you can read anything into the last two games other than we are a pretty beat up football team that isn’t firing on all cylinders.

    Whether we lose one more or five more depends on getting as many of our first string guys back and playing at a high level. We are pretty thin at a lot of spots and additional injuries could be devastating. Really hard to be well informed since we have the secret squirrel code of the NCAA, so a lot of uncertainty on who and when guys may be back.

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  21. Coaches poll: Pitt 24th one ahead of Cuse and two behind undefeated FSU AP Poll: Pitt 24th, one ahead of 2-2 Miami, and behind 2-2 Florida and Texas

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  22. Glass half full: Only loss in OT against Top 10 team, beat rival who just beat the living snot out of VT at VT

    Glass half empty: Gave up 24 pts to D2 team, barely beat a 2-2 team at home

    Guess we’ll have to stay tuned and see how it ends

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  23. I suppose Georgia Tech will have a new coach next week.
    I suppose UNC will have a new coach after this season.

    And HCPN’s interview made it sound like Junko’s kick was intentional … but that’s not how it looked when Junko came to the sideline.


    1. There are several reports that say Collins has a meeting schedule tomorrow to discuss his future. I’m hoping he survives one more week.

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      1. Me too. It would give me great satisfaction if Pitt was the team that sent him packing and off to his new employer: Sheetz. That guy won’t be working anywhere near college football again anytime soon. As UPitt would say… dicksock.

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  24. It really does depend on your POV. If you’re an optimist and someone point out a weakness or something negative you are panicked or a downer. If you have a pessimistic outlook and someone praises the team or sees a silver lining they are raw raw forever( like those on the Nitter boards). As for me, the d is disappointing giving up way too much yardage and points for such a highly thought of unit. I didn’t see much difference in the offense from game to game. Maybe qb being in shotgun in some games, but not much else. We should never, ever take what the d gives us vs a team like RI. We should be able to impose our will.
    On the plus side, Slovis can be pretty good. When all the backs are healthy they are a very nice combo. They are 3-1 which is better than some highly thought of teams.
    I honestly don’t know what they can do going forward. Haven’t seen anything that leads me to believe they can win a shootout. Haven’t seen anything that leads me to believe they will get blown out( unless they play Devonshire too much).
    This is why everyone is entitled to their POV.


    1. This defense relies on super pressure from D-linemen. When you are missing three first string guys you just aren’t going to get the same results.

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        1. Not according to Duzz.

          Hey, I’m hoping by sitting Haba, Des and Danielson, the DL returns in tact to wreck tech.

          News flash: GT gave up a lot of yards on the ground in losses this season. Expect to see the offensive play of the past two games next Saturday night.

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    2. I jumped on you because you said kool aid drinkers. Had you not said that I would have let it go and just disagreed. Pitt is 3-1 with a fair schedule ahead. The Tennessee loss is aging well. Pitt just has to keep doing what they’re doing. I don’t consider myself a kool aid drinker because I don’t think Pitt can do no wrong. I don’t love Duzz or Cignetti but in the context that they are here and not going anywhere, I can accept some givens. The defense will give up big plays. Regardless of the level of talent we are playing. The offense is going to be balanced and efficient with a ball control mentality. It appears they spent the last two weeks tuning up the run offense and getting our defensive depth reps.


        1. I guess I paraphrased but similar intent … “and I’m sure those with blue and gold glasses will say”,a win is a win and we scored 45 or whatever”. Uhhh, whistling past the graveyard much”

          That irked me. Haha. No hard feelings. It prompted a reaction, though.

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  25. Don’t forget that a big factor in yesterday’s performance was that Lastrow was not in the house.

    Even while missing “The Franchise” and his significant positive force, the Panthers managed to prevail!

    Go Pitt.

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  26. I’m a little late with this post but the 10th ranked Lady Panther Volleyball team is playing a 7-5 NC State team at the Fieldhouse at the moment. It is televised on ACCN Extra. Pitt squeaked by in the back and forth first set, winning 31-29. Pitt cruised to a relatively easy 25-13 second set. And Pitt just lost a close third set, 25-22. So Pitt is up 2-1 in sets going into the 4th set.

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    1. Spent time with family members in PA so could not watch the game today. Pitt blew several big leads to the Wolfpack. The current team seems to lack the killer instinct which goes hand-in-hand with lack of a court leader. Pitt is going to have problems with teams that press them at the net. Pitt needs to learn how to handle a pressing, blocking team.

      I attended the North Carolina game was not happy we lost one set to them. We should have played much better against NC State than we did. Will watch the NC State match sometime this week when I have some time


  27. Well, coming off a best season in decades, with a lot of experience in the starting lineup, you would expect better play. At least I do.

    I find it kind of interesting that some predictors on this site are calling for 11-1 or 10-2 season and that we’d steamroll our way to 4-0 or 3-1 by routing the minor teams. Well, would anyone say that happened?

    Those two lesser teams pretty much played us straight up in the first half of their respective games- when both teams had almost all their 1st stringers in. It wasn’t until the 2nd halves, or even to the 4th quarter when our better strength and deeper bench got us those wins.

    I’m thinking the ACC teams will have much stronger and more talented rosters than WMU and RI and that will lead to much closer games as we already have seen with WVU and Tennessee.

    Wins are great if that is how you guage how good a team is. But to those who say we could have been 4-0 if a break or two (or call) went our way I say the opposite is true also if WVU wouldn’t have made one single play last minute mistake.

    The number or wins don’t make a real and only difference to me, believe it or not, I’m more concerned about the quality of play and coaching. Maybe I’m old school but my thought is you get ranked more finely on the strength of the program and quality of wins then you do on only the number of wins late in the season.

    Speaking of those predictors mentioned above… they had the last word in 2021 but you never seem to have read them admit that their 10-2 or 11-1 predictions yearly before that season were way off mark and why they thought differently.


  28. Do Negativos know that the defense on the last series that resulted in URI scoring points 18-24 was essentially Pitt’s 4th string? If you didn’t, what effect does that knowledge have on your negativity?

    Here’s what I think and I base this on noting that NCS beating E Carolina by one point in Week 1, Marshall beating ND, App St beating Texas A&M in Week 2, Liberty losing to Wake by one in Week 3, Florida beating South Florida by 3 in Week 3, and Middle Tenn beating Miami and Kansas St beating Oklahoma in Week 4: A football game has an enormous number of variables that tremendously influence the outcome of the game and if enough of these variables randomly go to one side, in any given game, a surprise, indeed a shocking result might occur.

    Moreover, there is a tremendous false bias that goes to which team wins the game. Yes, Pitt lost to Tennessee but they lost in overtime. That game could have gone either way. Is Pitt less “good” because Slovis was injured and had to leave the game? In a sense, sure, because the OL and blocking backs did not sufficiently protect Slovis. But QBs get sacked all the time and don’t get knocked out of the game. And how often does the 2nd string QB then get injured forcing him to play with a gimpy leg. And, despite what anyone might say, the SEC refs played a big part in getting Tennessee that win (see flag pick-up on the end zone interception). So if Pitt won that game they’d be ranked in the top 10. But they didn’t so their not. But they didn’t not because Tennessee (a top 10 team) was really better than Pitt when they matched up head to head.

    So yes, Pitt didn’t look so good in its 21 point victory this past Saturday. What does that tell me. Not much. Play like that next Saturday and and I’ll have a different opinion.

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      1. Yes, my apology for the grammar error.

        I have explained the “6&34” pen name several times. I’m a Pitt alum who attended from Fall 1965 through Spring 1969. Pitt was 3-7, 1-9, 1-9 and 1-9. Add those wins and losses and you get ______________?

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        1. First of all, remaining a fan after watching Pitt go 6-34 right in front of your eyes for 4 years is commendable. Second, if I could have liked your previous post 6 and 34 times, I would have!

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  29. Reed, I guess it depends on whether your glass is half full or half empty. Pitt did lose the two guys most responsible for a great season. Impossible to replace guys.
    When you add the number of injuries you can better understand the results.
    I never make predictions because I am not smart enough.
    I just try to enjoy the games and appreciate the guys playing the game.

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    1. GC, Perhaps you don’t make predictions because you realize that you can’t foresee all the bad bounces, injuries, referee errors (intentional or otherwise), player mental mistakes, and maybe even the impact of Jupiter aligning with Mars………?

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  30. I’m sticking with my 9-3 prediction for the season. Havent seen anything surprising one way or another to adjust that. And still belive the next two losses will be either UNC or LOU and Miami in the finale.

    With or without Geoff Collins, I expect Pitt to win the game on Saturday evening. The defense will not make the same mistakes next week and we will see a couple guys return back to action.

    Agree that the loss to Tenn is aging well.

    The voters for the rankings largely are predisposed to favor – and penalize – some schools, which is why the only way Pitt can get respect is to earn it on the field. Just win baby…

    joeknew – I guess you have heard Reagan’s speech on the boys of Point du Hoc….if not, check it out on Youtube before you leave the country.

    Look fwd to seeing the crowd at Red5A for a dinnertime tailgate. Special guest star…. Richard Hefner.

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    1. JoeL,
      Even tho Miami always seems to have our number, they do appear less daunting as the season goes on. And also, I agree that the Tennessee loss is aging well… pains me to think how well that game would be aging had we successfully pulled off a 2point conversion at the end of regulation…….


  31. Crappy wins against crappy teams won’t do any wonders for a dedicated fan base. Let’s face it, PITT fans know what losing football looks like. But that’s not the question today, do PITT fans remember or have a clue what winning football looks like?

    One thing for sure. Playing good or bad OOC games is a topic that is not agreed upon by PITT fans.

    Reed, you’re doing a great job and you of all people can really appreciate the great job Richard has stepped up and now doing. (others as well)…. these articles don’t write themselves. No one could afford a POV subscription if a fair price for the content was requited!

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    1. GT has fired their HC ahead of our game and Pitt had been ranked in 11 consecutive AP polls. The longest run since 14 in 2002-03.

      That is all.

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  32. Again Pitt missed 2 field goals and turned the ball over in the end zone and their 2nd string qb with one leg kept them in the game with the #8 team

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    1. Turned the ball over because of a poor SEC ref call picking up a flag which influenced Slovis’s decision to male the throw in the first place.

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  33. Sorry hit the reply button too soon,

    In the country, they have a good team, they should be favored in 7 of the remaining 8 games and maybe all 8.

    They have a great chance to repeat as Coastal division champions.

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        1. My recollection is that Boyd would never make it because he was injury prone. It was Whitehead and Maddox who sucked. I believe it was Maddox who sucked more.

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          1. ages 25 to 28 and each made over 7M this year

            heck, 25yo Dinucci is making about 1M,,, but someone is doing someone a solid for that 😉


  34. Back to Reed’s opening remarks…..after reading who sat who played vs RI. We have no idea how good this Pitt team is. Not once have they had all starters playing on either side of the ball! Most of the time they’ve been missing a minimum 3 starters on each side.

    And now, we have the ACC sched starting with two teams we should beat. The huge upside to all of this is we are building depth and when we finally have everyone ready to play it will be Louisville time. I still think Slovis is not the answer at QB but again, we will soon know.

    We could sweep the schedule and be in the final 4 or lose three games and play in a crap bowl. It’s going to come down to QB play.

    If you look at the big picture you have to be optimistic !!! H2P

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  35. Pitt plays two teams in disarray in the next two games. Georgia Tech will be playing with an interim coach next year. If Pitt cannot win that game by more than 28 points it will be a bad sign.

    Virginia Tech lost by 23 points to WVU at home. Again, this is another game that Pitt should win by 28 points.

    Someone pointed out that recovering from a concussion takes longer than one week. I wonder if Slovis was 100% Saturday. I am also not happy that Yarnell did not play the second half.

    At the end of the last article, I wondered why we are having so many injuries. I believe it is poor conditioning! Would like to hear other people’s thoughts on this.


    1. I disagree with conditioning being the culprit. The players te enormous, run like deer and spend their days in the weight room. And, they are trained to explode into a player.
      Moreover, the objective concussion protocols have sidelined players where before they would be back on the field.
      I also think many players were held out, given they were playing RI.
      Finally, I would imagine all training protocols and training results are qualified and quantified. All these kids think they are making it to the league and if they thought their training was inadequate, or a liability, they would speak out or leave.
      Just my beliefs.

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    2. I think saying that Pitt should beat any ACC team by 28 points is setting yourself up for failure. Pitt usually plays to the level of it’s competition. A win is a win is a win.

      I also believe that injuries are a function of luck for the most part but do increase when you are playing bigger stronger opponents, and higher intensity games.

      Obviously QBs are more likely to get hurt the more often they get hit. Conversely Tom Brady has stayed healthy because of great lines and a quick release. Hopefully Cignetti’s use of the short passing game will keep Slovis on his feet until the line gets better at pass protection. Even though it was RI the holes opened for Izzy were encouraging.


  36. I remember watching some video on Sean FitzSimmons and being really impressed by the quickness of his first step. Seeing him yesterday, he looks enormous – in a good way.

    If he’s one of the 4 best tackles, I wouldn’t worry about his redshirt… He sure looks like he’ll be a playmaker – just a matter of how soon against ACC level competition.

    Go Pitt.

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  37. I agree Major, Pitt could use another interior DLman that can create havoc on the opposition QB. FitzSimmons looks the part and should be given more time on the field to show if he can help Kancey in that regard. Getting more pressure on the QB is essential with this Narduzzi/Bates defense and maybe Fitz will be part of that answer.


  38. Just like many injuries, concussions have different degrees. Heck, didn’t Sid Crosby miss almost an entire year about 8 or 9 years ago? I believe any hard hit in the head that may cause temporary confusion (for lack of better term) is termed a concussion

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  39. I call bs on Duzz saying the onside kick at the end was planned. By he and Coach Powell ripped into kicker Junko on the sideline. I think Junko realized this would be his only play in his career so he went into business for himself and made it a good one. I did the same thing in high school baseball missing a bunt sign and striking out lol. Classy move for once by Duzz covering for Junko because his grandfather has meant so much to our program throughout the decades.

    Will we now see 3rd team kicker Sam Scarton to replace an injured King Saul?


    1. What the heck happened to Scarton in the off-season that he has dropped that low? Complete role reversal between he and Sauls 🤔


  40. FWIW here is my take on the Junko kickoff. Since it was unlikely his kickoff would reach the end zone, he was told to squib kick it.

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