Here is a Blue & Gold colored look at the game. I’ll go more in-depth with the MMQB article posted tomorrow…

No. 24 Tennessee 34, No. 17 Pitt 27 (OT)
Sept. 10, 2022


  • With today’s 34-27 overtime loss, No. 17 Pitt fell to 3-1 all-time against Tennessee.
  • The 24th-ranked Volunteers (2-0) were the first SEC team to play at Pittsburgh.
  • The Panthers (1-1) are now 13-4-2 against current members of the SEC.
  • Pitt is now 10-11 all-time in overtime games, including 5-2 under Coach Pat Narduzzi.


  • Israel Abanikanda gave Pitt a 10-0 first-quarter lead with a 76-yard touchdown run.
  • It marked the Panthers’ longest rush since Nov. 10, 2018, when Qadree Ollison had a school-record 97-yard run (TD) against Virginia Tech.
  • Abanikanda finished with a career-high 154 yards and a TD on 25 carries (6.2 avg.).
  • It is the second 100-yard rushing game of his career (140 at Virginia Tech, Oct. 16, 2021).
  • Gavin Bartholomew had a 57-yard touchdown catch (pass from Kedon Slovis) to give Pitt a 17-7 lead in the second quarter. The catch was a career long and marked the fifth touchdown reception of his career.
  • Bartholomew finished with 84 receiving yards on five catches (16.8 avg.).
  • His receiving yardage is a career high, while his catch total matched his personal best.
  • Slovis finished 14 of 24 for 195 yards with one touchdown and one interception in two quarters of play. He did not play in the second half due to injury.
  • In relief of Slovis, Nick Patti made his first appearance of the season in the second half and threw for 79 yards on 9-of-20 passing. It marked the 18th career game appearance for Patti.
  • Jared Wayne finished with 82 receiving yards and a TD on a career-high seven receptions (11.7 avg.). His touchdown came on fourth down with 2:23 left in regulation, tying the game at 27 and forcing overtime.
  • Wayne’s touchdown catch was his first of the season and ninth of his career.


  • Pitt held Tennessee to 91 rushing yards on 35 carries (2.6 avg.). It was the 37th time during Pat Narduzzi’s tenure that the Panthers have held an opponent under 100 rushing yards. Pitt is 28-9 in such games.
  • Safety Erick Hallett II recovered a fumble (forced by Tylar Wiltz) in the third quarter.
  • It marked the second consecutive game Hallett recovered a fumble and the third of his career overall.  
  • Linebacker Brandon George’s six-yard sack in the third quarter was the first of his career. 
  • Cornerback M.J. Devonshire made the first start of his collegiate career.


Safety P.J. O’Brien blocked a Tennessee punt in the third quarter, the Panthers’ first since Nov. 28, 2020, when John Petrishen blocked a punt at Clemson.

It was Pitt’s first block overall since Oct. 2, 2021, when SirVocea Dennis blocked a FG at Georgia Tech.

Long snapper Byron Floyd recovered a fumble on punt coverage, the first of his career. Pitt parlayed the turnover into a 39-yard touchdown drive that tied the game at 27 with 2:23 remaining. 

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  1. Narduzzi must clean up all the mistakes, but we did do a lot of things right and should have won the game. Just shows me that despite all the efforts, we still have not arrived as a complete football team that knows how to win.


  2. Nuts, always seem to post at the end of a thread. Anyhow, I never heard the famous Rocky Top. Also, band Tennessee brought was tiny so you never really heard them. I was expecting to hear that song, but they never sang as a group that you could hear. Like I said, quietest visitors I’ve ever hear, and remember, my seats are on the visitors side.
    I also agree, even my wife was calling the plays ahead of time, and she isn’t, well, let’s just say she enjoys the band, lol.

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  3. Pitt Head Coach Pat Narduzzi Transcript
    Tennessee Postgame
    September 10, 2022

    PAT NARDUZZI: It was a heck of a football game versus a good football team. I think when it comes down to it, I told our guys, it’s a game of inches, and there were inches all over the place that we needed to get.

    Also, to start off with Frank Cignetti Sr., his passing this morning around 11:00. Right before we were going into a team meeting and pregame meal, Coach found out. When you think about sacrifice, this is a game of football, and there’s so many other games in life and the sacrifice that he made sitting here. There was no doubt that he was going to coach the game. It’s a major sacrifice.

    It’s a game of football and a game of life, but our prayers go to their family. Just a sad, sad deal.

    Just to give you a little background and Coach Cignetti will probably address you later on in the week, he went in the hospital after the game last week after the West Virginia game, ironically. Coach Cignetti (Frank Jr.) was halfway home, got the call, and had to go back down to the hospital.

    Tough for him. Again, my heart and prayers go out to, again, the family. Tough deal. Tough deal. Again, the sacrifices that the coaches make and these players make.

    I really thought our players played their tail off. That’s what I told them. You talk about a football game. There was back-and-forths. We made improvements from Week 1 to Week 2, without a question. Win, lose, doesn’t matter. I knew that would be the factor. Our kids played hard. Made some plays and didn’t make some plays.

    We missed two field goals. Probably don’t go into overtime if we can make one of them, as you guys know. Tough. One was a 46-yarder. It’s a long one. He came back and made one critical one in the fourth quarter.

    We got a blocked punt. We block a punt, heck of a job by P.J. O’Brien. Shoot, I thought we were going to score on it. Just a game of inches.

    Sully (Solomon DeShields) kind of bumps into him and knocks him out of bounds. We should have scored there. That’s one of the field goals that we don’t make. We should have not let it happen.

    Critical play in the game was down in the fourth quarter. Nick Patti takes a run all the way down to the 2 or 3, and we get a holding call, which we’ll look at the tape, but everybody in the box said it — there was a lot of holding going on out there in different phases. That one hurt bad.

    No excuses. We’ve got to find a way to win. It’s a good football team. I love our football team. I love where they are. And, again, all our goals are ahead of us.

    It’s a nonconference game. As I told them before the game, we’re going to go out and have fun, play loose, and go. We’re going to get better. And, you know, again, nonconference game. Move on.


    Q. Nick Patti’s mobility in the second half. Were you limited what you could call because of it?

    PAT NARDUZZI: A little bit. A little bit, but he will be fine. His mobility was not what we wanted it to be, that’s for sure because Nick can run. It handcuffed Frank a little bit, but like I said, Coach Cignetti called one heck of a football game.

    Q. It looked like Tennessee was getting a free rusher at your quarterback consistently throughout the night. Was that more from their overloads, or were there miscommunications on your part?

    PAT NARDUZZI: I think sometimes you’re in a protection where we’re hot off that guy, and we have to get the ball out a little quicker, and sometimes you’re going to take those shots. It’s a different protection.

    If it’s empty, you’re going to be one short, and you have to get the ball off. You have five receivers out there.

    Q. What do you have to say about your defense’s efforts in the second half?

    PAT NARDUZZI: Unbelievable. I don’t know what they had in regulation, but I think last year when you look at what we did to them defensively, I think Coach Bates, the defensive staff, and those defensive players played their hearts out.

    That is a tough offense with a tempo, and they started off with probably three three-and-outs. We’ve got to be more consistent. We would like to get 15 three-and-outs. I know that’s not really, but they did a heck of a job really for four quarters.

    We gave up a big pass in cover three. It kind of was a block-and-go. It shouldn’t matter. We were in cover three. There’s no way someone should get behind you on that, but they did. That’s a critical error.

    I thought they played their hearts out. Again, like I said last year, there’s only three teams that played them really good. It was us, Alabama, and Georgia defensively. If you look at the yards we gave up to that explosive offense, I don’t know if anybody will match what we did this year.

    Q. Last week you told us that you guys needed to take a step forward after last week’s game with the rushing defense. You held them under 100 yards today. Do you think that’s a step forward?

    PAT NARDUZZI: They did a heck of a job. Like I said, just little details. We did a good job there. And, again, I thought we played well on really all three phases.

    You look at we got a fumble recovery on our punt team late in the game, which was critical. That was a big, big play. We got a blocked field goal. Special teams played well except for a couple of missed field goals, which those are big. We have to make those, and got to be 100% there.

    Q. Were you thinking about going for two?

    PAT NARDUZZI: Thought about it, but, you know, just — no. Just thoughts. Let’s go. Let’s get down to the Red Zone and go. Let’s go overtime. I don’t think it was a hard decision at all.

    You want to take it to overtime. You don’t want to lose the game right there.

    Q. You mentioned that Izzy told you that he wanted to be better coming into this week. What did you think of his efforts today knowing that Hammond wasn’t there to back him up?

    PAT NARDUZZI: What did you think of him? There you go, you answered that question.

    He was outstanding. He ran hard. I just kept saying when the team went down, just keep feeding the horse. Just keep giving it to him. He had some nice runs out there today.

    Q. The stop on third down with a minute left, did you think of taking a timeout to give yourself a minute in the fourth quarter there?

    PAT NARDUZZI: Not really, but we’ll look at it, and I’ll tell you Monday if I thought. No, I don’t think there was any. We talked the whole time on the headsets whether they needed one, wanted one, wanted a look. No second thoughts there at all.

    Q. How do you grade out your corners? It seemed like they had some big plays they made, but they also gave up big plays. It comes with the nature of how you guys play defense, but what did you grade them out as?

    PAT NARDUZZI: I’ll watch the tame before I say that, but I think they played good. They get big plays against anybody. What was it, 27 points in regulation? They played pretty good.

    Like I said, it was a zone pressure. We’re in cover three. They got behind it, which it shouldn’t. That’s why you call it. I think it got behind M.J. I think on that one. I think we gave up two explosive passes, but when you look at overall, solid performance.

    Q. Is there any way you re-evaluate if Scarton could start taking kicks for you again?

    PAT NARDUZZI: They compete every week. I think we got the right guy and the right night. Got trust in Sam. Got trust in Ben.

    Every kicker in the country misses field goals. So you want to bail on them, I’m not. I watch every day. I know what it is. It’s not an easy job.

    Q. On Gavin’s touchdown, when you watched the play develop, did you think he might have a chance to jump over that guy?

    PAT NARDUZZI: That was a big-time play. Again, you guys wanted to get the tight end some catches, and we did. That was a big-time play. We knew Gavin could do that.

    Q. Nick lobbying to stay in, did it ever get close to where you may have had to replace him because of his injury?

    PAT NARDUZZI: It didn’t get close. Nick is a fighter. He is a tough son of a gun. He made some great shots out there. Nick played well.

    Q. 3 for 5 in the Red Zone, but it feels like a couple of those could have went for touchdowns. Was that more of missed opportunities for you or more about Tennessee stopping you in that situation?

    PAT NARDUZZI: It’s always missed opportunities when you get down there. Even right before the half when we threw that pick, I thought we could have scored a touchdown there.

    Who knows with some of the calls and what happened there and the whole deal? Waving flags off, I don’t get it sometimes. Missed opportunities to get in the Red Zone. We have to get points, period, whether it’s a field goal or touchdown.

    Q. Do you see a problem with the rhythm of your passing game. I know Kedon went down, and there were problems there. Your two scores early in the game came from big, explosive plays, and it wasn’t like a flow of passing that worked its way down the field. Do you see that as a problem?

    PAT NARDUZZI: Not really. They got guys on scholarship too. We got guys on scholarship. They coach over/under side of the ball as well. It’s a good defense. They have a good plan too.

    Had a couple too many batted down balls. They were kind of spying Kedon early and just kind of getting in the lane. 33 was kind of spying him and getting his hands up.

    Q. Did Kedon get hurt on that fumble on the very last play he placed in the first half, was that —

    PAT NARDUZZI: I think so.

    Q. What was his injury, Pat?

    PAT NARDUZZI: I’m not going to disclose injuries and what happened, what we got, but I saw Kedon in there, and he feels good.


  4. I’ll also tally up the Winner/Score/Total point predictions we did. Winner gets a free beer at Fran’s tailgate for the Rhode Island game.

    I think I’m in good shape there as I picked UT 34-28 62 total points


    1. What photos don’t show is the US Coast Guard commandeering over 150 vessels , all shapes, sizes, yachts regardless of what the rich owners wanted, to evacuate over 5oo,ooo+ people of Manhattan Island. Half a million people folks – Dunkirk moved 380,000.

      I was on leave but back in uniform ten minutes after the first plane hit and directing Search and Rescue resources from HQ soon after.

      Anyone asks you which parts of the Federal Government get the most bang for the tax buck point directly to the Coast Guard. Was never prouder of my decision to join up than on those horrid days.


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  5. everyone here should catch Panther-lair for some level-headed and imo accurate analysis

    1) Cig’s not the problem, the average o-line is
    2) Hammond in the game is enough to change the outcome, certainly doesn’t have Izzy’s top speed capability so wouldn’t have scored like him on that 76 yarder but when we needed a few yards could be counted on far more than anyone else
    3) Slovis IS very good and gives Pitt the best chance to win, his first half quick reads on blitzes was great and covered for our average(below) o-line
    4) despite observations here the pass that was tipped in the end zone was a catchable ball on a nearly perfect throw from Slovis
    5) officiating wasn’t the reason for the loss yesterday but that push out of bounds resulted from the Tenn WR initiating contact BUT Narduzzi probably should not have challenged because it was certainly not indisputable
    6) I still don’t understand the Wayne overturn with left toe down the whole time then right front of foot first THEN heel all while ball was in control
    7) you can’t miss 2 of 4 FG’s, one in the 30’s and the other in the 40’s and have one that was fortunate to go through the uprights looking like a lame duck
    8) agree with joeknew(and Huff/probably others) about scheduling 2 tough OOC power 5 games and add to start the season, and add to that the rivalry part, is idiotic…if you don’t understand that with the injury situation and the simple fact that few of the elite schools do it, you are blind
    tell you what, let’s schedule 4 tough OOC and completely deplete the roster and have nothing left for the ACC part of the schedule
    9) there were other Pitt catchable balls yesterday, don’t think ball trajectory is the problem, the receiver is, but it happens and happened to Tenn too
    10) coaching mistakes? I’d have gone for 2, I’d have not gotten Slovis hurt to end the first half, I’d have not challenged the push out, I’d have run more play action on first down and I’d have blitzed a bit more I think(not sure if they DID but had some picked up but on the last TD there were 3 Pitt players dropped back in no mans land(#7, #31 and another as they only rushed 4)
    11) I’ve got more but need to stop 😦 , WMU next week will be extremely tough if Nick is the QB and we don’t have a bunch of guys back 100%

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  6. Brutal game played with a heavy heart for Cignetti. Lots to clean up. Bub Means has been brutal. Back to back games with game changing drops. One turned into a turnover. I can see why he was playing safety at his last stop and is on his third school. Mumfield’s drop was huge, too. Could have been 21-0. Then the missed FG’s. I would have gone for 2 at the end. No way Patti could keep up TN especially when it could possibly turn into a 2 point shoot out in the 3rd OT anyways. If Pitt’s up 21-0, they can pin their ears back. Never got into that position.

    Not much you could do though once Patti was hurt. Took away a lot of the playbook and that playbook was probably already scaled down with him in. Hopefully, the injuries aren’t too bad. I would not be surprised if Slovis is less hurt than Patti. I’m guessing a concussion for Slovis but Patti is going be in a lot of pain today. That’s not normal to be that ginger on a leg.

    The difference between Slovis and Patti was pretty dramatic. I think you can see why Slovis won that competition. Despite the hits, he played well.

    Some people’s concerns going into the season are certainly coming to light. OL has definitely struggled. WR’s are still a work in progress. Defense is still big play prone … that won’t change though. Haha.

    I do think this team shows how competitive they are, however. Despite a lot that went against them, they stayed in the game. This very easily could have turned into that 2017 Pitt-Penn State game where we were just absolutely pounded into submission after several mistakes.

    As long as Slovis comes back quickly and the other injuries aren’t severe, I still think the same of this Pitt team. Lots of people predicted 10-2 with losses to TN and Miami. That TN loss was a close one so that crowd shouldn’t abandon ship.

    I do think every game will be a slug fest, now. So the margin of error to 10-2 is extremely thin. Probably unlikely but I’m a half full type of guy.

    I mentioned before that TN could beat us but they were not a team to be afraid of. I still believe that to be the case. Pitt went toe to toe with a top 25 SEC school and stayed in a game they probably had no business being in.


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    1. The playbook isn’t scaled down for a QB2, but the play calling was after Patti’s injury, maybe, but he still threw 20 pass attempts in the 2nd half.

      Note: Slovis has been sacked 7 times in 6 quarters of play. Tack on Patti getting sacked twice in 2 quarters and our OL has given up 9 sacks in 2 games. That would 54 over a 12 game schedule… and it may just be worse.

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      1. Playbook is most certainly scaled down for the number 2. They don’t get the same reps in practice. It’s also adapted to what the QB2 does well. If you noticed, Patti took a lot more of seam route type shots than Slovis. Slovis is more deep route and to the sideline type throws. Patti, before and after getting hurt, was more attack the middle.

        OL is a problem but Slovis does have a poor internal clock and the WR’s don’t appear to be getting separation. Stone hands don’t help either.

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  7. The offense has definitely flashed. I don’t think the OC is the problem at all. Probably a tough game to call for Cignetti under the circumstances … and that’s before your backup QB having to play on one leg.

    I would argue the WR’s are a bigger problem than the OL but that is not letting the OL off the hook. WR’s cost Pitt this game.

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  8. I’m so tired of Narduzzi talking like out of conference games don’t matter and then says no excuses but proceeds to make a bunch of excuses. The secondaries bad the office of line stinks and you don’t have an answer quarterback. But you make 5 1/2 million a year.


    1. He makes $8 million. His staff budget is below market. Hence why he hires retreads as OC’s and takes the bus on recruiting trips.


        1. No it isn’t. Particularly when Pitt has limited resources. When all your money is tied up in one mediocre coach, you have no money left to hire a quality staff and other things for recruiting four stars. Why is this such a difficult concept to understand for you?


    2. funny about the 5 1/2M if he wins this game with some fewer injuries and that leads to Pitt wining out to Miami, probably earns an extension in the 6-8M range and deserves it 100%

      that team played hard yesterday and never quit anywhere on the field and that I’ve credited all to KP last year, but no doubt HCPN deserves most if not all of this year

      he can’t be happy with THIS early schedule even if the somewhat saving grace(if?) is they were home games, but next week has suddenly become HUGE for this team and if NP is QB we really need him to be able to run and we need most everyone else healthy

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  9. One final note … definitely a game of inches …

    … Means drop turned intercepted

    … WR out of bounds, re-established for TN TD

    … Devonshire interception overturned because of a heel turned into 3 points for TN

    … Jared Wayne’s heel out on that would be first down

    Too many inches given to Tennessee

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  10. We got the 2 turnovers I had hoped for but injuries were costly. Field goals mean incomplete drives and are killers. Did TN have any injuries that affected then? I have us winning the next 5 games (fingers crossed) going into the away game at NC.
    This team plays very hard and hopefully we get the injured kids back. H2P


  11. Again, football is a game of attrition, we lost Hammond and Alexander in the first game and probably two QB’s and a bunch of others in the second. Even the NFL has practice games to get ready for their season.

    With all these difficulties Pitt lost in overtime, but even if they won, they lost because second and third string guys aren’t as good as the starters. The training room will not be big enough to handle this much work. Hopefully these guys are fast healers.

    Unfortunately Bub Means hands are not as good as they needed to be. Can’t help but miss Addison.

    All that being said, there is a lot of football left to be played and all is not lost…yet

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  12. I will make an unpopular comment. Last week bigb ripped me for my stance that you only play one good P5 team and 3 cream puffs in your first four games. Look at the injury list for proof why you don’t go back to back P5 to start a season. You don’t start with your two toughest games on the schedule back to back. Stupid! Let your players and coaches find themselves and the coaches too. That is what the preseason is for.

    Granted, Injuries are part of the game, but you don’t have your qb’s getting violated like pin cushions while working on your OL cohesiveness against much weaker opponents, but not Pitt. Pitt continues to believe it is smarter than the rest of the NCAA. Sure, there are some upsets, but any team playing App State should know they shouldn’t be taken lightly. I actually thought we were going to pull the game out once we got to OT.

    At the end of the game I thought something else, especially after watching the coverage from devonshire at the end. His coverage was no worse than his poor coverage during the interception of last game, except that the opponent receiver didn’t let it go through his hands uncharacteristically. The coverage on both plays was soft. One however, was a lucky result. Not criticizing his effort. He just wasn’t in the correct position to defend on either play. One ended up lucky (great result for pitt), and one was just bad.

    Maybe WVU is not that good given their effort against mighty Kansas. The good news is that we win the next two weeks with our third or 5th string qb to be 3-1 after the ooc.

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    1. Huff, you get awfully defensive/emotional regarding person’s disagreeing with your positions

      “unpopular comment”? I missed the vote?
      just for the record, I welcome all POV comments popular or less so, even if I disagree – well, not every comment as there have been some unquestionably inappropriate ones in the past

      BigB ripped you? He doesn’t seem like the “ripper” type

      I don’t quite agree with your thoughts on the “soft” Devonshire coverage while we only rushed 4 and had 2-3 guys in no mans land as I saw it? (hope this isn’t ripping)
      Hooker threw it up and then Devonshire slipped as the kid made his adjustment to the slightly inaccurate underthrow

      is this comment ripping you?
      most of MY comments deserve ripping 😦

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      1. I don’t get defensive…..unless you thought that was….defensive.

        I dig bigb, not in an awkward way though. It was nothing personal at all. Perhaps it was the euphoria of barely beating a poor wvu team. We can go back and forth on scheduling philosophy. I study the Georgia’s, Alabama’s, OSU’s overall strateegery, etc and note they typically schedule OOC to the tune of 3 easy, 1 difficult game.

        They use the games for developing cohesiveness and health. A difficult game may be followed by a couple cupcakes to get their athletes healthy, before conference play. There isn’t much contact anymore in college football during the off season and fall camps. These kids need time to repair their bodies and get used to the contact the first couple of games. That’s all I have been saying for years. Start out with two tough P5 games when they aren’t used to hitting and you can expect injuries.

        We will disagree on Devonshire’s coverage. Candidly, 90% of the time, last weeks soft coverage results in an opponent first down and only 10 yards away from a game winning field goal as time expires. We were lucky and I am glad for that. So, if we are playing “ifs” for slipping yesterday, we can play ifs for a very catchable ball last week. I don’t go ifs. Reality is, we got a lucky break. I wasn’t at this game but saw a lot of empties. Did I hear they announced crowd at 58k? To be clear, I am good at 1-1 with two wins coming.


        1. I thought he was soft on the play in question against WVU.
          We won’t know if he was soft or not last nigtht because he slipped, depriving of him a chance to make a play on the ball.

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        2. 100% agree on the schedule, have agreed with you before you stated it here YEARS ago, it is simply the way to do it
          schedule 3 of 4 weak OOC games, at least until you are a great team, then you continue doing it and remain great 🙂

          obviously “soft” is ambiguous so no matter, he slipped and couldn’t make the play, but on that play the ball wasn’t thrown well and Hooker had far too much time and that was in part due to the wasted efforts of the 3 guys dropped back into the middle of the field including Hallett and Dennis and one other player(missed his #)

          they needed to blitz one or 2 of those guys and maybe the game ends differently as the bad pass is even worse or there is a sack or….


          1. me too

            frustrating how Tenn got to Slovis and hit him hard but not quite late enough to get a call, might have changed everything(still Cig shouldn’t have tried to pass at the end of the first half and Kedon should’ve protected the ball AND himself better)

            btw, was that a 1st down pass you all were calling for Cig to do? 😉

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    1. I forgot about the fumble. That one is a little more easily put away for me. He made a wild catch and crazy juke and just lost it tucking away after a couple quick and hard moves. But it’s certainly adding up isn’t it … 2 big mistakes and a fluke mistake add up to 3 and you know what they say … once is chance (fumble), twice is coincidence (Drop), three is a pattern (drop + interception) …

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  13. I’m fine with a tougher schedule. If Pitt is 11-1 at seasons end the loss to TN won’t hurt them too much. Context of the game will be in play at that point. If you want to be in the national spotlight you have to play a national spotlight schedule. The top 25 is dying. The top 12 is all that will batter in a couple years just like the top 4 is all that really matters now. I don’t care about the top 25 at all. Same relevance as bowls IMO. Just for show. This era is completely different than previous ones. Conference championships and playoffs are all that matter. Top 12 in a couple of years will be nice. Top 25 is just an arbitrary ranking, now. No meaning. No relevance. College football is changing rapidly. What used to matter is quickly fading away outside of the nostalgic fans.


  14. Tougher schedule yes, but back-to-back solid P5 programs NO!! ……..and WMU has a real
    football team. No rest for the weary and UPMC will come into play to heal our wounded warriors. I fear the upcoming game against WMU because they will go ALL OUT to prove that last year was not a fluke.


    1. If you want a top 25 team I get it. If you want to be relevant, these games help more than they hurt … as long as you’re competitive.


  15. These 4 hour plus long games are a threat to the kids bodies. Need to get rid of kick offs until the fourth quarter (place ball on the 25 yard line), provide immediate cart help to injured players, 2 time outs per team, no overtime unless for championships (let ties be ties), etc.


    1. not to mention the excessively frequent and lengthy reviews, too many of which still end up called wrong

      seems the officials are calling targeting every chance they have and letting review sort it out wasting 3-5 minutes a few times a game

      maybe give the coaches an additional review – the Duzz will waste one anyway so this may help Pitt 🙂

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    1. In Chryst’s first three seasons, the Badgers went 34-7. Since the end of the 2017 season, Wisconsin has a record of 32-17 under Chryst.


  16. the other extremely annoying part about the reviews is having to listen to the game analysts commenting about the call,,,, while sounding like they are Helen Keller with what they’ve observed on the play

    late game last night had 2 idiots making fools of themselves on a couple of review situations that I guess they aren’t smart enough to just shut themselves up – BYU v Baylor game iirc


  17. Watching this game was extremely frustrating. It is perplexing watching the team under perform and lose a game they clearly should have won. Giving up 10-0 and 17-7 leads should not happen with a team that prides itself on defense. However, defense didn’t lose this game.

    The WRs, except for Wayne, are under performing as a group, and Slovis had to wait far too long for them to come open. That one sack from the corner fire was bone jarring, and could have easily knocked Slovis out of the game. As Narduzzi explained it, they know this guy is uncovered in an empty set, and needed a quick release to a receiver who never came open.

    The OL is also under performing. Someone mentioned TN had 25 pressures, which is unbelievable. They will probably loose some depth this week with the large number of injuries. Bart will probably need to stay in and block more to protect the QB. And 4 WR sets will probably need to be scaled back so a RB can help keep the QB from getting killed.

    The WR situation may be fixable if they get Means out of there and move other people up. But the leaky OL does not seem to be correctable and will prevent the long ball accuracy of Slovis from being a significant benefit going forward. Trying to separate out what is technique and execution (i.e. fixable) vs. lack of ability will be crucial, and we will need to see some adjustments going forward if this season can be salvaged.


  18. I’m conflicted. Refs seemed to say you can’t have a college football playoff without Alabama, on the other hand texas ( yup, the little t) lost. lol.


  19. I am conflicted. On one hand I’m upset that the refs seemed to say there can be no college playoff without Alabama. On the other it was texas ( yes little t ) that was their foil, lol. As I said, conflicted.


      1. Bengals long snapper injured earlier. TJ Watt out, looks like a pec.
        Trubitsky not looking that good, if he doesn’t get better Look for KP time.
        Najee Harris also hurt.


          1. They did. It was called the detroit lions in pre-season. Touche’ MM. Secondly, the league schedules their games, not an AD. C’mon now!

            The new rules of college football and pro football for that matter, limit the actual physical contact you are allowed to have in practice. The old timers think these athletes are ready to go in game one in college. They are not. Very limited hitting in camp because of athlete health.


          2. Dan’l Carter should run the ball in the redzone, Izzy is fast but not particularly strong at moving the pile.

            NFL refs protect the qb’s, no help for Slovis from officials, just sayin’.


  20. Don’t know if it was mentioned that Frank Cinetti Sr died this week-end!

    Regarding Huff/BigB… no controversy here just my opinion that BS games against the “sisters of the poor” should totally be eliminated in ALL D1 FB PERIOD. I will not spend a penny watching a RHode Island or New Hampsire… might as well Duquesne for the locals. What great memories from our 2 games series with Rocky Top!!!
    Regarding the 4 the length of the game taking its toll in the players- I was at a sports medicine conference many years ago and leaned there is only 8-10 minutes actual “ playing time in a ball game counting from the time the ball is snapped until the play ends.. chew on that for a moment!!!
    Games notes: great times seeing the PITT POVerts….while standing in the beer line a hear a solar and a Tennessee Vol middle aged lady fell out in a grand mal seizure- I was the first/first responder on the scene……Joel new, missed you buddy… I heard “ Rocky Top” loud and clear… BTW, the Vol fans were great. I talked to many and all loved the Burgh and had a healthy respect for our Panthers!!!


    1. Those Vols fans are our cousins. Both from Appalachia. Appreciate and respect the game. But the Burg is the Paris. Knoxville is more like Seville.


  21. Rumor has it the NCAA is reviewing the Blue Mtn Bart hurdle for TD play – heavy consideration to ban player hurdling in football.

    Much sarcasm…

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  22. I happened to watch Mumpfield on the play where Tenn intercepted in the endzone. Mumpfield went down field from the slot and made a cut left. The defender grabbed him around the waist. The ref threw a flag. The throw was not near Mumpfield, but the flag was down.



    Go Pitt.

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    1. Oh yeah, when they picked up the flag they ref announces “There is no penalty for defensive holding on the play.”

      Go Pitt.


  23. No surprise Frost has been axed in Nebraska, however, Whipple still has a job.

    The TV G-ds gave York, Pa. the Jets/Ravens and Iggles/Lions so I was unable to see the Stillers. Joe Flacco had a very rough day with no OLine protection (sound familiar) and his 37 year old legs unable to free him from getting sacked 3 times AWFUL JUST AWFUL.


    1. Steeler game was amazing. Can’t believe Cincy didn’t win this game.

      After watching this game, I’m coming around that we will see KP behind center soon.

      Najee Harris continues to be nothing special, IMHO.


      1. I agree. That Bama back was not worth the investment. Barry ran behind a bad line. Has a bad D. Bad QB. Hes no Barry. There never will be. Hands down the best RB ever. Sorry Jim. You’re just second. Franco is a spare.


    2. But wasn’t rid of the one that matters most. The HC.

      Will someone rid me of this meddlesome priest. Classic to this day.


  24. Steelers have a very good kicker. Panthers not so much. In a game of inches, it’s like having a Dragon on your side.

    Tex – I am the Game of Thrones.


  25. Here’s a riddle:

    Nearly everyone at home is watching the game and the replays on at least a 46 inch screen. Everyone watching in person sees the replay on a jumbotron that is what? 40 ft wide. So why, when a play is reviewed by officials on the field the reviewer is looking at a screen the size of a freaking IPad?

    Just curious.

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    1. Reviews are done by refs off site buddy. They aren’t looking at stuff to overturn calls. Those come from another location.


      1. you sure about that? definitely done on site in basketball

        my answer to dino71 as to why they do it on those small screens, simple, because Microsoft pays them millions for the advertising 😦

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  26. Dino71, I believe the call is made by the people that the ref is talking with. They point out what they see to him.

    Major, the No Call on defensive holding really teed me off

    While Pitt showed a lot of heart, the main reason Pitt loss is that they couldn’t protect their QBs.

    Sent from my iPhone


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  27. Below are Mumpfield’s stats from last seasons Akron game vs WMU – keep in mind Akron was 2-8:

    11 catches 122 yards 11.1 ypc 2 TDS 23 longest catch

    Mumpfield was also 0-1 passing in the WMU game.


  28. Pulled this from a PSN article on 5 takeaways from the Pitt loss to TN:

    Narduzzi, for the record, said that he will be sticking with Sauls going forward, who connected on 2-of-4 field goal attempts against Tennessee. However, while he has trust in Sauls going forward, he’s also offering no excuses to Pitt’s inability to capitalize Saturday.

    “No excuses,” Narduzzi said. “We’ve got to find a way to win. It’s a good football team. I love our football team. I love where they are. And, again, all our goals are ahead of us.”

    Comment: I guess Pat did not have the goal of NC.


  29. It’s now totally clear, the “returning” OL is mediocre at best so is it time to give the younger players a shot at starting?

    I’m with Huff, what is “yellow blouse” thinking booking two P5 teams (one of which is a long-time heated rival) to start a season? Playing them in the same year could work but NEVER back-to-back even at home.

    It’s also clear, if Patti is immobile, he’s not going to be effective. His arm strength is below average and his accuracy is average. Slovis is the only hope we have.

    Although Pitt shut down the run, they will never have an effective pass defense until they can recruit 4-5 * DBs with both size and speed.

    If Bartholomew is not the most athletic TE in the country, I haven’t seen the one who is. Bub must go and it’s time to give Barden more playing time and Bart a lot more targets.

    Our entire section called every second half 1st down running play over left tackle even before Pitt huddled, sorry but I believe before the season is over we’ll know we don’t have the right successor to Whipple (however PN will never admit it).


  30. I don’t buy info the Marion phenomenon. Mumpfield was a freshman All-American; he knows how to catch a pass

    So Pitt loses in OT to a ranked team in OT and the season is over? Heck, just think how bad a year it would be if they lost to a MAC team at home!

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    1. next week will be rough and hopefully not result in loss to a MAC team away

      without a good, healthy QB I’m concerned


    2. You are reading something no one wrote.

      I did not read one comment that said the season was over.

      There were several comments questioning the decisions pertaining to the loss yesterday.

      The biggest loss in my mind is the starters to injury. There were many – the depth will be tested at WMU this Saturday.

      I’m hoping our Ivy League back-up has a HUGE game and quiets the crowd.


  31. Couple quick thoughts:

    Narduzzi should not have thrown the red review flag.

    If the receiver was push out so hard by the PITT defender, why wasn’t pass interference called? There were mutual shoves, no interference imo. The spirit for the being out of bounds rule is more for being internationally pushed out of bounds, not for hand fighting.

    PJ O’Brien was headed for a blocked punt touchdown return until the PITT teammate got in his way. That’s the breaks.

    The Slovis pass to Bub Means in the back of the endzone was so perfect it may have cost PITT a win. If the ball clears everyone, PITT tries a field goal for 3 points.

    Jared Wayne is a beast, could have sworn I thought I saw dirt kick up with his left toe? SEC officials?

    Steeler game was really bizarre…. again.

    That’s all for now folks.

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  32. I dread to break it to you delusional Pitt fans who gulp the koolaid, but your hopes of a Natty are resoundingly gone. Gone like the dodo 🦤. Another bowl loss against a non P5 team awaits. It’s what’s in the Kings nature. You can’t change mediocre and unwarranted arrogance can you says the scorpion to the turtle.


  33. I know I posted this last season, but this one’s for Tex –

    DL coach Charlie Partridge named his new dog (2021) Meatball.

    You cannot make this stuff up – maybe Charlie reads the POV.

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  34. —Steelers get 5 turnovers but still struggled and should have lost. Kind of scary for delusional Steeler fans expecting a Super Bowl win. And you know who you are…

    —I thought Hooker was impressive. Ton of energy – makes their offense dangerous with his running ability. Remember he has put up excellent numbers versus good SEC defenses.

    —For what it’s worth, the Ivy League backup QB threw the ball pretty well in warmups…

    —A big thank you to Fran and Wolfe for all the work they do for the tailgate. Red5A not available? No problem for Fran and Wolfe – they adapt, they keep it rolling.

    —Nice to see Dave Havern at the tailgate – and all the POVers…. I reminded Dave that I was in Pitt Stadium in 1970 watching him lead Pitt’s all-time amazing comeback against WVU… 👍👍

    Go Pitt.

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  35. I thought Oh Canada made some nice play calls today. With a suspect OLine, he at least used some mis-direction.

    Would like to see Pitt incorporate some mis-direction now that Cig has seen that just turning around and handing it off hasn’t worked so well.

    Maybe we see some wildcat this week with our banged up QBs…

    Go Pitt.


  36. Back briefly to the Tennessee game for a totally useless factoid: We all heard the noise about Kenny Pickett being so damn old. Well, he’s now in the NFL and he’s about six months younger than Hendon Hooker, the Tennessee QB. (And of course Sean Clifford (in his sixth year with the Whatchamacallits in State College) is also 24 years old.

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  37. I’ve been criticizing the OL pretty strongly after these first two games, but Narduzzi’s policy of withholding information on injuries may be causing unnecessary criticism. We know Huoye has been injured because he was missing from the lineup. But how bad, and how long are unknowns. The OL may be significantly impacted with injuries requiring more back up minutes than expected, but I’m not sure we know what is going on.

    I don’t know if individual player minutes are tracked anywhere, but I’m wondering how many minutes the expected starters have gotten vs. the back ups. This would obviously affect the continuity and consistency of play.


    1. I watched RT Goncalves on one play and the Tenn DE went right around him for a sack. I know nothing about how to play OLine, but looked like our guy backed straight up instead of sliding laterally.

      Very disappointing because I thought one of Goncalves strengths was his agility and good feet…

      Go Pitt.


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