2022 Pitt Kickoff Luncheon Report

I went to Pitt’s Football Kickoff Luncheon last Friday and here are some thoughts.  First off seeing Scooter and Fran at an adjoining table was wonderful. Fran changed into his blue & gold “Shady” T-shirt and showed off his long locks!  Fran texted me some thoughts I’ll share in a bit

Now, I must ask, and excuse me if I automatically revert back to my sometimes negative take on things related to the subject, who in the world decided to pack a crowd of over 600 Pitt supporters, administrators, coaches and players into a room which had the marching band playing at top volume for over 30 minutes?  I mean a big part of this day was to see old friends and make new ones under the cover of Pitt fandom but even the lobby outside the conference room was so loud any conversation, let alone discussing detail football subjects, was almost impossible.

Maybe the band had a set of music that they absolutely had to play the whole way through and that was why the 11:30 am program didn’t start until almost noon.

But that’s OK because as soon as the program started we were pleased to see the great introductions of almost all of the Seniors on the current roster. Why do I say ‘almost’? We’ll get to that later… The conference room was so big they had to use two huge-screen TVs to show the proceedings and I got a kick out of seeing how the seniors were dressed (well) as they walked through the cheerleader gauntlet. All looked good and some even had on new sneakers…

Then we were blessed to hear not only the 93.7’s Larry Richert crack semi-funny jokes but also Chancellor Pat Gallagher not talk about why he was leaving Pitt (I mean really why). I kept thinking couldn’t someone have straightened his tie before he got to the podium?  He looked like he never wore one before (says the guy who had to wear one in a military uniform for decades.) Up next was the sponsoring Huntington Bank President talking about how great Pitt is (which is true) but nothing memorable after that. 

Something I did appreciate is that the assigned tables already had the luncheon desserts at your place so if you wanted to you could grab some cheesecake, roll it up into ear plugs and look stuff up on your phone until someone started making sense up there.  After the rest of lunch was served – I kept asking for the progressively needed wine list and was ignored – which was surprisingly OK fare we got into the more interesting cast of the speakers. 

Yellow bloused Heather Lyke did a good job of continually begging us for yet more for money to win the Backyard Brawl Giving Challenge, interspersing that with some pretty funny bits about Pitt and it’s people. I especially liked that there is a check box for a $13.09 donation. Creative and insulting to the ‘Eers at the same time! Have to love that.

Next up was our own superstar running back LeSean McCoy, remember him? He did a wonderful job of speaking from the heart with only a few quick glances at some notes he had and we listeners felt, at least I did, like were were sitting somewhere and talking over a beer or two about his football time before and after he came to Pitt.

His story about the team’s bus ride to the WVU stadium for the night game in ’07 was hilarious. He was sincere, emotional, sometimes very funny, and the love he has for the University was and is very evident.  

I did have to cut my time at the luncheon short because I had family waiting at the hotel, had the program started on time I’d have seen all of it, so I had to bag right after McCoy gave his speech – and I missed Pat Narduzzi and the rest of the scheduled parts. But quite honestly, after hearing McCoy deliver that heartfelt talk I truly felt that I not only got my money’s worth, but was put right back in the proper frame of mind for the upcoming season.

Now – the question of the day at our table, and on Fran’s mind also, was why wasn’t QB Nick Patti, as a redshirt Senior, included in the program. He wasn’t listed in the handout nor was he in attendance with the other Pitt seniors and there was no explanation of his absence. My tablemates wondered that had he been required to be somewhere else, like home or whatever, he would have at least been listed and mentioned. But…crickets as they say. I have checked the Internet for any news and such but didn’t see anything that would explain it.

Bottom line – I very much enjoyed the event and let me share a few things that stood out.

What was pretty surprising to me was how many people in attendance recognized my name (we had nametags) and wanted to talk about the POV – very nice to hear that they really enjoyed the writing lately and I made sure to pass the credit onto to the readers who actually wrote the articles.  Had some talk about the Pitt Blather also.

As I said about LeSean McCoy I also felt that each of the speakers I heard were genuine in their pleasure of being there and that all felt the turnout was great – packed to the gills actually.

Here is what Fran texted to me about the parts of the event I missed:

“I thought Duzz gave a good speech and I was never a fan of his public speaking in the past. He talked about rivalry games and his history with Michigan while with MSU and the impact it had on family.
“My kids had to go to school and the talk was about the defensive coordinator that sucked.” He spoke of the humiliation his family felt.  That he learned from that and worked harder  preparing for rivalry games “for family”…that the Pitt players are family is an important part of the culture at Pitt.

(Shady also spoke of the same family atmosphere at Pitt).

Duzz also announced the names of the team captains and except for Dennis who is a junior and was not in attendance each captain spoke of the importance of their role.  Even Slovis seemed to embrace the leadership role and was humbled by being named a captain after only being with the team for a few months.

My take is the kids really like Duzz…it seemed genuine when they spoke of him in conversations I overheard post event in the ballroom as players mingled with the audience.” 

Thanks Fran and it was great to see you – next time at your Tennessee game tailgate!.

The only negative part of the day was in the evening when I went down to the bar in the William Penn for a quiet coffee and as I was sitting at the bar I heard” Hey, see that guy – he runs that crap Pitt POV blog.” So I turned around and this fat drunk guy stood up and yelled ‘Noticed that once Pitt had a great year you didn’t have anything to say about it you f*cking prick!”

So I walked over and calmly explained the situation with my son’s illness from late September until his death in early February, that that took all of my time and energy, that football was the least of my concerns and if he had a problem with that I’d be waiting outside the door. His wife stood up and screamed at him “This is why everyone hates being with you.” 

That bit of drama aside I had a good time, talked with a lot of both Pitt football fans and some POV readers and drove back to PGH really looking forward to Thursday night and the rest of the season. I think it should be a good one…

 Hail To Pitt!

127 thoughts on “2022 Pitt Kickoff Luncheon Report

  1. Reed, you are a better man than me…I would have not been so gracious to the fat bum.
    Any chance you got his name? I know a guy…😎
    The band had drum line going before you got there and was impossible to talk to anyone.
    Was hoping to catch you at the bar on the way out.
    Catch you at Tennessee Reed.
    We’ll need to find a new tailgate location for that game since Red5a is closed to accommodate the Pirate game crowd later that evening. Stay tuned…

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    1. An arrest for putting the guy in the emergency room wouldn’t have sat well with the wife and daughter but I did offer him a chance to go for it. That shot from his wife was nice to hear though.

      I had a great time and would loved to have stayed for the whole thing. I’m getting the feeling that we might have another good season…

      Yet I can’t get over my fear of ex-USC QBs. Maybe Slovis will break the trend. I hope so and our D is good enough that he might not need to put big time points up to win.

      I still need to bone up on the individual players since I missed researching them last season.

      See you at Acrisure soon (kills me to say that).

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      1. I don’t get your worries about Slovis. He was an excellent QB whose numbers declined as the program declined. USC is the poster child for blue chip school run to the ground under their former, and fired, HC Helton. As Helton lost his predecessor’s elite recruiting, the program started a dramatic decline. Remember the Shawn Watson years for Duzz? After he lost most of Chryst’s recruits? Same thing but even a bigger drop off in talent.

        You’ll be hard-pressed to find a negative word about him from coaches and teammates (USC & Pitt). He’s a pre-season top ten draftable QB for the 2023 draft. By all appearances Pitt got a good one.

        While everyone appreciates Patti’s dedication to the program, would you really rather take your chances on a QB with very limited experience over a guy who has about 30 games with a very good track record?

        I know you’re a Billy Stull fan but the fact he ever ended up sniffing anything close to a top Big East QB at the time was very impressive by Cignetti. Cignetti may not be an offensive juggernaut type of OC but he does get good QB output … and Slovis is way more talented than Bill Stull ever was. That’s not a shot on Stull either. I don’t think he’s appreciated enough. But, he was a game manager QB and Slovis is the type of QB you can build around.

        I get everyone likes the home grown storyline but you have to play the best guy and if the competition is close you have to play the guy with experience. Patti had an uphill battle from the start. Maybe if Pitt didn’t have expectations to compete for an ACC title you can gamble on the lesser known guy … but not when you are trying to get to the college football playoff.

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  2. there will always be haters

    most are total POS


    great, great piece Reed, even though everyone would rather it be different

    bless the Kohbergers, and


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  3. Thanks for your perspectives Reed.

    There are A-holes and ugly drunks everywhere. Too bad.

    QBNP perhaps is contemplating a move to play elsewhere. Who knows? I hope he stays as I would guess he’ll still see his number called. But, I will cheer him on if he decides a move is best for him.

    Optimism abounds this time of year for most teams and fan bases. For us Pitt fans, the remembrance of a very good but also what could have been year is still fresh and the ACC Champs moniker wears proudly on our chests.

    Learning to win and developing depth are 2 keys for those next tier teams. We won’t have the best of the best at all positions but can scheme and coach away the weaknesses.

    Looking forward to really a nice chance to repeat as champions until of course the realty perhaps says otherwise.

    Thanks and H2P!

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  4. A- holes and ugly drunks will be plentiful on Thursday…that’s why I’m bringing 2 bodyguards with me. 😎


  5. If Patti does leave, and Bevill is now gone who does that leave us with in case of a Slovis injury?

    Do you guys think we have anyone decent on the on deck circle if that happens?


  6. If the QB goes down the season is over regardless. Patti would have been fine but ACC champs and Playoff come off the board immediately. Patti would definitely win us games compared to Yarnell and the Ivy League transfer. But, the high expectations go out the window.

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  7. Reed, thank you for such a well written cover of the Pitt luncheon. It is on my bucket list to attend one.
    A Holes abound everywhere but I’m always amazed how much the POV site spurs on emotions in folks that are “casual “readers. A good thing I think! I sure got my share of crap during basketball season.

    Family is healing from Covid. Hope to see you all at Tennessee! H2P


  8. Patti is not going anywhere. He may qualify as a Senior but he has a Covid year opportunity to return to Pitt after this season. He’s probably hoping that Slovis is good enough this year for him to decide to enter the NFL draft with the door opening for him to walk in as the Pitt starting QB for 2023.

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  9. PS. Patti needs to do a “Rudolph” and be professional. I’m always amazed at how injuries can change a season.


  10. I would hate to see Patti leave. QBs get hurt often as not. Maybe miss a game or two sometimes season ending.

    My guess is Patti missed the event to avoid stupid questions from the media.

    I also think that Pitt owes Patti a couple series each game to keep him ready and to award his loyalty. Hope I’m not wrong about this.

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  11. Whichever way, it seems like Patti should have at least been listed on the program. Apparently Pitt has had a few SRs over the years who just didn’t want to partake in “SR Recognitions” such as running out for Senior Day, etc.

    But I believe it was probably like jrnpitt said above – Patti also has another Covid season to look forward to – I didn’t realize that..

    Although, it probably would be best for his possible future pro playing days if he landed as a FBS starter somewhere this season and had two seasons to impress NFL scouts.

    Don’t tell Cignetti I said that…

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    1. Yarnell comes from an impressive family here in Austin. I believe his brother is a fighter pilot and his step mom went to Michigan for undergrad and Texas law school.


  12. Reed, that fat guy was actually me. I put on a few pounds since we last saw each other.

    I had a feeling Patti was a candidate to leave, not saying he is. Anyone remember last week when I asked the question about McVitte leaving?

    I also suspect that most flag pole sitta’s will predict a good season for PITT. How can they lose? If PITT has a great season, they will say I knew it. If they struggle, they will say I thought it. (bad season)

    Yes I’ve gained a few pounds but I’m not that fat, I’m not sick but I’m not well!



  13. Apparently Patti has his Covid year of eligibility and plans to come back. The hope is Slovis plays his way into the draft and Patti is the bridge to Minchey. That was why he was not listed. Reliable source close to the program although not in the program told me so I do have to hedge a little. Haha.

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      1. I just meant that it wasn’t someone involved with the team so don’t read my comment as fact. Just that someone with an ear to program has been told Patti is completely comfortable with the situation. I just didn’t want to come across as having an insider.


  14. I finally got to actually see this year’s Pitt Volleyball team play on the SEC/ESPN digital network. It will be there for replay if anyone wants to see it. Pitt’s new uniforms are great. Pitt swept Texas A&M 3-0, but Pitt has a lot of room for improvement. The A&M announcers stated that Ennis did not set during her two years at Texas A&M which explains a lot. Ennis was used as a defensive specialist at Texas A&M.

    Here are some observations. In the first set Pitt played a quasi 5-1 with the two defensive specialists/liberos doing the setting when necessary. After that set Ennis played an ended up with 17 assists. We really, really need Akeo to get healthy! Ennis’s sets were to the obvious hitters and a good team can set up their blocking schemes to shut down the offense with those type of sets. Texas A&M is not a good team. Ennis needs to be put into an intensive setter schooling program. That is the best way she can contribute to the team.

    Coach Fisher was using two defensive specialists in the back row as much as he could when Dalton and Buzzerio were back there. Some of Browske’s and Klika’s apparent mistakes were due to their covering Dalton and Buzzerio. Browske did pretty well during the match.

    Gomez and Dalton are our six-rotation players replacing Lund and Member-Meneh. Both of them played the front left side. I do not see that changing when Akeo comes back. Fairbanks got one kill from the left-side, but it was when Pitt was WAY OUT of system. Fairbanks plays the right side when she is in the front row.

    Fairbanks does a good job setting but is a pretty good all-around player. She had a triple-double against Texas A&M with 13 kills, 15 assists, and 11 digs. She had 12 receptions with no errors and had a 0.348 hitting %. Obviously when she is so involved in the offense on the front line, it is hard for Pitt to run a true 5-1 with her.

    Pitt was fortunate to get Dalton and Buzzerio. When the two of them are on the front line together with either Gray or Starks, we have a 6’5″, 6-2″, and 6’5″ front! Both players need to keep working on speeding up their game to match Pitt’s fast pace.

    Next weekend Pitt plays BYU which will serve as another gauge on how good they really are this early in the season. Pitt was not alone in being upset this weekend. Lots of top teams were upset including #1 Wisconsin by Baylor.

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  15. Sorry about the guy acting like an idiot, Reed. Maybe he’ll read the comments and it will reinforce to him what a jerk he was. Nah.

    Doesn’t surprise me that Patti wasn’t there – he’s next season’s starter, IMHO…

    Plus, I think we see Patti in some inside-the-10-yard line situations this season to take advantage of the running threat.

    Excellent job on the article, Reed. Maybe E.J. will turn down the band volume based on your comments…

    Go Pitt.


      1. Of what? And why?

        Slovis: 68% on 950 attempts for 7500 yards and 58 TD to 24 INT’s
        Patti: 62% on 67 attempts for 479 yards and 3 to 1 TD to Int.

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        1. Slovis has not played a down in a Pitt uniform. In each of the last two years his numbers have gone down. Pitt has a history with USC quarterbacks that did not pan out. We will find out soon enough. I hope he is the world beater everyone is expecting him to be.


          1. I get it. His play was still pretty good in year two. 67% and 17/7 TD ratio. He was injured and it was the COVID year too. Year 3 his coach was fired after 2 games.

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      1. Put it this way JoeL, which Duquesne player do you remember most from that game? The kid must be majoring in marketing?


  16. I know they’re just pre-season games, but Kenny Pickett looks amazingly comfortable. Seems to know quickly where to go with the ball. This doesn’t surprise me as I’d bet he studies and prepares as much as anyone…

    Glad to see Najee Harris slimmed down some – maybe he’ll be faster…wouldn’t hurt.

    I expect the Steelers to be a .500 team. Both lines are highly suspect. Need a draft or two to catch up with their Divisional foes. I’ll predict they win one game against their Divisional opponents…

    Go Pitt.


    1. Oh, and Pitt got a great promotional ad during the game. They showed a nice graphic in Pitt colors with KP in his Pitt uniform and showing how his final year stats took a huge leap. Nice.

      Go Pitt.

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  17. I’m the lady who posted here a while back about me & my husband’s crappy experience at the last Pitt/PSU game at Heinz (rain blowing in our faces, PSU band was booed, etc.). Me & my oldest son (who is a University of South Carolina grad) will be attending the Backyard Brawl. He’s flying in from Nashville. His girlfriend’s a Pitt grad. My youngest son has a BA in Creative Writing from Pitt/Johnstown. I have a graduate degree in Vocal Performance from WVU, hence my sensitivity about the band. Told my husband he’d be better off not attending & getting upset if things get ugly. Had to get tickets off Stubhub. They were $273 a few weeks ago, my son decided to wait, & bought them on Wednesday for $162, which seems to be where they’re at now. Hate paying that much, but whatcha’ gonna do. My son told me, “When WVU comes here again in 2 years, buy season tickets!” I live in Dormont & can travel to the Stadium on the T, so at least I won’t have to pay inflated parking prices!

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    1. Debbie – I hope your and your family’s experience is a good one all around. We Pitt fans always talk about how other teams fans are so rude & rowdy – but the truth is so are some (only some) Pitt fans – mostly students who get too drunk at the game to remember what asses they made of themselves the next day.

      I really hope is it a close, well played game on both sides and that good sportsmanship (and fan civility) is the order of the evening.

      Have a great experience and please don’t feel to bad when Pitt wins the game 😉!

      Also, you can donate money to the Backyard Brawl Challenge – I suggest $13.09 as described in the article (which I just did on the WVU website to rub it in a bit).

      WVU Donation Site


    2. The WVU band will be booed, which is fine. Part of a rivalry game. I hope the crowd is civil otherwise. Fans on both sides deserve to enjoy the game.


      1. I’ve been to away games where not only wasn’t our band booed, but the players weren’t either. Some schools have more class than others. I was at the Rose Bowl parade a few years ago when a tOSU fan I know booed the Michigan band. His wife was involved in our local school’s band program for many years and let him have it.

        Check this out


      2. I never boo the opposition’s band. The team, yeah, but not the band. The cheerleaders and the guys that carry the banner/ flag and run through the endzone are fair game too.


  18. Brawl week for me this morning = 3 full work days (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday for Liberal Arts majors) + 2 season tickets + 1 drive across PA to see Pitt win (Thursday night)


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  19. FrankCan Foursomes

    Fran Lokar
    Greg McDonald
    Rich Caldwell
    Mike Silvestri

    John Fredland
    Wolfe Huber
    Mark Kerestan
    Matt Musser

    Gordon Conn
    Alex Conn
    Rich Tencza
    Andy Jarabak

    Eric Wassel
    Two sons and a friend

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    1. Dear Wolfe, Mark, and Matt:

      Yikes! We’re in big trouble here going against these stacked teams. You’ve got the dynamic duo of Fran and Rick. You’ve got the Tencza-Conn juggernaut. Then Eric could be bringing Rory with him for all we know.

      So Wolfe, Mark and Matt, please bring your A-games…

      Go Pitt.


    2. My goodness… Stacked teams again. You guys should head on over to LIV. I have my 80 year old father, my 30 handicap father in law and my cousin. I’m going to have to shoot 65 on my own ball to have a chance. Oy vey!!!


  20. Guys – Rich in SC is doing some articles for the next two games so be on the look out for those…and please consider writing something up for the post-game readings. He’ll have a Brawl article on Tuesday and then a UTENN article early in the next week.

    I’ll be doing the Monday Morning QB articles this season – and thanks so much Erie for doing a great job with those last season!

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  21. Reed, wonderful report on the Kickoff Luncheon. You are both the Master and the Commander not by reputation but by performance. You are one impressive man.

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  22. Debbie – Just be forewarned … anything with WVU on it will get booed. Bands, babies, cute puppies, wheelchairs, pregnant women, children, first responders.

    Not condoning it but just setting a proper tone for the environment at the Ack Thursday evening. It will be rowdy. More rowdy than Penn State. No big brother relationship with this one. These are two kids who don’t like each other … thus the Backyard Brawl monicker.

    Embrace it. It’s fun. Hopefully, you can ignore the obnoxious ones … but, there will be obnoxious ones.

    Having said that, it’s a fun one. Just like your family, there are a lot of split families and friend groups. Everyone will be friends again and accepted back into the family the following morning … but, a few hours of sleep will be needed to reset friendships and family bonds. Haha. Hangovers have a way of bonding people.

    I really had to resist a brother and sister joke on the family bonds comment. So, this passive aggressive shot will have to suffice. Could. Not. Resist.


    Pitt: 51
    WVU: 3

    I, for one, do not hope for a close hard fought game. No mercy.

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  23. The utter hatred of Pitt by Hoopie fans equals our hatred for Penn State. Maybe more. That’s why they’re so easy to trigger and why 13-9 was so sweet as was 35-33 in 1970 with a huge comeback by Pitt.

    My best HS friends went to WVU and we never spoke again. Not my choice.

    Warning to everyone. This game is typically the one that Pitt loses over the last 40 years! Everyone is optimistic and confident of victory.

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  24. Thanks for the article Reed. Sorry you had to deal with that moron.

    Just watched the highlights of 13-9. Unbelievable that Pitt held them to 7 offensive points. Even without Pat White you figure they score more. Hoping for the same defensive performance this week.


  25. Anyone know where I can get a Slovis jersey in a hurry? I want to give one to my wife and football partner to wear on Thursday night. I’m gonna wear a Dan Marino #13 and I think the two side by side would be a nice look.

    Looking forward to a great season opener. Not looking forward to being spat on by couch burners but that’s part of the tradition, I guess.

    13-9 and H2P

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  26. Debbie, following up to Tossing Thabeets’ post above …. When you get off the train, I recommend the tailgate in Lot 139. Just look for the tractor with license plate # EIEIO

    Sent from my iPhone


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  27. I know this is immature but it’s funny. I was checking up on Davis Beville who left Pitt for Oklahoma and one of the other Oklahoma quarterbacks is named General Booty…not making this up.

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  28. Thanks for the great coverage of the Kickoff Luncheon, Reed!
    (Do you owe Fran a stringer commission? – haha)

    Apparently the j@goff at the hotel reads the “crap POV” regularly. Sadly, there are plenty of his type in the world…very sorry that you and your family had to experience that.

    I’m envious of all who attended that gathering and past ones, along with the LOI functions. Hope to do that when I hang up my work spurs and chaps. Seems like a very nice way for serious, dedicated fans to engage with the program and vice versa. Any former players in attendance?

    Did I hear correctly that Shady signed Fran’s shirt? Did I get that right?….and Bill Hillgrove buying him (and Scooter) a drink!! That must’ve been quite the day guys.

    Reed – who was seated at the media (aka enemy) table with you? Were you able to have any discussion with them?

    Heading up Wed to be in position for Thursday. Will be the largest crowd ever at Are Yinz Sure Stadium….does that equate to the largest crowd ever to attend a football game in Pgh? Need to get to Red5A early to avoid rush hour and the extra gameday traffic. Figure that tailgate will need to likewise shut down in time to get in the stadium…

    Question – when are the game unis unveiled. Really hope they stick with blue gold – either current or classic colors. Leave the grey stuff where it belongs – in the clearance rack at Marshalls.

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  29. Joe, Billy did indeed buy us a drink but Shady exited before I could ask him to sign my shirt.
    Also, have not yet received my tickets or parking passes…waiting for a return call from Pitt.


    1. Waiting for my tickets and passes also, Fran. Or an email response from the ticket office.


    2. I also have the same problem with ticket delivery. Greg in the ticket office told me over the weekends he have them reprinted today and sent UPS (instead of USPS). I heard its the last year we will get paper tickets… going full electronic next year.


    1. I think ours may be held up because they were going to reprint the parking passes so Red5A is changed to Green 32 for the Vols game.


  30. I find it interesting that so many write off a current USC transfer QB just because we have had past USC transfers that didn’t pan out (one of which was injured so we don’t know if he would have panned out). What does one have to do with the other? Slovis is his own guy who is either good or not, regardless of what other USC transfers have done. And if you want to be skeptical, be skeptical of all our quarterbacks because we have a lot more failure from ones we recruited out of high school than ones we got from USC.

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  31. Seriously, was Heather dressed in yellow? I ask because very few fair people can pull it off. She’s much better in blue or plain white. Image is everything. Sports is entertainment. And a business. Perception or look does matter. It’s those little details that make all the difference.


  32. In the latest AVCA Women’s Volleyball poll Pitt drops but stays in the Top Ten at #10.
    Their current streak of being is not broken! Louisville moves up to #3 and Georgia Tech moves up to #5. Miami continues to receive votes and would be #28 if the ranking went that far. BYU, who Pitt plays this weekend, is ranked #7. San Diego, who beat Pitt, jumped from #25 to #15.


  33. And Gallagher has been at Pitt for a decade. Sports and education now are big business. He’s an academic. Running a big business is just not in his wheel house. I commend him for knowing that and exiting at the right time. I just hope the next chancellor is a CEO type with real business experience and a proven track record of profitability. Patty was at least smart enough to understand the economics of Victory Heights. Mortgage on Pitts future it is.

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  34. For those worried Patti was listed as the backup to Slovis on the 2 deep roster released by Pitt this afternoon.


  35. Just got a call from the ticket office and all remaining tickets and parking passes are being sent overnight delivery. 🙏

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  36. #17/16 PITT vs. WEST VIRGINIA:

    Complete Game Release Link

    September 1, 2022 ∙ 7 p.m. (ET)

    Acrisure Stadium (68,400/Natural Grass) ∙ Pittsburgh, Pa.

    ESPN ∙ 93.7 The Fan ∙ Pitt Panthers Radio Network

    PittsburghPanthers.com ∙ @Pitt_FB


    √ Pitt and West Virginia clash for the first time in 11 years when the Backyard Brawl is renewed in front of an ESPN television audience and overflow crowd at Acrisure Stadium.

    √ This will be the 105th all-time meeting between the Panthers and Mountaineers in a series that dates back to 1895. Pitt leads the series, 61-40-3, but enters this year’s encounter having lost the past three.

    √ This will be the first Backyard Brawl for the respective head coaches, Pitt’s Pat Narduzzi and West Virginia’s Neal Brown.

    √ The father of Pitt offensive coordinator Frank Cignetti Jr. (Frank Sr.) served as head coach at West Virginia from 1976-79. Additionally, Frank Jr.’s brother Curt was a quarterback on WVU’s 1981 Peach Bowl and 1982 Gator Bowl teams.

    √ Pitt and West Virginia will play in eight of the next 11 years (2022-25 and 2029-32).

    √ Kedon Slovis has been named Pitt’s starting quarterback. Slovis played the prior three seasons at USC, where he passed for 7,576 yards and 58 touchdowns in 27 games.

    √ Pitt annually boasts one of the nation’s top pass rushes. The Panthers have compiled an FBS-best 151 sacks over the past three seasons (2019-21).

    √ Pitt enters its season opener as a ranked team for the first time since the 2010 campaign. The Panthers are ranked No. 16 in the USA TODAY AFCA Coaches Poll and No. 17 by Associated Press.

    √ Pitt is 86-44-2 (.659) all-time in openers. Since the 2000 season, Pitt is 16-6 (.727) in its initial game, including 6-1 (.857) under Narduzzi.


    Television ∙ ESPN

    Matt Barrie (play-by-play)

    Louis Riddick (analyst)

    Harry Lyles Jr. (reporter)

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  37. Speaking of two deeps … and you guys complain about Duzz …


  38. I heard a wvcc reporter call in to ESPN college sports radio / he claimed wvcc fans bought their allotment of ticket up for the Backyard Brawl in 15 minutes and that there will be 40,000 eers in the stands.

    They are calling this a home game for wvcc cause they are going to outnumber Pitt fans.

    Ain’t no way there will be that many Hatfield’s and McCoy’s in Pittsburgh on Thursday night.

    Hang on to yinz hats cause there will be more than a brawl on the field – they will brawl in the stands, streets and bathrooms (outhouse for our southern eers).

    Some might think this is “made for TV”, but they may need to switch to reruns of naked and afraid before halftime.

    Go Pitt!

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    1. I expect around 20k hoopie fans. The nitters who have a far larger and more passionate fanbase only brought 30k max during the two visits to Heinz. There should be a 2/1 ratio of Pitt to hoopie fans. Heck when Pitt travels to Morgan hole, Pitt brings at least 10-15k and Pitt stinks as traveling fans go. Vols game last year was a notable exception.


  39. Well at least Sark doesn’t call it Lock the Gates. Texas is on double secret probation this year before the Manning arrival. Defense is the question with the Horns. Bama is the barometer come game two in Austin. Texas has the line, the QB, the RB and WR for a special season. Take the over in every game this year.


  40. We cannot wait to welcome you to Acrisure Stadium this fall for the 2022 Pitt Football season. In order to best plan your gameday schedule, please review the following information on the Pitt Football gameday experience.

    Mobile Tickets

    As mobile ticketing has become more prevalent, we encourage fans to download their tickets prior to arriving at Acrisure Stadium. To view details on how to manage, download, or transfer mobile tickets, please click here.

    Art Rooney Avenue

    As is traditional, Labor Day weekend also marks the return of the annual Acrisure Stadium Kickoff and Rib Festival outside the stadium along Art Rooney Avenue. For all other Pitt home games, Art Rooney Avenue will continue to serve as the epicenter of pre-game fan activities. Activities will open 3 hours prior to kickoff.

    Fan favorites like the kids combine, inflatables, and tailgate games will fill out the area in addition to various sponsor activations throughout the season.


    Parking lots will open 5 hours prior to kickoff. Single-game parking is very limited on the North Shore. Fans are encouraged to reserve their space before arriving via SpotHero or ParkMobile.

    Gates/Acrisure Stadium

    For the 2022 season, gates to Acrisure Stadium will open two hours prior to kickoff. To accommodate an overflow crowd for the September 1 West Virginia game, gates will open 2.5 hours prior to kickoff (4:30 pm).

    A clear back policy will be in effect for the entirety of the season. Click here for more information on what is allowed inside the stadium. Acrisure Stadium is a cashless venue and will accept credit and debit cards as well as Apple and Google Pay.

    Gameday Schedule

    As you plan your gameday schedule, keep in mind these festivities happening throughout the day.

    Panther Prowl 2.5 hours prior at General Robinson

    Pre-game band concert – 2 hours prior
    Acrisure Stadium Gates Open – 2 hours prior (2.5 vs. WVU)
    March to victory parade – 1 hour prior
    Pitt Band takes the field – 20 minutes prior to kickoff
    Pitt Panthers take the field – 10 minutes prior to kickoff



  41. A bit surprised to see the 2-deep players listed as Punt Returners:

    Konata Mumpfield – M.J. Devonshire – Jaylon Barden

    Wonder if Mumpfield returned punts last year? I would guess he did…

    Wonder if they will work that true-freshman burner from Texas (Che?) in as a kickoff returner?

    Go Pitt.


  42. This annoncement was just posted by the Stadium Authority in light of all the visitors this Thursday:
    “This is a reminder to all fans that smoking is not permitted inside the stadium, that includes cigarettes, cigars and corncob pipes.”

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  43. GC. Thank you for taking on the ask of organizing the FRANCAN tourney. I’d give anything to be there. Having Reed and others over for the game.

    Next year let’s ask golf nut Joe Starkey to play. I’ll ask Wanny and I bet we can get Zeiss also. If Wanny comes, I know Jason will be there. H2P Hit Em straight!

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    1. Big win! Interesting how short a time period it took wvu to move up in the rankings. Their coach mimics coach jvido’s recruiting footprint and strategy. Looks like there will be great games on the tilt for awhile.


  44. Pitt has become an elite mens soccer program. Coaching and recruiting does matter.

    volleyball still has a small way to go but they are solidly on track. Coach fisher is one of the very best and new digs will help.

    Unfortunately, a schools brand is made on mens football and to a lessor extent mens basketball these days.

    Pitt gave up on football in the mid 80’s. Basketball has just bounced around with highs and lows.

    If there truly is a public service announcement on smoking at Pitt stadium for the hoopie game, it sure better list corncob pipes. 🌽

    I hope Doc Tom is there to pride free dental exams for those Neers in Need. A full smile is a wonderful thing.


  45. Great job Reed with your breakdown of the luncheon and nice work with the idiot. When his non-compliant wife shouted “this is why no one likes you” I think she meant herself included?

    Devin Danielson still on the team. People thought Pickett was at PITT forever.

    JoeL, yep, I’m a treasure trove of useless information, drives my wife nuts. While she may be in the living room which is a hop, no skip or jump needed from the cpu room. (our house is pretty small) She will be watching a movie or show of some kind when a song gets played from the movie and I’ll name it out loud almost every time, interrupting her concentration and drawing a look. Not a good one.

    Exciting times at PITT these days. Two Coastal titles along with an ACC Championship in the last few years. I’ll admit to being wrong about Narduzzi, I thought he was ok to good but not this good. Let’s all hope the hairy arm gorilla continues his winning ways.

    Slovis is exceptional with the end zone fade to the corner, lays it in there really nice.

    Our son, daughter in law along with three of our grand-kids stopped over the other day by surprise. Not to worried about my attire when I noticed I had on a PITT shirt, PITT basketball shorts and slippers of all things (I never ever wear shoes at home) with each shoe boldly adorning the PITT script logo on them. It made me laugh along with the kids who thought that was funny.. 🙂

    Hoping the weather holds to the forecast as it looks beautiful all weekend starting Thursday. Thanks weather people!

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    1. I’ve thought Izzy would be a great back from early on and IF the line provides any opportunity, he could have a GREAT year

      and with Hammond who has flashed great and the flea who has been at the very least reliable(needs to cut out the all too reliable chop blocks) I think we have the position of least concern

      no idea if any back approaches 1000 yards with the ability to rotate in 4 very talented players if C’bo is anything at all and have fresh, hungry guys to rip off 10+ at any given moment

      Cignetti seems to have the horses to succeed

      13-9 is fine but I EXPECT more like 31-9



    1. I am amazed that he has not been back on campus since he was booted out as coach. Better late than never, even if the Dirty O is gone.



  46. Jets cut Jason Pinnock. Steelers should take a look.

    (But I thought that — when you’re a Jet you’re a Jet all the way…. 😊)

    Go Pitt.


  47. Long-snapper Cal Adomitis to be waived by Bengals- but they want him on their practice squad.

    What’s odd is that their long snapper is 38 years old – nice career by him…

    Go Pitt.


    1. Practice Squad Pay $11,500 per week and $207,000 for the year if he remains on the squad for the 18 week season. I’d take that pay now coming out of college for a starting wage.

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    2. A couple times a football game, snap the ball true.

      Be happy with what money they offer you.

      Keep your nose clean

      And down a couple balls a season. No need for a tackle, just be in the vicinity a few times.

      $500,000 per season easy. At best you’ll have a long career in one place. At worst, you’ll get traded 15 times.

      Final step, cash the check. and…………..

      Last one

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  48. Check out PSN…a few former Panthers getting cut or re-assigned from NFL rosters…..J aylenTwyman thought he was good enough to wear AD’s jersey and decided to quit the team after one solid year to pursue the NFL or maybe he had no choice but to leave…anyway, it didn’t work out as planned. This is another example of what is wrong with the “professional” version of college ball. and taking kids who are only there to go to ” the next level!”..if he had a useful degree it may have been of some value going forward…oh. well…life goes on…Good luck young man and Duzz- “from now on please don’t give out our Panther heroes #’s to self-indulged wannabes’ in the future!!!”

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      1. It was a southwest pa guy doing a solid for a swpa guy. Unfortunately, the original swpa guy leading dallas is now on the proverbial hot seat and has no room to do favors for friends. Look, Dinooch will always be able to tell of his two years in the league. Maybe more with a couple of injuries. Many many stories, which will always open doors for him in the business world going forward.

        I am happy for him in that regard. Happy for his great experience, but also understanding what really happened. Had McCarthy had two great years in Dallas, I would have expected them to sign Dinooch for a longer term to try and get him a league pension.


        1. Q Ollison and Laf Pitts got cut from Atlanta. Always liked Q. Ollison.Maybe he catches on somewhere as RB’s are interchangeable for the most part.


  49. Saw where Coach Vidovich and two soccer players missed yesterday’s game due to Covid protocols.

    Hope we don’t see any of that with any Panthers on Thursday…. (I’m reminded of the Paul Chryst opener when we had the surprise suspensions.)

    Go Pitt.


  50. All you uniform tradionalist, don’t freak out. Pitt will have blue chrome facemasks and helmet stickers on Thursday. Still traditional blue jersey uniforms. I know that crazy facemask may throw you all into a tizzy, lol.


    1. Quote: “This all worked out well,” he said of this week’s game. “I’m excited to get back and see what’s going on, see some friends. I’ll hit a few tailgate parties, see some of my old Pitt buddies.”

      Keep an eye out for him you POV tailgaters!

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