To Repeat or Not Repeat…Part 2

Here is Joe L.’s take on the Atlantic Coast Conference games. His out of conference games predictions can be found here:

Please share with us your thoughts and predictions in the comments section below – HTP!

Game 5 – A HOME game versus Georgia Tech When did the law that compelled Pitt to play all its games versus the Yellowjackets in Georgia change?!

Win or lose, I normally stay for the entirety of Pitt games I attend. However, I did walk out of a 2014 Georgia Tech – Pitt game at the end of the 1st quarter. And that’s because the Panthers had an awful case of explosive diarrhea on the field that day… I believe the turnover count was 5 on Pitt’s part in the first half? The worst of the bunch was a James Conner fumble into the endzone when a Pitt score was certain to occur. So, I walked out. My BP was so high after that you could have popped my head with a pin – and it makes me angry just thinking about it now.

That is not going to happen this year. I guarantee it. Pitt wins this game on superior talent and experience. It’s the ACC opener for us with a chance to do something special…meanwhile the Ramblin’ Wreck will be just that, entering this game at 1-3 with losses to Clemson, Ole Miss and UCF. Folks, this is Geoff Collin’s curtain call before he is outsourced to the macroeconomy unless he has a buddy among the GT boosters with the patience of Job. Hopefully Collins shook the boosters hand at fundraising events.

Yes, we could lose this game because Collins is due against Pitt – but for gosh sakes they have the least number of starters returning in the ACC. They aren’t likely to have enough guys wanting revenge from the past few years’ losses. We could take them for granted though – especially if we somehow went 4-0 in the OOC slate. But I really doubt that, don’t you? With a win, our quest for a repeat Coastal Division title is off to a good start.

Game 6 – HOKIES FOR HOMECOMING! Pitt had their choice of Rhode Island, Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech for Homecoming and chose the Hokies… let that sink in for a moment. Think Frank Beamer would have taken that as a slight?

When “Tech” got the ACC invite in 2003, folks down here were grateful – and smug. Many believed the Hokies belonged among college football elite programs. After all, they had Michael Vick and in the early 2000’s thought the good times would go on forever. Which made spanking their #5 ranked rear ends 31-28 in a 2003 national prime time game – with College GameDay at Heinz no less – very sweet. And yet they continued to look down their noses at Pitt – for years later. Not so much these days.

I enjoy it when Pitt beats Virginia Tech. Half of my extended family are VT alums and my mom’s cousin was a major booster – they even named a building after him. (My immediate family – except me – are Cavaliers). On top of that, I work in a company full of VT engineering grads who wear those awful Chicago maroon and burnt orange VT colors in the office. The local (Richmond) Hardywood Brewery thought it would be cute to produce a Hokie beer as well. With the program’s regression to the mean following the Beamer/Foster glory days, the chatter is a little muted lately – which is as refreshing as one of those Helles Lagers on ice.

I think Brent Pry was an excellent choice for VT and they may very well enjoy a resurgence under his leadership. But not this season. Pry will need a couple years to get his guys in and establish a defensive oriented team (sound familiar?). Justin Fuentes left a rather bare cupboard, especially on the offensive side of the ball. QB has been a bit of a revolving door and while a few interesting guys transferred in, OL protection and exactly who is going to catch passes are big question marks. That said, they could come into this game at 3-2 or perhaps 4-1 with an upset win over the Hoopies or the Tarholes. But I struggle to see them generating the offense they will need against Pitt’s defense. So, I like Pitt in this game.

Game 7 – The Ville  I still don’t get why these guys are in the ACC. Perhaps UL won over John Swofford with overflowing glasses of Pappy VanWinkle and a Kentucky Hot Brown at The Camberley Hotel? Hope he remembered to take his statin after that meal.

The folks in Lou-a-ville are trying to run a sleaze-free athletics program these days. An unnatural act for them… kinda like me trying to golf left-handed. Perhaps ACC conference leadership nudged them.

With Pitt possibly coming into this game at 5-1, this game could make for a nice primetime game as I think the Cardinals will have a similar if not the same record at this point. Both teams will be coming off bye weeks, so there will be plenty of time for each coaching staff to game plan.

The question for this game is how Malik Cunningham plays. Like Hendon Hooker, Cunningham is generating Heisman talk and many think he will be an NFL first rounder. He’s a dynamic playmaker and Pitt will have its hands full containing him (although Pitt did just that the last time they faced him). They have one of the best OL’s in the conference and the RB room looks very good. The receivers are a question mark and so we will see a lot of running plays. Pitt matches up well with its emphasis on stopping the run.

On the other side of the ball, they have not shown an ability to shut down teams not named Syracuse. They have a really good CB in Kei-trel Clark Jr., but the rest of the unit looks just OK.

A lot of folks believe Pitt will get torched in this game because of Narduzzi’s defensive scheme. I’m struggling with this one because of the unknowns at receiver for the Cards… and of course QB at Pitt. This game could go either way. Anybody have a coin? Pushed to choose, I think Louisville pulls this one out late given the home field and former QB and current head coach Scott Satterfield outfoxing Narduzzi… despite the presence of Matt in the Ville, who finally doesn’t have to drive forever to see a game.Matt, at least the ride home will be short!

Game 8 – Tarholes I keep waiting for the second coming of Mack Brown to actually live up to expectations. No one north of Coral Gables has done less with more than Brown and the Tar Heels. At least they love him down in Chapel Hill. If he were coaching at UPMC Southside, the complaints from Pitt fans would be unending.

As for the game, one thing we can count on is the Heels will put forth a really good defensive unit this year. Another thing we can count on is home cooking in Chapel Hill. We can reasonably expect a dropoff at QB. Im told by the local insiders that Drake Maye, the highly-touted, wundkerind redshirt freshman from Charlotte will get the starting nod over Jacoby Criswell. If he develops quickly, Pitt might have its hands full because the receivers are good.

Coming off a loss in Louisville, I believe Pitt bounces back and takes this one – the first down in Chapel Hill ever. Heel fans will be dumbfounded. Bless their hearts.

Don’t buy that? OK, I will say this then: I believe they will go 1-1 vs Louisville & UNC. I can make an argument for winning or losing either; I just don’t see them losing both at this point. And a bowling we will go.

Game 9 – Three Yards and a Cloud of Dust Syracuse comes to Are Yinz Sure Stadium in early November, so its more likely to be muddy running than dusty – but you get my point. Sean Tucker is the real deal and despite Pitt’s ability to stop him last year, he has a motor. Pitt will need to be ready to play this game because he will be. And their QB Garrett Shrader runs the ball well also. So, stopping the run will be important. Fortunately, Pitt has done a nice job there.

The Orangemen have a strong back seven, so Pitt will want to establish the run. Hopefully by this point, our starting QB will have established good chemistry with one of the WRs and Gavin Bartholomew.

I think they will and Pitt wins this game but maybe not by the margin folks here would like to see.

And by the way, that’s not BigB on a bootleg vs Jeanette in the photo. Its Ernie Davis – just in case you might have been fooled.

Game 10 – Mr. Jefferson’s University Living in the shadows of Charlottesville, I spend a little bit of time watching the Cavaliers. One of the great traditions at Scott Stadium is when Cav-man enters on his horse.

The game last year vs UVA could have gone either way. A collective sigh of relief was heard at Heinz Field when Jordan Addison went up and claimed a ball that was rightfully his. My, it was exciting to watch him jet down the field after the catch to seal the game. And then the ensuing late night celebration at Red5A on “Light Up Night” dahntahn.

I’m sorry Bronco Mendenhall left UVA. Solid guy and a good football coach. His departure may have been a blessing for the Cavaliers, who might have peaked under Mendenhall. I believe they nailed it with Tony Elliott. He’s got one of the best QBs in the ACC in Brennan Armstrong and a WR unit that is at least as good as Pitt’s. But their OL is entirely new this year and no one on this unit stands out. I think Armstrong will be running for his life in this game. But Pitt may get torched a couple times if they don’t get to him. On defense, the Cavaliers are switching to a 4-3. Last year’s unit was porous and it’s still a question mark.

I believe Pitt will have found its offensive footing by this point and the Panthers will leave Scott Stadium with another victory.

Game 11 – Duke  The Blue Devils are rebuilding following David Cutcliffe’s retirement and that will not be done before they reach Pittsburgh in mid-November. I’m not sure this requires much more analysis. Pitt wins this one handily.

Game 12 – The de facto Coastal Division Championship in Miami? I believe that the Miami Hurricanes will come into this final regular season game at 5-2, with losses to Clemson and Florida State, although I can see them beating the Noles and getting to 6-1. I believe their overall record will be 9-2 or 8-3. If you are keeping track of my picks, you will note that I have Pitt at 6-1 (9-2 overall) at this point. So, yes folks I believe this game will decide the final winner of the ACC Coastal Division.

The Canes are loaded with talent as usual. That starts with Tyler VanDyke, who IMO is the best QB talent in the ACC. (Again, just my opinion) He’s gonna play on Sundays. They are solid in the skill positions and with Christobal taking over, I believe the OL will be a point of emphasis.

It could be a close game if Slovis has a good game. Pitt will be at its offensive best barring injuries. That said, Miami has an excellent front 7 on defense (the DL in particular). Did they improve in their tackling during the offseason?… I’m guessing yes.

Can Pitt win this game? Heck, yeah they can. They will need to play to their potential to win it and perhaps being the underdog (which they will be) can push them over the top. I will reserve the right to change my position on this come game week. Let’s hope Pitt makes me want to do that.

In the end, I think Miami’s OL will wear down Pitt’s defense and Miami will claim the Coastal title. Wish and hope it won’t be so, but going with my head and not my heart. Would love to drive to Charlotte again in early December as I believe the Championship game will be something to see.

To sum it up, I see Pitt going 9-3 overall and 6-2 in ACC play, with +/- 1 game in the win column. A good season…Pitt could finish with 10 wins and I see them in the mix right up until Thanksgiving weekend.

Here are a couple bonus predictions:

While Slovis will start the opener, both he and Patti will start games due to injury.

Izzy becomes the face of the Panther offense.

Daniel Carter makes George Aston and Henry Hynoski proud as an impact FB

No one will register a pick six off of a shovel pass this year.

There you have it; time to weigh in with your own predictions for the season!

There you have it; time to weigh in with your own thoughts and predictions in the comments section below – you know you want to!


144 thoughts on “To Repeat or Not Repeat…Part 2

  1. Excellent work Joe…love the visuals too.
    Off to an early golf outing today, then yard work, then meet with my tax guy ( my version of the good, the bad and the ugly)
    Still thinking about my predictions 🤔


  2. JoeL, another great piece, thanks. I hate to be boring but I see the same ACC record, in the same fashion. (Loss to the Ville, Win over the Heels).
    My extra prediction is that Nate Patti plays in every game this season that he is not hurt for. Not because he is starting, but because Cignetti will find ways to use his skill set which differs from Slovis’ and to reward him for coming back as he seems to be a team leader.

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  3. A two-fer from VT. The first is a look at their first 4 games that includes a WVU review.

    The second is a look at their next 4 games including Pitt. Besides Pitt, read his review of UNC and Miami.


  4. Superb job JoeL. Really insightful from an obvious Panther Superman

    I also see 9-3 but a loss to UNC instead of Lville. Last year, pre-seasoned 9th ranked, UNC was to be led by the best QB in the ACC. Yes, the obviously overrated Sam Howell was to do for The Heels what KP8 ended up doing for the Panthers

    UNC has too much talent to be unranked, and I see a 3-way battle for the Coastal. Trouble is Pitt plays at both UNC and Miami. Both can match and probably exceeds Pitt in talent.

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  5. Thanks for the articles JoeL! I see Pitt only losing to Miami in ACC portion of the schedule. I also believe if Clemson puts a physical and mental beatdown on the Hurricanes in the week prior to the Pitt vs. Miami game, Pitt has a good chance of beating the Hurricanes.

    Louisville has a running quarterback. Pitt will be able to shut him down.

    This year Pitt’s quarterback does not have to be “Pickett like”. With the offensive line finally getting some experience and depth, Pitt’s run game will again become a factor in their offense. That is why I am hoping Patti is our starting quarterback. He reminds me of another Pitt quarterback, Bill Stull, that did very well under Frank Cignetti’s tutelage. Slovis played in an air raid offense which requires a gunslinger personality. That type of player is high risk, high reward. Even if Slovis stays healthy and starts, I see him being benched by the second half of the WVU game.

    Everyone keeps pointing out that Pitt’s pass vs. run play percentage was about even. What people fail to realize is that Pitt ran the ball a lot in the fourth quarter last year after they had control of the final outcome. All of Pickett’s runs on busted pass plays also were counted as runs.

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  6. Off topic but presumably good news for ACC. It is being reported that NBC has really anted up the payout to ND, from $25M to $75M, which allow then to stay as an Independent. This will likely keep the status quo for ND’s affiliation with the ACC

    This may stop the reported further expansion of both the SEC (considering Clemson, FSU, Miami and UNC) and whoever the B10 is thinking about.

    In any scenario, Pitt would appear to be on the outside looking in. However, greed always wins out so who knows what the long term holds

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  7. John, you are right about Bill Stull – he did a fine job for us but was torn up by Pitt fans. I became friends with his father while Bill played and he told me Bill’s mother wouldn’t even come to the games because of the crap being yelled. His father stayed up above the crowd so he didn’t have to deal with it either.

    We went 10-3 in ’09 with Stull throwing for 2633 yards and 21 TDs to 8 Ints for a 150.6 rating. Last 10 win season until 12 years later.

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    1. Remember when Mr Stull walk out of the stadium during the game and continued to walk all the way home he was so pissed off at the crowd?


  8. If Pitt wins more than 8 regular season games, I’ll buy those who are interested something uniquely Texan. That’s to those homers and optimists that see Pitt winning 9-10 games. But I expect something from those who enter the wager as well. And it’s not a case of koolaid.


        1. Hey loony, er I mean loney it’s me, ike. Can’t you see below that comment?.

          I don’t want to censor you or anyone but somethings not right when you get it so so wrong most of the time.


    1. I’ll get in on that, I live in Florida but I’m in Texas on business quite frequently. Say dinner one evening?


  9. I’m sure they will lose an ACC game but I’m not so sure it will be Miami. Miami will be adjusting to a new coach and culture and if they do not live up to expectations on the season, Pitt may be in okay shape.

    TN will be interesting. Last year, Hooker caught them off guard but they’ll be ready for him this year. That game will be an early test on the offense because we’re going to have to score 40 points to win. That’s not a knock our defense either … just the reality of college football in 2022.


  10. Well when a baseball team stinks, they follow the Rangers lead. Pirates are a long way from there.


  11. Nutting is a Hoopie. Not a grad but from THAT state. And That’s the problem. Wife’s side from THAT state. Texas isn’t far enough away.

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  12. JoeL – nice double-article sweep by you. Spot-on about that GT debacle game (JC of all people fumbles going in) and the awfulness of VT’s colors…. When I think of VT now I see that long TD run by Qadree Ollison where he pushed that DB to the ground like he was a rag doll.

    That’s what I think may happen this season – Pitt out-physicals some teams. I’m thinking the teams with new coaches, even Miami, are going to take a year or two to adjust to Pitt’s toughness. We’ll see. To me, it all depends on how productive our QB position is…

    And I like Daniel Carter as a secret weapon…

    Go Pitt.


  13. JoeL, just great writing in both have our mouths watering like Pavlov’s dogs and stomach’s churning simultaneoulsy in pure anticipation of what could go right and wrong all within the time frame of a couple of short thoughts….we are sooooo conditioned being PITT fans. I want the season to kick-off like the start of a good round of golf – long distance drive down the middle off the tee followed a solid 5 iron to a short wedge onto the green and calmly sink an 8 footer for a par or better yet, a bird…..that will get us to 4-0 out of the box but my golf rarely happens that way as I age. lose confidence and Iam conditioned to believe we will drop one of the 1st two contests. If we do lose one I say it will be to the Vols. They have a warm-up game and should come in with the air war as they did last year in Knoxville. Josh Heupel is a bombs away guy and he has a QB and SEC speed to test and stretch PITT who will have just come off a huge rivalry battle which, hopefully, the Panthers win…I think we will have a good year but lose to the Canes like we almost always do…Hey, the Canes are good but have had bad coaching and too many 4-5 stars who are all about me kinda dudes( thats my opinion- and we still couldn’t beat them)….no way we lose to Happy Feet Cunningham,,,PITT gives him a Sam Hartman beat-down….and I agree with Joe..we finally beat the Heels in Chapel Hill…remember the game several years go when PITT blew a huge lead and Turbisky threw a game winner very late…after the game replay showed the Heels having 12 players on the field and the refs missed it…imagine that !!!

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  14. I wouldn’t want to wager with you tex as it may ruin our friendly relationship. JoeL, you really did a great job ramping us all up for the big game. We’re fired up and equipped with Richard’s breakdown of the game, doesn’t get any better than this.

    What could go wrong?

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    1. Ike, it can be a friendly wager then. You’re my ying to my Yang. I hope that didn’t sound inappropriate. 🤠


  15. Without seeing the play at QB it really is a complete guess how things will go and how many wins will happen.

    Too many years it just seemed like Pitt QB’s played tentatively and the other team’s QB played loosely.

    I think Slovis or Patti have a chance to be better than average so that helps.

    The rest of the offense has some good experience and there are some other above average playmakers.

    The defense could be really good with the D-Line potentially very disruptive.

    So, if things go at least OK at QB, Pitt should have a good chance in every game.

    I also think winning the ACC helps the coaching staff elevate their own contributions.

    I’ll ride the optimism wave and predict a great season with an undefeated Pitt going down to Miami against a one-loss Hurricane Team.

    Too early to predict that outcome but I like our chances and plan to be there.


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    1. Louisville, North Carolina, and Duke are not doing an opponent preview on my go to sites.

      Virginia and Miami are doing previews but have not done Pitt.


  16. From that article Gordon linked above, sounds like the linebackers stepped it up in the scrimmage. Bangally and Shayne with picks, along with Battle. Course we don’t know who threw the picks – but hoping the QBs learned from them…

    Duzzer sounds pretty happy with this group of linebackers including the two portal guys…

    Go Pitt.


    1. I’m not a fan of Taco either. I don’t understand why we extend a coach for a mediocre effort.

      Wait, is there a pattern forming right before our eyes?


        1. I have a foursome, Gordon. Looking forward to you, Lastrow or Erie Express bringing in a bunch of ringers and shooting 16 under.


  17. If I’m reading my online TV guide correctly, ACCN will go live tonight at Pitt at 7. It is a 1 hour show that will be repeated the following hour as well as a handful of times tomorrow AM

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    1. As part of Pitt day on ACCN, they will be showing the Pitt-Tennessee game (11am-2pm). Followed by C/C game (Wake) from 2pm – 5pm & spring game (5pm-7pm).


  18. Good article in yesterday’s WSJ about the horrendous travel requirements for USC and UCLA athletes in the Big 10. Kids taking final exams on a plane and going to early classes after late night returns. This will undoubtedly hurt athletic performance and make it even harder for studies. I wonder if 3 star athletes will place only moderate prospects for the NFL ahead of their free academic opportunity… might not be the best place to go.

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    1. So the Big10 left ESPN/Disney/ABC out of the picture. Will the SEC?

      From what I understand, the only way the ACC can renegotiate is if they add teams. I may be wrong. If so, they need to join forces with the Big12 or PAC12. Why would they not pursue joining forces with one of them?


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  20. Maybe ACC becomes SEC coastal minor
    ESPN contract shows ACC gets less
    But ESPN gets exclusive all FB and Bb games
    I think ESPN will not go empty handed


  21. So on the ACC channel, they were showing Slovis and Patti taking shotgun snaps from the Center – in the case of Slovis, his Center was Owen “bad snap” Drexel who on the 2nd televised snap bounced one to Slovis who mishandled the snap with absolutely no rush coming at him.

    Uh oh! We got to do better.

    The camera panned to show Narduzzi grimmising and looking away in frustration.

    Next man up? Or do we have to lose another game first?

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    1. Owen missed snaps last year… reminded me of Alex Officer…. Hoping Drex has a great year but for the 1st time in years this ole fan is feeling good about our IK depth!!!


  22. ACC contract is impenetrable … can’t be broken. ND is safe to do it since ACC schools can’t leave.


    1. I never understood the big deal about that. Pickett never complained and played well under it.


  23. Well, I went and hit a large bucket of golf balls the other day. Won’t be buying any clubs soon! Actually after missing or topping the first 15 or so I got most of the rest downrange.

    Agree with Tex and Huff above. There is certainly a chance Pitt could backside to 6-7 wins this season as has happened in the past. I think around 8 would be a good guess.

    I do think losing three stars on offense is a lot to make up, especially with the QBs we have to work with.


  24. I heard Andrea Adelsen on ESPNU radio explaining ND situation. On all sports but football, they have to abide by the Grants of Rights agreement. Thus they could conceivably move to the B10 but only FB would be.seen on TV, since they gave up their rights for other sports. This is why ND wishes to remain an Indy.

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  25. These naming rights get more ridiculous every day…

    Pitt Announces Hope Gas, Inc. as Presenting Sponsor for Backyard Brawl

    PITTSBURGH—The University of Pittsburgh Athletic Department announced today a multi-year partnership that will make Hope Gas the presenting sponsor of the 2022 renewed rivalry between Pitt and West Virginia.

    The Backyard Brawl presented by Hope Gas will be played on Sept. 1 at 7 p.m., before an overflow crowd at Pittsburgh’s Acrisure Stadium and a national ESPN television audience. The historic rivals will meet on the football field for the first time since 2011.

    Hope Gas will serve as the presenting sponsor for the 2022 and 2024 iterations of the Backyard Brawl contests in Pittsburgh.

    “We are proud to announce our new partnership with Hope Gas and greatly appreciate its commitment as the presenting sponsor of this historic game,” Pitt Director of Athletics Heather Lyke said. “Pitt Athletics looks forward to many great collaborations with Hope Gas as we celebrate the return of the Pitt-West Virginia rivalry.”

    Bringing Pitt Athletics and Hope Gas together in this exciting collaboration was JMI Sports, Pitt’s media rights holder. The partnership will be showcased through various branding, social media, activation and community assets.

    “What better way for us to celebrate bringing back Hope Gas to the families and businesses of West Virginia with the tradition and history of this regional classic college football rivalry,” stated Morgan O’Brien, Hope Gas President & CEO. “I’m always a fan of celebrating the future and we had to be part of bringing back the Backyard Brawl.”

    Pitt-West Virginia is not only one of college football’s most colorful rivalries, but also one of the oldest. The inaugural game was played in 1895. The 104 all-time meetings (the last occurring in 2011) are the most for either school against an opponent. Pitt leads the series, 61-40-3.

    The Panthers enter the season ranked as high as No. 16 in the national polls. Pitt is coming off a historic 2021 campaign, winning 11 games and capturing the first Atlantic Coast Conference championship in program history.

    About Pitt Athletics

    The University of Pittsburgh’s intercollegiate athletics history dates back to 1869, when the university began to field a baseball team. Today, Pitt sponsors 19 varsity sports—nine men’s teams and 10 women’s programs—with more than 475 student-athletes vying for conference, regional and national honors. The Panthers are proud members of the Atlantic Coast Conference, one of the country’s most prestigious and accomplished athletic conferences. Pitt’s rich athletics history includes national championships in football (nine) and basketball (two). Pitt also boasts Olympic gold-medal performances in track, and silver and bronze medals in diving and basketball.

    About Hope Gas, Inc.

    Founded in 1898, 235 separate companies contributed to Hope’s corporate ancestry – including a company founded by George Washington and James Madison. Hope Gas is now one of the largest local natural gas distribution companies (“LDCs”) in West Virginia. With approximately 3,200 miles of main and 2,000 miles of gathering pipes, Hope Gas serves over 111,000 residential, commercial, and industrial customers across 35 counties in West Virginia and employs over 300 people.


  26. QB’s we have to work with? You mean an All Conference P5 QB with better stats at the same point in his career than Pickett? The team is returning 75% of its starting lineup. There is a buzz around Pitt for a reason. It cracks me up that as soon as something bad happens, people will resort to SOP … but the only SOP I see is some posters comments. It’s a new season. It hasn’t even started yet. Enjoy it instead of expecting the worst. You’ll have your chances to complain about Pitt. They will present themselves … but let the season start first.

    Undefeated and National Champs is my prediction until they lose.

    6 or 7 wins on a team that is returning 75% of it’s roster? Duzz has won 8 games or more (mostly 8 games lol) 4 times with way worse rosters. 9 is probably the floor and 12 is the ceiling which means 10 or 11 games is probably most likely.

    75% of the starting lineup returns. 75%. And they added an all-conference P5 QB. Not only 75% of their roster returns … 100% of their OL returns and not only does `100% of their OL return, the next 5 all have a ton of playing experience.

    Plus, if a QB goes down, we have a very capable P5 QB waiting in the wings.

    Only Pitt fans would dismiss 75% of the roster returning and 100% of the OL returning as inconsequential.

    Experience matters. Losing Pickett hurts but Pickett wasn’t the golden child he is now going into last season

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    1. realism

      may break any of a couple ways, can’t wait to see it start v the toothless couch burners




    2. I find it a bit interesting that the much maligned Lucas Krull is now being referred to as an offensive star who will be missing…

      Or is the third missing offensive star the also maligned T. Mack?


      Go Pitt.


    3. No QB on this roster is close to Kenny. And no WR is close to Jordan. And as a college kid, it’s difficult to learn a new language and still get the high GPA that Pitt wants. I think you overestimate the mental abilities of 19 and 20 year old kids. And they are still kids and not men. You become a man when you take on responsibilities like a wife and children.


  27. A few things:

    To Huff the Third. Is there anything about this years and last years team that remind you of any of the past 40 years PITT teams? Except for a couple of Wanny years. I know you’ll take this question literally but I’m talking generally speaking and the entire PITT football concept.

    That’s why I suggest Tex turn the page. No living in the past man.

    Thanks for the Prayers Huff and to everyone for the encouragement.

    Great articles gc, PITT impressing some guys that know a little something about college football.Narduzzi better have this team ready! Sounds like he does? (I hope)

    I continue to be amazed at the quality of writing on the POV, we are all blessed. I think the POV team has the Coastal wrapped up and the big favorite to win the ACC title outright. There isn’t another blog like this!

    I’ll really miss my Red 5A friends for the WVU game, I don’t think anyone remembers what I even look like. It’s a neat thing to have a BIG game like this.

    Hoping to get to a home and one away game. (bucket list)

    I hope everyone is healthy and ready for some PITT football. For now, I’ve been placed into the failing heart category, this won’t defeat me either.

    Good Luck to all, Tex included.

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    1. As I sit here typing from York, Pa. I know that I will never be able to attend another Pitt game at home or on the road. I have to use a cane as a result of a compression fracture in my back and osteoporosis from ongoing cancer treatment///THE POV is a window into Pitt football and I treasure it every day. So, Red 5A will never see me nor will I meet any of you in person (I played golf 2-3 times a week//12-14 handicap depending on my putter). I would love to be able to tee it off at a POV Golf event and enjoy some adult beverages at the 19th Hole….but as they say, it is what it is>>and I ALWAYS maintain a positive attitude.

      So, why am I writing this message? Ike, I have no way to express how much I enjoy your contributions to the POV and yes, your music videos are most often 100% on target///LOL.
      You have a heart that is much too BIG to fail and I KNOW that you will NOT SURRENDER and someday will be able to go to Red 5A. Onward and always keep thinking upward!!
      H2P !!

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      1. Awesome post, isnore99. Would have loved to play some golf with you.

        Maybe we get the chance to see you on a zoom call…

        Best wishes to you.


      2. Still can’t “like” a comment but I want to tell you, thank you for the very kind words! You take care of yourself Izzy, see you on the next zoom POV round table.


      3. I had 2 compression fractures from cancer but they healed. My spine sometimes aches a bit but not enough to keep me down. Cancer treatment is a double-edged sword but still beneficial. Wishing you the best.


  28. Pitt really is a Midwest school. Great fit for the big ten. But Pitt is sandwiched between the suck eyes and nitters. Rotten luck. The acc is dead. It’s carcass will be picked clean by the sec and big ten. Nobody will even sniff the Pitt piece. Sad and unfortunate. But not surprising. I saw this day coming as a 15 year old in 1985.


    1. And I Remember plain as day when – at age 15 – you texted that prediction to the POV. Certainly was an eye opener to me!

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      1. I wish the POV was live back then but I don’t think the internet for the public even existed then. When I was at Pitt I had to use floppy disks to boot up my computers. I remember DOS and amber computer screens. No mouse allowed even. Times quickly changed.


  29. No one near? Slovis is a top 10 draftable QB going into the season.

    USC was a program in a free fall …

    Slovis: 68% for 7500 yards and 58 TD’s to 24 INTS and a 150 QB rating in 3 seasons. Read about USC. One of the worst P5 programs the last 5 years organizationally and culturally.

    Kenny: 60% for 7475 and 38 TD’s to 24 INTS … can’t figure out the QB rating for 3 years but safe to assume much less than 150.

    The narrative created here cracks me up, sometimes. Kenny will get the benefit of the doubt for his down stats but for Slovis it will be excuses. Kenny was pedestrian going into this season. There was even chatter here about people wishing he had moved on so we could start the next era. Literally, that was said and debated and not criticized very much because while people liked Kenny he didn’t wow anyone.

    Experience matters.

    There were absolutely reasons why Kenny’s stats were where they were and there are reasons for Slovis. Not everything is black and white. USC was a disaster of a program. From leadership to coaches to players. Slovis lost his all conference OL after his freshman year … and his numbers dropped. Kenny gets an all conference OL and his numbers go up …

    Guess what Slovis will have this year? Kenny’s line.

    Let the season play out. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe you’re right. Who cares though? It’s about cheering your team on.

    College coaches change every year. Kids adapt. Kids are resilient. They’re still running a pro-style and are keeping the old playbook open for interpretation.

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    1. Slovis is slow footed with a slow release. Death bell for quarterbacks. Patti is the better option. And every California QB I’ve ever seen is overrated. Unlike PA QB’s. Something in the water maybe.


      1. He’s from Arizona not California. Everything I read is that he has excellent pocket presence and scrambles to pass. His “slow” release hasn’t hurt him yet. Itss college not the NFL and no one said he was a first round prospect.


        1. What Qb came from the desert that was any good? Yes you got me on a technicality. But the only reason he’s at Pitt is due to a girl. Very bad decision. Tell me how often does an emotional decision work out.


    2. USC was and will be a better run program than Pitt. Look at what KP did last year. Look at his first game as a Stiller. He is the real deal. Steelers aren’t dumpusses for drafting him in the first round. They saw the same thing I saw when he was a frosh. Moxy. You can’t teach that. He’s a Montana clone in my eyes. Only will get better with experience and confidence. Get his autograph now!


      1. I love Kenny. I’m not saying Slovis is Kenny. I’m saying Slovis is a legit P5 QB and can be a top QB in the ACC. USC was not better run than Pitt. Go read about that USC program. And no way you start Patti, who has less than 5 career starts, over a guy like Slovis. Ridiculous. So ridiculous no one even buys the QB competition and everyone lists Slovis as the starter.


        1. Let’s see how many sacks he takes in the first two games then. I think he will rival the sackseri days. I like Jersey boys. Just sayin.

          Tex / fan of Bon Jovi.


  30. A word of warning! I just emailed GC that I can’t make the tourney due to Covid. I am quarantined for 10 more days. It is an absolute epidemic here in Maryland and an utterly miserable experience. And yes, I’ve had all my shots and boosters. YOU DO NOT WANT THIS!

    Please be careful Pitt Fans! MD is almost out of Paclovid, the single treatment drug. If this hits Pittsburgh the way it has MD, the WVU game may be played in a half empty stadium.

    Sorry for being way off topic! Not looking for sympathy.


    1. Sorry to hear, Dan.

      Strange times we’re living in – but strange times are normal…

      Best wishes to you.


  31. Patti is an honorary pennsiltuckian.

    Get well Dan. I figure with your ornoreynous, that no bug will get the best of you.

    I drink bourbon. Natural defense. I think the Texas version has a 🐛


  32. Will miss you Dan…get well soon.
    Uncle Ike, I remember what you look like 😎.
    Miss you too buddy.


  33. POV … I apologize in advance for unlocking Bon Jovi references. Haha.

    Pitt has experience and depth, national buzz, and some swagger … The OC is a callback to the Wanny era. The team is talking big … even bigger than the preseason rank. They remind me very much of the old Beamer teams. Not a bad program to be compared to.

    I’m excited for the season. More excited than I was going into last season.

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  34. Just got my Sports Illustrated even tho I’ve cancelled it! No Pitt in their Top 25!
    Miami, Wake and NCState are in.

    What a bunch of A Holes!

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    1. You don’t sound sick Dan.. 🙂 Hope you’re feeling better soon buddy.

      Thanks for the kind words Izzy. When I first saw your name, I thought it said “Is Nore”. Obviously I’m not very good with screen names.


    2. They’re too bust rating bimbos for their next swimsuit issue to think about college football…


  35. Guys, prayers for healing!!!!! Got up to Pa last night and 2 of my friends I visit have the “void.”

    Just saw Duquesne is opening their FB season in Tallahasee!!!! Might as well play PITT in FB and BB….pad our schedule with games close to home and generate some local interest…. but BigB likes seeing big names on the schedule… games like Rhode Island – I would rather pack a picnic and take JeanieB down along the river bank and watch clouds float by.

    Again, prayers for you who are having health issues to recover and be “ game ready!!!”

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    1. I have friends that work in the chemical warfare department at Aberdeen Proving Ground who say that Covid is a bio weapon and has now morphed into attacking those that have vaccines !! Please be careful POVers and families!

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      1. The Killer B’s were the first to manufacture such a weapon. You give the Chinese too much credit.


  36. The Kickoff Luncheon is next Friday. I’ve been to several of them and enjoyed them. Sorry to miss this year, especially with the Commander, Fran and Scooter going…

    The format has evolved over the years – the biggest contribution came from none other than Paul Chryst. I’ll explain. Before PC, the head coach would follow the AD and talk about the team and coming season. The seniors are the only players who attend — they sit at a long raised table across the front. So the head coach would make some references to them – Wanny would go down the table and make a comment on each senior, for example.

    As you know, PC isn’t exactly a Toastmaster. So under him, he would say a few words and then they would go down the player’s table with each senior saying something about the senior sitting next to him. Some of the players were shy and/or nervous and didn’t say much. Others were clever or funny or both.

    Anyway, that format has continued. Course a few years ago they added a keynote speaker. They have been good. Louis Riddick and Curtis Martin come to mind. I see where Shady McCoy is speaking next week – I imagine he’ll have some good 13-9 stories…

    Have fun guys — and Go Scooter!

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    1. My most memorable Kickoff Luncheon – strangely enough – involved a women’s BB player. The fans who attend the luncheon sit at large round table that sits maybe ten – like at a wedding. When you register at the event, they assign you your table number. They try to have a Pitt person at each table, but that’s not always the case.

      But one year I went with my son. We found our table and I was delighted to see that the Pitt representative at our table was Mallorie Winn, who played point-guard for Agnus Beranato back in the day.

      The thing was that Mallorie Winn was absolutely gorgeous. And she was all dolled up for the luncheon. Course no one else at the table knew who she was. When I told her that I’d seen some of her buzzer-beater winning shots, I could see she was shocked- and then I got the biggest smile. Later I got my son to take a photo.

      Good times at the Kickoff Luncheon. 😊

      Go Pitt.

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        1. uh, yeah!!!

          quite the teaser “absolutely gorgeous”

          I’d be happy to view “kinda gorgeous” but “absolutely” has me looking over my shoulder in case my wife quietly entered the room and glanced at my spu screen 😉

          ok Major, here’s a little assist(if the link works) – lol!!!

          or maybe

          H2Pepperdine!!! haha!

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  37. Seemed like Kenny hardly played tonight. But he threw some nice darts – looked good.

    With that Steeler OLine, my guess is that they will need 3 QBs to get through this season…

    Go Pitt.


    1. I’m unable to view this link, Reed. It requires that I change my primary email address from hotmail to gmail to view it. Not wanting to do that.


  38. Did you know that the new Pitt football beat writer for the PG, Chris Carter, is a Pitt Law School grad…. Go Chris!

    Go Pitt.

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  39. Pitt women soccer in a scoreless game with Montana at the half.

    Pitt with -0- shots on goal.

    Hopefully the P5 Panthers will show up and “poke” the sub-division Grizzlies.


  40. The line on the Brawl moved up from 6.5 to 7.5 while the over/under shrunk from 54 to 51.5

    Sounds like bettors believe Pitt’s D will contain the Hoopies’ offense.


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