How to Create & Write a Successful Blog…

It would be great if someone knew how to do it – right? Kidding aside, my daughter and I did a class/lecture on this subject last Thursday and got great feedback from the in-person attendees.

But when we delivered the “How to Create and Write a Successful Blog”  lecture that evening there was a problem with the audio portion of the main presentation so those on zoom missed most of my talk. Only the initial lead-in and the ending Q&A session had recorded audio.

With that, we recreated a video of the lecture and posted it on YouTube.  It can be found here:

The Library Blogging Class also had a document titled “Get Going Fast – A Blogging Checklist”. If you want a copy of that just email me and I’ll send it right out to you. The quality way you all comment (and write articles sometimes) makes me believe that any of you could do a blog – if you choose to.

 Best of Luck if you do and don’t hesitate to ask me anything about it. I’ll be very glad to help…

 Reed Kohberger