PSA: How to Write a Blog Lecture

Folks, My daughter and I will be doing another (annual) lecture/class on “How to Create and Write a Successful Blog” down here in Maryland’s Howard County library system.

Here is the page to register for the July 14th 7:00pm event– we will be doing this both in-person and on Zoom so no excuse for you PA guys not to join in. Hell, I actually should have some of you helping teach this! When you register you will be given the Zoom URL to take part online

Here is a quick look at the advert:

Event Details

This class is being presented both In-person as well as Online.

CLICK HERE  to register for the Online class.

For those in the area here is the address of the library: 9421 Frederick Rd, Ellicott City, MD 21042  |  410.313.1950 (MAP)

The advertisement text:

Do you love to write and want to share your words and views with like-minded others? Creating and writing a blog is a great outlet for building a space where you can share your writing, your thoughts and use those to generate great discussions with others through this social media.

Long-time Bloggers Reed and Pauli Kohberger will guide you through the process of envisioning, designing and creating your blog; writing engaging articles and cultivating a group of dedicated readers and commenters.  Reed created The Pitt POV football blog in 2016 after writing for an earlier blog since 2010 and his readership averages over 610,000 per year.

You POV’ers all know what quality can happen when things are done the correct way right from the beginning of a Blog’s creation – at least I hope The Pitt POV is a good example of this – so please join us because I would very much like to ask some current POV readers/commenters for your thoughts and opinions on the POV as a blog.

We have enjoyed doing this in the past and look forward to this class also.

Again: This class is being presented both In-person as well as Online.

CLICK HERE  to register for the Online class.

7 thoughts on “PSA: How to Write a Blog Lecture

  1. Please do join in – not only is it good stuff…I miss you guys.

    Also, I have tried to see why some of your comments were held for approval and I can’t figure it out. I approved all those in the ‘held’ queue and will keep trying.

    Any extra tickets for a game or two? I have media passes again but would prefer real people and being able to actually cheer for the Panthers.


  2. Reed I have 2 tiçkets to the Rhode Island game I can’t use due to a wedding that day. They are in club with Fran and other Red 5A people. You are welcome to them if you want them.


  3. Never before or since the POV have I’ve been a part of a blog, so I have no comparison to base my thoughts on. As far as the POV goes, it’s grown into a part of my life and has expanded not only my friendship list but my family as well. How did all this come about?

    Reed, you obviously get the most credit as the founder, moderator, principle and babysitter although you consistently reminded us you did not want that last moniker or it’s job description duties,

    So how did you do it? Topic of passion that is overflowing with opinions that not only were distinctly opposite but varied from blogger to blogger. You gave the PITT fans a place to be a participator in an important part of their life.

    Two biggest reasons imo the POV has survived? Your demand that people follow the rules and the abilities of the bloggers to incorporate their personal lives and the passions of real PITT fans

    and so much more….. (pooped out)

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  4. Ike – the last part of your comment is what a successful blog needs. In 2016 I set the table and explained the ground rules and then shared my expectations on what this blog could be and become. Then, as time went by I saw the quality level of the readers and commenters (extremely high) and learned that it could be a real community.

    With the best communities sooner or later the people who are in it understand how to take care of each other – as you all are doing now. The common factors of the city of Pittsburgh, The University and it’s athletic teams and personnel give us POVers something to concentrate on and enjoy TOGETHER.

    I think it is telling that in the six years of the POV’s existence I can remember only a handful of times I had to ban somebody (twice!) or when a commenter wrote me and asked that I check out what another one is doing in a negative way.

    When I do this class I mention that but it is tough to know that very few blogs of any width and depth of readership and commentary that the POV has will be done with my lecture/class push. Most last about a year because the readers get out of hand and the administrators are afraid of hurting others’ feelings.

    I think my best memory (so far) of the POV is that when I started it I had a great vote of confidence from E.J. Borghetti when he said ‘you have a media pass and no censorship from us as long as you are honest and accurate in what you write.’ I paraphrase that but even though I was pretty critical when writing, it was genuine and when I was wrong I tried to promptly admit it.

    I’m not sure if all readers know this but three years ago I had an offer from Sports Illustrated to be a “stringer” for them in reporting and writing about Pitt football. I wasn’t tempted one bit because I knew I’d have to give up the POV and my connections with all of you. Well, plus they thought I lived in PGH so when I mentioned I’d need travel costs, hotel rooms and per diem for meals in addition to a writing fee the phone call ended pretty quickly…

    I also did some advertising on the POV back in the beginning and made some $$ but felt that it detracted from the product I wanted the blog readers to have in front of them so I dropped that.

    Some other things came and went unaccepted also but I did not want this to be a job for me – because if it did I felt it would take the humanity out of it over the long run – and that is what I think makes the POV unique.

    Over the last two years, and especially over the last 10 months, I have moved away from the day to day life of the POV and honestly I think it has made the blog even better. Mike has done a wonderful job but what really separates the POV from other blogs is that the inmates now run the asylum in the sense that you have taken the writing and care of the blog on your shoulders vice mine and I love that.

    I am trying to get back into the swing of Pitt football but to be honest I mostly just want to see and hang out with you guys. I did that at the spring game last season when I tailgated with everyone then bagged the actual scrimmage watching. Of course I though they would be a 6 or 7 win team again. Shows you what I know.

    I am going to attend the Pitt Football Kickoff Luncheon in late August and I’ll write a piece about that and I’ll attend a game or three (Thank you Annie!). Very much looking forward to that.

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  5. I signed up for the Online course. Yes, I am the teacher’s pet.

    With that being said, I have a new article scheduled for tomorrow at 7AM.

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